A Iarewe|| 1o Arms

8y LrnesL Pemlngway
llrsL publlshed ln 1929
!une 2011 Sunday Lo 8
!uly 2011 lrlday

Ooe of nemloqwoy´s floest oovelsţ lLWLLL 1C ,S wos pobllsbeJ lo 1929
wbeo tbe ootbot wos ot tbe belqbt of bls powetsŦ lt Jtows oo bls expetleoces setvloq
wltb tbe ltolloos lo wotlJ wot Ooe wbeo be wos sevetely woooJeJ lo octloo ooJ
owotJeJ tbe ctoce Je CoettoŦ 1bls ls o vlvlJ potttolt of meo ot wot wblcb olso
explotes tbelt Jeepet tespooses to tbe ctoelty ooJ betolsm of bottleŦ

apter 2
#ll Lhlnklng men are aLhelsLsţ' Lhe ma[or saldŦ

apter 6
LhoughL she (CaLherlne) was probably a llLLle crazyŦ L was all rlghL lf she wasŦ
dld noL care whaL was geLLlng lnLoŦ 1hls was beLLer Lhan golng every evenlng Lo
Lhe house for offlcers where Lhe glrls cllmbed all over you and puL your cap on
backward as a slgn of affecLlon beLween Lhelr Lrlps upsLalrs wlLh broLher offlcersŦ
knew dld noL love CaLherlne 8arkley nor had any ldea of lovlng herŦ 1hls was a
gameţ llke brldgeţ ln whlch you sald Lhlngs lnsLead of playlng cardsŦ Llke brldge
you had Lo preLend you were playlng for money or playlng for some sLakesŦ
nobody menLloned whaL Lhe sLakes wereŦ L was all rlghL wlLh meŦ

#9lease leL's noL lle when we don'L have LoŦ'
Ƌ CaLherlne

apter 9
#War ls noL won by vlcLoryŦ'
Ƌ 9asslnl

apter 10
#ou wlll be decoraLedŦ 1hey wanL Lo geL you Lhe medaglla d'argenLo buL
perhaps Lhey can geL only Lhe bronzeŦ'
#WhaL for?'
#8ecause you are gravely woundedŦ 1hey say lf you can prove you dld any herolc
acL you can geL Lhe sllverŦ CLherwlse lL wlll be Lhe bronzeŦ 1ell me exacLly whaL
happenedŦ uld you do any herolc acL?'
#noţ' saldŦ # was blown up whlle we were eaLlng cheeseŦ'

apter 11
#WhaL you Lell me abouL ln Lhe nlghLsŦ 1haL ls noL loveŦ 1haL ls only passlon and
lusLŦ When you love you wlsh Lo do Lhlngs forŦ ou wlsh Lo sacrlflce forŦ ou wlsh
Lo serveŦ'
Ƌ 1he prlesL

apter 14
od knows had noL wanLed Lo fall ln love wlLh herŦ had noL wanLed Lo fall ln
love wlLh anyoneŦ 8uL od knows had and lay on Lhe bed ln Lhe room of Lhe
hosplLal ln ,llan and all sorLs of Lhlngs wenL Lhrough my head buL felL
wonderful and flnally ,lss age came lnŦ

apter 1S
have noLlced LhaL docLors who fall ln Lhe pracLlce of medlclne have a Lendency
Lo seek one anoLher's company and ald ln consulLaLlonŦ docLor who cannoL
Lake ouL your appendlx properly wlll recommend Lo you a docLor who wlll be
unable Lo remove your Lonslls wlLh successŦ 1hese were Lhree such docLorsŦ

apter 16
#1hereţ darllngŦ now you're all clean lnslde and ouLŦ 1ell meŦ Pow many people
have you ever loved?'
#noL me even?'
#esţ youŦ'
#Pow many oLhers really?'
#Pow many have youŴ how do you say lL? Ŷ sLayed wlLh?'
#ou're lylng Lo meŦ'
#L's all rlghLŦ keep rlghL on lylng Lo meŦ 1haL's whaL wanL you Lo doŧ'
Ƌ CaLherlne and Penry

apter 18
We would be lylng LogeLher and would Louch her cheeks and her forehead and
under her eyes and her chln and LhroaL wlLh Lhe Llps of my flngers and sayţ
#SmooLh as plano keys'ţ and she would sLroke my chln wlLh her flnger and sayţ
#SmooLh as emery paper and very hard on plano keysŦ'
#s lL rough?'
#noţ darllngţ was [usL maklng fun of youŦ'

#ou're more rellglonŦ ou're all 've goLŦ'
Ƌ CaLherlne

apter 19
#'m afrald of Lhe raln because someLlmes see me dead ln lLŦ'
Ƌ CaLherlne

apter 21
Pe (a 8rlLlsh ma[or) sald we were all cooked buL we were all rlghL as long as we
dld noL know lLŦ We were all cookedŦ 1he Lhlng was noL Lo recognlze lLŦ 1he lasL
counLry Lo reallze Lhey were cooked would wln Lhe warŦ

#We really are Lhe same one and we musLn'L mlsundersLand on purposeŦ'
#We won'LŦ'
#8uL people doŦ 1hey love each oLher and Lhey mlsundersLand on purpose and
Lhey flghL and Lhen suddenly Lhey aren'L Lhe same oneŦ'
#We won'L flghLŦ'
#We musLn'LŦ 8ecause Lhere's only us Lwo and ln Lhe world Lhere's all Lhe resL of
LhemŦ f anyLhlng comes beLween us we're gone and Lhen Lhey have usŦ'
#1hey won'L geL usţ' saldŦ #8ecause you're Loo braveŦ noLhlng ever happens Lo
Lhe braveŦ'
#1hey dle of courseŦ'
#8uL only onceŦ'
# don'L knowŦ Who sald LhaL?'
#1he coward dles a Lhousand deaLhsţ Lhe brave buL one?'
#Cf courseŦ Who sald lL?'
# don'L knowŦ'
#Pe was probably a cowardţ' she saldŦ #Pe knew a greaL deal abouL cowards buL
noLhlng abouL Lhe braveŦ 1he brave dles perhaps Lwo Lhousand deaLhs lf he's
lnLelllgenLŦ Pe slmply doesn'L menLlon LhemŦ'

apter 23
#Wlne ls a grand Lhlngţ' saldŦ #L makes you forgeL all Lhe badŦ'

# ºnd always aL my back hear
1lme's wlnged charloL hurrylng nearţ" #

apter 26
#L ls ln defeaL LhaL we become ChrlsLlanŦ'

apter 27
dld noL say anyLhlngŦ was always embarrassed by Lhe words sacredţ glorlousţ
and sacrlflce and Lhe expresslon ln valnŦ We had heard Lhemţ someLlmes
sLandlng ln Lhe raln almosL ouL of earshoLţ so LhaL only Lhe shouLed words came
Lhroughţ and had read Lhemţ on proclamaLlons LhaL were slapped up by
blllposLers over oLher proclamaLlonsţ now for a long Llmeţ and had seen
noLhlng sacredţ and Lhe Lhlngs LhaL were glorlous had no glory and Lhe sacrlflces
were llke Lhe sLockyards aL Chlcago lf noLhlng was done wlLh Lhe meaL excepL Lo
bury lLŦ 1here were many words LhaL you could noL sLand Lo hear and flnally only
Lhe names of places had dlgnlLyŦ CerLaln numbers were Lhe same way and
cerLaln daLes and Lhese wlLh Lhe names of Lhe places were all you could say and
have Lhem mean anyLhlngŦ bsLracL words such as gloryţ honourţ courageţ or
hallow were obscene beslde Lhe concreLe names of vlllagesţ Lhe numbers of
roadsţ Lhe names of rlversţ Lhe numbers of reglmenLs and Lhe daLesŦ

apter 32
was noL made Lo LhlnkŦ was made Lo eaLŦ ,y odţ yesŦ LaL and drlnk and
sleep wlLh CaLherlneŦ 1onlghL maybeŦ no LhaL was lmposslbleŦ 8uL Lomorrow
nlghLţ and a good meal and sheeLs and never golng away agaln excepL LogeLherŦ
9robably have Lo go damned qulcklyŦ She would goŦ knew she would goŦ When
would we go? 1haL was someLhlng Lo Lhlnk abouLŦ L was geLLlng darkŦ lay and
LhoughL where we would goŦ 1here were many placesŦ

apter 34
n clvlllan cloLhes felL a masqueraderŦ

1haL nlghL aL Lhe hoLelţ ln our room wlLh Lhe long empLy hall ouLslde and our
shoes ouLslde Lhe doorţ a Lhlck carpeL on Lhe floor of Lhe roomţ ouLslde Lhe
wlndows Lhe raln falllng and ln Lhe room llghL and pleasanL and cheerfulţ Lhen
Lhe llghL ouL and lL exclLlng wlLh smooLh sheeLs and Lhe bed comforLableţ feellng
LhaL we had come homeţ feellng no longer aloneţ waklng ln Lhe nlghL Lo flnd Lhe
oLher one Lhereţ and noL gone awayŤ all oLher Lhlngs were unrealŦ We slepL
when we were Llred and lf we woke Lhe oLher one woke Loo so one was noL
aloneŦ CfLen a man wlshes Lo be alone and a glrl wlshes Lo be alone Loo and lf
Lhey love each oLher Lhey are [ealous of LhaL ln each oLherţ buL can Lruly say we
never felL LhaLŦ We could feel alone when we were LogeLherţ alone agalnsL Lhe
oLhersŦ L has only happened Lo me llke LhaL onceŦ have been alone whlle was
wlLh many glrls and LhaL ls Lhe way LhaL you can be mosL lonelyŦ 8uL we were
never lonely and never afrald when we were LogeLherŦ know LhaL Lhe nlghL ls
noL Lhe same as Lhe dayť LhaL all Lhlngs are dlfferenLţ LhaL Lhe Lhlngs of Lhe nlghL
cannoL be explalned ln Lhe dayţ because Lhey do noL Lhen exlsLţ and Lhe nlghL
can be a dreadful Llme for lonely people once Lhelr lonellness has sLarLedŦ 8uL
wlLh CaLherlne Lhere was almosL no dlfference ln Lhe nlghL excepL LhaL lL was an
even beLLer LlmeŦ f people brlng so much courage Lo Lhls world Lhe world has Lo
klll Lhem Lo break Lhemţ so of course lL kllls LhemŦ 1he world breaks everyone
and afLerwards many are sLrong aL Lhe broken placesŦ 8uL Lhose LhaL wlll noL
break lL klllsŦ L kllls Lhe very good and Lhe very genLle and Lhe very brave
lmparLlallyŦ f you are none of Lhese you can be sure lL wlll klll you Loo buL Lhere
wlll be no speclal hurryŦ

apter 3S
#,y llfe used Lo be full of everyLhlngţ' saldŦ #now lf you aren'L wlLh me haven'L
a Lhlng ln Lhe worldŦ'

#f you ever llve Lo be as old as am you wlll flnd many Lhlngs sLrangeŦ'
#ou never seem oldŦ'
#L ls Lhe body LhaL ls oldŦ SomeLlmes am afrald wlll break off a flnger as one
breaks a sLlck of chalkŦ nd Lhe splrlL ls no older and noL much wlserŦ'
#ou are wlseŦ'
#noţ LhaL ls Lhe greaL fallacyŤ Lhe wlsdom of old menŦ 1hey do noL grow wlseŦ
1hey grow carefulŦ'
#9erhaps LhaL ls wlsdomŦ'
#L ls a very unaLLracLlve wlsdomŦ WhaL do you value mosL?'
#Someone loveŦ'
#WlLh me lL ls Lhe sameŦ 1haL ls noL wlsdomŦ uo you value llfe?'
#So do Ŧ 8ecause lL ls all haveŦ nd Lo glve blrLhday parLlesţ' he laughedŦ #ou
are probably wlser Lhan amŦ ou do noL glve blrLhday parLlesŦ'

apter 41
9oorţ poor dear CaLŦ nd Lhls was Lhe prlce you pald for sleeplng LogeLherŦ 1hls
was Lhe end of Lhe LrapŦ 1hls was whaL people goL for lovlng each oLherŦ 1hank
od for gasţ anywayŦ WhaL musL lL have been llke before Lhere were

#'m noL brave any moreţ darllngŦ 'm all brokenŦ 1hey've broken meŦ know lL

So LhaL was lLŦ 1he baby was deadŦ 1haL was why Lhe docLor looked so LlredŦ 8uL
why had Lhey acLed Lhe way Lhey dld ln Lhe room wlLh hlm? 1hey supposed he
would come around and sLarL breaLhlng probablyŦ had no rellglon buL knew
he oughL Lo have been bapLlzedŦ 8uL whaL lf he never breaLhed aL allŦ Pe hadn'LŦ
Pe had never been allveŦ LxcepL ln CaLherlneŦ 'd felL hlm klck Lhere ofLen
enoughŦ 8uL hadn'L for a weekŦ ,aybe he was choked all Lhe LlmeŦ 9oor llLLle
kldŦ wlshed Lhe hell 'd been choked llke LhaLŦ no dldn'LŦ SLlll Lhere would noL
be all Lhls dylng Lo go LhroughŦ now CaLherlne would dleŦ 1haL was whaL you dldŦ
ou dledŦ ou dld noL know whaL lL was abouLŦ ou never had Llme Lo learnŦ 1hey
Lhrew you ln and Lold you Lhe rules and Lhe flrsL Llme Lhey caughL you off base
Lhey kllled youŦ Cr Lhey kllled you graLulLously llke ymoŦ Cr gave you Lhe
syphllls llke lnaldlŦ 8uL Lhey kllled you ln Lhe endŦ ou could counL on LhaLŦ SLay
around and Lhey would klll youŦ

L seems she had one haemorrhage afLer anoLherŦ 1hey couldn'L sLop lLŦ wenL
lnLo Lhe room and sLayed wlLh CaLherlne unLll she dledŦ She was unconsclous all
Lhe Llmeţ and lL dld noL Lake her very long Lo dleŦ

Pe (Lhe docLor) wenL down Lhe hallŦ wenL Lo Lhe door of Lhe roomŦ
#ou can'L come ln nowţ' one of Lhe nurses saldŦ
#es canţ' saldŦ
#ou can'L come ln yeLŦ'
#ou geL ouLţ' saldŦ #1he oLher one LooŦ'
8uL afLer had goL Lhem ouL and shuL Lhe door and Lurned off Lhe llghL lL wasn'L
any goodŦ L was llke saylng goodbye Lo a sLaLueŦ fLer a whlle wenL ouL and lefL
Lhe hosplLal and walked back Lo Lhe hoLel ln Lhe ralnŦ

n   f @¾¾f ½f€¯ °ffnf¾ ½ ¾  ½  ¾½°¾ ¾ n f°  ¾¯€ f     .

f½    .

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f ° %f¾½ f f nf f¾f–€¾ f¾   °nf ff¾– °–° @¾f¾  f°–°–    °°–  ¾ €€€n ¾   –¾n¯ f f° ½nf½° fnf f¾f¾–°€f€€ n°  ° ½¾½¾f¾  €€n ¾  °   ° .

f °  f °f f° f€°–  @¾f¾f –f¯    – °n¾f °–¾°¾ f €½f°–nf ¾    –  f ½  °   ½f°–€¯° ½f°–€¾¯ ¾f ¾  -  ¯ °° f ¾f ¾  f¾f–¯     #9 f¾  #¾°  °  °#f  # .

f °  #°°–¯ °f f ¾¾ # ¯f©¾f    .

f½   #Jf¾°° n # 9f¾¾°  .

f½   #  nf @ f°–  ¯ f–f #f– °  ½ f½¾ nf°– °  ° # #Jf€"# # nf¾ f –f ° @ ¾f€nf°½   f° n fnnf°–  ¾   ¾    ° @ ¯  fnf .

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f½    °¾f °f° €f°   f °f° €f°  f°°   °¾f f° f°  ° ¯€  ¾½f°.¾¾f– nf¯ °    .f°f° f¾¾€°–¾ °–¯ f  €  ° €f° €°f.

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f½   #@   f°– -# fn f°°¾ f°  @ ¯ ¯f°½ ½  f    "# #-   # #-¯   °"# # ¾  # #¯f° ¾ f"# #-° # #¯f°f   ¾f" ¾f "# #-° #  ## °–¯ # # ¾ # ##¾f–  ½–°°–¯ @f#¾ff°  # .

f ° f°  °  .

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f  f¾n f ¯ 9   ¾   #  °n  f -  °#    ° f¾ °––– -.f ° # € ¯n  € ° °–  f °#€f  .

f °    @ff¾f       °°ff¾f  °  f ¯  f° @   °f°    ¾f°  €¾¯  nf–€€ f¾       –f¾ ¯ –f   ¾½¾ °f     °  ° n n°°f f f° f°        ¾ ¯¾¾ f ° f ¯f– f€ f°  @ n °#¾½  ° ° ¯f° ¾f .

f ° °¾    f¾°n°¾n¾f  ¯ f°   °f   °–      %  n% ° ° f  °  € ¯  #nf°#n¯ °°#° € °¾ ¾¾f   # ¾nf° #¾f   #nf°#n¯ °  # #–  #¾f #@  °  # .

f€ f – ¯f° ¾  f° ° €€ –f¾°# f°– f¾ ¾f°––  f¾f € f  °f°  €  ¾½ff° f  fn  ° f°   .