3:52 pm, 2011-12-05 2nd, Mayan day 5 Flint

LIVE (and written) - Owning Our Power – Cascading, Tumbling Beliefs
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I come back to the journal, as the last one I did a few moments ago didn't quite “cut it.” I still have that full sort of feeling, inside, so here I am, again. What needs to be said that didn't make it into that one? Let's find out. Again and again, I come back to taking up our station of power – deep within. Heart-centered wandering suits me just fine, since some of the things I encounter would overwhelm the brain or the mind's perspective on things – its so-called reality. It's not that. For sure, it's not that. “Reality” is truly what we make it – in more ways than we now realize. Up to now we haven't been acknowledging the power within, and we've been looking at life from a mental perspective – yet without all of the pieces that are needed to make it real. Well, one of the things that I'd say is a major piece we've been missing is the sense of our power – and if we don't acknowledge it, what then? How can any such perspective be real? We set ourselves up this way, to play in the dreamland of our creation. Now, we don't really mean to do that. Our intentions are anything but. Nonetheless, when we leave out such important pieces – when we begin without much of a clue as to “Who am I” - where can that lead us? Can it take us anywhere real? I don't think so. That's a major part of what keeps us wandering in a sleep-walking daze.

What to do about it? Well, to start, before we take any journal journey together, do center within. Call it heart, call it soul, call it centered down, or whatever you like – just do it. Start from there. You may even want to say a prayer. I have a lovely all-purpose one you may want to borrow for yourself. I borrowed it from Patricia Cori. It goes like this: “I am a sovereign being, exercising free will as I ascend the spiral of Spirit; I intend that the Higher Purpose be served and that the Light prevail.” Just that simple, it is – and it covers so much. It's really quite powerful - to marshal your forces, if nothing else. ;) So, now we've entered the Kingdom of Heart. Anything at all is possible, here. Be aware of that. The only limit is that no limits are possible – nor acceptable. If you find yourself sensing any limits at all, know that you've slipped back into the mind. Don't be upset with yourself – just center back down. No big deal. Keep doing that. You'll find you have infinite patience for it – regardless of what you think of yourself. You left that “self” behind to get in here. Be aware of that. You are born new every second and micro-second that you're here. None of the old rules apply – so just let them go. You can pick them up later – for now just be here (without thought). I didn't mean to take so much time laying the groundwork like that, but let's look at it this way – when I do, I take you along with me. You entrain. You might find that it helps you get the feel and the sense of what it's like, going within – entering your Internal Kingdom – the Kingdom of Heart – where you reign – a new You you may not even have properly met. This You that is encountered when you enter this sacred space is a powerful one. The more time we spend with / as this being, the easier our old beliefs, the old programming falls away. That stuff is not vibrationally compatible with this one that you are, now – in the here-now. This being is majestic, is magnificent. S/He can take you on some very fine journeys of discovery. At first it may be a little uncomfortable. Why is that? Well, when we first

enter, we are chock-full of stale old beliefs. We are bound round-about in so many ways – how else could it be, considering the daze we've been walking around in? How else could we handle the world as it is but to be half crazed? The world is the lunatic – but for a time we've thought the Inner Man was the lunatic – the one who said we are free. So, though we don't bring our mind in here with us – it doesn't fit – yet still we bring the essence of it in – the impressions it left. Right now, this first time we enter deeply within, we come laden and loaded with so many lies and false beliefs – we can hardly be seen under the load of it. Yet, here we are. We made it. That's a major victory! Why is that? Well, it's the death knell for whole boatloads of those awful beliefs. The vibratory essence we find ourselves bathed in, inside, is something that's new. Well, it seems new, anyway. It's really not, but we won't go into that, just now. Let's just stick with what we feel right now. This is your portal to divinity – your very own. This place is graced by the divine. It is sacred space. Yet, we might not be able to sustain our presence, our conscious presence here very long, at first. Why is that? Maybe because the vibratory rate is so unaccustomed to us. It shakes us up a bit. That, and the fact that mind is not yet trained – trained to respect this space and our presence there – while it gets left out. So, no matter what, be at peace. Why is that? Peace is in consonance with the Inner Being that you are. It's a way to center back down. So, no matter what mind brings up, just look at it (if you must – for one day you will simply ignore) and then look away. Don't be drawn in. Stay in your peace. Be at peace, too, with being drawn out of your peace. There, mind – what do you think of that? Are you pleasantly pretzeled? Well, enjoy it, anyway, regardless. Why not, after all? No matter what arises or seems to come out of nowhere – just stay now here (nowhere = now here). Get used to doing that. And know that the days of your “doing” are soon to be gone. So enjoy it while it still seems to be here. You see, coming into this sacred space is really at least half of the journey. And once you get there (t here or to here), there's no telling where you'll wind up. Anything is possible – that's the main rule – that one, and the reverse of that coin that says there are no limits, here. These two rules are

one. Okay, so at first you get bounced out a lot, in spite of your desire to stay within. That's okay. Be at peace with that. You see, even when you get bounced out (or seemingly so) there's still that peace, that divine Peace that's available to you, at all times. You won't know this until you've once contacted it, but once you have then you'll have the sense of it. And if you explore, you'll find it always as close as your breath. Now this baffles mind, for sure, for how can you retain Peace when it's bringing you all of this and that for your attention, etc.? To mind it just doesn't make any sense. Well, that's fine. Don't give it a thought. Just know that you can now retain, can maintain the Peace anytime, anywhere, and no matter what. It's divine, remember? Well, divine things are like that. They don't accept any rules – but their own – and their rules only empower them. So, as you spend time both in and out of your Inner Kingdom, make a practice of observing self – and of seeing how that Peace is maintained, regardless. It doesn't wear out. It's always there, and you're in it, as quick or quicker than a thought. There you are. It's rather amazing – but you ain't seen anything, yet ;) What is happening during this time of the in-and-outing is that you're being imprinted with that new vibratory rate – the one from deep within. That is the most special place in all of Cosmos for you. One day you may recognize this for yourself. For now, you can just accept that it is. Still, don't enter with expectations. Mind is thoroughly incapable of even beginning to imagine what awaits. Best not to try. It will only limit that. Poor mind. Now, this might lead to a bit of an uncomfortable time in your life. You may wander around in it, not knowing quite what is out of order, yet sensing that. Or, you may find that this works – look at it this way – you are transferring that inner reality out into your experience of the world – of your world. Do you see? At first, the Inner Wo/Man doesn't quite fit in with the world as you've created it up to now. There are some real vibratory clashes, here – and that feels a bit uncomfortable. It's like your skin doesn't quite fit, these days – it can be annoying – if you let it. Best advice? Just watch and observe.

Maybe journal a bit. This new vibratory rate is much higher than what was, before. It will tend to burn things off that are at a lower rate – send them up in smoke. Well, this is the territory of your beliefs. It is your very beliefs that are getting burned up and burned off – to the extent that you're willing to release them – to just let them go – to say good-bye. As you're at your watch post, you're in the best position to observe the goings-on. The intuitions will begin to fly hot and heavy at times. Things will just see like puzzle pieces, falling into place – sometimes so quickly it can be tough to keep up. Don't try. Just watch. Watch the uncomfortable states and come go with the comfortable ones. Don't get attached – to either. I kid you not – I'm beginning to recognize the beauty of the discomfort, here. I find I could easily get attached to the discomfort. Isn't that crazy? Well, only to mind. Heart totally gets it – and is unconcerned. So I just watch. Some are tempted to say “watch and wait.” I don't say that, for there is no waiting at all, here. It is always just here-now. Nothing else. There is nothing to wait for – there could be nothing else but this – so what is this word, “wait” all about, anyway? It loses all meaning. Let it go from your vocabulary. This is a magical “space.” The unreality of “waiting” has been pierced. Watch it die. Say bye-bye. Okay, so we're going in and out a lot – maybe even beginning to spend some noticeable time within. That is nice. It feels so good, doesn't it? What I wanted to point out in this journal is how, once a false belief is spotted, it can cause a whole cascade of them to come crashing down around your ears. That's what it can feel like, anyway – for one thing rests on another one. Beliefs are intertwined. There are little ones and bigger ones – ones that are tightly bound-up with others, and ones that seem to stand more on their own. Those are the easy ones to abandon. The very light of the Inner Being's high frequency will burn these little ones up quickly.

You may or may not see them go. More often, what happens is that, in a later experience, you notice something is different. You may not be able to put your finger on what has changed. My suggestion is to examine your beliefs around whatever it is that's making you feel strange. Chances are you'll find that's where the change has taken place. What you once believed in, you now see through. That's the difference. The discomfort is just in the fact that you hadn't noticed the change – you hadn't made it, consciously. It crept up on you, to deliver this surprise. Once you “see” this, the discomfort will pass. That's just the mind, catching up. So, the little beliefs can go so easily, making no waves. But then, sometimes a bigger belief will take a hit. If it goes down – if you let it go down – then there will be waves. These are made by all the other beliefs that depended on that one. You may have a whole large structure, sort of like a part of your identity, take a tumble. Now, that will feel strange! Disconcerting is a good word for this unaccustomed feeling. Things seem out of place, somehow. They don't quite fit. Well, could this be the mind checking in, to see the inner change in beliefs? Could you maybe step back a few paces, and just look? What I have learned over time is that all of these uncomfortable feelings are experienced in the mind. This is where it is good to have stepped well back, and to know you are not the mind. To the extent that you are still identified with mind, you will be made more uncomfortable. To the extent that you have dis-identified it will be just an adjustment that you watch taking place. Do you see the big difference in that? It is there. Be in heart. That is mind's discomfort – not yours. As you have stepped back from thinking you are the mind, you are not made uncomfortable by it. Instead, you recognize that feeling as emanating from mind. You can merely observe. It's rather enjoyable, actually – you are empowered by this distance, this not identifying with mind. Do you see why, now, we take time to be sure we're centered before we enter such experiences as this? If we were in the everyday mind sort of state – the beta brainwaves – we would feel, now, like we're in a roller

coaster, on a wild ride. These things tend to shake mind up – but not the real You. You are capable – able to simply observe. You're on no roller coaster – you are serene – even in the midst of this. Now, the inside and the outside of your experience – these are becoming more tightly woven together. Once dominated by the “outside” view, you're not that, anymore. Yet, as the Inner Wo/Man takes over, begins to come out – there will be the dissonance, at first. These worlds don't yet equate – but they can. One day they will... if you persist. Right now, as this Inner Wo/Man, you may feel a bit shaky. It's unaccustomed, as yet. You don't really know this one very well, yet. It feel strange to walk in these footsteps – to know they are yours. It's all so very odd for a time – yet also enjoyable, at least for me. Your outer persona will become more and more shaken up by this. It's feeling taken over – and rightfully so. All this time it has thought itself right to believe this or that – assuming the rightness of the positions, the perspectives it took. Now it's finding out that things are not just different, but vastly different that what it had believed. It's a shaky walk – for the mind. As we stick to the watch-and-observe position, we'll be able to step back, more and more, from the mind. By doing that, we'll be able to observe that it's really just the mind being made so uncomfortable by things as they transpire. It's really just the mind's ideas about life that are being shaken up. That inner Peace is always there, even in the midst of all of this seeming chaos. I'd say to let that inner Peace be your anchor in the storm – the many storms as they come up. Train your self to just know that Peace is always there for you – believe in this. It will stand you in good stead. You are now in process of choosing beliefs for yourself. No more will you let your self be programmed, in the old way. That life is over for you. Never again. So, even in the midst of the seeming chaos, take a moment now and then to celebrate. Lock on to that Peace, and breathe a prayer, a paen of gratitude to Source for this. That Peace will enable this sacred prayer to flow. It sounds crazy, simply nuts, to the mind to offer gratitude in the midst of its pain – for to the mind confusion is pain. Yet, there you go – that

Peace, being divine, is just that powerful. Mind is overwhelmed – but the Peace will never be that. You can take the Peace for your own being, for a time – identify with that. You'll know when it's time – if it ever is- to move beyond that. Meanwhile, this is your sure anchor in all storms. You will say, “Peace!” to the waves, and they will subside. Check it out.


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