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Subscribe Appearances --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------« Q & A: Herbal Side-effectsBird Flu Watch: 5/18/06 » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pearls of Health and Beauty Published by Letha May 18th, 2006 in Foods for Health & Beauty. Beauty, like a pearl, is formed in layers caressed by time and the elements. Pea rls suggest enduring loveliness. It takes the oyster three years to make a pearl . When a grain of sand penetrates a mollusk shell, cells located inside the shel l mantle secrete concentric layers of mother of pearl around the particle, final ly creating the pearl. Pearls culled from depths of 48 to 120 feet are found in waters of the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Mannar near Sri Lanka, Indonesia, island s in the South Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Mississippi River. In China, pearling was known before 1000 BC. Powdered pearl, ingested as an anti-inflamma tory herbal medicine or applied to the skin as a beauty treatment was preferred by CiXi, the last Empress of China, during the Qing Dynasty. Her flawless comple xion was renowned. In Bernardo Bertolucci s epic film, The Last Emperor, a giant b lack pearl was placed in the Empress mouth the moment she died in homage to her as a precious jewel. In China traditional herbalists and medical research doctors work together in cl inics and hospitals. If you take a calcium supplement, Dr. Raymond Chang, a New York oncologist, recommends vitamin D3 to improve absorption of calcium and to h elp prevent cancer. Vitamin D3 breaks down cancer cells. Most people do not get enough vitamin D in their diet or from exposure to sunshine. They therefore cann ot absorb calcium adequately. Avoiding the sun, they more frequently develop bre ast and uterine cancers, while trying to reduce their chances of skin cancer. Pe arl may be one way to get your calcium and trace minerals. My favorite way to ta ke pearl powder internally is to blend one tiny tube of pearl powder with a tabl espoon of yogurt at bedtime. Pearl is also a complexion treatment for acne and tired skin. The chief ingredie nt of powdered pearl, calcium carbonate (CaCO3), can be absorbed through the ski n. Pearl powder, a powerful exfoliant, applied externally speeds the skin s natura l process of shedding dead cells and replacing them with new cells. Exfoliating treatments refine the skin s appearance. Pearl powder, used externally and also ta ken internally, both prevents and treats acne and other skin disorders, helping to heal blemishes and reduce redness. Pearl powder is sprinkled into wounds in C hinese hospitals because its antiseptic action speeds healing. Pearl powder also absorbs excess oil and moisture, and it is used in surgeon s gloves to keep their hands dry during operations. In China and Japan there is considerable ongoing scientific research into the pr operties of pearl and other traditional herbal remedies. Only some of the result s are available in articles published in English, usually on the Internet. Curre nt research does verify the pearl s health and beauty benefits. Pearl s nacre (mothe r of pearl) is made of aragonite (CaCO3) and a small amount of conchiolin, an or ganic albuminoid substance found in the mollusk s outer shell. While, in the Weste rn view, calcium carbonate is the sole active ingredient in pearl, natural produ cts should be used whole whenever possible because of the benefits of their trac e ingredients. PEARL FACIAL TREATMENTS Pearl is a class ingredient found in expensive complexion creams. If you are a s mart shopper, you will pay much less for the same quality. The simplest Chinese pearl creams contain lanolin, mineral oil, and beeswax along with pearl powder. They may feel heavy and waxy, but I like to smooth some around my eyes at night

sheep placenta used as a moisturizer.to hold in natural moisture. it con tains zinc. To make a pearl mask: Mix one teaspoon of pure Chinese pearl powder with the juice of one lemon. It softens wrinkles. it contains neutral soap . Chinese made Beanne Extra Pearl creams. They can be irritating to delicate complexions and should be used sparingl y and with care. magnesium. This is also anti-aging and is said to reduce large skin pores. castor oil. and one teaspoon of raw honey this will nourish and moisturize ag ing skin. dry skin and allowed to penetrate for about ten minutes. disinfectant. then washed off with warm water . which are made of 24% pearl powder combined w ith antiseptic herbs such as dandelion and honeysuckle flowers. beeswax. The pack should be applied to clean. I often recommen d a dandelion and honeysuckle flower tea (blood-cleansing and antibiotic) for ec zema. Pearl powder has cooling. Do this once weekly to help refine your complexion. which helps fight blemishes. BLEMISHES AND ODORS To clear and brighten complexion. and balancing properties for the skin. Add a drop or two of witch hazel extract and keep the liquid in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness. mix one teaspoon of pearl powder with sufficient whole milk to make a paste. or an herbal combinati on called Pien Tse Huang. mix one teaspoon of pearl powder in an atomiz er containing freshly brewed and strained green tea. one to remove wrinkles and one to lighten freckles. Chinese herbalists believe that a pearl powder facial mask tones the skin. Or. A convenient time may be r ight after a shower. lanolin. Let your skin b reathe for as long as possible. mineral oil and bee swax are used as a base. glycerine. and calcium carbonate. At Latin botanicas or anywhere products from Mexico and Spain are sold (includin g most Rite Aid pharmacies). In southern California I discovered Concha Na car De Perlop day cream distributed by Perlop Cosmetics in Santa Monica. mix one teaspoon of pearl powder with sufficient extra virgin olive oil to m ake a paste this will revitalize dry. while adding vitality to the complexion. oyster shell powder. Chinese herbalists recommend pills for interna l use. Its mai n ingredients include water. natural color and fragrance. is cooling to the skin and quieting to n . ascorbic acid. are yellow-co lored resurfacing creams with ingredients such as apple pectin for refining the skin. G risi also makes a Mother of Pearl soap (Jabon Madre Perla) that is very reasonab ly priced for a beauty bar. This spray helps prevent sun damage because of the green tea s high antioxidant c ontent. Lie down and elevate your feet to enjoy the full benefits of faci al stimulation. The pearl s inner shell (the nacre) contains the same excellen t source of minerals as the pearl. Some of the Chinese pearl crea ms contain ginseng. dull skin. such as Margarite Acne Pills. in the form of the above pills. cold cream. I prefer Mother of Pearl Cream with Concha Nacar made in Mexico by Grisi. PEARL POWDER REDUCES STRESS. you will find fine quality soaps and creams made wi th mother of pearl. lanolin and a fresh fragrance. one b eaten egg white. Or. cocoa butter. It is made by simmering one handful of each herb in a quart of spring wate r for twenty minutes. Apply it as a velvety moisturizer for the whole body. Aside from mother of pearl. In addition to mother of pearl. One or two cups daily works as a laxative. cetyl alcohol. The pearl powder mask will tingle and feel warm as it remov es dead cells. The addition of pearl. The skin may f eel irritated or warm for a few minutes after removing the mask. If you spend much time in the sun. I find it a bit sticky-sweet. which is light-weight and has a mild fragrance. I prefer not to wear makeup immediately after using a pearl mask.

dark months. and how body. China. the positive effects of the sea pearl and mother-of-pearl powder is higher than that of freshwater pearl powder. Pearl calcium (CaCO3) is absorbed in the large intestine. That means that pearl s anti-inflammatory acti on counters excess acid conditions. And remember. Absorption is enhanced by taking vitamin D3 at the same time. Pearl has a remarkable range of uses. poo r muscle tone and heart irregularities. Winter is a good time to drink orange juice (for absorption) with a dash of pearl powde r. titled The Anti-aging Effect of Pearl Oyster Shell P owder. For treating anything from eczema and boils to high blood pressure. when taken internally alo ng with a cleansing diet of fruits and vegetables. 1958) was a randomized. We might feel nervous and drawn. will help to clear and sooth irritated skin and scalp. Dosage for internal use: Mix one tiny tube of pearl powder to a dab of yogurt at bedtime. I was searching google and have been reading several pages so . Or sprinkle the powder into shoes to absorb odor and moistur e. Improve your complex ion with pearl and you will feel like smiling.erves. including insomnia and hyperactivity. a combination of powdered sea pearl. PEARL CALCIUM AND YOUR BONES Scientific studies from Japan. Pearls bring the calm assurance of the sea and the gentle flow of tides. One study published by the Calcium Research Institute of Osaka. You can use it as a powder to brush your teeth. 2006 at 10:24 am Excellent article. and spirit harmoniously create beauty. The results were t hat oyster shell calcium appears to be effective for increasing bone mineral den sity in elderly subjects. Denmark and the United States show that ca lcium carbonate from oyster shell and mother of pearl are effective in preventin g and repairing bone loss. is the knowledge tha t we also are precious and rare. and both men and women need more of it when under stress. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------53 Responses to Pearls of Health and Beauty Feed for this Entry Trackback Address 1 Dale Dec 13th. The traditional uses of pearl demonstrate how health and beauty are intertwined. Pe arl powder is said to cool the blood. improve vision. Reduced calcium can result in weakness. a sunny disposition makes for a beautiful person. According to one study done in Maine. 1988 issue of the Journal of T raditional Chinese Medicine. Japan (April. no traditional Chinese home would be without it. According to one study published in the December. and it is safe enough to swallow. the body uses more calc ium during winter s cold. where they are highly prized. The pure powder. Chinese herbalists believe that taken internally on a regular basis pearl powder can quiet nervousness and reduce fear or restlessness. Pearl is said to calm strong emotions and reduce unple asant body odors. Based on Chinese pharmacolo gical studies. This would indicate that the bes t quality of pearl powder for health and beauty originates from Japan and China. that gem b orn as an irritant. hospitalized women. Women need to consume additional calcium before and during the menstrual period. Lumbar spine and radial bone mineral density were measured at three-month intervals. double-blind test carried out t o compare the effects of oyster shell seaweed calcium (AAA Ca) and calcium carbo nate versus a placebo in 58 elderly. which takes the oyster years to create. and redu ce a variety of inflammatory illnesses. mind. Another gift of pearl. mother of-pearl and freshwater pearl has been shown to have tonic and anti-aging actions.

By the way. 5 Me Mar 1st. then I apply it on my face. L. My mother wants to try it an d I just wanted to make sure Concha Nacar face cream is safe.methalparabin etc.asiachi. 2007 at 4:18 pm The article on concha nacar is very interesting. homey. Thank you Maja 4 Letha Dec 31st. Thanks.because they are preserved with alcohol. 7 michelle Mar 29th. because they can be risky. 2 Letha Dec 15th. If you want something very safe. then I applly 2 drops of vitamin E oil. clean and easy to make. See your local Chinese herb shops and www.It takes off a layer of dead skin and can burn very sensitive skin if left too long . Then I let it sit there for a few days until a white paste is formed. In my book Healthy Beauty I mention ways to make your own pearl creams using Chi nese pearl powder. pearl powder to penetrate t he skin. 2007 at 9:41 pm Concha Nacar is popular in south Florida and throughout Latin America. I am so rry I don t know of a special company other than them.com for ord ering pearl powder. I apply lemon juice inside a conc ha nacar shell. soak herbs . I have my own recip e of making a homade concha nacar mask. 2006 at 6:07 pm Hello Beane Pearl cream is well known. Your article is expansive in content and well researched. 6 Letha Mar 3rd. or other mediums and apply it to the face. 2006 at 12:30 pm Thank you Dale. They are made and sold throughout Asia. If Mom has sensitive skin avoid all products that c ontain alcohol or fragrance . in order to contact with them. First. Be careful. I have se en it in Asian health shops.far. The re . I try to avoid products with Parabins . L . 2006 at 11:56 am hello Madam! As i am studying about chinese perls benefits. You can mix it with millk. 2007 at 11:45 pm Thank you so much for you very informative article. Letha 3 majlinda Dec 23rd. pearl is full of minerals and is an exfolient . The oil will help the herbs. it would be very helpful to me if y ou give me any pearl chinese cream company which produces those kinds of creams.extra fine pearl powder or skin-beautifying natural remedies for a month in refrigerated c anola oil or olive oil. Pearl creams are also made in mexico. Best wishes for the holidays.

I add goat s milk (powdered or concentrated) into my bath. try one of my ideas for a facial pack and see how it feels after 15 minutes.ouch! For minerals. clearer skin. 8 Letha Mar 30th.this article answered a lot of questions but I still have a few more . Very good mix of minerals in it. but I think you will have to get an extremely fine powder in order to mix it with lotions. If you want to use it and never have.I also heard that y ou can also just sprinkle some straight into your bath .what s your opinion on that? ?? (again how much would you guys recommend in a tub of water???) Also about the pearl mask recipes posted how often should it be used??? Thanx so much for readin g guys!!!! How else do you guys use pearl powder??? plz share!!! lol!!! bye!!! P.: What do you guys think about adding it to body powder for a shimmer??? Pea rl powder is edible right?? ( I was thinking of adding into my fav homemade edib le body powder ) if so how much pearl powder for an ounce of body powder??? Thanx so much for your time!!!!! 10 Letha Apr 15th. The pearl powder you buy from chinatowns is meant for consumption.sults are brighter. it just gets stu ck in the throat. 2007 at 1:34 pm Hello guys. If you have very sensitive skin it will feel too warm and turn too pink if you u se it for too long. 2007 at 2:46 pm That sounds very interesting! thanks. 9 Iman Apr 15th.S. I would n ot add it into something that you would leave on for a long time because it may irritate the skin over time. Edible face and body powder? I am not a manufacturer so experiment with quantities.lol!!! I heard tha t you can just mix some pearl powder straight in to your favorite moisturizer an d use that but you said that pearl powder s pretty sensative if left on skin. bottle of moisturizer to get the benefits of the pearls?? (can pearl pow der be used on skin everyday??? if not how often???) Second q . When I have tried to swallow it as is. 2007 at 3:33 pm Hi Iman Pearl is used in beauty products in Latin America and Asia. L. I do not know if it will mix with water in a bath. Do y ou think that if I mixed some in my daily (Face & Body) moisturizer that it will irritate my skin?? If not how much pearl powder do you think I need to add into a 4 oz.com) for more beauty tips. Thanx for the very informative blog!!!! I ve been looking for something just like it!!! I ve been kinda interested in using pearl powder latley but wasn t sure how . . If it does not irritate the skin too much (pe arl is used to exfoliate remove dead skin ) then you might use it once a week for no rmal skin and less frequently for sensitive skin. You might add it to a tsp. Besided you would have to use too much and it might settle like sand at the bottom of your tub . of yogurt. Do you make beauty products? Please see my book Health Beauty (iUniverse.

great work! I have a question.com all the best for your natural health and beauty.com Regards 14 John Jun 19th. all the regimens you recommen ded will bring out good results on my skin. and hypertension. because I have less faith in differ ent manufactured pearls powder and as usual like to consume herbs in thier origi nal herbal form! thank you! 15 Letha Jun 22nd. From this w ell-researched article and your feedbacks.tcmtreatment. 12 Letha May 15th. 2007 at 3:53 am Hi Letha. 2007 at 12:48 am Hello Letha. L. Letha Hadady 11 Lyna L May 15th.hospital. I am sick of trying all antibiotics and topicals to cure my adult acne. I have bought my tiny tubes of pure powdered pea rl from Lin Sisters in New York. 2007 at 10:23 pm Hi John Chinese herbalists have used powdered pure pearl since the Emperors to clear acn e. You cannot grind them up at home . I was prescribed Margarite Pills by my acupuncturist and it seemed very strange to be consuming ground pearls. 2007 at 9:04 pm Hi Lyna Also see the chapter on beautiful complexion that I wrote in my book Healthy Bea uty available at iUniverse. best. I would like to appreciate your very informative website.all best. I want to go for oral consumption of pearl powder as I mostly believe in its skin beauty effective through blood stream. I add the powder to water at bedtime or cook some with other herbs whe n making water extracts for blood deficiency.too uneven in qua lity and too rough to swallow. 13 John Jun 19th. 2007 at 11:01 am I am trying Margarita Pills and the Concha Nacar for the first time. I still have to get used to the idea! I wanted to see if it was safe and now that I ve come across your website. The calcium carbonate in pearl com bines will with moistening blood-enhancing herbs. I have more peace of mind. I hope. 2007 at 12:55 am I forgot to mention why I go like this form. are you with me on t his? and please lemme know if it is ok to buy natural pearls and have them groun d into a powder at home and consume daily? and how much gr daily and at what tim e? do I also mix it with something for better digestive of it? I wanna go like this form! btw I order my chinese herbs directly from china from a big chinese herbal shop. See my list of links on the home page for their website. L. company. You can find good quality pearl powder for intern al use from Chinese herb shops.college and thier site is: www. fever. One thing my acupuncturist didn t tell me was how long I should take it f . 16 Erin Jul 1st.

zinc and iron for beauty. Another safer alternative to Margarite pills is Skin Balance pills from Health COncerns in Calif. 2007 at 10:36 pm does the pearl powder help with scars? thanks 19 Letha Jul 5th. 2007 at 6:37 am No sunscreen in it that I know of. It turns the skin pink when mixed with honey and left on the skin for 15 min. 22 Meg Jul 17th. 20 myrna Jul 6th.not the cause. It reduces the signs of hyperpigmentation . Is there anything I can take for that? It s so hard to feel normal again. It exfoliates . I break out. One has onion extract an irritant as an ing redient. To order it call 1 800 233 9355 and use my name LETHA as a password. It is mainly used to refine skin texture not big irregularities. It is for acne and dry dull complexion. 2007 at 8:29 pm HI PEARL powder is an exfolient that removes the dead dried skin from the top layer s of skin.reduc es dry flaky skin. my sk in is dull and so is my hair. Y our body is drained of nutrition during pregnancy and for quite a while afterwar ds. a month. Pearl sounds more appealing than onion. Remember this summer to eat lots of berries and black cherries . 18 nina Jul 4th. Thanks. There are scar creams in pharmacies.it reduces inflammation. Erin 17 Letha Jul 3rd.or? A week. 2007 at 8:35 pm I want to know what are the effects of Pearl Powder in pregnancy??? Is it safe t o use by pregnant women such as me? should I be worried of side effects to my ba by? 23 Letha . 2007 at 5:55 pm do you know if grisi s concha nacar cream is used for hyperpigmentation/melasma pr oblems? does it have natural sunscreen in it? 21 Letha Jul 7th. Motherhood seemed to zap me of any beauty I had. L. 2007 at 10:37 pm Hi Erin You can take the Margarite pills for as long as you have red. all best. You need to supplement your diet and vitamins and minerals as you breast feed. That is what the pearl does . Hair and skin need protein.a good source o f minerals especially iron. a year? Also I ve stopped breastfeeding for 5 months now and it seems my hormones have bee n irregular. You might try it for a very superficial scar that is not too deep or da rk or old. inflamed blemishes .

A good way to start is Skin Balance (herbal pills from Health Concerns in Oaklan d. Diet and herbs mentioned in that book will greatly help. I enjoyed reading all of the gr eat tips that you provide to your readers. Your article has confirmed more than enough information. Homeopathic minerals are safer also because you c an take a dose that you need. 2007 at 6:55 pm Awesome information. He had a horrible reaction to the product. it seems that God sent an angel to us. Letha. all best. Ca. 2007 at 5:09 pm Hi Meg Congratulations on becoming a parent. Letha 24 Ro Jul 21st. Avoid it if it makes you feel too rel axed and chilled. Not to long ago. Out of nowhere. I sure would like to get your fee dback. It is a ntiinflammatory for skin blemishes or fevers. What concha naca is best to purchase? We are looking for something that w ill not burn his skin. is working on my skin. I cannot vouch for its purity. Thanks again for all the great information. Impuritie s from the blood have to be eliminated and nerves quieted. Nancy 27 Nancy . However. How lucky.Jul 18th. Thank you! 25 Letha Jul 22nd. I am current ly using the Mexican Product Concha Naca and I would have to say. We really need your help. It is a source of calcium. 2007 at 9:53 pm Hi. I let him k now that I had heard of it. It s just the acne that is getting in the way. he used Proactive that sent him to the ER after 2 days of usage. He is trying to clear up the acne + the scarring he has. It would be very strengthening.a source of 12 essential minerals including several forms of calcium instead of pearl powder. Just a week or so ago. They combine cleansing herbs that treat acne. I would take a homeopathic remedy such as Bioplasma . He is tall. and dry skin. This young adult has tried everything the market has to offer it seems like and noth ing has worked for him. he came up to us an asked if we had ever used a cream by the name of concha naca. our son had not tried this. Is helping acne go away. however. Plea se HELP us. all best. Applying a cream cannot clear complexion. He suggested th at he use it to clear up his young adult acne. I feel it fresher. 2007 at 9:22 am I recommend my book Healthy Beauty for you and son. etc. smoother and clearing pores. dark and handsome. I was searching for re confirmation on benefits for sea she ll powder. Letha 26 Nancy Nov 14th. I was surfing the net and ran into your website. I am a pare nt who so desperately wants her 17-year-old son to have a clear complexion. Pearl powder should be safe during pregnancy because it is not laxative. With all the worry about products from china. You could add the homeopathic minerals to water an d sip it between meals. etc.

..i hope i see more pro mising results soon. one more thing.i haven t really seen any results yet but i use it with Dickinson s witch hazel toner. 2008 at 5:39 pm . Here is a website that sells it www. It might f eel warm. My current favorite complexion exfoliant is real papaya enzyme powder. (It is wh ite and smells slightly of sulphur not at all sweet. how lo ng should I leave the cream on? Thanks.com 31 Gurjit Jan 19th.) I bought it online from a s upplier. 2007 at 3:43 pm I love the Perlop Concha Bleaching creme. 30 Letha Dec 9th.... Nancy 28 Letha Nov 15th.. I have been purchasing it at Walmart f or approx. As far as making your own cream w/ sea shell powder. Help! I would recommend this to EVERYONE.PM AM respectively. 2008 at 3:21 pm Of the following which one is recommended or proven to be more effective: Pearl Powder (Zhen Zhu Mo) OR Zhuji Xishi Brand Pearl Powder 33 kittykat87 Feb 4th.my self esteem has been affected. mix it with honey or yogurt. or less with a mild liqui d soap and leave it on 5 or less minutes until it dries.i ve tried so many OTC acne meds.and dermatologists too. I mix about 1 tsp. 29 Kathy Dec 8th. I put it on face. neck and chest...Nov 14th. 2008 at 9:20 am i ve been using PERLOP S CONCHA NACAR for two days.. L. Google it to find sources. 2007 at 6:06 pm Hi Nancy If you are using Chinese powdered pearl. how long should I leave it on the face? an d do i then wash it off with water or leave it on? 32 Gurjit Jan 21st. It is very inexpensive and I was surprised to notice THAT IT WORKS!! The Walmart that I purchase it at no longer carries it and I can t find a secure location on the internet in order to purchase it.the only thing i ve noticed so far is how fast my large acne dry up. for rough skin and 5 minutes for very sensitive skin. It leaves skin soft and smooth and bright. I m looking to use pearl powder and if I mix it with water and apply on face a fter shower usinf a body wash sponge.beautyofnewyork . 2007 at 6:59 pm Oh. 34 Letha Feb 5th. 4 years. 2008 at 4:15 pm hi. I would wash it off after 15 min. 2007 at 11:36 pm I believe I have seen that pearl bleach cream at the natural products sections o f some RiteAids but it varies.. That s ok but do not let it get uncomfortable. Warm and invigorating.i h ope this works.

Use LETHA as a password Or over the counter chinese patent remedy Lien Chiao Pai Tu Pien. For herbs.5 min. I am dark skinned African American woman and nothing is really helping wit h the acne or it s scarring. Try to get something pure . Health Concerns makes Skin Balance pills 1 800 233 9355.Hi Kittykat87 I do not think cream are effective for acne. If skin is tender. I would like some suggestions to help manage this and I would a lso like some suggestions with dealing with the scarring that the acne leaves be hind. reduced fat. 2008 at 11:42 am Letha. I have a mild case of cystic acne and it s been plaguing me for a few years. for these conditions. 35 Letha Feb 5th. No more than 3 . It leave skin smooth and exfoliated. L. sweets. 2008 at 5:43 pm Hello Gurgit I do not know which of the two brands of pearl powder are more effective. Some people with sensitive skin will find that it burns and becomes pink That is temporary. My preferred herbal pill for acne. American distributors sell it (originally from India) I add it to a mild glycerine soap to make a paste and apply it as an exfoliant t o the skin for up to 5 minutes.food grade that might be used internally. Help 37 Letha Feb 12th. itchy skin and allergic conditions and dry sk in is SKIN BALANCE by Health Concerns call 1 800 233 9355 use my name LETHA as a password to order. they se ll only to health food stores or acupuncturists. Mix it with hone y and apply for up to 5 min. best. 36 JOi Feb 11th. Most cannot penetrate enough. I am open to suggestions. 2008 at 10:13 am DEAR Joi Thanks for your comment. L.that I ordered onlin e. for the actual facial mask itself. and caffeine. use it for a shorter period of time. See my book Healthy Beauty for more advice. It depends on your skin. Your skin will feel more sen sitive and smooth. I recommend more vegetables and water. 38 Gurjit Feb 14th. all best. which one do we use or do you recommen d? thanks . If your husband as a beard his kiss my scratch you. 2008 at 3:50 pm Hi. made in Calif. Externally I prefer using pure pepain papaya enzyme powder . It contains safe chinese herbs. the first time and then use according ly. I see that your recommendations are geared towards internal treatment rather than ext ernal treatment. Otherwise. They cannot clear the skin because they do not affect the blood like diet and herbs c an. meat.

I mix it with a couple of drops of castile soup and apply to e xfolliate the complexion. yes? Pearl creams and powders can help remove dead skin. 42 JERNEI Feb 26th. but the distributor is in Calif. My mom bought me some Pearl Powder from Taiwan fro m her vacation. 2008 at 1:10 pm Hello Jernei The best thing for you to do to get yourself in shape to have a child. Please see my other comments above. 2008 at 6:54 pm Hi Suj I think you mean to ask about bleaching or lessening the spots. and calm nerves would be to consult a Chinese or other herbalist p rivately. 2008 at 7:42 pm Sorry. for serious acne/spots. You can also add the powder to bath. it s very very helpful. L. The latter may be easier to order and use. I use pure powdered pepain . I am planning to have kids(I AM NOW 31yrs old) . I had to buy a pound of papain powder. 2008 at 12:55 pm Hi Letha. So can pepain powder .39 Letha Feb 20th. the reason I wanted to take the pearl powder (with water) because I have freckles on my right face that and chin (only right side). 40 Suj Feb 22nd. please advise what I can do with pearl powder to lighten my freckles but save to have kids Thanks 44 Letha Mar 5th. they are from the inside of my body. And some said that freckles are from my liver Again. 2008 at 9:38 am Hello Gurjit I no longer use pearl powder as a facial mask. The source is India.pure organic papaya enzyme powder. and she mentioned that this Pearl powder is very expensive from the top mountain in taiwan (she spent about USD800 for 3 small bottles pearl pow der). I have some questions though. clear you r complexion. best. I went to doctors and skin clinics and they said the the freckles are not from the sun. Could it be fake? Also. what would you recommend? Is pearl powder ok f or this or do u recommend anything else? 41 Letha Feb 23rd. but do not keep i t or apply it near very sensitive areas it can burn. 2008 at 7:36 pm Hi Letha.papa ya enzyme that I ordered online. Thank you for all your advise. You can see several good brands and compare prices. . The reason I am asking because I didnt see you mentioning Pearl powder fro m Taiwan.would this pearl powder be harmful to my body and effect my baby when I become pregnant later this year? Please let me know Thanks 43 JERNEI Feb 26th.

Benefits: Whitens overall complexion evenly including dark underarms and bikini line area. Thank you very much for your dedication in helping others. You have in spired me to live healthy . I feel very lucky to have come across your book. best. That is a useful her b except for people with herpes. can you reccomend which pa paya enzyme powder to purchase? I googled it. There is a capsule called patch removing pills available in some chinese herb sh ops. That can improve complexion and fertility. It is also very good for acne and clears away all pigment marks. L. and now I just found this website! Awesome. It contains blood enhancing herbs including rehmannia. 2008 at 7:37 am Hi Letha. It tends to bring out such rashes. Asian and Indian celebrities are all very light skinned? Have you wondered why early c hildhood photos of many top celebs show a much darker skin colour than they have now? The official research program for Whitening Pills was launched on 7 august 1961by a group of specialized clinical researchers headed by a leading figure in the d ermatology research field in Japan.skinbleaching.pearl powder probably very high quality from Taiwan but I do not know is recommende d for nervous insomnia. which may cause skin irritations that might result in edema. T he main ingredient is Pearl Calcium. and I want to ensure good quality. My question is. Thank you for your time. Research for Skin Whitening was undertaken wit h the aim of creating a product that would help dark-skinned individuals to atta in a lighter and fairer complexion tone. erythema and desquamation. Get on a good regime of diet and exercise. as they all sound alike. Ashley 47 ying Mar 26th. without using any chemical bleaching ag ents such as Hydroquinone. Indications: Slows down the production of melanocytes which is responsible for t he production of melanin pigments giving us skin color. Can i consume my baby pearl powder in her milk? Will it cause any chemical reaction? .net/ Have you ever wondered how comes so many Black. so thanks again. Some women need to take herbs to enhance blood production to insure fertility be cause they have hormone irregularities or nervous inflammation leading to proble ms when trying to conceive. Asian Health Secrets. Mary 46 Ashley Mar 25th. I ve recently discovered a website which sells skin brightening pills. 2008 at 10:47 pm Hi Letha. It is a gift. Others need herbs that enhance energy so they do not miscarry. 45 Mary Mar 16th. But before i buy it i would like it if you would visit the website and tell me if you recommend i t. Best for you to find out what you need most. and blemishes. reduce stress naturally and give up b ad habits. 2008 at 10:33 pm Hi Letha. but am hesitant as to which one to select. Taken regularly it is not e nough to remove freckles. I did a search on Pearl Calcium and came ac ross your website which helped build my confidence towards it. hypertension. the website is: http://www.

2008 at 12:45 pm Hi Letha. With pearl you take the chance of using too much and overseda ting the baby. Some s ort of bleach is being used in the formula. The important thing to remember about minerals aside from purity and cost is to use a combination that supports absorption. Besides. For Ashley I do not sell products. The source is India. They may be to o strong. I o rdered online from a company in Calif. But You have to buy it by the pound. potassium and other trace minerals to best use any calcium source. vitamin shop pe. I report on them as I can. In china a very pure fine grade pearl powder sold in herb shops is used internal ly for fevers. Reina 52 Letha May 5th. try homeopathic chamomile instead. insomnia and sometimes rashes. Would be grateful if you would respond as soon as you can. You mention that conch nacar has calcium carbonate but i heard that it´s better to consume calcium citrate instead of calcium carbonate? what do you reccommend? Thank you. I would have to know the ingr edients of the skin whitening treatment. 2008 at 12:19 pm Hi Letha. The dose is easier to use and pre dict good results.48 Ashley Mar 28th. Pearl does not lighten the skin. 2008 at 9:58 pm Since I wrote about pearl as a source of calcium . just wondering is it best to use processed honey or unprocessed . Much appreciated. Ashley 49 Letha Mar 29th. Starwest botanicals. 2008 at 7:16 pm Dear Ashley and Ying It is interesting that you should both be asking about pearl powder for such dif ferent reasons. 50 Letha Mar 29th. For example for babies cutting teeth or with colic. The best sources of calcium are no longer shells or dolomite a rock. I do recommend herbs for such small kids. The pearl quiets the nervous system to ease nervousness. or twin labs. 2008 at 7:32 pm Hi Mary I don t know if there is a better brand of papain enzyme. I m still waiting for a reply. For a baby I could not recommend using pearl powder because there are better thi ngs to use for fever or fussy insomnia.polluted oceans. 2008 at 2:50 am If we use honey. 51 reina sanjurjo May 5th. Consider a mixed mineral supplement from a good company such as puritan pride. You will also need mag nesium. 53 Gurjit May 11th.I have reconsidered the sourc e .

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