Beyond Rainmaking

Accelerated Learning Techniques for Law School,
the Bar Exam, and Beyond …
Nancy Tilton Hand, JD
A Negotiation Ninja Book©
 Nancy Tilton Hand
A Negotiation Ninja Book
·io11 Nancy Tilton Hand
Nancy Tilton Hand, JD
Negotiation Ninja
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Beyond Rainmaking
ISBN µ,8-o-µ8¡,i,o-,-,
Libiaiy of Congiess Contiol Numbei: io11µoio8,
1. Law School i. Motivation ¡. Moie keywoids.... ¡. ...
Contents vii
Forward: Why Iearn To Iearn: 1
Introduction: How to Use Tis Book ¡
Chapter 1 Iearning, Memory, and Recall p
1.1 Te Tiee Types of Memoiy 1i
1.i Te Infoimation Diet 1,
1.¡ Oveiwhelmed and Oveiloaded 18
Part I Prepare Your Mind to Iearn
Chapter i Te Well-Formed Outcome i,
i.1 Envision the Futuie ¡o
i.i Set a Couise ¡i
i.¡ Identify Baiiieis ¡,
i.¡ Celebiate Success ¡,
Chapter ¡ Peak Performance (1
¡.1 Build a Peak Peifoimance State ¡i
Cieate an NLP 1o1 Peak Peifoimance State ¡i
Tink about past success ¡,
Cieate a Ciicle of Excellence ¡o
Coloi ¡,
Music ¡,
Powei woids ¡8
Meditation and imageiy ¡µ
Wiiting ,i
State ielated leaining ,o
Te Contiol Room ,8
Chapter ( Manage Emotions With Tapping o¡
¡.1 Tapping Explained o¡
¡.i Tapping Points o,
¡.¡ Let’s Get Tapping! o,
¡.¡ Subjects foi Tapping oµ
¡., Tapping Tips ,i
Part II Performance Enhancement Techniques
Chapter ¡ Build Familiarity ,,
,.1 Exposuie and Piiming ,,
,.i Spacing Effect ,8
,.¡ Summaiizing ,8
,.¡ Quizzing ,µ
,., PhotoReading® ,µ
Chapter o Play With Perspective 8,
o.1 Peispective and point of view 8,
Chapter , Genius Brain Boosters p1
,.1 Noise Removal Bieathing µi
,.i Biain Gym® µi
Rub Youi Eais µ,
,.¡ Sof Eyes µo
Part III Physical Support For Iearning
Chapter 8 Take Care of Your Body 1o1
8.1 Exeicise 1oi
8.i Sleep 1o¡
8.¡ Diet 1o¡
8.¡ Keep it Clean 1oµ
8., Piotect Youi Peifoimance 1oµ
Chapter p Conclusion & Practical Use 11¡
µ.1 How I Studied foi the Bai Exam 11¡
Part IVAppendices
Appendix A Sample Tapping Setups 1i1
A.1 Pie-Tapping safety net 1i1
A.i Give youi subconcious mind diiection 1i¡
A.¡ Post-Tapping integiation 1i¡
A.¡ When things feel impossible 1i¡
A., Study oveiwhelm and fiustiation 1i,
A.o Feai of failing the bai exam 1¡o
A., Tiee ways to addiess public speaking feai 1¡i
Appendix B My Story 1(¡
Bibliography 1¡¡
Final Note 1o,
Teie is no end to education. It is not that
you iead a book, pass an examination, and
finish with education. Te whole of life, fiom
the moment you aie boin to the moment you
die, is a piocess of leaining.
JiuuU Kvisu×:mUv1i
Why Iearn To Iearn:
Negotiation will undoubtedly be pait of youi piofessional life.
In a time when jobs aie scaice and options foi legal woik aie
dwindling, acceleiated leaining and negotiation skills might be
the only things between you and a dingy cubicle.
Tis book will show you how to take in moie taigeted infoi-
mation, ietain it longei, have bettei access to it, and leain fastei
than evei befoie. Youi peifoimance in eveiy othei pait of youi
life will impiove when you mastei the management of youi infoi-
mation. You will also have moie fiee time to do what you want
to do.
Information is power. Infoimation helps you solve pioblems
and cieate options. It gives you ciedibility, flexibility, and authoi-
ity. It will help you get the life you want. Masteiing infoimation
is tiuly the fiist step towaid becoming a gieat counseloi, advisoi,
and negotiatoi.
Much of Lawschool is about leaining to think like a lawyei. It
is intense, immeisive leaining in a ielatively foieign language —
i Nancy T. Hand
legalese. You aie going to have to leain and synthesize mountains
of infoimation.
You aie going to have a seemingly impossible woikload that
will caiiy ovei intoyoui lawpiactice. Te ieading alone is enough
to oveiwhelmjust about anybody. You will inevitably have to con-
vey youi logic to othei people in class oi in the couitioom.
In addition, you will have othei people in the mix, moie ie-
sponsibility, and still have to stay on top of youi game. And then,
of couise, theie’s the iest of life.
Get the advantage of being smaitei, fastei, and moie cieative
so that you can get the giades and job you want. Get the advan-
tage of having extia time. Heie is youi oppoitunity to leain and
mastei skills that will set you apait fiomthe ioughly ¡o,ooo othei
giaduates who have a similai law school education and expeii-
Tese techniques will help you to maximize youi study effoits
by shoitening the amount of time you have to spend studying.
Tey will also impiove youi undeistanding and ietention of the
mateiial. What you do with that extia time is up to you.
Leaining this infoimation while you aie in school oi eaily
in youi caieei gives you the oppoitunity to piactice and peifect
these methods in a safe enviionment. People knowyou aie leain-
ing and you have a little bit moie leeway than you will have latei
on in youi caieei.
Some impoitant leaining oppoitunities may come fiomout of
the blue, like taking ovei files oi clients foi someone else. Tose
sudden leaining oppoitunities can waylay you, even if you aie
doing a good job managing youi infoimation. Tey can tax youi
leaining system and cause extia stiess that makes leaining and
iecall moie difficult.
Leainhowtohandle suddenleaining oppoitunities now. Iden-
tify and addiess known stiessois eaily on in youi caieei so that
you can become adept at dealing with them automatically and
easily. If you do, you will have a lot of extia biainpowei when
you need it foi suipiise issues that aiise.
Beyond Rainmaking ¡
We have only just begun to undeistand how the biain ieally
woiks. Te science of leaining is fascinating. New ieseaich on
memoiy, leaining, and behavioi helps me to bettei teach com-
munication and negotiation peifoimance. Since it may fascinate
you, too, I have included citations to the ieseaich used thiough-
out the book so that you can leain moie about acceleiated leain-
ing. Tese citations will lead you to some fun infoimation.
Teie aie no iules. Te moie we play, expeiiment, and iepoit
on oui expeiiences, the moie we will know collectively. Stait in-
coipoiating these leaining techniques into youi ioutine and dis-
covei what woiks foi you. Repoit back so that we can all undei-
stand moie about the most magnificent supeicomputei evei cie-
ated — your biain.
Beyond Rainmaking 1,
ieasonably be giouped. Foi example, ceitain items oi activities
could be giouped togethei, such as phone calls, oi woik tasks.
Iong-Term Memory
Long-Teim Memoiy is youi stoiage aiea foi infoimation that
is meaningful and useful ovei the long-teim. Memoiies stoied in
Long-TeimMemoiy aie iesilient ovei time and do not dissolve in
the way those stoied in Sensoiy Memoiy and Woiking Memoiy
Long-TeimMemoiy is mainly associated with the stoiage, oi-
ganization, and ietiieval of infoimationthat is moved fiomshoit-
teim memoiy. While theie is some debate about memoiy iesil-
iency, it is beginning to look like we nevei delete any infoimation.
It may only become moie difficult to access it because of the way
it is stoied.
Youcanietiieve infoimationfiomLong-TeimMemoiy thiough
iecall andiecognition. Withiecall, the infoimationis iepioduced
fiom memoiy. Recognition occuis when a memoiy is piompted
by an outside souice.
Long-Teim Memoiy is also compiised of two diffeient types
of memoiy: declaiative memoiy andimplicit memoiy (alsocalled
pioceduial memoiy).
Declarative Memory
Active leaining, the kind of leaining that iequiies focus and
attention, cieates declaiative memoiy. Declaiative memoiies aie
ones that you can consciously iecall having leained oi expeii-
enced, like facts and events. It is wheie you stoie the infoimation
you actively leain by going thiough the foui stages of leaining.
Tis type of memoiy is usually compiomised in cases of amne-
Distiactions, stiess, andlack of adequate sleephave beenshown
tohave adveise effects onthe foimationandiecollectionof declai-
ative Long-Teim Memoiy.
i, 8, µ
1o Nancy T. Hand
Implicit/Procedural Memory
Implicit memoiy, also called pioceduial memoiy, is non-con-
scious. You do not knowthat you leained it. It is also non-declai-
ative. You cannot iemembei leaining it.
Not subject to the foui stages of leaining, infoimation found
in implicit memoiy is absoibed fiom ciicumstances and picked
up peiipheially fiom life expeiience. Masteiy of infoimation ac-
quiied in this way, and the ability to use it, occuis quickly and
Tis type of memoiy is deep and contains pioceduies and
eaily iesponse tiaining, including many leained behaviois and
iesponses that iemain with us all oui lives. It is inciedibly accu-
iate and long lasting. In cases of amnesia, implicit leaining ofen
iemains intact.
Items found in implicit memoiy include emotional iesponses,
language, and spatial iecognition. Studies indicate that theie is
a veiy ieal connection between peiipheial vision and implicitly
stoiedinfoimationandemotions including feai.
Othei ieseaich
suppoits the theoiy that peiipheial vision plays a poweiful iole
in implicit leaining.
11, 1i
Without being awaie of it, we take mental snapshots of oui
physical enviionment with oui peiipheial vision.

Tis infoi-
mation is stoied in, piocessed in and accessed fiom Long-Teim
Memoiy. While the infoimation is not active in the conscious
mind, it is acted upon as if natuial and automatic. It is easily avail-
able when needed.
Imagine someone asked you to go get something out of an un-
familiai ioom. Youi focus would likely be on locating the object
in the ioom, not on the ioom itself oi the othei contents. Youi
biain, howevei, would catalog the layout, contents, tempeiatuie,
possible obstacles, flooiing, etc.
If you had to go back thiough the ioom latei, peihaps in the
daik, you would know how to navigate it. You would likely ie-
membei to avoid a step, a chaii, oi a low hanging lamp because
¡i Nancy T. Hand
How will you know when you have achieved your
goal: Is it measurable or verifiable:
Sometimes the knowledge that you’ve met youi goal pioduces
a feeling, like ielieved oi confident. Sometimes theie is a moie
conciete way of gauging completion, like getting an A, being pio-
moted at woik, oi weighing ten pounds less.
How will you know when you have achieved oi completed
youi goal: How will you measuie youi success:
i.i Set a Course
Where are you now:
Tink of this step like getting diiections online. If you want to
get fiom Boston to Houston, you wouldn’t set Savannah as youi
staiting point. If you did, you may still eventually get to Houston.
But it would be a much slowei jouiney because you would have
to ask foi diiections a few times on the way.
Te easiei, fastei way is to take an honest inventoiy of youi
cuiient situation. What is youi staiting point: What is the cui-
ient state of affaiis iegaiding youi goal: What is woiking well in
youi life and what is not:
When do you want to achieve your goal:
Is theie a definite timeline foi achieving youi goal: When do
you have to have it finished: Is youi due date flexible:
How would you feel if you KNEW that things weie on tiack
to happen at exactly the iight time:
¡o Nancy T. Hand
Is there a benefit to not achieving your goal:
Tink about achieving youi goal and assess any changes in
ioutine and iesponsibility. What will life be like afei you get what
you want: Is theie a downside:
Will you have to shaie youi spoils with someone who didn’t
even help: Aie you woiiied about new iesponsibilities: Aie you
waiy of leaving youi comfoit zone: Does change Cfiighten you:
Use Tapping (see chaptei ¡) to woik thiough any conceins that
come to mind.
Are you ready to achieve your goal:
Tis might be obvious, but aie you ieady: Make suie you aie
piepaied foi the changes that may accompany achieving youi
If youi goal is to have a pony, bettei make suie you have a bain.
If youi goal is to have clients, make space in youi day foi client
consultation. If youi goal is a tiuckload of tomatoes, bettei have
a big iefiigeiatoi. You get the idea … .
Make suie that you aie set up to ieceive the fiuits of youi ef-
foits. How will you accept youi goal:
In addition, considei othei people who may be affected when
you achieve youi goal. Even if nobody else is diiectly affected,
the people aiound you may ieact to changes you make, including
changes in youi status oi income level.
How do you expect the people aiound you to ieact: How will
you handle theii ieactions:
What happens if you don’t reach your goal:
Tis may be haid to think about, but it must be consideied.
It’s that whole facing your fears thing. In How To Stop Woiiying
and Stait Living, Dale Cainegie said that to stop woiiying, you
have to get OK with the woist that can happen.
So what is the woist that can happen: What keeps you up at
night: You might have a hoiioi movie of the woist-case scenaiio
Set the Stage for Peak Performance
Golf is a game that is played on a ,-inch couise —
the distance between youi eais.
Roviv1 Tvi×1 Jo×is
At eveiy given moment, youi Mental State (State) is a combi-
nation of attitude, mood, and intent. It ieflects youi congiuence
with youi goal, youi level of confidence, and youi degiee of focus.
It’s the mental game you biing to youi game, whatevei that game
might be.
Peak Peifoimance States aie easily one of the most powei-
ful mental game tools available. Tey can be used foi anything
and eveiything. Use themto impiove youi abilities and maintain
emotional state contiol so that you stay calmenough to complete
youi goal.
Gieat athletes piepaie foi competitionbothmentally andphys-
ically. Tey knowthat both aie equally impoitant. State contiol is
the diffeience between the peifoimances of the Olympic Skatei
who won a bionze medal just foui days afei hei mothei died and
the Olympic Cuilei who bioke downinteais, citing the noisy and
boisteious fans as a ieason foi hei team’s loss. Who would you
want on youi team:
Any gieat student, lawyei, athlete, negotiatoi, oi suigeon can
have a bad day. But the ieally good ones knowhowto momentai-
ily leave bad days, bad moods, and woiiies behind. Tey can tune
¡i Nancy T. Hand
into theii game and peifoimwell, no mattei what. It’s this mental
game that helps win cases, ace exams, and successfully negotiate
A little extia stiess oi mild fight oi flight iesponse can knock
you off youi game. When you aie about to take a test, tiy a case,
oi woik with a client, youi mind is full. You aie using a lot moie
of youi Woiking Memoiy than you noimally do.
As mentioned in the Chaptei 1, studies show that intelligent
achieveis develop a laigei amount of available Woiking Memoiy.
While that can is usually a good thing, they sometimes become
dependent on it. When stiess is compounded with times of in-
tense focus, like duiing a peifoimance, the iesult can be mental
shutdown oi confusion. Avoid mental shutdown and confusion
by piepaiing Peak Peifoimance States ahead of time.
Build states with the iesouices you need to stay on youi game
when it counts. Tat way, all you have to do is iun the piogiam.
As with anything, the moie you piactice these techniques when
you don’t need them, the fastei they will become automatic.
¡.1 Ten Ways To Build a Peak
Performance State
Peak Peifoimance States can be cieated easily and in many
diffeient ways. Expeiiment with the methods belowand find out
which ones woik the best foi you.
Create an NIP 1o1 Peak Performance State
Good foi:
◦ Combining multiple
iesouices into poweiful
designei states
◦ Planning foi eveiy
◦ Piepaiing ahead of time
,8 Nancy T. Hand
Te Control Room
Good foi:
◦ Making effective and
lasting adjustments to
◦ Changing habits
◦ Motivation levels
◦ Actions and ieactions.
◦ Changing peiception
Te contiol ioom exeicise is a ieally wondeiful and veisatile
tool taken fiom the Neuio-Linguistic Piogiamming (NLP) De-
sign Human Engineeiing (DHE) couise taught by Di. Richaid
Bandlei and John La Valle.
Te Contiol Room is a seemingly simple tool that packs an
amazing punch. You can use it to build Peak Peifoimance States,
adjust youi mindset, and much moie. It ielies on a veiy cieative
use of imageiy: one that establishes a visual of the mastei contiol
ioom in youi mind.
How To Use Your Inner Control Room
Decide what you want to adjust. Foi example, let’s say you
have a public speaking engagement coming up and you aie nei-
vous about it. Youmay be woiiiedabout getting youi point acioss.
You might be afiaid that otheis will be able to tell that you aie nei-
With the Contiol Room, you can adjust youi inteinal settings.
You can deciease youi feai and neivousness. You can also in-
ciease youi ability to be aiticulate and confident undei piessuie.
To make the adjustments, imagine youi biain has a cential
contiol ioom, like a mission contiol. Imagine what it would look
like and feel like. What do you see: Close youi eyes and BE theie.
In youi contiol ioom, find the contiol foi fear of public speak-
ing. Is it a knob: Is it a levei: It may even be a sliding contiol like
on a steieo equalizei. If you can’t find it, make one. Once you have
discoveied oi cieated the contiol, look at the cuiient setting. If
Beyond Rainmaking ,µ
you aie ieally afiaid, youi fear of public speaking oi fear of getting
up in front of everybody contiol may be set at oi really afraid.
Since you aie in contiol, adjust it to an acceptable level —like 
oi happy pre-performance butterflies in my stomach.
If youi feai is paiticulaily encompassing, theie may be othei
aspects to adjust, like sweating, blushing, oi woiiy about othei
people’s ciiticism of you oi youi infoimation. Find the contiols
foi any additional aspects and adjust those, too.
Afei you adjust the negative settings, you can make some ad-
justments to aspects of youi demeanoi that you would like to im-
piove, like youi confidence level. If you feel unsuie about youi
ability to speak in public, it might be set at  oi low. Change
youi setting to  oi high.
Tuin up youi enthusiasm, authoiity, and confidence. Adjust
youi eloquence, timing, and ability to say just the iight thing in
just the iight way. Te sky is the limit!
Control Room mechanics and aesthetics
When you fiist entei youi contiol ioom, the contiols you see
will likely ieflect what is going on with you in the moment. If you
need to adjust a contiol that you don’t see theie, eithei imagine
one oi ask youi mind to put it on the contiol panel in an easily
accessible location.
Te contiol ioomis an inteiactive exeicise. With this exeicise,
big movements equal big changes. You don’t just move the con-
tiols in youi head. Reach out and giab them and move them as
if they weie ieally in fiont of you. Reach out and giab that knob
and tuin it! Pull that levei!
Remembei, this amazing iesouice can be used foi many dif-
feient situations. Youi contiols can be anything fiom how I react
when I am called on in class to remembering names to my sense of
humor to my marathon time.
Some changes showup ovei time. Even if you don’t notice any
immediate changes, tiust that you made an adjustment. If you
Beyond Rainmaking o,
ing the tiuth about Santa Claus alteied some of youi eaily memo-
iies of Chiistmas. Maybe you ended a ielationship with someone
and all of the memoiies that weie lovely befoie became suddenly
tainted. When the new infoimation is added, it alteis the memo-
Tapping while you think about test anxiety oi any othei un-
desiiable emotion will change youi subjective expeiience of it.
When you Tap and add new kinesthetic infoimation, it lessens
the impact of those emotions on youi mental game. Someone
with a public speaking feai might want to Tap while iecalling nei-
vousness ielated to speaking out oi being the centei of attention.
Someone about to take a majoi ceitification exam may want to
Tap while iecalling negative expeiiences ielated to failing a test.
(.i Tapping Points
Note: Tapping points aie the same on both sides of the body.
It doesn’t mattei which side you use. Tap fiimly but not too haid.
If you aie in public oi cannot comfoitably Tap, you can hold the
tapping points and bieathe deeply while you focus on the issue.
Tis is called Touch and Bieathe and it seems to woik as well as
1. Soie spot
i. Top of head
¡. Inside of eye
¡. Outside of eye
,. Undei nose
o. Chin
,. Collaibone
8. Undei aim
µ. Kaiate chop
1o. Fingeis
oo Nancy T. Hand
Te sore spot
It’s called the sore spot because it is usually soie. It is a junction
of youi lymph system (iesponsible foi the immune system) lo-
cated on youi uppei chest about wheie you would pin a medal oi
bioach. Rubbing these spots vigoiously also helps ielease stiess.
You’ll know it when you find it.
It’s good to iub this point oi Tap the Kaiate Chop point while
iepeating youi issue oi concein a few times. It piepaies youi sys-
temfoi what is to come. It helps focus all of you in the same direc-
tion. You will find examples of the Tapping setups in Appendix A.
Teie aie many Tapping points, these aie some of the most
common ones. See Appendix Afoi examples of Tapping thiough
the points.
You can also Tap on the insides of youi fingei tips at the edge
of the nail bed. Tese points aie gieat to use when you need to be
Setups aie the statements that you say out loud while Tapping.
Tey help you to tune in to youi issue and ioot emotions. Of-
tentimes, a ceitain woid oi phiase will tiiggei memoiies of the
expeiiences that suppoit the negative emotions suiiounding an
One of the most common ways of staiting a Tapping session
is to declaie the issue and then say something like I deeply and
completely love and accept myself. It may sound hokey but it helps
to alleviate negative self-judgement and self-talk. It also acts as
a staiting point foi youi Tapping woik. By acknowledging and
ieleasing judgment about youi cuiient condition, you make it
easiei to access the iesouices you need to change it. You will see
examples of this in the Tapping setups in Appendix A.
Build Familiarity
Piactice means to peifoim, ovei and ovei again in the face of all
obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desiie.
M:v1u: Gv:u:m
Piactice makes peifect. Howevei, when theie is a lot of mate-
iial to leain, the available time foi piactice is ieduced. While it
may not be possible to totally ciicumvent the need foi piactice,
theie aie ways to make youi piactice time moie effective.
In this chaptei:
◦ Exposuie and Piiming
◦ Spacing Effect
◦ Summaiizing
◦ Quizzing
◦ PhotoReading ®
¡.1 Exposure and Priming
When you need to leain mateiial fast, it pays to become famil-
iai with it without the piessuie of the tiaditional leaining mind-
set. You don’t have to iead something in depth to become familiai
with it. Reseaich shows that meie exposuie to the mateiial helps
piime the mind foi leaining.
Piiming is a method used to establish familiaiity. Simply look-
ing at the mateiial, without the intention oi piessuie of tiying to
,8 Nancy T. Hand
undeistand it, will help piepaie youi biain to leain it when you
do actually study it.
¡.i Spacing Effect
Study mateiial seems to upload bettei and last longei when it
is leained ovei a peiiod of time. Tis phenomenon is called the
Spacing Effect. What does this mean foi you:
Reseaicheis on the subject have noted, “Wide spacing of piac-
tice piovides incieasing benefit as piactice accumulates. Fuithei,
the stiong ciossovei inteiactions pioduced piovided evidence
that people foiget less when piesentations aie widely spaced.”

Repeating youi exposuie to mateiial ovei a peiiod of time
yields much gieatei undeistanding and bettei iecall than study-
ing it all at once. In addition, iegulai piactice iecalling oi activat-
ing the mateiial you study helps to moie thoioughly encode the
infoimation into youi Long-Teim Memoiy .
¡.¡ Summarizing from Memory
As mentioned in Chaptei ¡, people who wiote summaiies of a
ieading exeicise fiom memoiy outpeifoimed study paiticipants
who used concept mapping as a way of oiganizing the mateiial.
One way to piactice iecall oi activation is to summaiize fiom
memoiy what you’ve leained.
A vaiiation of this exeicise is called fiee-wiiting. Fieely wiite,
stieam-of-consciousness style, eveiything you knowabout a sub-
ject. Afei this exeicise, you’ll knowwhat you don’t knowand can
moie easily fill in gaps in youi knowledge.
8¡ Nancy T. Hand
Youwill get the best iesults whenyouhave a cleai, well-foimed
goal oi puipose foi youi PhotoReading® session. Having a good
goal is ieally impoitant but even moie impoitant is the way it is
ciafed. Piecise goals = poweiful iesults.
Use the Well-Foimed Outcome as a fiamewoik foi the ovei-
aiching goal (see Chaptei i). Ten wiite a PhotoReading® pui-
pose. Make suie that it suppoits youi ovei-aiching goal.
Simplei goals aie bettei. If you need to get a lot of infoimation
fiom a single book, use multiple passes with a sepaiate puipose
foi each pass. If you have a stack of books, you can PhotoRead
them all with a single puipose.
If you need moie infoimation, you can PhotoRead the book
again with anothei, diffeient puipose. Do this until you have all
of the infoimation you need. Tis also applies to web pages and
othei media, including woiks of ait.
Foi example, peihaps you want to leain about negotiation tac-
tics. Youmight have a stack of books to iead, eachfioma diffeient
discipline. Some may be negotiation books; otheis may be about
sales, communication oi diplomacy.
Youi base PhotoReading® puipose might look something like
I amPhotoReading® this stack of books so that I can learn to use
humor in negotiation.
Ten you can go back thiough the same stack of books with a
slightly diffeient puipose by changing youi puipose to:
I am PhotoReading® this stack of books so that I can learn how
to defend myself against the use of intimidation in negotiation.
Have fun with it. PhotoReading® is supposed to be a sponta-
neous and fun way of leaining, not iigid oi iegimented. It lights
up the biain and woiks with it, without foicing it. Remembei to
PhotoRead books about youi hobbies and inteiests, too.
Beyond Rainmaking 8,
Almost eveiy peisonI talk toabout PhotoReading® asks, “What
is the best way to activate:” What they mean is, “How do you get
the infoimation to come into youi conscious mind so that it is
useful:” oi “How can I draw upon that information to feel like I’ve
mastered it?” Since the infoimation you PhotoRead ciicumvents
conscious thinking, it is natuial to wondei if it is ieally in theie!
In the PhotoReading® couise you aie taught to do shoit med-
itation. Basically, you close youi eyes, cleai youi mind of distiac-
tions, and allowany impiessions you have of the mateiial to come
into youi conscious mind. I have always found that this tech-
nique helps to biing the infoimation into Woiking Memoiy so
that it can be useful.
Youcanalsoactivate using questions. Sociates was ontosome-
thing when he used taigeted questions to elicit illuminating an-
sweis fiomhis students. Questions alone canbe veiy poweiful. In
fact, if you pose a question and foiget about it, the biain seems
to continue woiking until it feels like the question has been an-
sweied satisfactoiily.
You can also include an intention foi activation in youi Pho-
toReading® puipose like, “I want the questions on the quiz to
activate this PhotoReading® session.” Intentions and questions
help to focus youi outcomes and help you to ietiieve infoima-
tion latei.
Proof and trust in the method
Expeiiencing some immediate foim of success with any tech-
nique helps you to ielax and peifoim bettei. Tat is why the live
PhotoReading® class can lead to quickei masteiy. You expeiience
success that builds tiust and motivates you to piactice.
Te end-of-class test in my fiist PhotoReading® class was to
PhotoRead and activate the dictionaiy. Ten the tiainei gave us
each a woid, and we had to iecall the page numbei and the posi-
tionof the woid onthe page. I was astounded that I could actually
Genius Brain Boosters
Genius: the supeihuman in man.
Vic1ov HUco
Good foi:
◦ Incieasing sensoiy
◦ Peifoimance anxiety (you
can use in the moment)
◦ Incieased awaieness and
undeistanding of
◦ Enhanced feel in spoits oi
othei physical activity
◦ Tuning in to youi body
◦ Releasing negative
◦ Spatial awaieness
◦ Balance
◦ Bieathing
Sometimes stiess can inhibit youi cieativity and peifoimance.
Tis chaptei includes a feweasy exeicises that will help you calm
down, jumpstait youi cieativity, and impiove both mental and
physical balance.
You will leain:
◦ Noise Removal Bieathing
◦ Biain Gym® Exeicises
◦ Sof Eyes
µi Nancy T. Hand
,.1 Noise Removal Breathing
One of the pioneeis inthe aieas of leaining andcieativity is Di.
Win Wengei. Di. Wengei has designed and expeiimented with
many piofound methods foi impioving memoiy, cieativity, and
iecall. We will exploie one of his methods called Noise Removal
Tis method is inciedibly easy to do.
Noise Removal Bieathing pioduces immediate ielief fiomstiess
because it activates the paiasympathetic neivous system, that pait
of the neivous systemthat canslowyoui heait iate and ielax youi
body. It also helps cleai the mind of distiacting and confusing
thoughts by focusing youi attention on bieathing. Even bettei,
you can do it just about anywheie — in the cai, in the hallway,
even duiing a test.
Heie is how to do it:
Close youi eyes and imagine that diy leaves (a metaphoi foi
tiiedness, stiessois, feais, woiiies, and stiay thoughts) have accu-
mulated in youi legs and body. Take a long, deep bieath all the
way fiom youi toes. With youi inhale, visualize the leaves float-
ing up … up … up … with it. Exhale stiongly fiom youi mouth.
Imagine that the leaves you blow out aie igniting like buining
spaiks oi fiiewoiks. Do this until you can no longei imagine any
leaves floating up.
,.i Brain Gym®
Biain Gym®
is a seiies of physical movements that piomote
balance in the body and iegulate the flowof infoimation between
the dominant and non-dominant hemispheies of the biain.
Te piemise of the BiainGym® exeicises is that piomoting bal-
anced use of youi whole biain will help you leain fastei, peifoim
bettei, and make bettei decisions.
It is widely undeistood that oui biain piocesses infoimation
diffeiently on each side. Te iight side of the biain goveins cie-
ativity, emotions, and spatial awaieness. It is moie visual and
Beyond Rainmaking 1o¡
Duiing lawschool and the bai examI exeicised ofen. My dog
needed it, too. It was a win-win. I still find that a daily walk oi
woikout cleais my thinking, especially when I am piocessing a
lot of infoimation.
One of my fiiends is an avid iunnei and sweais by it. Anothei
does yoga eveiy day. She says it helps with long houis sitting in
fiont of hei computei. Eveiybody is diffeient. Find a way to move
youi body that woiks foi you. Te physical benefits aie a given
and the mental and emotional benefits aie piiceless.
8.i Sleep
Sleep is necessaiy foi optimal cognitive function and one of
the best peifoimance boosteis available. It’s cheap, easy, andhuge-
ly beneficial to leaining.
Viitually any type of peifoimance, whethei academic oi ath-
letic, is peifoimed bettei and moie safely when the peison pei-
foiming has had enough sleep. In fact, those all-nighteis can be
detiimental to youi leaining and youi peifoimance, even afei
you think you have caught up with sleep.
o,, o8
Extended sleep, in compaiison, can impiove aleitness, peifoi-
mance, and iecall. Some ieseaich even shows that napping tuibo-
chaiges youi leaining capacity.
It can also impiove motoi
skills (so opt foi a well-iested suigeon, dentist oi pilot).
,o, ,i–,¡
Te effect of sleep on test peifoimance has a lot to do with
what you know. Once you have studied and been exposed to the
mateiial, sleepmight be moie advantageous thanadditional study-
ing because continued study will take up Woiking Memoiy and
may actually inhibit iecall.
I have peisonally expeiienced and witnessed in otheis the pei-
ils of going into a test-taking situationwithout adequate sleep. Re-
cently, a fiiend of mine tiaded sleep foi additional studying and
iegietted it. Te mateiial on the test was highly complex. Undei-
standably, he wanted to be ceitain that he had coveied everything.
1o¡ Nancy T. Hand
But the fact was, my fiiend had done well on all of the assign-
ments and been to eveiy class. He knew the mateiial. Sleep was
the best way to enhance his iecall, not ciamming in moie infoi-
So how much sleep do you need:
Considei this. Sleep is when youi innei secietaiy files away
the day’s leaining so that it canbe ietiieved efficiently. If youdon’t
allow enough time, youi innei secietaiy goes into panic mode
and does what we all do when we don’t have enough time to soit.
We ciam unfolded things into diaweis, we shove papeis into the
coinei and then, when the paity’s ovei, foiget wheie we put the
Adjust youi sleep accoiding to thiee ciiteiia: 1) howintensely
you have had to focus, i) the level of complexity of the infoima-
tion, and ¡) how much new information you have taken in that
day oi week.
Absoibing massive amounts of infoimation calls foi massive
amounts of soiting. When you aie studying something as com-
plex as the law, you aie taking in fai moie infoimation than usual.
You will need a lot moie sleep in oidei to be able to activate the
infoimation with any success. Just give in and sleep.
8.¡ Diet
Sometimes busy people foiget to eat. Diinking coffee can also
suppiess hungei pangs. Not eating can lead to low blood sugai.
Too much coffee can also cause dehydiation. Both dehydiation
and low blood sugai inhibit iecall and infoimation piocessing.
When you aie leaining, you use up a lot of eneigy and watei.
Snack while you study.
,,, ,o
Howevei, snacks like chips and candy bais can make you tiied
and gioggy. Tey will give you a veiy shoit buist of eneigy and
then let you down haid. If you aie in study mode and need a
snack, go foi nuts, fiuits, and vegetables.
Sample Tapping Setups
In this appendix:
Sample setup foi pie-Tapping safety net
◦ Sample setup foi post-Tapping integiation
◦ Sample Tapping setup foi when things feel impossible
◦ Sample Tapping setup foi study oveiwhelm & fiustiation
◦ Sample Tapping setup foi feai of failing the bai exam
◦ Sample setup foi public speaking feai
– Tapping in the moment
– When you know the issue
– When you don’t know the issue
A.1 Sample setup for pre-Tapping safety
It is always a smait piecaution to set up a safety net when you
aie using a newbehavioial change tool like Tapping. It establishes
paiameteis foi youi Tapping session. It also keeps you fiomdevi-
ating fiom youi objective oi going too deep into memoiies that
aie unimpoitant.
Tese aie examples of veiy shoit setups that you can use to
safely set the stage foi Tapping. Tey aie guidelines foi you and
1ii Nancy T. Hand
1. Soie spot
i. Top of head
¡. Inside of eye
¡. Outside of eye
,. Undei nose
o. Chin
,. Collaibone
8. Undei aim
µ. Kaiate chop
1o. Fingeis
will showyou howto cieate youi own setups as you become moie
familiai with the technique.
Heie aie two examples:
Karate Chop (KC): As I Tap, my mind and body aie completely
KC: Tis is a poweiful change tool and I am making poweiful
positive changes.
KC: I want to Tap to the most beneficial level possible while still
maintaining mental, emotional, and physical balance.
Top of Head (TH): I instiuct my mind to ieveal to me only that
infoimation that I am ieady and capable of cleaiing easily
— without help — iight now.
Eye Brow (EB): I choose to allow my mind to easily and safely
cleai away old, non- beneficial habits, beliefs, and behav-
Outside of Eye (OE): I choose foi any changes I make to inte-
giate easily, safely, and in healthy ways.
1¡8 Nancy T. Hand
Iaw school
It felt wondeiful to move to NewOileans and stait lawschool.
I was ielieved and finally able to ielax. Afei completing the pievi-
ous two semesteis of undeigiaduate school and woiking ioughly
1io-houis a week, I was ready to play. It felt like being on vaca-
I woiked, cleiked, and had an wondeifully active social life
while I was in law school. Some of my fiiends had just staited
medical school in New Oileans and anothei was making a name
foi himself as a chef. I loved living inNewOileans and had a gieat
time leaining the cultuie. Teie was always something fun to do
— gieat iestauiants, conceits, ait openings, festivals, and music.
Studying foi law school iequiied a lot of ieading. Sometimes
it was very diy. I wasn’t on Law Review but thanks to PhotoRe-
ading® and the othei techniques in this book, I was able to plow
thiough homewoik effectively and painlessly. I enjoyed life and
made B’s and C’s with an occasional A. I usually waited until
about i weeks befoie finals to ieally study.
I always had at least one job while I was in law school. One
of the upsides to woiking was that I always had spending money.
As a 1L, I bussed tables then woiked as a coffee-slinging baiista
(a gieat mental diveision fiom law). As a iL, I woiked foi a col-
lections law fiim. As a ¡L, I compiled discoveiy on a majoi, en-
viionmental mass-toit action foi a peisonal injuiy lawyei. Foi
my own expeiience, I also cleiked foi fiee with an enteitainment
attoiney and discoveied my love foi contiacts and licensing.
Iife went on while I was in law school
When I was a iL, my fathei had a massive heait attack and a
stioke. He lived two houis noith of NewOileans, and foi the iest
of my law school caieei, I spent a lot of time tiaveling to see him.
Tat yeai I also moved into a newhouse and adopted a puppy.
Pet owneiship was definitely not on my agenda, but she (Pansy)
tuined out to be a fine companion and tiue best fiiend. Still, pup-
Beyond Rainmaking 1¡µ
pies aie a handful and demand both time and attention.
I spent my fiist semestei as a ¡L on ciutches because of the
injuied knee, again. About that time I staited displaying my pho-
togiaphy in galleiies and vividly iemembei being on ciutches foi
the fiist opening of my woik.
Te bar exam
WhenI took it iniooo, the Louisiana Bai Examwas i1½houis
of timed essay questions (typed oi handwiitten) on nine topic ai-
eas of law. You had to pass seven of the nine sections in total to
pass and pass foui of the five Louisiana Civil Code sections to
pass outiight.
I had just ovei six weeks to study while also piepaiing a pho-
togiaphy exhibition to be displayed in the Woild Tiade Maiket in
Dallas the same week as the exam. Since my daikioom was only
tiuly useable at night, I chose to skip the live, evening BaiBii® bai
piepaiation couise. Instead, I PhotoRead and studied the books
foi about thiee to five houis eveiy day.
Because of the techniques in this book, I didn’t have to study
as much as eveiyone else, and I did not have to take the live study
couise. I also still had time to do things like walk the dog, woik
out, and cook.
I only took one piactice test and it was on the evening befoie
the bai exam staited. I did not time it.
I skipped a section of the bar exam
I felt so confident going into the bai exam that I puiposefully
skipped a section. I didn’t even study it. Te Louisiana Civil Code
had iecently been iewiitten in the aiea of succession and dona-
tion law. Te BaiBii® instiuctois told us to knowboth sets of laws.
I decided to pass on this section — pun intended.
So instead of sitting in the examioom, I studied and ate sand-
wiches in the paiking gaiage of the Supei Dome wheie the exam
was being held. In fact, while in the paiking gaiage I spent about
five minutes PhotoReading® someone else’s notes foi Negotiable