Lesson Title and Grade Level Lesson Title: The Substitution Method

Grade Level: 8-9

Lesson Objectives: The student will use the substitution method to solve for variables involving two equations. Ohio Standards, Benchmarks, and Grade Level Indicators Benchmarks: Patterns, Functions and Algebra Standard, 8-10 F. Solve and graph linear equations and inequalities. H. Solve systems of linear equations involving two variables graphically and symbolically. Grade Level Indicators (Grade 8): Patterns, Functions and Algebra (Use Algebraic Representations) Patterns, Functions and Algebra (Use Algebraic Representations)

9. Solve linear equations and inequalities graphically, symbolically and using technology. 10. Solve 2by 2 systems of linear equations graphically and by simple substitution.

NCTM Content Standards and Process Standards Alignment NCTM Content Standards: Algebra (9-12) -Understand and perform transformations such as arithmetically combining, composing, and inverting commonly used functions, using technology to perform such operations on more complicated symbolic expressions. -Write equivalent forms of equations and solve them with fluency-mentally or with paper and pencil in simple cases and using technology in all cases. NCTM Process Standards: Problem Solving: -Solve problems that arise in mathematics and in other contexts. -Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems. Connections: -Recognize and use connections among mathematical ideas. -Understand how mathematical ideas interconnect and build on one another to produce a coherent whole. Materials, Technology, and Resources: Substitution Method Worksheet for the game, and balloon worksheets (place for group’s team name with 6 balloons on each paper). Need the Antelope homework worksheet. Smart-board used for notes on the substitution method.

Lesson Procedures (Launch, Explore, Share/Summarize) A. Launch (20 min) Introduce the substitution method to the students. Use an example problem with equations 2x+y=9, and 3x-y=16. Explain that we can solve systems of two linear equations by first solving for a variable in an equation. Ask students, “ How would you solve the first equation for the y variable?” Now ask the students, “What should we do with the y=9-2x in order to solve for a variable?” Explain to students that you must have only one variable in an equation in order to solve for that variable. The next step is to plug the y=9-2x into the 2nd equation (3x-y=16). Show students that the equation now has only one variable in it. Ask students for each step in solving the equation for the x variable. Once you have solved for x, ask students “ How do I solve for the y variable?” Explain that since we had already solved for the y variable earlier, we can substitute in the x=5 into the y=9-2x equation to get y= -1. Go over three more example problems on the smart board. Asking students for the steps involved in solving each problem. Point out that students can always check their answers by plugging in the values they got for x and y into both equations. These values must make the equation true for their answers to be correct. Example Problems 1) y=2x, x+2y=5 2) x-y=3, 3x+2y=9 3) 2x+y=4, 4x+2y=8 Tell students that we will be playing a game that involves using the substitution method. Explain directions to everyone. Tell students to get into groups of three people, have them come up with a team name. Hand out balloon worksheets that have 6 balloons drawn and a place for the team name. Explain that you will put a question on the smart board for the groups to solve. Everyone on the team will solve and agree on an answer. Teacher will walk around to make sure they agree on the answer. If students get the answer correct they can cross out a balloon from another team’s worksheet. If all of a team’s balloons are crossed out, and a team gets a question correct they can erase the cross out. The team with the most balloons left at the end wins the game. B. Explore: (25 min) Start the game. Walk around to check for each group’s final answer. When all groups have stated their final answer, reveal the correct answer. Have students cross out balloons if they get the correct answer. Use the equations on the substitution method worksheet for this game. Play until there is five minutes is left in the period. C. Share/Summarize (5 min) Answer any re-occurring problems and questions that students have about the substitution method. Hand out antelope worksheet and have students complete it for homework. Student Summative Assessment Students will be graded on the antelope worksheet they completed for homework. Students are asked to solve 13 questions using the substitution method. Students will take a test eventually to determine their understanding of the substitution method.

Differentiation / Accommodations I will place any ELL students in groups where students will help her explain her ideas on paper. All materials will be made available to students with disabilities. Special-ed students will receive more instruction from the teacher. The teacher will take more time to explain the substitution method to these students if needed. Homework Options and Home Connections All students are given the antelope worksheet to complete for homework. References: This lesson comes from a teacher’s website for algebra 1 lessons. Miller, Elissa (2011, March 22). Lesson: Substitution Method. Retrieved from http://betterlesson.com/lesson/35573/substitution-method#/lesson/35573/substitutionmethod?from=tree Attachments Substitution Method Worksheet SUBSTITUTION METHOD WORKSHEET 1) 2x + 8y = 20 y=2 2) x = 5 2x + y = 10

3) 5x – 2y = 3 y = 2x

4) 2y + x = -15 x = 3y

5) 4x + 7y = 19 y=x+9

6) y = 6x + 11 2y – 4x = 14

7) 2x – 8y = 6 y = -7 – x

8) x = 2y – 1 3x – 2y = -3

9) x + y = 3 3y + x = 5

10) 2x – 3y = -4 x + 3y = 7

Antelope Homework Worksheet Name____________________________________ Period__________ Date_____________ Please show your work on a separate sheet of paper DID YOU HEAR ABOUT the antelope who was getting dressed when he was trampled by a herd of buffalo? Well, 1___________ 2____________ 3_____________ 4____________ 5_____________ 6__________ 7_____________ 8_____________ 9______________ 10______________ 11___________ 12_____________ 13______________ Solve each system of equations by the substitution method. Write the word next to the correct answer on the line containing the exercise number. 1. y=3x 2. x=5y-1 3. y=2x+7 5x+2y=44 x+2y=13 3x-y=-9 4. -2x+3y=11 5. y=6x-5 6. -3x+y=7 x=4y-3 y=-x+9 5x+2y=3 7. x-y=11 8. -4x+y=4 9. x+y=1 3x+10y=-6 2x+2y=13 5x-4y=-7 10. -5x+3y=11 11. x+9y=-1 12. -5x+y=35 x-2y=2 2x+4y=5 3x+2y=-21 13. A math test is worth 100 points and has 30 problems. Each problem is worth either 3 points or 4 points. How many 4-point problems are there? Possible answers: (-2,2) OFTEN (1/2, -3) RANGE (9,2) FAR (-7,0) STAMPED (2,7) KNOW (-1/3, 4/3) FIRST (4, 12) AS (-1,-3) HOME (8, -3) WAS (7/2, -1/2) DRESSED 14 WESTERN (-7,-1) WE (-1/3,-1) BIGGEST (-1,4) THIS 10 ANTELOPE (-4,-3) SELF (-2,3) AS (2,1) COWBOYS (1/2,6) THE (-7,-1/2) DEFENSE