ApologetiX in Concert

@ Bethel Worship Center 12/9/11 @ 7:30PM

Parents, bring your kids…Kids, bring your parents!


uddenly it seemed I was 16 again, at that

unforgettable Jethro Tull concert in San Antonio. But here I was in 2010, with college and teenage kids of my own now, in Charleston, West Virginia (at the behest of my then 13-year old son, John, who had pleaded with me to take him) watching this previously unknown-to-me band, ApologetiX, do an inexplicably convincing rendition of “Aqualung”—only something was very different, wonderfully different. For the first time since that date in a packed stadium decades ago watching one of my (formerly) favorite supergroups, I heard this classic rock hit live —but this time with new, redeemed lyrics that celebrated the life of one of the Bible’s exemplary early Christians, Aquila, instead of some scumbag fiend from the gutter (“Aqualung” is the deranged character of the original song title; “Aquila” is ApologetiX’ redeemed version). Same tune, glorified lyrics. And that’s basically what ApologetiX, “That Christian Parody Band,” is all about. After 20+ years of touring America and recording 18+ albums, they have become the defacto experts at performing hit songs from a wide spectrum of musical styles (principally rock), eras and

genres, but with a key twist—as parodies with rewritten, Christ-centered lyrics. Two things make them stand out from run-of-the-mill tribute bands, though: their astonishing ability to duplicate the sound and style of dozens of wildly different original artists, (especially due to lead singer J. Jackson’s amazing, changing chameleon voice), but also their clever, rhyming, often hilarious lyrics that lift up the things of God and turn the tables on songwriting territory that used to be the exclusive domain of the enemy. These guys are without a doubt, seasoned family entertainers offering top-notch musicianship, humor, and a charismatic stage presence that appeals to all ages; but more importantly, they love the Lord and have an extraordinary testimony and message of salvation and optimism. The band took its name from the word “apologetics,” which means a defense of the Christian faith. And every song parody they write and perform demonstrates their commitment to defend the faith and offer an alternative message of hope to a lost and hurting world.


That commitment and ability to reach out to the lost is why Bethel Worship Center’s leadership decided to ask ApologetiX to come to Tuppers Plains this December 9th for a concert in our very own church. Because of their big fan base and regular ability to draw crowds from a large regional area, they typically play bigger cities all over the country, but graciously agreed to give Bethel Worship Center a shot at creating a major Meigs County/Southeast Ohio outreach event. In view of that, the coming ApologetiX concert is a signature event that holds the promise of helping fulfill Bethel’s vision of reaching out to communities in a 50-mile radius. So please pray—pray that lots and lots of people, especially the lost and backslidden will have a desire to attend and feel compelled to buy a ticket. That’s the other part. This is not a love offering free concert; we are selling tickets, and incidentally, it’s a bargain— $10 in advance, $15 at the door, and kids under 6 free. The reason it’s not a free concert is quite simply, that this is how the band makes their living. They do this full time, and support themselves and their families (20 kids) via ApologetiX sales. And by the way, they are just some regular guys that love God, not a bunch of multimillionaire rock stars. So this is really to support what they do, and it’s not some big money generator for Bethel; it would be nice if the church could break even though, and just recoup our expenses. But even if we don’t, this is a significant opportunity to put our area on notice, and put Bethel “on the map,” as a place to be where great things happen for God. So please encourage your friends and family, business contacts, members of other churches, relatives and others to join us for this special celebration of God’s eternal message of hope and deliverance. It’s not a Bethel event; it’s a regional event to lift up Jesus, open and welcome to the public. Go out and bring them in! We paid to see ApologetiX again for a second time recently, and I had some more combodéjà vu-Praise-the-Lord experiences at that riveting two-hour show. I’ve also been listening to their CDs enjoying new, evocative and actually meaningful lyrics, while reexperiencing a lot of the musical brilliance and often terrific instrumentalism of bands like Pink Floyd, Rush, Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin, The

Beatles, Kansas, The Who, Charlie Daniels Band, Genesis, Ted Nugent, Van Halen, ZZTop (saw those last five in concert at 18—am I dating myself yet?), and a long list of others featured on ApologetiX CDs. For you, it might be the Eagles, Kid Rock, Nickelback, Aerosmith, Brooks & Dunn, AC/DC, Linkin Park, Queen, The Beach Boys, Ozzy Osbourne, Green Day, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pearl Jam, Eminem, Neil Young, Nirvana, Doobie Brothers, Blink 182, or scores of other hit makers from the ‘60s all the way to the 2000s (check out their web site for more, and to buy tickets online via PayPal: www.apologetix.com). What really blows me away about this band is that while most tribute-type bands wouldn’t even attempt to recreate many of these songs due to the original artist’s unique sound and often complex arrangements, ApologetiX does it with aplomb, ease and frequently bafflingly faithful quality. And if that wasn’t enough, the bonus of transformed and resurrected Kingdom-oriented lyrics offers believers a compelling reason to relive anew much of the music that defined our generation(s), but had since been relegated to our sinful past.

John Stuart and J. Jackson; Peebles, OH, Summer 2011

Don’t get me wrong; I am very keen on a lot of the newer, contemporary Christian rock that’s so plentiful these days. Much of it is extremely well done, great artistry, and far from the schlock and mediocrity that distinguished much of that genre in its early days. But as a once-upon-a-time fairly serious musician and perpetual music lover, I always enjoyed many of the intricate secular melodies, tunes and varied styles I grew up listening to before I began walking with the Lord in my late twenties. Now I can enjoy them again—minus the guilt, and the unnecessary hail storm of degrading, hateful and rage-filled lyrics that usually accompany them. God bless ApologetiX!


I hope you’ll come and experience for yourself ApologetiX’ unique blend of refreshing entertainment, stimulating nostalgia, wry humor, stirring testimonies, and just plain fun that will assuredly lift your spirit and give you renewed appreciation for so much great music that had been lost to Satan’s dominion….until now. Bring your family and friends Friday, December 9th and experience a one-of-a-kind blessing you won’t forget! P.S. After the show, if you liked it please thank Pastor Rob for supporting the idea, and my

son, John, who got this whole thing started (he suggested we invite ApologetiX to play at Bethel)! And check out John’s ApologetiX promo/ sample video here: www.godtube.com/watch/?v=K7LWPLNX P.P.S. Please keep the band and their families in prayer as they continue to tour, and that this concert will be a powerful witness and blessing to many lost souls in our area!

------Doug Stuart Bethel Member & Big ApologetiX Fan