The Cold Chain and Vaccine storage

ie .immunisation.Objectives • Understand the correct procedures for handling and storage of vaccines including • Knowledge of the cold chain and vaccine delivery service • Monitoring the cold chain within your own practice • Understanding how to dispose of out of date. unused vaccines etc. www.

www.immunisation.The cold chain • The ‘cold chain’ is the system of transporting and storing vaccines within the safe temperature range of 2˚C to 8˚ .

Why is the cold chain important? • Risks to vaccines of exposure to extremes in temperature • Compliance with vaccine manufacturer • Assurance/confidence in potent product • Ensuring maximum benefit from immunisation .immunisation.

ie .immunisation.National Cold Chain Delivery Service • • • • • Commenced 1st January 2005 Initial contract with Cahill May Roberts Currently United Drug Distributors Main storage site in Tallaght Satellite sites in Limerick and Ballina www.

immunisation.Monthly deliveries 2006/2007 3000 Flu Season 2500 Number of delivries 2000 1500 1000 500 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 2006 Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2007 .

Vaccines supplied Vaccines Primary Childhood vaccines Adult vaccines HSE vaccines Restricted vaccines 5 in 1/ Men C/ MMR/ Hib/ 4 in 1 Td Influenza/ Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine BCG / Tuberculin/ 4 in 1 Hepatitis A/ Hepatitis B/ Hepatitis A +B IPV Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) Td/IPV Current list of available vaccines • from United drug • in newsletter • on immunisation website .immunisation.

HSE health centre or hospital pharmacies www. BCG clinics • Hospitals who require vaccines • Vaccines are delivered monthly directly to the GP surgery.Who can order vaccines? • GPs who hold an immunisation contract • Community Health Doctors who run the school immunisation .immunisation.

influenza vaccine – Disease outbreaks .immunisation.How much vaccine should be ordered? • The quantity of vaccine order can be determined by – Quantity used since last delivery – Storage volume within the refrigerator – Vaccines currently in the refrigerator – Seasonal variation e.g.

immunisation.Recommended procedure on receipt of vaccine • Requires a . trained and designated person and deputy • Check vaccine deliveries against the order for any damage or discrepancies • Place vaccines in the vaccine refrigerator immediately • Do not leave at room temperature www.

Vaccine Storage • • • • Never use out of date vaccines Always keep the temperature between 2-80C Store vaccines in their original packaging Store vaccines on .immunisation. not touching the sides of the fridge • Record fridge temperature daily • Use a switchless socket • Do not unplug the fridge www.

– electricity power cut – switch turned off – Fridge door left open. E. National Immunisation Office for further advice.immunisation.g.Recommended procedure following a break in the Cold Chain • Usually occurs due to a problem with the vaccine fridge. • If this happens – Make sure that the refrigerator door is closed – Check the temperature and find out how long the refrigerator breakdown has been – Contact the Chief . (087 9915452 or 01 8676108) www.

ie .immunisation.Recommended procedure following a break in the Cold Chain (2) • Any vaccine not stored between 20-80C is no longer a licensed product • Do not use these vaccines and return to the National Cold Chain Delivery Service www.

immunisation. spent or partly spent vials must be disposed of safely in a sharps box for incineration • Dispose of open multidose vials at the end of the session • Dispose of sharps boxes when two-thirds full www. according to the manufacturer's instructions • Any opened vaccine.Vaccine disposal within a session • Use all opened vaccines within the recommended .

immunisation.Vaccine disposal • Unused unopened vaccines which have expired or have been kept outside 2-80C should be returned to the HSE National Cold Chain Delivery Service .

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