Applications of Chemical Compounds The purpose of this assignment is to show you that the compounds you’ve been working

very hard to name and learn the properties for actually have some relevance to the real world. Please look at each item in the list. Give the chemical formula for the most common compound used in each application. Briefly describe the application. There are many ways to find this information but I expect that the internet is probably where you’ll start. Please make sure to cross check a few sites and use Wikipedia with extreme caution. There might be more than one answer to the item. I’d like you to try to find the most commonly used compound for each one. Please submit the report electronically, if possible, to or send me a notification that you’ve dropped your file in the drop-off folder at \tdsbsdo12\schdropoff12$236-DropOff\Science\Turner\SCH3U. Please include your name in the filename. The report is due on Monday, October 24. A table would be a good way to organize your report. You might consider the following headings: Name of compound Formula Type of compound i.e. Ionic or Covalent How and why it is used / how does it work. Any special comments as directed in the question. References (where you found your information – no Wikipedia!) ITEM GUIDELINE FOR RESEARCH Check out the medical use of barium sulphate. How and why is it used? a) Use of copper sulphate in swimming pools. How and why is it used? b) Use of copper sulphate in ‘art’. Describe the work of Roger Hiorns entitled Seizure. What is the ‘chlorine’ component of chlorine bleach – name and formula. Use of sodium acetate in hand warmers. How and why is it used? Find out about the compound used in the extraction of gold (and silver and copper) from their low grade ores. How and why is it used? Please also comment on the environmental impact of this use. Find the compound under consideration in the field of geoengineering to fertilize the ocean. How and why might it be used? Please note any concerns you might have. 3/dumping_iron_sulphate_into_the_ocean_or_how_to_geoengineer_the_climate.html Along the lines of geoengineering, what compound is used to make it rain? (remember the Beijing Olympics? They sprayed a chemical into the air to keep down the humidity and make it rain. A similar technique is used elsewhere to provide rain for crops … would you want this stuff sprinkled on your food???) What is the ingredient in Phillips’s Milk of Magnesia? How and why is it used? What is the compound used as ‘laughing gas’ in the dentist’s chair? What is Plaster of Paris? How does it work? What is the chemical added to toothpaste. How much of it is in your toothpaste brand? How does it work?

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You never know.cnngo.12. Hint: he’s missing two fingers from his right hand and walks with a slight limp.) (application and communication marks) . I might use it on next year’s assignment! Marking scheme: Your work will be marked on the following rubric: Work is accurate and complete: (application marks) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Work is properly referenced (communication marks) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Work is in your own words and well-presented. What is phosgene gas? Where and when was it used and what does it do? What is corundum? Come up with your own chemical of interest and give yourself a similar task to those outlined above.html 18. 19. 20. see: http://www. Make me believe your assignment actually means something to you – especially for item #20. Last seen loading 1600 kg of a chemical onto his flatbed truck ….cbc. Notice that I’ve included everything from medicine to art to climate change. Who is this man? His story hit the news in June 2010. What is baking soda? How does it work? 16. What is the chemical used in cold packs? How does it work? 17. You might consider looking into present day or historical uses. (Ibrahim – you’re off the hook – you’re the one who gave me the phosgene idea! thanks. organized and in your own words (application and communication marks) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Work shows evidence of your interest in the connection between chemistry and your world. What is the compound that is produced by cows (ruminants) and rice paddies that is a major contributor to greenhouse gases? For more artwork see: http://www. What is the combustible chemical used in lighters? and many other pages … 14. What is the compound used in diaper rash ointments (some people also paint their faces with it in extreme sun conditions)? How does it work?

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