What is Homeopathy Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine, which enables the body to heal itself.

Homeopathic prescribing takes into account the persons physical, mental and emotional symptoms.  Homeopathy can treat acute symptoms such as colds, flus, headaches, etc, but can also effectively treat long-standing symptoms. However, it is important to see a professional in these cases.  It is based on the Law of Similars, where the chosen remedy will bring on similar symptoms in a well person, (like treats like).  Homeopathic remedies are made from plant, animal and mineral substances. The original substance is highly diluted. They do not cause side effects, but sometimes symptoms may get slightly worse before getting better. It is very important that the correct remedy is administered. If the wrong remedy or potency is given, symptoms may get much worse, or be suppressed.  Remedies are safe to take during pregnancy, using matching remedy and potency. Dosage Remedies are administered in minute doses and prescribing follows a principle of minimum dose.  Remedies must be taken away from food, mint, coffee and other strong substances. Do not eat or drink or wash teeth 15 mins before and after taking a remedy, unless in emergency.  Recommended doses – 6c, 30c in tablet form. Or dissolve one tablet in small bottle of water and take teaspoon/sip as needed, shaking or stirring vigorously beforehand.  This means that you start with the lowest dose, wait for improvement and if this occurs do nothing else.  In severe cases, repeat the dose frequently but as soon as there is improvement, stop. If symptoms return, give another of the same dose.  If symptoms change, change the remedy to match the new symptoms.  If there is no change and symptoms continue, give the next level of dose.  Examples: severe pain from headache, repeat dose every five mins. Flu, three of four times a day. For symptoms that are recurring over a long period, a professional homeopath should be seen. If there is uncertainty about self-prescribing or prescribing in general, remember using lowest dose. If in doubt don’t and ask a professional. Contents: Section one: Ailments and suitable remedies. Bruises, strains, sprains, fractures. Bites and stings. Shock. Burns, scalds, sunburn. Cold and flu. Digestive complaints. Hayfever. Headaches.

Section two: Materia Medica – remedy descriptions.

Bruises, Sprains, Strains and Fractures
Arnica: For any kind of injury where there is bruising and swelling. For shock, after initial injury. Will reduce swelling and bruising. Useful where person is restless and is in denial after injury saying they are well when they are not. Can be applied locally as ointment or taken as tablet. Bryonia: Stitching pain, worse for slightest movement, better for pressure. Person wants to be left alone, irritable. Calc Phos: Bones are slow to mend, to be taken after symphytum when bone has set. Will speed up healing and strengthen. Joint pain, especially in feet, with coldness, cramping and aching. Hypericum: Shooting pains. Nerve pains. Inflammation. Worse for cold. Worse for pressure. Use after Arnica every few minutes if needed. Ruta: Useful for strain and overuse of joints and muscles, ligaments and tendons including eyes, periosteum (outer layer of bones). Bruising with aching. Worse in cold weather. Worse for first movement, better with continued movement. But rest the joint. Examples: tennis elbow, rsi, whiplash, eyestrain, shin bone. Can be applied as ointment or taken as tablet. Rhus Tox: Strain and overuse of joints, muscles, characterised by stiffness, trembling and aching. Sore, bruised sensation. Worse for cloudy/wet weather. Better for continued movement. Can be applied as ointment or taken internally. Symphytum: When bone has been set, this will help to speed up healing of broken bones and fractures.

Bites and Stings
Ledum: For insect or animal stings or bites. Pricking, stinging pains. Better for cold applications. Puncture wounds, such as splinter, nail, knife. Antiseptic. Can also be applied locally as tincture. Apis: Bites, stings. A lot of swelling, heat and redness. Worse for heat. Better for cold applications. Urtica Urens: Allergic reactions to bites, stings. Pricking pain. Burning. Better for rubbing.

Arnica: As a result of physical injury, fear of being touched, say they feel ok when they are not. Give as soon as possible and repeat as necessary. Aconite: Physical and mental shock, fear of death, panic attack (rapid breath, short of breath, palpitation). restlessness, trembling. Opium: Effects of fear, fright, sudden effects. Will be in shock like aconite but also a dreamy state “spaced out” that they cannot get out of. Carbo Veg: Person is cold, clammy, may have blue tinge, faintness, better for fanning cold air.

Fainting. Sunburn. hamamelis (witch hazel). Affecting mucous membranes. Kali Bich: Deep burns. • • • • • • Small burns – place under warm water.Keep away from air.Burns. Sol: Sunburns easily. Repeated burns. Itching. General . Blisters. carbo veg. Use tincture diluted 1:3 in boiled. Suggestion. Scalds. Burning pains. Sunburn Determination of level of burn 1st degree – superficial with redness of skin and pain. red skin. hot. Prevention – protect skin from the sun. Never well since severe sunburn. Bone burns. Soreness at site of old burns. Prickly heat. Wait for improvement and give again if symptoms return. Take as soon as possible. . Icepack. 3rd degree – charring and dead skin. Collapse and weakness. opium. Urtica Urens: Mild sunburn. apply calendula. Chill after exposure to sun. nausea. may be confused. Scald. urtica urens or cantharis tablets). Run under cold water for at least 15 mins esp if chemical burn or submerge in cold water. Carbo Veg: Heat exhaustion. Can be applied topically. Heatstroke. burning and dry heat. Use cold compress. Better for cold. (clean wound. Cold clammy skin. Burning pain. Cantharis: Sunburn or burns that blister. May not want to talk. Glonoin: Sunstroke. Pounding. Belladonna: Red. Hot face with cold body. Pulsatilla: Sunburn with heat rash. arsenicum. Stronger effect than belladonna. throbbing injury. causticun. cooled water. Better for cold and pressure. Use sterile dressing. Slow to heal. intense headache. bursting. three doses 10 –15 mins apart. Old burns. phosphorus (for electrical burns). cantharis. Drink ½ glass water every half hour. Thirstless. Worse for heat. Calendula: 1st degree burns with no blistering. *Never been well since sunstroke. (calendula. Wrap in cling film. urtica urens). Red face. Causticum: 3rd degree burns. Hospital. Eg. Or tablet form. 2nd degree – blistering and redness with pain. cover up and use sunscreen. Prevent dehydration. Stinging pain. Severe burns – hospitalise. arnica. Use shock remedies as appropriate – aconite.

evening. beginning stages. Better for pressure on sore parts.Colds and Flu Aconite: Initial onset of cold or flu within first 24 hrs ideally. sweating. that does not burn. smell of food. Worse for heat. Person does not want to be disturbed. Allium Cepa: Streaming eyes and nose. Skin dry and hot alternating with paleness. Shivering up and down. Bryonia: Brought on by change in weather cold to warm. with burning tears. Sore throat. bruised. which burns (lips. Better during day. Sore throat. Euphrasia: Bland. Worse stuffy room. Fever with nausea. Irritable. Sudden onset of colds or flu after exposure to dry. nasal discharge. Intense bone pain. Exhaustion. lying down. Chilliness. Thick. Better for rest and fresh air. Pulsatilla: Changeable symptoms. Stuffy nose. Profuse sweating on body but dry face. Thirst for cold drinks. Red face. bland. child will ask for something and then refuse it. A lot of sneezing. cold wind or chill. warmth. Lost sense of taste and smell. Aching eyes. periodically. 3pm to midnight. cold. Worse light. Skin feels sore. rest. Worse cold. Intense heat/fever alternating with chills. Aching muscles. cold room. Pain in head. runny nose. . nose). A cold settles on chest. watery discharge from nose. Throbbing headache. aching feeling all over body. Streaming eyes. movement. dry throat. can be with nosebleeds. exertion. Eupatorium: Chill followed by heat and sweating with thirst for cold drinks. light. Frequent sneezing. Dry. throbbing headache. darkness. Better open air. Sneezing. open air. Better for sweating. Alternates with profuse and watery discharge in fresh air. Unbearable pain if present. Better fresh air. Tickly throat. hot fever with thirstlessness. Burning throat. Watery discharge. Dryness. vomiting. Worse in evening. Cough during the day with mucous. dry mouth without thirst. urination. Sneezing. Worse. Eyes sensitive to light. alcohol. Frequent sneezing. Better for rest. Restlessness and feeling depressed or sad during the illness. Belladonna: Sudden onset of cold or flu. Worse for slightest movement. Bursting. Thirsty for large quantities. Fever with chill without sweating. Large pupils. Gelsemium: Slow onset. soreness. Dry cough worse for deep breath. Better for fresh air. warmth. Worse change of weather dry to cold and damp. greenish. Sensation of heaviness. 10am. for touch and evening/night.

May vomit bile. Better for company. brought on by over indulgence. Bryonia: Stitching pains. Weakness and collapse. bad meat. Unable to move. Better warmth. food poisoning. Babies. Often brought on by anger. Feeling cold. warm drinks and warmth applied externally. Mag Phos: will be good as general pain reliever if not exact remedy. burning pains. night. May put their legs up and arch their back. diarrhoea. Bloating. Babies bring their legs up. Better for bending double. Food lying in stomach. Cannot bear smell or sight of food. Worse for pressure on abdomen. Gurgling or bubbling sensation in kidney area. Babies will scream. vomiting. Gas and bloating from food. Nausea not relieved by vomiting/not able to vomit. Radiating pains. Writhing with pain. Food poisoning. Belching does not relieve. smelly stool. Worse for cold drinks and food. Food aggravates. Burning pains in stomach and rectum extending to spine. bending double. stimulants. vomiting) Colic: Colic is a name used for any kind of pain/spasm affecting children or adults in any part of the digestive system such as stomach. gallbadder. Headache due to stomach upset. Sticking. Heartburn. Stomach sensitive to pressure. Worse for eating. brought on by anxiety. Better for vomiting but hard to do so. watery fruit. coffee. by coffee. Don’t know what they want. Arsenicum: Burning. jarring. stabbing or cramping pains. Cramping pains. Ineffectual urging. even without vomiting and diarrhoea. Worse movement. Heaviness. Hard. Better passing wind. Thirsty for small sips of water. angry. rich food but desires these. Tight clothing around waist aggravates. Arsenicum can be used for same pains. irritable. kidney. Nux Vomica: Nausea and/or vomiting. Irritable. Cross and irritable temperament. Better for warmth. Bursting feeling. Chelidonium: Gallstone colic with pain under right scapula. Worse for movement. Feels cold. May vomit. cutting. Offensive wind. cramping pains in abdomen. Carbo Veg: Bloating and rumbling. Persistent vomiting often. Severe pain around umbilical area. Worse for wine. Better for pressure. Cramping pains with diarrhoea. Pinching and cutting pains. Pain in liver area that radiates outward and towards intestines. Nausea. humiliation. Worse coffee. Cramping pains. Made worse by eating fruit. ice cream. Diarrhoea. Ipecac: Nausea. Menstrual colic. Feel tense and irritable. Flatulence. Chamomila: Pains brought on by anger. indignation. Flatulence. Worse for bad meat. Despair of recovery. . (normally bryonia is better for pressure. intestine. will want to be carried. Thirstless. Much better for heat and better for pressure. Arg Nit: Anticipatory anxiety. Burning after diarrhoea. Diarrhoea and/or vomiting. Green. Colocynthis: Pain comes in waves. accompanying other complaints. and/or diarrhoea with faintness and weakness.) Worse for movement. Slow digestion. smell of food. eating. Berberis: Renal and gallstone colic.Digestive complaints: (colic.

Violent sneezing. Hayfever Allium cepa: Sore. Better for cold. Worse for sunshine. Better for fresh air. Sneezing frequently. Worse for cold and outdoors. sensitive to light. Sneezing with offensive catarrh. Sabadilla: Persistent. Nasal discharge alternates with blocked nose. Nat mur: Watery. bed. tickly nose. watery and itchy. End of nose is dry. Early morning diarrhoea. profuse. fresh air. Better fresh air. especially flowers. violent sneezing with runny nose. Worse for cold air. bland. Worse for water. Nose feels blocked. May be worse or better by the sea. Sensation of lump in throat or itchiness in throat. hot weather. food. warm stuffy rooms. Dry. Worse in a warm room. Sense of smell and taste lost.Podophyllum: Rumbling and gurgling followed by diarrhoea. Watery in open air. Dry eyes or burning tears. Pulsatilla: Thick. Worse for heat and warm rooms. Sore eyes. Painless. wheezing breath. Better for heat and open air. Very sensitive to odors. Sulphur: Eyes red. red eyes. Itching nose. itching. Thin. . Exhaustion as a result of diarrhoea. Red. 4pm. swollen. Better hot applications. Swelling around eyes. nasal discharge. watery or green or brown diarrhoea. Worse for stuffy room. burning eyelids. Thin watery discharge from nose that burns. Better cold room. Worse spring and August. burning discharge from eyes and nose. Arsenicum: Burning eyes. Diarrhoea accompanied by flatulence. A lot of sneezing especially in morning and in a warm room. Eyes sensitive to light. Dry cough. Better for warm applications. watery discharge from nose that burns.

lying still. Alternating sides of head. Visual disturbances. Better lying high on pillow. Better for cold water on face. noise. lying flat. Eyes look shiny with dilated pupils. Starts in morning and lasts all day. rich food. Scalp sensitive to slightest touch. Vertigo. Shooting pains. Calc Phos: Headache caused by mental exertion. Better getting up out of bed. darkness. stooping. especially around eyes. Bryonia: Bursting pain behind eyes extending to back of head. bruised. light. Periodic headache. hot weather. Better fresh air. Heaviness. Accompanied by nausea. Change of weather. Better for rest. rest. Nausea and vomiting. Worse evening and night. firm pressure. Dizziness.. Bursting. Better Stillness. Iris: (iris versicolour) Migraines. overwork. during period. Thirstless. Gelsemium: Headache like tight band around head. Bruised sensation. Better Gentle. Dull. Eyes sensitive to light. Better warmth. Gastric problems. pressure. Worse for sun. continued motion. Heaviness. coffee. tying up hair. Headaches in children and teenagers. Person does not want to be disturbed. Worse constipation. rest. Face is red and hot. Extending to teeth and face. noise. Better urination. throbbing or shooting pain on right temple and forehead. Scalp very sensitive. Pressure in head. Face is flushed and heavy. eating. pressure. gentle walking. Frequent urination. Worse periodically. Feeling of fullness in heat. Drowsiness. temples and back of head. Worse alcohol. Nausea and vomiting (bitter). Worse for sun. Affecting right temple and right eye. intense headache. Affecting eye forehead. Worse cold. vomiting and constipation. Better wrapping head. overwork.Headaches Belladonna: Sudden. Worse for sun. Worse left side. Worse for movement. Worse for slightest movement. throbbing pain. shooting pain.. cold applications. cold wind. lack of exercise. wrapping head tightly. Burning. overwork. Pain in head like nail. stooping and warm rooms. Better sleep. Tends to be left sided. eating. Sorem bruised sensation. Worse for company. Pulsatilla: Sore. Worse mental exhaustion. light. Worse movement. with blurred vision and pain on right side. Nux Vomica: Headache brought on by overindulgence. Burning tears in right eye. being alone. starting at back of head and extending. Pupils dilated. throbbing pain. Sore neck and shoulders. .


dental treatment. jet lag. Diarrhoea with green. Fresh air Worse. cold Unbearable pains Heat alternating with chills Burning thirst Argentum Nitricum (Arg Nit. but also as cream or tincture. damp weather. Better for open air. Bruises with swelling. Apathetic. public speaking. joint pain. restlessness. Fear of exams. denial of illness. head injuries after fall or bang with a lump appearing. uncertainty. General symptoms: Better. worse after eating. lying with head low Can be used internally as tablet. Physical symptoms: Acts on soft tissues. surprises. after accident. cold. anticipatory anxiety. during labour/pregnancy Shocked looking Scream with pain Physical symptoms: Ailments from shock. watery stool. aching muscles. with flatulence. childbirth bruising. Heat. death. NEVER apply to open wounds . prostrated. Silver Nitrate) Emotional symptoms: Mental strain. Use for sprains with bruising and swelling. Anxiety so high that actually affects these events (self fulfilling prophesy) Panic attacks Physical symptoms: Affecting digestive system.Aconite Emotional symptoms: Anxiety during fever and when cold Fear of crowds. forgetful after injury. smelly. exhaustion. better belching. fearful of being touched. lying on injured part. General symptoms: Worse for touch. fractures in the first stage with bruising and swelling. Vomiting may accompany. May say they are fine when they are clearly not. sugary foods Arnica Montana (Arn) Emotional symptoms: Shock as a result of physical trauma. Indigestion.

General symptoms: Craves small sips of cold drinks. There is no emotional picture with this remedy. burns. anxiety. Better warmth Better lying down. but makes worse. Irritable Restless Fastidiousness. death. . upset stomach. Useful for food poisoning. Arsenicum Album (Ars) Emotional symptoms: Anger Anxiety Despair of getting well Fear of being alone. The homeopathic remedy will treat these symptoms. hayfever. tidiness. Chilliness. Worse after midnight. insomnia. Worse damp. Burning discharges. Worse watery fruit. Red onion) Red onion produces symptoms of burning and streaming eyes and nasal catarrh. cold and flu. Physical symptoms: Burning pains (very characteristic) Prostration out of proportion to the problem.Allium cepa (All C. Worse cold food and drinks.

teething. Allergic reaction. Restlessness. swollen joints. headache. light and touch Tearful during fever. Worse hot applications. Belladonna (bell . cystitis. Physical symptoms: Swelling. Redness. General symptoms: Worse heat.deadly nightshade) Emotional Symptoms: Angry Anxious Agitated Confused Delirious Restless Screaming (pain) Sensitive to noise. In children) Sensitive to light and noise Useful for colds.Apis (honey bee) Emotional symptoms: Busyness. Jealous/possessive/overprotective of family. Useful for beestings. Stinging pains. burns. high fever. Worse pressure applied to affected area. nettle stings. flu. Berberis – please refer to natures materia medica – Robin Murphy . Burning pains. Physical symptoms: Red hot skin Dilated pupils Sudden onset Rapid course Thirsty except when fever Throbbing pain High temperature sometimes with hallucination (eg. Home/family orientated. Better for cold applications. urticaria.

sprains. stomach pain. colds and flu. bursting pains Thirst Illness comes on slowly Aggravated by change in weather Worse for movement Better for pressure Useful for headaches. joint pains. Calc Phos (calcium phosphate) Emotional symptoms: Discontent Complaining Irritable whining children Lack of energy. sluggish Bored Worse for mental exertion Physical symptoms: Growing pains Weak teeth Slow growth Fontanels slow to close in babies Convalesence Anaemia Headaches in children Healing of broken bones Teething Cramps in feet Coldness in feet .Bryonia (bry – wild hops) Emotional symptoms: Irritable (bear with sore head) Want to be left alone Want to lie still Preoccupied with business while sick Fear of poverty Linear thinking Physical symptoms: Dryness Dry cough Stitching.

unquenchable thirst Worse for coffee Worse for cold drinks Useful for 2nd degree burns.Calendula (marigold) Heals wounds and cuts externally as ointment and internally as potentised remedy Cantharis (Spanish fly) Similar to apis and arsenicum as has burning pains and restlessness Rapid onset of inflammation Burning. Carbo veg (wood charcoal) Emotional symptoms: Acute shock Mental exhaustion Mental weakness Loss of memory Claustrophobia Indifference and apathy Physical symptoms: Weakness and exhaustion Bloating and wind Poor circulation Loss of body fluids . cystitis.

. feeling of not finished). sore throat with hoarseness. draughts Worse for fresh air Better for heat Better for cold drinks Better in mild wet weather Useful for arthritis. burns. cystitis (ineffectual urge to urinate.Causticum (caust . joint pain.potassium hydrate) Emotional symptoms: Sympathetic Sensitive to injustice Feel the hurt of others easily Cry easily at sad news Gloomy and pessimistic in grief Anxious Absent minded Poor memory Irritable Depressed Fear of being alone at night Fear of dark Physical symptoms: Burning pains Blisters Burns (3rd degree) Cold Stiffness Paralysis Watery discharges Clumsy Left side more affected General symptoms Worse for clear dry weather Worse for coffee Worse for cold.

constantly moving around Despondent Physical symptoms: Severe umbilical pain Cutting pains in bowel with rumbling Sharp aching pain of lower right scapula Jaundice Lethargy . Emotional symptoms: Restless. cold. damp Worse evening. before midnight Worse coffee. tea Useful for teething babies.Chamomila (chamomile) Emotional symptoms: Great irritability and anger Complaints from anger Anger and irritable from pain Dislikes company. the other pale Hot High fever with sweat Thirsty Diarrhoea from cold or anger Sweating Tickling cough Vomits easily General symptoms: Worse from fresh air. being touched Very sensitive to pain Screaming child Baby desires to be carried Baby will cry if put down or held still Child may throw things Baby may cry Physical symptoms: One cheek red. diarrhoea. Chelidonium Please see natures materia medica – Robin Murphy for more information. insomnia. toothache. earache. labour pain.

twisting. griping pains. may have blood Flatulence General symptoms: Worse for cold and damp Worse for eating and drinking Worse for rest Worse for anger and indignation Better for bending double Better for hard pressure Better for heat Better for coffee Useful for colic. especially when questioned Restless Nervous Scream with pain Does not want to talk Physical symptoms: Cramping. bruised sensation in bones (more marked than bryonia) Aching back Aching eyeballs Chills in back. epidemic flu.Colocynthis (bitter cucumber. followed by fever Craving for cold food and drinks Useful for flu. making person move Pains that grow in intensity Vomiting and diarrhoea at intense stage of pain Watery. bitter apple) Emotional symptoms: Indignation Irritable Angry. headaches. sciatica. yellow stool. . Eupatorium – boneset Emotional symptoms: Sad Depressed during illness Moaning during fever Restless during illness Physical symptoms: Sore.

premenstrual). hayfever. nasal catarrh Daytime cough with mucous Eye inflamed General symptoms: Better for open air Better from darkness Worse daylight Worse wind Useful for conjunctivitis.Euphrasia (eyebright) Emotional symptoms: Does not want to talk Sadness Disinterest Poor memory Confusion. . headache (esp. anticipatory anxiety. watery. better for cold bath. public speaking/crowd/death causing them to seize up Sluggish Want to be left alone Physical symptoms: Weakness Exhaustion Heaviness Slow onset of complaint Dry fever Cannot move for heaviness Thirstless Trembling General symptoms: Worse for weather change Worse for movement Better for urination Better for alcohol Useful for flu. diarrhoea from anxiety. stinging burning tears Gritty eyes Bland. Gelsemium Emotional symptoms: Ailments from bad news/excitement Weakness Depressed/cannot cry Fearful. Physical symptoms: Watery.

Hypericum (st johns wort) Emotional symptoms: Shock from injury and pain Physical symptoms: Pains from nerve rich injuries Shooting pains Sensitive to touch and pressure Worse for pressure Use after arnica . hot flushes. headache. hammering pains Hot flushes Faint General symptoms: Over exposure to sun Worse for sun Worse for heat Worse for jarring Worse period Worse for walking Better for cold compress Better for pressure Useful for sunstroke.Glonoine (nitroglycerine) Emotional symptoms: Confused Forgetful Not willing to talk Sensation time passing slowly Physical symptoms: Red face Red eyes Bursting.

headache. Iris (blue flag) Emotional symptoms: Despondency Restless at night Fear of illness Irritable Physical symptoms: Headache with blurred vision (migraine) Headache mainly on right side Headache with vomiting Periodical Worse evening and night Worse hot weather Worse rest Please see Natures Materia Medica – Robin Murphy for further information . asthma.Ipecac Emotional symptoms: Anxiety during fever Complaints from anger or frustration Capricious difficult to look after when ill Physical symptoms: Red face on one side Dark ringed eyes with pale face Bruised feeling with headache Periodic recurrences of complaints Persistent. which accompanies complaints Sweats hot or cold Cramping. griping pains Fast breathing. spasmodic cough Useful for colic. morning sickness. violent nausea. labour. dry.

slow to heal burns. toothache. period pain. headaches that recur. joint pain. croupy cough. Ledum (wild rosemary) Antiseptic Wandering pains Puncture wounds (eg hands and feet) Bites and stings Joint pain Worse for heat Worse for movement Better for cold compress Mag Phos Cramping pains Shooting pains Worse for cold Better for pressure Better for warmth Useful for pain relief. sciatica Dissolve in warm water. sticky mucous affecting mucous membranes Wandering joint pains General symptoms: Worse for beer Worse on waking Worse for cold Worse after eating Useful for sinusitis. headache.Kali Bich Emotional symptoms: Listless Indifference to business affairs Aversion to exertion Sadness Better after eating Talkative Physical symptoms: Chilliness Illness after getting cold Stringy. teething. sip frequently until pain is relieved. cramp. . colic. earache.

Nat Mur Emotional symptoms: Illness after emotional trauma Suppressed emotion Ailments from grief Absent minded Depressed but cannot cry Prefers to be alone Sensitive Mind dwelling on past hurts Dislikes fuss Physical symptoms: Dryness Oily skin White discharges Thirst for large quantities General symptoms: Worse for consolation Worse for heat of sun. Nux Vomica Emotional symptoms: Anger (explosive) Argumentative Irritable Impulsive Over exertion (work and leisure) Desire for stimulants Poor concentration Physical symptoms: Ailments from overindulgence Insomnia Cramping pains Worse for coffee. prickly heat. alcohol Worse for cold Worse light. hangover. cold sores. . headache. noise. tickly cough. hayfever. hayfever. smells Better for lying down Better for heat Useful for indigestion. constipation. dampness Better open air Better sweating Better rest Better pressure Better deep breathing Better talking Useful for colds. colds. insomnia.

mumps. fresh air Better for gentle movement Better for sitting up Better for pressure Better after crying Useful for colds. stitching pains Numbness Heaviness General symptoms: Worse for warm air Worse in evening Worse for rest Worse for eating (rich foods) Worse before menses Better for cold. food poisoning (meat and fish). coughs. hayfever. labour pain. headache.Opium Please see Natures Materia Medica – Robin Murphy for more information Pulsatilla Emotional symptoms: Affectionate Anxious Baby desires to be carried Jealous Shy Tearful Moody Clingy Physical symptoms: Shifting symptoms from parts of body Symptoms rise to a pitch then cease Yellow Greenish bland discharges Coldness Burning. . flu. styes.

eczema. skin. ankles. ganglions. cartilages. repetitive stain injury. wrists. tendons. injuries. eyestrain. joint pain. aching Restlessness (not as marked as rhus tox) Weariness with pain Overuse General symptoms: Worse for lying on affected part Worse for overexertion Worse for cold and damp Better for warmth Better for movement Better for lying on back Useful for back pain. flu. broken nose. tennis elbow. chicken pox Ruta Grav Emotional symptoms: Dissatisfaction Suspicious Argumentative Weary Physical symptoms: Joints. Causes blood to go to uterus (do not use in early pregnancy) .Rhus Tox (poison ivy) Emotional symptoms: Anxious Sad Tearful Restless Irritable Confusion Fear of flying ( having to keep still) Physical symptoms: Damaged ligaments Restless (never comfortable in any position) Aching. mumps. sore. stiffness Pains from overdoing General symptoms: Worse for initial movement but then better Worse for cold and damp Better for massage of affected area Better for heat Better for change of position Useful for joint pain and stiffness. periosteum Bruised. insomnia. soreness. sprains.

Sabadilla Emotional symptoms: Miserable Timid Easily startled Thinking produces headache and sleeplessness Fixed ideas about self Physical symptoms: Spasmodic sneezing Watery eyes Itching. boneset) Injuries to bone and cartilage. Will assist with bone healing. . tickling nose Vertigo with sensation of things turning around each other. Symphytum (comfrey. General symptoms: Worse for cold air Worse periodically Worse for perfume and string odors Worse mental exertion Better open air Better for heat Better for quick motion Sulphur Please see Natures Materia Medica – Robin Murphy for more information. Painful old injuries Sticking pain Fracture Eyeball injury (and surrounding bones) Use after arnica and where pain persists. better for resting head on table.


Materia Medica .