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Table of Contents............................................................................................................................... 1 Important Notes ................................................................................................................................ 4 All Rights Reserved ......................................................................................................... 4 For Educational Purposes Only .......................................................................................... 4 Introduction ....................................................................................................................................... 6 Your First Step to Becoming a Long-Lasting Lover ............................................................... 6 An All-Natural Solution to a Common Sexual Limitation ........................................................ 6 The Best Things in Life Take Time ................................................................................... 6 Part 1 The Basics of Cumming on Command .......................................................................... 8 Chapter 1: A Quick Look at Where Your Sex Life Can Be and How to Get There ............... 9 1.1 The Perfect Sexual Evening ........................................................................................ 9 The Beginnings of a Night of Unlimited SexAccording to HER ........................................... 9 Cumming All Over According to HIM .......................................................................... 10 Engulfed by Vibrations ............................................................................................... 10 Oh Those Glorious Contractions! .................................................................................. 11 1.2 Book Objectives ...................................................................................................... 12 Thanks for Wanting to Change Your Sex Life ................................................................. 12 Timing Your Cumming .............................................................................................. 12 Penis Sensitivity is a GOOD Thing ................................................................................ 12 E-Course Objectives Uh, oh What You've Got Yourself Into ......................................... 13 Orgasm Mastery Means Separating Orgasms from Actually Cumming .............................. 14 1.3 Cumming Quickly is Normal But Do You Want That?!? ................................................ 14 Going from Only 2 Minutes to HOURS of Pleasure ........................................................ 14 1.4 E-Course Overview .................................................................................................. 15 Tantric Terms ........................................................................................................... 17 Your Extended Sexual Energy Schedule ........................................................................ 17 1.5 Tantra and Tantric Sex............................................................................................. 18 What Does Tantric Sex Have to Do with Orgasm Mastery?............................................... 18 Supreme Bliss Tantra 101........................................................................................... 18 Chapter 2: Cumming Once, Twice, Thrice 20 Times?!? ......................................................... 19 2.1 The Anatomy of Cumming....................................................................................... 19 Up Close & Personal with Your Favorite Explosion........................................................... 19 A Penis by Any Other Name ........................................................................................ 19 The Male Sexual Anatomy .......................................................................................... 20 Your Penis Has Got Some Pretty Spiffy Neighbors! ......................................................... 22 Perineum Point - A Window Inside ............................................................................... 22 Those Brave Little Swimmers ...................................................................................... 23 Pre-Cum is Sweet & Nothing to Worry About ................................................................. 23 The Two Phases of Cumming ...................................................................................... 24 2.2 The Causes of Cumming Too Soon ............................................................................. 25 Curbing the Urge to Cum ............................................................................................ 25 Overwhelming Excitement .......................................................................................... 25 Tension & Anxiety ..................................................................................................... 26 Men are Conditioned to Go Fast ................................................................................... 26 The Race to Reaching an Orgasm ................................................................................ 27 The Mind as a Sex Organ............................................................................................ 27 Sex as a Separate, Not Joint Experience ....................................................................... 28 The Culprit Called Prostatitis ...................................................................................... 29 Good Health = Good Sex! ........................................................................................... 30

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D

Psychological Blocks .................................................................................................. 30 2.3 How Can Supreme Bliss Tantra Help? ......................................................................... 31 It's All About the Energy in Your Body .......................................................................... 31 Tantric Sex Principles You'll See Over & Over ................................................................ 31 Chakras Learn About Your Energy Centers ................................................................. 32 1.) Most love partners want more than just a lust connection from the sex chakra and merging energy at multiple chakras satisfies them immensely............................................. 33 2.) We'll use the invisible channel that connects the chakras - the inner flute - to move orgasmic energy away from your testicles so it won't make you cum too soon. ..................... 33 The Four Cornerstones of Unlimited Sexual Energy! ....................................................... 33 2.4 Why Not Cum? ....................................................................................................... 33 The Art of VOLUNTARY Cumming ................................................................................. 34 The Disadvantages of When Your Dick is the Boss .......................................................... 34 The Benefits of Cumming-on-Command ...................................................................... 34 2.5. The Ultimate Approach to Prolonged Sexual Nirvana.................................................... 35 The RAMPER Formula ................................................................................................. 35 R = Relaxation .......................................................................................................... 35 A = Awareness ......................................................................................................... 37 M = Measuring Your Level of Arousal............................................................................ 38 P = Pacing Yourself ................................................................................................... 39 E = Energy Circulation ............................................................................................... 41 R = Riding the Orgasmic Wave .................................................................................... 43

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D

Important Notes
All Rights Reserved
Bona-fide purchasers of this e-course may print one copy of this document for personal use. You can also read it as many times as you want on screen. However, it is NOT legal to store, reproduce, forward, email, or transmit this publication or any part of it in any form or by any electronic, physical, or mechanical means including photocopying, recording, or introduction into any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the copyright owner and the publishers of this e-course.

For Educational Purposes Only

We need to make a few boundaries perfectly clear before you dive into the secrets, tips and tricks that make up Last All Night. Bear with us before your sexual stamina exploration starts! The material in this e-course is for educational purposes and is intended to provide helpful guidance to lovers about human sexuality. Weve made every attempt to provide accurate, dependable, up-to-date information and we believe that what's presented here is helpful and poses no risk to any healthy person. This e-course is sold with the understanding that neither the authors nor the publishers are engaged in rendering medical, nor any other professional service. If you have questions concerning the application of the material and advice described in this e-course and its affect on your health and well-being, it is your responsibility to consult a qualified professional first. Any use of the techniques used in this e-course is at your own risk. This e-course is not intended to serve as medical treatment, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, or any other services best performed by a health professional. No part of this ecourse should be used as a means of self-treatment or as a viable substitute to or for medical evaluation by a physician. If you suspect you have a condition requiring such treatment, we encourage you to seek professional help before engaging in the practices included. Absolutely no part of the program should cause pain or unusual symptoms. Should such arise during or after doing the practices within, the affected party is advised to seek medical evaluation to identify possible causes. If you have knowledge of or a suspicion that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, you are urged to consult with a qualified health professional before engaging in any partner practices described in this e-course. Detailed guidelines about safer and smarter conscious sex are included at the end.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D

The authors and publishers cannot be held responsible for any error, omission, professional disagreement, or outdated material in this e-course. The authors and publishers are not liable for any upsetting reaction, divorce, damage, injury, infection, fatal disease, or other adverse outcome as a result of applying the information or engaging in any activities suggested in this e-course. Well, there it is. All the stuff we have to swear off due to the high levels of conflict in our modern world. Now that you've suffered through all this legal stuff, let the sexual stamina secrets for a long night of lovemaking unfold now!

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D

Version of "Last All Night"
This is the uncensored version of the "Last All Night" course. In this section, I included sensual pictures and MORE advanced sex exercises, so that you can achieve your goal faster. Please do NOT share these exercises with ANYONE (except for your partner). Enjoy!

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D

Your First Step to Becoming a Long-Lasting Lover
First of all, Congratulations to you! You have taken that first, yet extremely crucial step to becoming a Long-Lasting Lover (LLL). Get ready to prepare your mind and body for a WHOLE night of unadulterated pleasure. Yes, not just a few minutes of lovemaking and a few seconds of cumming, but a WHOLE night of pure, hardcore, erotic pleasure. You see, its all about sexual stamina. If you have this, you can last longer in bed and not have to settle for just a few minutes of pleasure. Instead, you get to experience what about 99% of men out there dont intense sexual pleasure that can happen not just once, but twice, thrice, four times, five times, and more(!) in just one night. You might be wondering what kind of potent miracle cure does Last All Night offer?. Well, none. At least, not in the common, advertising-driven type of miracle cure you may be thinking.

An All-Natural Solution to a Common Sexual Limitation

Last All Night is an ALL NATURAL solution. No pills. No gadgets. No creams, lotions or potions. Instead, this e-course is all about learning how to re-program your way of sexual thinking and being, which up till now has been set on making you experience sexual pleasure for a very limited time. However, although your MIND is the most powerful thing to use for change, we must also address your BODY. As such, this e-course is bursting (pardon the pun) with numerous sex techniques and exercises you can apply to make your body obey what you want it to do. Dont want to cum yet even if youre at the peak of your sexual pleasure? Then dont! Now, wouldnt it be wonderful to be in this state of just about to cum for more than a few seconds? Imagine the prolonged intense pleasure the extended erotic euphoria the drawn out almost out-of-body tingling sensations all waiting for you to be experienced!

The Best Things in Life Take Time

Of course, so much intense pleasure needs a certain time to master. You didnt learn to walk and talk the minute you were out of the womb right? You dont know all you know now, after just one year at school. You didnt learn to drive in one day. You didnt you get the picture.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D

The same goes to becoming a Long Lasting Lover. You need to learn new ways to experience pleasure from your body. In many ways, you even need to unlearn some of the things you know now about your body, love, lust and sex to move sexually forward. But dont worry. You are already on your way to unlimited sexual stamina with the Last All Night e-course. All you need to do is stay on track with what this program recommends you to do. So what does Last All Night offer you? This e-course is divided into four parts, which you will receive on a staggered basis one part per day. This system is not to prolong your agony at not being able to last all night sooner but to ensure that you proceed with the program on a step-by-step basis. Yes, we have designed this e-course to be cumulative, which means later sections build on earlier ones. Heres a sneak peak at the sections ahead of you. Part 1 The Basics of Cumming on Command In this section, youll discover ALL the reasons why sex is enjoyed only for a limited time (a few seconds at the least a few minutes at most) by most men. More importantly, it begins to reveal THE secret formula that can make you last longer in bed. Part 2 Solo Sex (Its All About You) In this section, we give you all the tools you need to begin re-training your mind and body for longer sexual activities. Since all must begin with you, the exercises are designed for solo play. Part 3 Partner Sex (You, Your Penis and Her) Now that youve learned how to be the master the art of ascending and descending from the throes of sexual passion its time to bring your sex partner into the program! We guarantee that you will BOTH love the erotic and sensual things that you will HAVE to do in this section. Part 4 Yesss! Now You Can Last All Night CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the master of your body. You control your arousal peaks and plateaus. You decide when to cum (or not). You dominate what happens in bed and when it happens. YOU ARE THE MAN! We wont keep you any longer. Just pls. keep in mind that just like any skill, you need to master, achieving unlimited sexual energy requires practice, practice, and practice! But since were talking about sex, that wont be a problem would it? See you at the end of the program!

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D

Part 1 The Basics of Cumming on Command

In Part 1, of your sexual journey to unlimited stamina between the sheets, we dedicate two chapters discussing the basic principles of what we like to call cumming on command. Cumming on command means YOU are the one in-charge of when you squirt your juice and not your head. But first lets clarify something to avoid confusion. Cumming is very different from reaching an orgasm. With Last All Night, youll learn that you can orgasm over and over and over again without even cumming once. Can you imagine the extended sexual sensations youll be feeling?!? But of course, you cant just dive into the techniques to unlimited sexual energy. Like all things worthwhile, this needs the gaining of a little more knowledge and the exertion of a little more effort from you. Part 1 is all about the knowledge part of this equation. In Chapter 1, we start with a sample of how deliciously erotic a night of extended sex can be. Now that you know where youre headed, youll better appreciate the journey! Next, we outline whats in store for you in the coming chapters of this e-course so that you can prepare and pace yourself. A quick introduction to Tantric Sex is also included. In Chapter 2, youll be given a crash course into what occurs in your body that culminates in your cumming during sex (often, way earlier than when you want to!). Well discuss why men are preprogrammed to cum soon during sex and, more importantly, HOW you can change this programming so that you can last all night! Youll be taken on a journey into Tantric Sex principles and how they can help you last longer bed. Youll also learn to fully appreciate the advantages of cumming on command as opposed cumming too soon. By the end of this chapter, we finally reveal and discuss THE formula unlimited sexual stamina! We call it RAMPER and once you learn its secrets, youll never look sex the same way again! in to to at

As Part 1 comes to a close, you will be a lot more knowledgeable about your body, specifically your genitals, and how you can train yourself (and these parts) to enable you to reach extended sexual peaks. Ready? OK, open your mind, take a deep breath, and prepare to know the secrets, tips and techniques that most men never even begin to know when it comes to performing better, greater, and longer in bed.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D

Chapter 1: A Quick Look at Where Your Sex Life Can Be and How to Get There
Here is an amazingly, erotic true story about a typical sexual encounter between two lovers. We hope that reading it turns you on as much as sharing the story with you turned us on! If you play with yourself while visualizing this story, we would be honored.

1.1 The Perfect Sexual Evening The Beginnings of a Night of Unlimited SexAccording to HER
We always do our best to make love in the moment, with no stress in the perfect surroundings. That evening was no exception. It was early enough that we weren't exhausted from the day and had no time limit. We bathed each other carefully to wash away the outside world. We entered our bedroom, which was decorated with soft lighting and fabrics to heighten our senses. We lit candles, sprayed perfume, and arranged flowers to add a sensuous touch. As usual, we carefully selected three of our most sensuous music CDs to match our mood. We titillated all of our senses from a distance long before our love play even began. As we stared into each others eyes, the beginnings of lust unfolded even before we touched one another. We then began to caress and whisper sweet nothings to each other. Hmmm its amazing how his breath makes me aware of all the sensitive pores on my skin Before long, it seemed that my nerves were complete on end. I felt my skin covering me like this one big blanket of tingling lust So much sexual energy flowed we'd hardly touched each other yet. I then asked him for a sensuous massage, first with rabbit fur and then with scented oil. We had no agenda and no timeframe so I let myself be touched ever so softly and slowly. My moans confirmed to him how much I enjoyed his attentions. But then... I started to writhe and vibrate with passion, flowing orgasmic energy all over my body. I looked into my partners eyes fleetingly and he knew exactly what I wanted. Without missing a heartbeat, his fingertips were already lightly toying with my clit, which drove me deliriously hot with lust. In the old days, this would have been a signal for my partner to shove his penis inside me, fuck me with all his might and cum in all his glory a few minutes later. But that was then. Now

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


The music added to our self-induced trance. He kept up the sensuous caresses long after I had stopped asking for more. I begged him to touch me now. His response? He scratched, tickled, and massaged me slowly all over until I was writhing and screaming with delight. And although I knew how he has already mastered his body to prolonged sexual pleasure I was still amazed and lustfully grateful! for his sexual stamina! After what seemed like hours of delirious sexual pleasure, I turned to him to return the favor. I put my mouth on his penis and I thought he would cum with the first subtle lick. Of course, he didnt. We were both feeling everything so deeply with all our senses open, not rushing headlong towards some envisioned future orgasm.

Cumming All Over According to HIM

When she brought my penis into her mouth, I breathed, relaxed, and circulated those delicious sensations up and away from my genitals. I knew those other parts of my body (feet, nipples, head) couldn't orgasm, but it sure felt like I was cumming all over! Instead, the intense urge to release calmed and I could relax into more intense stimulation of my penis. Oddly, the slower she went, the stronger the sensations were. And I loved them! Really, how can so much pleasure be derived from several inches of hard throbbing flesh. Who would want this to end quickly in a few seconds of explosion? Not me. I was looking forward to hours of sexual worship. After what seemed like forever, I turned her over and then touched, kissed, and licked her now streaming vagina delicately. She had multiple orgasms with my fingers and then with my tongue, each one rocking me to my core too. Her energy pulses made me want to cum with her but my penis simply stayed hard as a rock as she continued to stream ecstasy into my mouth. Stretched out with my head between her legs, it was as if she was pumping pleasure right down into my body making me jump with electricity. We were both rocking and moaning with so much pleasure that we could have continued foreplay like this all evening with soft, subtle, slow touching. No hard hitting here like in American football. Again, how could I resist when my juicy darling said "I've got to have your big hard cock inside me now!" Instead of jumping her forcefully like my hormones demanded, my penis entered her engorged vagina ever so reverently. Slowly, slowly, slowly I moved inside her inch by excruciating inch, not so much to tease, but to appreciate every millimeter, intense with pleasure. I just wanted to savor each sensation fully. With every subtle movement, we could feel each other's little orgasmic explosions, i.e., powerful spasms of cumming without the squirting.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Engulfed by Vibrations
It seemed like a lifetime passed until my penis slow shallow-at-first thrusts reached inside her fully. We both tried to be still, but the internal vibrations simply engulfed both of us together. These spasms that spread all over were so delightful that we just let them run their course. A couple of times we couldn't help from laughing hysterically together. How can someone feel so much pleasure all over from such a small part of the body? As the energy spread away from my throbbing penis and the powerful urge to cum subsided again, I began to thrust in and out, but still slowly and gently. Each little stroke was ecstatic all by itself, creating intense feelings of pleasure. It seemed that the pleasure from each movement was so overpowering that I could have stopped after any one of them and felt sexually complete. Sometimes we moved into each other deeply. Sometimes we alternated lying down, waiting for the other's pre-orgasmic breaths, moans, and gyrations to subside. We varied the thrusts faster then slower, then quick shallow bursts of motion, then deep sensuous grinding until we would both shake with ecstasy. We were so in tune playing each other's instruments like virtuosos in a euphoric sexual trance zone. Over and over we rose to just before the point of no return. When one of us stopped, we vibrated with orgasmic waves riding the surges of ecstasy just before that wonderful precipice. Our lovemaking was like stop-time music, a few chords and then silence where we relaxed into the energy streaming in, out, and between our whole bodies.

Oh Those Glorious Contractions!

So often I felt such powerful surges of pleasure that made me moan and scream like an animal. Just like she was doing! At every peak I was just the slightest slip away from cumming and would have if I hadnt mastered lasting longer in bed before this hours-long sex session! Instead, I paced myself to reach and relax into each new plateau. Oh, those glorious contractions in my testicles each time I relaxed and sucked the energy up away from my dancing penis! And, what a gift, after each ascent to a high peak, my excitement dropped. After a moment's rest, I could begin pumping again without exploding. I was supremely motivated to keep the pleasure going on and on. Hmmm, how many times did we orgasm without exactly cumming? 10? 20? Who knows, we weren't counting. We were too busy enjoying ourselves to think about anything else. How long did we reach peak after peak, floating in the timeless void of ecstasy, and then slowly moving to another higher high? I really couldn't say, but I do remember that three CDs in our player started over. Did we have a mind-boggling, record-setting, earth-shattering mutual eruption of orgasms at the end? Ah Were not sure I honestly can't remember if we did this time.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Can you believe that for men like this womans partner, they dont really care anymore if they come or not? But then again, if you experience endless, slow, and sensuous love play and realize that they are far and away more ecstatic than reaching any wet explosion, you'll probably feel the same way. But don't worry. What you're going to learn here isn't necessarily to stop from cumming entirely. Instead, you'll learn how to choose and time your orgasms. You rule your body. Not the other way around!

1.2 Book Objectives Thanks for Wanting to Change Your Sex Life
Now that youve gotten a peek at what Last All Night can do for your sex life, lets get started with your sex education! What you are about to learn in this program has changed the course of the sex lives of many men before you. Some of these men didnt really care whether they came soon or not during sex; others were simply concerned about having sex last longer for the sake of their partners sexual pleasure; while others were downright feeling hopeless because they felt they came way too quickly between the sheets. Regardless of your personal reasons, Last All Night will enable you to reach a state where sexual pleasure is extended beyond the usual few minutes for you AND your partner. All you need to bring to this e-course is your dedication, time, and regular practice.

Timing Your Cumming

Nobody denies that cumming is a good thing. OK, it doesn't always happen when you want it to. In fact, for most men, cumming is more like surrendering to what your body and penis wants to do. Consider this a simple timing problem, which in the overwhelming majority of cases is easily corrected with training. And, even if after training, there are still times when you still cum when you dont want to, thats ok! Dont beat yourself up. To be sure, after Last All Night, youll be a much better Orgasm Master (our term for someone who can voluntarily choose the type, timing, and number of orgasms they have). But on those rare occasions when you do just cum when you would rather not, just face the music. Think of it this way: sometimes, youre just a sensitive guy with a sensitive dick (By the way, there is a very small chance that you have a medical condition causing your timing problem. It's not a bad idea to have a doctor check out your equipment if you suspect anything less than robust health down there.)

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Penis Sensitivity is a GOOD Thing

Last All Night is NOT about training your penis to be insensitive that you dont feel the sensations leading to cumming. Not at all. In fact, we believe that being sensitive is a good thing. Would you rather be numb and not feel those delicious sensations? No, of course not! You don't want feel less and thus block your potential for ecstasy. This e-course isn't about feeling less, it's about feeling more. It's about creating more pleasure and mastering its ups and downs so you can make your penis go on and on and on well into the night. Think of it this way: Last All Night is about YOU and your relationship with your penis. As you go through this program, you will get tips, techniques, exercises to do, and every now and then, well throw in a little help from talented friends and an expert here and there so you'll get the whole story from every angle regarding lasting all night long. In fact, here's one now from Shama, a wise and juicy female Tantra coach in Southern California "In my work, I've found that men who dont last all night are very passionate and have a wonderful intensity of excitement and feeling. It's just that due to their previous programming, they've formed a habit that locks them out of any other choices. They're taught to eat, eliminate, drive a car and program their VCR. But crazily enough, somehow it has not been okay in our society to teach men about the power and beauty available to them in their bodies and sexual energy. I teach them how to begin to understand, listen, monitor and control that aliveness within the body (their vehicles) to master the use of it in all circumstances, including the sexual."

E-Course Objectives Uh, oh What You've Got Yourself Into

Now, lets start to get into the nitty-gritty. Here's a simple clear statement of what this e-course is about. It presents... Both modern and ancient proven secrets of prolonged lovemaking for men. A smorgasbord of physical techniques that can stop you from cumming when you don't want to cum. A step-by-step approach to becoming an Orgasm Master with unlimited sexual stamina. How to have the best sex through S.E.X. (Subtle Energy eXchange). Practices that can permanently change your orgasmic response. THE ultimate solution to ensuring you enjoy HOURS of sexually erotic pleasure all night long.

That last objective may sound like an inflated grandiose promise at this point, but that's OK. This program CAN deliver on its promises if you'll just agree to practice. And just think of the fun youll have with that!

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Experts say that sexual response has FOUR stages: excitation, plateau, orgasm, and resolution, where your body goes back to normal. Our aim with this e-course is simply to lengthen the plateau phase indefinitely. That's why this e-course is about Orgasm Mastery, not about control. Control implies staying under tension, always being careful, and not trusting yourself to relax. That's the opposite of the direction we're moving here. With this program you're going to learn how to relax AND enjoy sex more. You don't want to always be on guard, wound tighter than a spring, do you?

Orgasm Mastery Means Separating Orgasms from Actually Cumming

Last All Night is about how to be a master, at choice, to enjoy a lot more sexual pleasure for an extended period of time. Additionally, you're going to learn to voluntarily have different "kinds" of orgasms than you're used to, as many as you want for as long as you choose. Now doesn't that sound like mastery? You're going to discover (if you don't already know) that springing your juice doesn't always have to accompany orgasm. That's how those who've learned these techniques have multiple orgasms, spasm after spasm that seem to go on forever but without the squirting that, lets face it, simply ends sexual playtime. You might have heard that Tantrikas (practitioners adept at Tantric Sex) and other Eastern gurus give up cumming entirely or become celibate. Well, this e-course is not about soliciting such a vow from you. As an Orgasm Master, youll simply be able to choose to cum or not, WHEN you want to or not. However, be warned now. After a few months of sexual stamina exercise practice, you may actually choose to cum less. It's OK if you're thinking, "no way, I enjoy shooting my wad too much." Were not going to argue with that desire. Just a question for you: "What will you choose if you learn to transform orgasmic energy into an unlimited, timeless whole body-mind-spirit altered state that feels so much better and reaches so much higher than a few seconds of release?" Yes, sir, you've jumped on a train whose destination is continuous ecstatic feelings that are better than a quick flash in the pan. But don't worry about that now. When you arrive at that exalted station, you'll be able to decide what you want to do.

1.3 Cumming Quickly is Normal But Do You Want That?!?

As mentioned before, cumming quickly doesn't mean theres something wrong with you. In fact, it's a VERY common think. It's just not the kind of thing most guys discuss over a cold one, is it?

Going from Only 2 Minutes to HOURS of Pleasure

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


According to some estimates, about 30 percent of American men reach an orgasm earlier than they'd like. Alfred Kinsey, one of the earliest well-known sex researchers who got immortalized in a feature film, found that 75% of the men he tested cummed within two minutes of vaginal entry. Sounds pretty quick doesnt it? I mean ordering a caf latte takes longer! As Tantra coach Shama tells clients... "My first response is to assure men that there's nothing 'wrong' with them organically. They need to hear that their sexual habits are a natural product of the way they have 'not been taught' to experience their sexuality. It is merely through education and practicing new habits that can transform their sexual experience. Some astrological studies say that cumming quickly is a characteristic of some Sun signs. So what if youre Sagittarius. Youre predestined to cum too soon?!? B.S.! Don't buy into explanations that try to convince us that you're stuck the way you are. Dont accept any excuse that says you'll never learn to be a Long-Lasting Lover. Last All Night is a proven process for changing all of your (incorrect) sexual predispositions regardless of when you were born, to what parents, with what genes. By the way, sex therapists officially call this condition "involuntary cumming" to better describe what happens when the timing of your cumming is different than your partners. As such, some call an Orgasm Master one who's mastered Voluntary Cumming. Actually, this whole predicament is simply a little gap in your learning, not a physical disability. In fact, researches have shown that 90 to 95% of men who experience cumming too quickly can easily re-program themselves to last all night long. Lasting longer is very possible to learn, you just have to want to. You do, don't you? You simply need to spend some time reprogramming yourself and developing some new skills. According to Shama... "Men overlook signals leading to ejaculating because they've been conditioned to believe that women desire constant, hard, and fast lovemaking, which defines you as a real man." We're gonna try to change your mind about that. I haven't done a scientific study (yet) but my experience proves most women want something more Tantric. That means slow, sensuous, and from the heart as well. So to change your current sexual tendency to cum hard and fast, Part 2 of this program contains SOLO exercises for you so you can develop the skills and consciousness you need to last much, much, much longer in bed.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


However, Part 3 is about coming together (and yes, cumming together) with a woman who wants to play with you this way. Lets also clear something here now that were talking about cumming together: different women like different things and have their own orgasmic challenges. Consider these. The average woman finds it difficult to go over the top than the average guy. In fact, studies show that up to 75% of women don't reach an orgasm through sexual intercourse. BY CONTRAST, men, in general, cum too quickly! What a dilemma! Women need more time in bed to be sexually satisfied and men cum too soon, preventing them from giving the sexual satisfaction that women need. Do you see now that the benefits that Last All Night can provide you can literally help solve two sexual predicaments with one stone? Hell, lets get started then!

1.4 E-Course Overview

Last All Night is not an instant quick fix for a lifetime condition. Rather, this e-course offers a long-term change in how you make love. Following is a quick rundown of what's in store for you... Part 1 The Basics of Cumming on Command Chapter 1: A Quick Look at Where Your Sex Life Can Be and How to Get There Woo-hoo! We just about finished this part. You're making progress already! Chapter 2 Cumming Once, Twice, Thrice 20 Times?!? In this Chapter, well discuss the mechanics of orgasms, cumming, and sexual energy. It defines this e-course's method to achieving unlimited sexual energy: RAMPER. The acronym stands for Relax, Awareness, Measure, Pace, Energy Circulation, and Riding the Wave. Part 2 Solo Sex (Its All About You) Chapter 3 - SOLO Sex Prep This chapter provides exercises you should do on your own to prepare you for greater sexual stamina. Chapter 4 - SOLO Sex Mastery This part of the e-course teaches individual Orgasm Mastery techniques that can help you stop going past the point of no return when you don't want to.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Part 3 Partner Sex (You, Your Penis and Her) Chapter 5- Partner Prep The chapter enables you to indulge in partner or dual sex exercises that help develop your skills for longer lovemaking. Chapter 6: Tantric Lovemaking This part of the program teaches sexual exercises you can do with your partner to develop greater lovemaking stamina and orgasmic potential. Part 4 Yesss! Now You Can Last All Night Chapter 7- Tantric Sex Mastery Learn the philosophy behind Tantra and how it can do much more than just dramatically improve your sex life. Chapter 8 Final Thoughts on Lasting All Night In conclusion to the Last All Night e-course, we leave you with an erotic scenario, which you can use to celebrate your first anniversary of unlimited sexual stamina. A list of valuable resources and a glossary of terms that can aid you with your Orgasm Mastery education is also provided.

Tantric Terms
In some instances in this e-course, Tantric terms are mentioned in to give you a worldly view of certain parts of our body. Some are traditional words, some came from Tantra teachers we know, such as Morgot Anand, while others weve just made up! They're all in the glossary at the very end of the e-course but here are the main ones... Tantric Word Genitals Penis Shiva Penis Testicles Asshole Yoni Clio Sexual Union Body Part or Action Male & Female Genitals Penis An Erection Balls, Scrotum, Testicles Anus, Asshole Vagina Clitoris Intercourse Origin Both Genders Family Genitals Sanskrit for Divine Thunderbolt The Hindu God Shiva is Always Erect Sanskrit for Divine Gems or Pearls Margot's Preferred Name Ancient Hindu Word Margot's Preferred Name The Ultimate Sacred Tantric Ritual

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Your Extended Sexual Energy Schedule

Chapters 3 through 7 contain about 50 exercises. It may sound like a lot, but it's not really that daunting. In some places, we even provide you three or four methods to choose from to learn one skill. Some of the practices you'll do only once. A few are optional. Many you'll repeat several times until you master the skills presented. Some, we hope, will become part of your routine. We know you want to master the skill of lasting all night long fast and wed like to be able to say go ahead and jump around and do what feels right, but we cant. The exercises are cumulative, which means later ones build on earlier ones. This isn't to say you can't blow through some of the stuff that's easy for you very quickly. Go right ahead, just try everything and see if you've got the knack first. Now, we need a little something from you We need you to commit now to the long haul. Ideally, this is a 3-month program. If you practice an hour a day, you might get through it in 2 months. More likely, you'll practice for half-an-hour several times a week and take 4 to 6 months. Can you arrange that to achieve what most men cant do to last all night of lovemaking? Of course, you can! We recommend against practicing just once a week. It's not enough to develop the momentum where mastery of one skill builds on the previous one. Some of our clients have been personally doing this program for about five years and still do some of the exercises regularly. So heed those who have successfully gone before you

1.5 Tantra and Tantric Sex What Does Tantric Sex Have to Do with Orgasm Mastery?
There are a lot of modern techniques that can help you in this ecourse. But we believe that the best, most powerful, most natural, and the one that provides a long-term solution to unlimited sexual stamina come from Tantra. Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice based on the metaphysics of sexual energy. What that means is that it can teach you how to harness the life forces inside you that drive sex to improve your body, mind, and spirit. As such, Tantra is often called Spiritual Sex or sacred sexuality. Tantra's roots are very old. It emerged thousands of years ago in India in secret writings that describe sexual rituals, disciplines, and meditations as a path towards personal enlightenment. Tantra shows you how to accept and love all of who you are so that you can open fully to your sexual and spiritual nature. That, the story goes, allows you to experience more pleasure and more ecstasy for longer times.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Tantra teaches that all energy, including the incredible power in your orgasms, is a vital part of your life force, of who you are. So you'll find references to this power sometimes as sexual energy or its strongest incarnation, orgasmic energy.

Supreme Bliss Tantra 101

The Last All Night e-course calls its approach to unlimited sexual energy as Supreme Bliss Tantra. It means reaching the zenith of sexual ecstasy, transforming orgasmic energy into expanded consciousness. Supreme Bliss Tantra brings together the essence of the ancient Tantric teachings and modern psychology and sexology, bringing you the best of the old world and the new. Supreme Bliss Tantra uses orgasmic energy practices to... deepen love, intimacy and ecstasy; extend lovemaking; and create continuous full-body, mind-altering orgasms. Supreme Bliss Tantra can help you become the blissful, playful, energetic lover you were born to be. A lover who has the desire and capacity for making loveplay last through multiple orgasms of multiple kinds, regardless of your sex. Wow! Can you see why we're so jazzed about it? Sound good to you? If you're worried about what you're getting yourself into, don't. Supreme Bliss Tantra isn't a religion based on faith, dogma, or right living. You don't have to join a movement, carry a card, cut your hair, or wear robes. We just mentioned it to make you realize right now what your body will soon be able to achieve if you follow the guidelines and exercises in this e-course. Ok, now that you know, lets go to Chapter 2, where you finally get to know about the secret SIX-STEP FORMULA that's going to, with your cooperation, change your sex life forever.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Chapter 2: Cumming Once, Twice, Thrice 20 Times?!?

Before we get started with practices that will make you an Orgasm Master, let's briefly cover a few of the mechanics of the approach you'll learn. Here, we'll review... the anatomy of male orgasms; what causes orgasms to happen before you want them to; why Supreme Bliss Tantra is relevant to this assignment; what you'll gain from mastering the sex secrets revealed in this e-course; and the formula for making these secret sex techniques work.

You may think that you don't need to be talked into the advantages of timing your cumming better, but you need to appreciate the incredible benefits that will be available to you when you master this method.

2.1 The Anatomy of Cumming Up Close & Personal with Your Favorite Explosion
Hmmm come to think of it, were all too familiar with the overall experience of cumming too soon during sex: you get excited, really turned on, squirt, and then your dick gets soft. But there's more to it that you need to grasp, so to speak. Were talking about the very pleasurable ten-second involuntary muscle contractions that we call the male orgasm. Sometimes they start milder and get stronger, but once you pass the point of no return with that first spasm, releasing semen to the outside world is inevitable for most of us. Believe it or not, you're going to make those involuntary muscle contractions respond to your power of choice. We're all aware of the outcome of an explosive orgasm. To be an Orgasm Master, you need to become much more aware of the internal processes leading up to cumming, as well as the anatomy behind it. Once you learn this, you'll be in a position to change the sequence of events that lead to squirting. Also, being able to separate cumming from achieving an orgasm when you want to means being familiar with your entire territory down there. So before we get into the ins and outs of lasting all night long between the sheets, let me explain a bit about male sexual anatomy. How can you become an expert if you don't know all the parts?

A Penis by Any Other Name

The penis is known as vajra in Tantric terms, which means "divine thunderbolt" in Sanskrit. You might have heard another popular Hindu term, lingam, which means "wand of light". Either way, a pleasure stick is a great tool to have hanging around.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Your penis is a highly-sensitive, expandable, pleasure-stick that so many of us, whatever our gender, love to play with. Its head is technically called the glans. If you're uncircumcised, your foreskin usually covers your glans. The glans is pretty darn sensitive, as is the ridge around it, known as the corona or coronal ridge. Experts agree that the frenulum, the soft area on the penis underside below the corona, is the most sensitive. Were going out on a long, thick limb here by guessing that you know that your penis swells when excited, right? But do you know how? In spite of its slang names such as boner and woody, there are actually no bones inside a penis. It contains spongy erectile tissue purple in the chart below that expands, gets big, and hardens when blood flows in, fills it up, and stays put. That's where erections or hard-ons come from.

The Male Sexual Anatomy

Did you get an owner's manual when you burst forth from your mothers womb with your genitals? Guess not so let's trace your sexual geography from one end to the other to make sure you know how to operate all your equipment. The following figure shows a cross-section of your lower innards, all that counts to us sexual types anyway...

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


If you look carefully you can find your bladder and your orangish prostate gland right underneath it. Your prostate is egg-shaped or round, about the shape and size of a chestnut or walnut. It's half glandular and half muscular, which makes its fibrous mass feel much harder than the rest of the surrounding tissue. Why is this important? Because that's where cumming begins, with the contractions of the muscle sheath around your prostate. Right below the prostate you can see the yellow cross-sections of your PC muscle which you're soon to become an expert with, too.

Your Penis Has Got Some Pretty Spiffy Neighbors!

Did you ever hear the joke that uses another name for penis, the one with the punch line "Big Jim and the Twins?" The twins are ball-shaped, which is where they get their more popular slang name. Big Jim's neighbors are officially called testes or testicles, two egg-shaped glands that ride in the sac made from folds of skin called the scrotum. The testes, you've already figured out, are where sperm cells are manufactured. They also secrete testosterone, the hormone that drives the sex lives in both men and women. All bow down to that holy juice! Since we're being picky here, you might as well learn about the epididymis, the storage area for new sperm that's wrapped around the upper end of each testicle. The little swimmers grow and mature in these special bags until they're strong enough for travel and competition. The main biological function of the prostate is reproduction. When cumming, semen, the fluid that carries sperm to the eggs in the woman's uterus, passes through the prostate through the two spermatic ducts, or vas deferens. The prostate secretes prostatic fluid, a colorless, odorless, slightly milky and salty, semi-viscous liquid that is a major component of semen. Prostatic fluid often tastes sweet because it contains sugar as a nutrient for sperm. It also transports hormones that make fertilization more likely in the uterus.

Perineum Point - A Window Inside

The perineum is the area midway between the testicles and asshole at the base of the pelvic floor. For guys, this obviously means between your testicles and your asshole, or anus. If you press upwards and inward on the perineum when your penis is soft, you'll feel bone close to your scrotum and a soft spongy area closer to your asshole. That's your perineum. The penis' root or bulb is inside there as well. You can prove all this to yourself if you explore down there when you have an erection. The soft fleshy spot where you can dig in real deep, we call the Perineum Point. If you press in hard, you can probably massage your prostate from the outside at that point.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Those Brave Little Swimmers

When the brave little sperm leave the testicles, specifically from the two epididymes, they do so via two firm muscular tubes that meet at the prostate. These spermatic ducts, called vas or ductus deferens, coil up and around the bladder. If you've undergone a vasectomy, these are the tubes that were cut during the operation. Two little sacs the size of small fingers, named seminal vesicles, are attached to the prostate. After they leave their original home, sperm collect here where they're nourished until called upon for duty. When a man cums, these little sacs eject the sperm cells and the majority of the fluid contained in semen. The urethra is the tube that runs from the bladder through the prostate to the end of your penis. The urethra conveys both urine and semen, but fortunately not at same time. So that urine can't leave the bladder when cumming, the prostate gland closes off the upper end of the urethra while the penis is employed in more pleasurable pursuits.

Pre-Cum is Sweet & Nothing to Worry About

Wait folks; there's more. The Cowper's Glands are just a bit downstream from the prostate. (They're labeled "CG" in the drawing.) Just before cumming, they emit a clear, colorless, thicker, alkaline liquid that neutralizes any acidic remains of urine in the urethra. Got to keep those little swimmers as happy as possible until the very last moment! Some men worry when their penises drip after practicing this program. Well, heres our take on this phenomenon: DON'T WORRY. This dripping from the end of your penis after lots of play without cumming is likely your unannounced meeting with the Cowper's product. Most lovers, especially those of us who love its taste, just call it pre-cum. (If the fluid is colored, dribbles in great volume, or leaks without prostate stimulation, you should see a doctor to check it out.)

The Two Phases of Cumming

That completes your guided tour of your nether regions no extra charge! But now that we've surveyed the landscape, let's get into our main topic of discussion here, cumming. You're undoubtedly aware of some of the obvious signs that you're having an orgasm... your breathing speeds up to the point of panting; your heart rate and blood pressure increase rapidly; your legs and butt tense up; your pelvic muscles tighten; your testicles elevate and draw-up against your body; and you become oblivious to the outside world for a little while.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


What may not be so obvious is that, as your penis swells leading up to the explosion, so does your prostate. This sets you up for making a bit of a wet spot. But it's actually really good news. Did you know that cumming is really a two-stage process? Emission and Expulsion. Emission Phase 1.) During the emission phase, the muscular sheath around your prostate gland automatically contracts and empties seminal fluid into your urethra. That's the tube that carries semen and urine through your genital system and out the head of your penis. Expulsion Phase 2.) Then the expulsion phase takes over and rhythmic wavelike soft-muscle contractions of your PC propel the semen down your urethra and out your penis' head where those little swimmers have a brief fight for survival and usually lose. These contractions of your pelvic muscles that cause the actual release of semen are also the main ones that cause the fantastic pleasure. Now here's the good news: by strengthening your PC muscles, learning to relax, and heightening your sensitivity of this whole process, you can avoid the emission phase altogether and still enjoy the wonderful ecstasy of the expulsion spasms without the squirting. And here's more good news. When you do this, your penis gets desensitized briefly so you can pump vigorously again for a while before repeating the whole cycle as many times as you want! OK, that's the end of the anatomy lesson. But there's another, even better way to describe what cumming is all about from a Tantric perspective. You build up sexual tension through more and more arousal until you seemingly have no other option but to release the sexual energy through ejaculating. And heres where Last All Night begins to change your way of thinking when it comes to reaching and experiencing sexual pleasure.

Ready? By re-circulating the energy / sexual tension within your body, you can achieve unlimited sexual stamina. How does this help? If you can spread the excitement all over your body, not only does it feel great, but the urge to squirt subsides. This is the real power and requires using Tantric practice, which we'll get to shortly.

2.2 The Causes of Cumming Too Soon

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


If it bums you out to think about all that goes wrong when you cum too soon, you might be tempted to skip this section. But don't. You probably know some of the reasons already, but it pays to know all the factors that can cause too rapid timing of your orgasm.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Curbing the Urge to Cum

Lets hit the biggie right on the head at the outset here. When we get turned on, something inside takes over and convinces (some men may even say forces) us to just let go. That's what we call the urge to cum. It may sound like circular reasoning to say that the urge to cum is the reason you cum too quick. We all have the urge to orgasm, right? Well, of course. And for a microsecond we don't want to give you the idea that there's anything wrong with it. The craving for pleasure is what life is about. Keep that up, for God and Goddess's sake! But what kind of orgasm are we talking about seeking here? Yours, a quickie, your lover's, or a full-body multiple one? The biological urge to cum circumvents your voluntary power of choice in the matter. As a result of over 30 years of helping people change their sexual behavior, were convinced that few succeed at STOPPING something they don't want to do. The secret is to replace what you DON'T want with something better that you DO want. Fortunately, the Last All Night e-course produces something so much better that once you develop the knack for inner orgasms from the exercises in this e-course, you'll never want to go back and spray your seed outside again!

Overwhelming Excitement
This is an all too common scenario for most men. You're really attracted to that completely sexy thing who actually wants to have sex with you. You're so turned on by the whole prospect that before you know it, you cum in your shorts or, even worse, all over her skirt. Again, dont worry. This is normal. Being overwhelmingly excited is akin to being a red-blooded healthy male. The younger a man is, the more excitable he tends to be. It's common that the first few times young, inexperienced men have sex with a partner, they have trouble controlling their response. Since we haven't been taught any other way, we just blindly follow the natural flood surging inside us and soon our pants are wet. So many men simply haven't learned that there is another way to deal with this huge sexual energy build-up. If you're young, patient, and willing to wait a decade or three, high excitability will mellow with age. If you'd like a solution sooner, read on.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Tension & Anxiety

The BIG secret (can you be trusted with it?) to unlimited sexual energy, enabling you to make love over and over and over again with your partner is this: RELAXATION. There are so many things that can create tension and anxiety in the scary arena of sex that its actually astounding how many men learn to pace themselves in the sack. Here are just a few of the common stresses that can cause too-rapid cumming... time pressure; self-doubt; religious guilt or thinking that sex is bad, dirty, or immoral; fear of getting caught; tiredness or sickness; relationship stress; worries about pregnancy or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases); performance anxiety (am I good enough to satisfy my partner?); and trying not to cum. Can you believe that last one?!? Thinking about not squirting can actually make you more likely to blow too soon. Yes, amazing, but true.

Men are Conditioned to Go Fast

Sex therapists claim that climaxing quickly may begin during youth and then become an unconscious, physically ingrained habit that persists later in life. Haven't most of us grown up being afraid of getting discovered having sex? Remember, many of our first sexual encounters were rushing it in the back seat of our dad's Chevy or on the living room couch with the folks due back any minute. We were so worried about getting caught in the act, that sex was often hurried and unsatisfying. And what about making it with your first true loveyour hand? To limit our chances of being found out, masturbating as quickly as possible for a fast release was the norm. Shama says...

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


"Men are programmed to believe that it's best not to be caught masturbating for a myriad of reasons. This is often done in stealth and quickly to obtain pleasure and release. It also tends to set up a certain habit of tension in the body, where sexual matters are concerned, that becomes the pattern for other sexual experiences later on. So first, men masturbate and cum quickly in the shower or in their beds, hoping not to get caught. Then they make love with their girlfriends in the back seat of the car or in their room, still hoping not to get caught. And they carry this into the rest of their lives and marriages, not knowing that there can be any other way. What does this all mean? In short, from the moment YOU were aware of sex, youve always engaged in it in a hurried and tense-filled way; always afraid of getting caught. The result? Your whole mind and body is subconsciously predisposed to hurry up with sex even if you want to last all night with your lover.

The Race to Reaching an Orgasm

We live in a world structured around goals, standards, and living up to expectations. So what's the media-driven performance standard for the ideal macho male lover? You know women so well. You serve to please any and all women. Your goal is to get them in your bed. And yet, after all your planning and scheming to get her in your bed, you engage in lovemaking that lasts for just a few minutes! And yes, in a wild release proving that you're the best stud in the world, you fuck her lick crazy until you both have a monstrous orgasm simultaneously. The Big O (a strong explosive orgasm) is what our sexually repressed and un-evolved society measures us against. We're raised with the belief that the purpose of making love is to release all that pent-up sexual energy with the most intense orgasm possible. Often too, we get trapped in our partner's similar belief (for her part, driven by long periods of being unsatisfied sexually). As wonderful as experiencing the Big O is, you might be surprised to learn how important many other things are (e.g., cuddling, caring, sensitivity) to the average woman. In fact, studies show that about 70% of women would choose intimacy over sex any day. Simply put, we're programmed to rush headlong toward orgasm as fast as we can go. In our haste, we miss so many sensations and experiences along the way. The Western view of sex is a race to the climax, after which lovers physically collapse. Last All Night is closer to the Eastern view of physical love, which slowly brings both partners to higher and higher heights of ecstasy, time and time again. That's what youre going to master here.

The Mind as a Sex Organ

Without doubt, the mind is a powerful sex organ. Tantra teacher, Dr. Anastas Harris, teaches that "where attention goes, energy flows". Simply put, if you focus on pleasure, then your experience becomes more intense; think about not cumming and the end result is that you will do it anyway (because you focused on cumming).

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


We all attract what we focus on. For example, if your whole attention is on your testicles, then your sexual energy has no where else to go but out that little hole in your little head. If you're intent on the goal of giving your partner an orgasm, then you're likely to attract one too soon - namely one of your own. Case histories of psychological reasons for premature cumming abound. Last All Night is all about learning to last longer in bed, reaching orgasm after orgasm WITHOUT necessarily cumming. The mind's tricks goals you're totally absorbed in or pervading mental images get in the way of you tuning into the present moment. With these consuming internal distractions, how can you truly appreciate what's happening while having sex? Instead, you need to shift your attention into the now and onto your senses, whole body, feelings, and sensations - all the sources of pleasure imaginable. Lots more about this later. So, what DO you do? The essence of Last All Night is to get out of your head and into your body. Relax and stay in the moment, tuning into those wonderful feelings emanating from your sensitive places. Drop all your standards and goals and just ride the wave of energy. Don't push yourself or your partner towards the Big O. When you learn to surf your sexual energy without attempting to control the outcome, you'll be able to go with the flow in a loose and natural way indefinitely.

Sex as a Separate, Not Joint Experience

In our society, for the most part, sex is a private experience because it's a taboo subject. We hide our insecurities, make rude jokes, and don't talk about it openly. Too many of us obsess about when to make the first move, or how to initiate with a long-time partner instead of joyously enjoying verbal foreplay. No wonder so many of us build up the anxieties and tensions we talked about earlier that can cause premature cumming. We're not taught that sex is communion between souls expressing their basic nature through the divine gift of bodies. Few of us learn to play these instruments in harmony to produce amazing ecstasy. Where do we learn that sex is an energy exchange between conscious beings who want to both give and receive pleasure? When you're desired and accepted for who you are without big expectations about how you need to perform, then you can relax and let nature take its sexual course. That's partly why the Last All Night program requires "partnering" with your lovers. This means being aware of your needs and reactions, talking honestly about them, honoring those of your partner, and playing together as equals. Instead of 'doing' your partner, you'll need to do new-age things like sharing together. (Come on, don't gag, and be open to dramatic change, guys! You're here because you chose to become different, right?) By the way, everything about this e-course is completely applicable to same-gender sex.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Supreme Bliss Tantra teachings have a lot to say about yin and yang energies, which we normally associate with female and male genders. But experienced Tantra practitioners learn that we all have both energies within and can act on both if we practice. We've tried to make the language inoffensive to gay and lesbian partners but we probably haven't done a perfect job. So please accept this disclaimer that everything included is applicable and intended for everyone. In fact, S.E.X. or Subtle Energy eXchange probably applies even more for same sex partners. Different partners have different sexual responses. We've been with women who could cum very quickly, but most need lots of stimulation. For most men, they like a lot of touching all over their bodies. If the penis gets too much attention too quickly, the rest of him doesn't get turned on and it's all over for him and his partner. So who's responsible for seeing that each partner gets the things that bring them the most pleasure? We each are fully responsible. Partnering means speaking your needs and honoring those of your partners. If we do anything else, we set up the dynamics that produce stress, mystery, and tension - a surefire prescription for blowing your wad unexpectedly. If you're single and searching for a partner to satisfy sexually, this whole view of sex as communion may sound even more challenging than finding someone willing to jump in the sack. If you expect that you alone will be able to satisfy any woman without their cooperation, you're laboring under a big delusion my friend. Drop the whole concept that it's your job alone to satisfy your partner. This is a mutual dance and that's the way most women love it. Later, youll learn how to broach this delicate subject with potential partners that will make you seem more desirable to them, not less.

The Culprit Called Prostatitis

Being part of the first emission phase of cumming, the prostate gland is a vital component of your sexual equipment. If it's inflamed or enlarged, called prostatitis, it can easily make you more sensitive to stimulation and more likely to cum at a moment's notice. If you're very sensitive down there or have trouble peeing, get a referral from your physician to an urologist who'll will check you out. And if you're taking any prescription drugs, discuss sexual side effects that you could be experiencing. Fortunately, there are some natural remedies that can improve your prostate health such as Saw Palmetto and Pygeum, two natural herbs you can get at the health food store. Research has shown that these supplements can help your prostate significantly. While we're on the subject, there are some other common substances that can inflame your prostate and make you more sensitive to cumming. Can you guess what they are? Right, were talking about caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. If you smoke and drink coffee and alcohol, you would be well advised to avoid them during this program. Were not a moralist trying to convince you of your evil ways. We've tried most everything and believe in whatever brings pleasure. What were warning you about is irritating your prostate; it's just a medical fact.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Alcohol and smoking are the top reasons that men over 30 have erection problems. Other medications and recreational drugs can have significant affects on your sexual mastery as well. Luckily for you, Last All Night, being completely natural, will go better if you eat well and avoid any stimulants that inflame your prostate.

Good Health = Good Sex!

Ok, heres a no-brainer for you sex requires energy, which is drawn from your metabolism. If you're in good shape, you'll have the stamina to exercise longer and harder. (Oooh, that was provocative, wasn't it?) Were not just talking about wild athletic fucking. High states of arousal and the physical changes that result, like faster breathing and higher blood pressure, can be very draining. Being fatigued or depleted can contribute to higher-than-average climax sensitivity. Consequently, if your health is less than stellar, you may be more likely to cum involuntarily. Some overweight men also tend to be cum more easily. The kind of food you eat can be more draining than energizing. Experts advise that a healthy diet that nourishes the body can contribute to sexual well-being. Moderate exercise helps by stimulating the metabolic pathways you draw on during sex. In short, you should attack achieving unlimited sexual stamina from all angles, including the items that affect your overall health. Think of it this way: if you're trying to fix one cylinder of a V8 engine, it may never run smoothly at top speed if the others are weak.

Psychological Blocks
Lets take the view which works more than 95% of the time. That view is that using the Last All Night e-course is simply a retraining process. However, we do want to alert you to the chance that something deeper in the mind can block your progress. There is a segment of men who frequently cum too quickly because of unresolved psychological issues. Frequently we run across clients who had decent sexual stamina but recently developed a certain frailty between the sheets due to work or relationship stresses. Some of the therapies which can help resolve these blocking energies are... Personal Counseling. Traumatic Incident Reduction. Relationship Counseling. Tantric Sexual Healing.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


If you're not making progress through the practices which follow, or if you're having trouble staying the course with the program, consider consulting with a sex therapist or appropriate professional. With that ultra slim chance mentioned, forget about it and dive head-long now in to the tactics that will make you perform better, greater, longer.

2.3 How Can Supreme Bliss Tantra Help? It's All About the Energy in Your Body
So what is Supreme Bliss Tantra all about? Its about mastering your own energy. This is not about some obscure imaginary new age airy-fairy phenomenon here. Its about physical stuff you feel all the time. How do you become aware of being turned on, or angry, or nervous, or in love? Your internal energy causes sensations in your body. It's what acupuncturists and massage therapists work with every day. To be sure, Tantra teachings first tap on energy thats more subtle than a punch in the face or a mouth sucking you off. But ultimately, subtle energy can be much more powerful than hard fast pumping. Some say that women are generally more sensitive to energy. Maybe so, but of course guys feel it too, some of us strongly. You dont?!? Really? You absolutely sure? So youve never experienced goose bumps? A chill down your spine? Shivers or ticklishness? Or more directly on our subject, how about that tingly warm feeling in your crotch when you see a very shapely female form swaying a wide path down the sidewalk? Guys, in the realm of Supreme Bliss Tantra, the nervous stimulation and physical excitation that causes these feelings is exactly the subtle energy we mean. And with the sex tips and techniques in this e-course, you will learn how to conjure up orgasmic energy, heighten your senses of its effects, magnify its impact, and circulate it around your body so that you experience orgasm after exploding orgasm WITHOUT actually cumming. Why bother learning how to channel energy you ask? To put it bluntly, you need to learn this because if all the energy stays in your cock, the easiest direction for it to move is outwards. That is, you cum. Spread that sexual energy around and you feel great all over without a sudden big gush. As a result, you can have lots of little energy gushes which get bigger and bigger and bigger, culminating in a long series of dry internal energy orgasms. When the energy builds over and over inside, the sensations throughout your body can be much stronger than any little squirt you've ever imagined.

Tantric Sex Principles You'll See Over & Over

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


You have so much sexual exuberance bubbling inside you. Celebrate that wonderful orgasmic energy that makes you cum. If you can master the movement of this powerful energy, why limit these wonderful desires that spring to life? All you need to learn is to direct that powerful urge to cum inward instead of outward. This is the goal of the Last All Night e-course: for you to learn to spread your sexual energy so that it doesnt build up (and be pushed out!) in one area of your body only. And in so doing, you dont just end your sexual pleasure in a few seconds of spasms, but instead prolong a high peak of sexual nirvana you got it ALL NIGHT LONG! So you'll know what to expect, heres some of the basic principles of this e-course. Relax and go with the flow; allow natural forces to run their course. Don't be inhibited and resist healthy impulses. Be supremely conscious of everything while watching and enjoying. Be present in the moment and open your physical senses. Make love on multiple levels: sex, heart, and spirit. Focus on pleasure in the moment, not simply on achieving the Big O. You are responsible for your own pleasure and responses. Know what you desire, what your boundaries are, and voice them. Empty your mind of goals and anxieties; let sex become a timeless, blissful meditation. Allow orgasm to become a sacred energy event, separate from physically cumming.

Now doesn't that sound much better than learning about tight control, always watching yourself, trying not to slip, and feeling bad when you do?

Chakras Learn About Your Energy Centers

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Many ancient cultures, particularly in the East, studied the bodys subtle energies and devised methods to gain greater mastery over them. Common to many practices are the "chakras". These are energy centers or vortices inside the body, residing from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. Though energy is energy, when it's generated in a specific chakra or settles in one, it feels unique and affects you differently than if it came from another place. Why should you care? For two main reasons... 1.) Most love partners want more than just a lust connection from the sex chakra and merging energy at multiple chakras satisfies them immensely. 2.) We'll use the invisible channel that connects the chakras - the inner flute - to move orgasmic energy away from your testicles so it won't make you cum too soon. Here are the common definitions of the seven chakras...

# 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

Location Perineum (base of spine) Belly (2 inches below the navel) Solar Plexus Heart Throat Forehead (3rd eye) Crown (Top of Head)

Function Sex, Survival Body, Sensations Power, Will Love, Compassion Creativity, Expression Perception, Consciousness Divine Connection

The Four Cornerstones of Unlimited Sexual Energy!

Again and again, you'll receive advice in this e-course about the Four Cornerstones of Unlimited Sexual Energy to make you last all night long presence (relaxation, mental focus, and concentration); breathing; sound; and movement.

These may seem like simple physical skills, and they are, but when you use them consciously to get your sexual motor running, they can be ecstatic tools! You might think that you already know what kind of physical attributes (tits, ass, crotch, etc.) turn you on. But those are only external stimuli. The Four Cornerstones are internal tools you can use to energize your own pleasure and steer your own excitement.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


In fact, we'll use these tools to simulate and ultimately create the feelings of orgasm: intense focus on sensations, deep breathing through the mouth, sinuous body vibrations with pelvic thrusts, and moans of pleasure. More importantly, we'll use these Four Cornerstones to spread the overwhelming excitation of sexual play away from the testicles. Many of the exercises in the coming chapters directly utilize these four cornerstones.

2.4 Why Not Cum? The Art of VOLUNTARY Cumming

We know you dont need convincing that lasting longer in bed is a great idea. But please be aware that you can't experience the kind of ecstatic wave we're seeking here if you rush headlong towards orgasm or try to hold yourself back. You have to learn to RELAX into intense pleasure in order to go higher and higher. Guys argue all the time about their confused idea that Tantra means not cumming. It doesn't have to be that way or any way. When you learn to go higher and higher, the simultaneous orgasm with your partner will be incredible. More importantly, when the ecstasy of the ride is greater than the brief spurt at the end, you may never want to cum again. But won't it be nice when it's YOUR choice and you can decide to squirt or not as the mood strikes you?

The Disadvantages of When Your Penis is the Boss

Maybe its not needed anymore. Maybe the mere idea of lasting longer in bed and experiencing the pleasures of sex for HOURS and not mere minutes is enough to convince you that cumming on command is better than cumming involuntarily. But in the slight chance that youre still not convinced, heres what you LOSE cumming too quickly...

Many women are multi-orgasmic because their energy isn't depleted by orgasm. You don't want to cum and be finished and leave her yearning for more do you? Many men's erections don't spring back to life after cumming. For older men, it sometimes takes a couple days to recover their ability to stay hard for long. Sex therapists call this the "refractory period". So having an orgasm without ejaculating lets you repeat lovemaking as quickly and often as you want. Many men release lots of energy when they cum which makes them distant, sleepy, and exhausted. Don't cum and you stay energetic throughout the night!

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Many men lose the desire to continue making love when they blow their wad, suddenly losing that closeness and intimacy women crave. Some describe it as if a power switch was turned off. Many men shut down not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well, cutting off the communion at multiple levels that this e-course can help you achieve.

The Benefits of Cumming-on-Command

And just to leave you with the positive aspects, by not cumming you can... Experience HOURS of orgasmic pleasure instead of just a few seconds of intense release. Undergo continuous ecstasy at its peak throughout your whole body. Stay connected with your partner longer, deeper, and at various levels. Keep your entire body energized. (The Taoists believe that retaining your semen is highly nourishing and the key to longevity!) Fully satisfy your partner's often unfulfilled sexual desires. Satisfy multiple partners one after the other without a break. Promote health, vigor, and mental clarity by retaining your energy. Achieve bigger, stronger, longer-lasting orgasms when you finally choose to cum.

Wow! Just going over the list reminds me of the three main principles of this e-course: practice, practice, and practice!

2.5. The Ultimate Approach to Prolonged Sexual Nirvana The RAMPER Formula
To be a long-lasting lover, you need to master RAMPER which stands for... Relaxation; Awareness; Measuring arousal; Pacing yourself; Energy circulation; and Riding the wave.

Heres a quick introduction to the important aspects of each so you'll know what you'll be practicing beginning in the Chapter 3.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


R = Relaxation
You remember what normally happens to your body when you cum? You tense and contract your pelvic muscles, especially around the butt, anus, stomach, and legs. What do you think would happen if your muscles stayed completely flaccid or loose when you were highly excited? Sorry, that's a scary scenario for guys! Ok, lets try this then. What would happen if you had no tension anywhere? You probably wouldn't cum. This is the simplest technique and the hardest to learn! However, after years of practice, most of our clients finally get pretty good at it. Sometimes all they need to do to avoid cumming is relax their tense muscles and tell their bodies to just chill out. If you can do this right now, then Congratulations! You've graduated from this program already. But chances are it's going to take you a while to master the simplicity of teaching your sexually tense body to relax. But you are getting the point, right? A fundamental feature of Last All Night is relaxing. Why? Being calm and relaxed is the ideal state for lasting longer in bed. Tension blocks your blood flow and your feelings, not to mention the flow of orgasmic energy. When your channels are blocked, your energy collects in your genitals. As it builds up with nowhere else to go, you feel more and more pressure to cum. The energy seeks the path of least resistance (which is out the tip of your penis). When you relax instead, you open your inner channels and let the energy flow in and around your body (as opposed to being concentrated on your dick). As such, you can more easily replace the rush to climax with the desire to savor the sensations in every moment. The idea is to go much slower than the continuous fast pumping you see in porno flicks. Just by going slower you'll be more relaxed. So how do you learn to relax while excited? First, by doing whatever you can to eliminate tension during sexual encounters. So much tension comes from performance anxiety or self-doubt. If you can get out of your head (i.e., the one on top of your shoulders!), you can relax much more easily. Often this requires a special, advanced kind of communication with your lover that we'll talk about later. Being in your head means having expectations about what's going to happen and how you want to perform. THINKING sex is always less fulfilling than FEELING sex. Getting out of your head means letting go of so many of the worries that normally accompany sex, even with long-time partners. It means focusing on NOW instead of the slide-show of pictures flashing inside your brain. Also means dropping goals. If you plan to make your sweetie cum big time, or last 2 hours instead of your previous all-time record of 15 minutes, or be twice as turned on as last time, then you're setting up mental goals. Now maybe this works well for you in business. But when it comes to managing energy inside, it can work against you by taking your awareness out of the moment.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Remember, energy flows where attention goes. So if you have any of these goals in your mind, you'll be comparing your performance against that picture you created in your head. And this is the exact anatomy of tension. The Last All Night e-course is based on letting go of the need to control the outcome of your lovemaking. Your aim instead is to relax and enjoy. Once you learn how to stay loose, be deeply comfortable, and drift with the natural flow of sexual energy, you'll soar with pleasure instead of losing it. How can you learn to relax? In the SOLO Sex Pleasure chapter which follows, youll learn the physical techniques that assist you in mental relaxation. You'll learn how to squeeze your muscles to relax them, especially your sexual muscles. Youll also be reminded to keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth so you don't tense up one of the most important parts of your body: your jaw. Foremost amongst these relaxation techniques is breathing. Remember what happens to your breath when you cum? You start breathing rapidly and panting. What do you think would happen if you knew how to breathe deeply and slowly even while being swamped with ecstatic feelings? You got it, you would be washed inside and out with orgasmic energy without releasing your precious little swimmers. Westerners breathe shallowly and unconsciously. Contrast that with Yoga masters. Some are so aware that they can shut their breathing down to almost nothing and stay in a state of suspended animation for extended periods. Don't get us wrong, were not trying to convert you into any spiritual practice other than sex as meditation. But do you get that Last All Night is more like floating with the current than fighting your way upstream? Relax, and your sexual energy will set you free.

A = Awareness
If you're thinking about making your partner cum and holding back your own precious release, your awareness will be consumed with thoughts of orgasm. This e-course helps you generate incredible mutual orgasms, but without directly targeting them. As mentioned earlier, your focus needs to be on pleasure in the moment. If you can appreciate how great your penis feels now, you'll be more willing and able to relax and go slow. Think of it this way: during lovemaking, stop after every few strokes and just revel in the feeling of how good it is. Do this over and over and over, and you extend the sexual high. In contrast, if you for her to have the Big O, it would make you have a little squirt, which usually makes your penis go into forced retirement.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


To become pleasure-centered, you need to heighten your sensate focus. That means tuning in to all your senses: taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell. It means delighting in every sight, basking in every fragrance, and savoring every sensation. If you become more sensitive to everything that's happening all around and all over your body, you won't have the common situation of untrained lovers: total focus on the genitals. Instead, you can distribute that delicious energy to all your energy centers (chakras). As we just discussed, relaxation helps you to awaken your senses and embrace the sensations in every moment. If you haven't learned to go with the flow and be in the moment without goals or expectations, mental tension will shift your attention away from the feelings of the moment. The exercises in the next chapter may not start very sexually, but trust us you'll soon see how essential they are to your lasting longer sex success! More important to realize though is that those who cum too quickly aren't real great at recognizing the internal signals that could warn them of impending semen flow. If you learn to register every little nuance of every little feeling, going slowly and digesting all their energy, then you're less likely to trip over the point of no return. When you're enjoying every breath, sound, and movement, you'll be supremely conscious of your own level of excitement. And you'll be able to respond to that excitement before it becomes too hard to manage, pushing you over the cliff into a gushing plunge down the chasm. How can you manage your energy flows if you're not completely tuned in to them? You can't. Make it your mission to focus on your feelings. Being present in the moment is one of The Four Cornerstones of sexual energy mastery and it directly impacts your ability to relax. So heighten your senses, feel your feelings, enjoy your pleasure with no agenda, and you'll gradually learn to stay out of your head and into your body. By the way, due to tension and social pressure, many of us find ourselves partying with recreational drugs and alcohol. Again, we don't intend to moralize, but let's just be pragmatic. Although some believe that drugs and alcohol can slow ejaculatory response, they'll also keep you from developing the body awareness that you need to change your lovemaking stamina permanently. Getting high may feel good temporarily, but it makes it much harder to master ejaculatory timing. Thinking about other things - like football or your latest weekend project - can be counterproductive, too, for the same reason. More awareness is the prescription for more manageable pleasure, not less.

M = Measuring Your Level of Arousal

By now you've heard again and again that you have to tune in to your senses and sensations. So what do you do with this sharpened awareness? The M in RAMPER means to monitor and measure your level of arousal. This is not just a scientific experiment but a method of making you more sensitive to what makes you excited. If you know where your excitement level is and what causes it, then you can play spontaneously while stretching out your enjoyment and that of your partner. Then you can take responsibility for your own pleasure, guiding your lovemaking so that you get really turned on and stay there without going too far all of a sudden.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Arousal awareness is complex with lots of subtlety. It's more like a rainbow than black and white. The forces that turn us on aren't always obvious in the moment, and change from time to time. So the M step is all about learning to read yourself so you can know where you're at precisely during sex. Many sex therapists recommend using a 10-point scale for monitoring your level of arousal during practice and sex play. This is one of the main things we'll be focusing on in the coming exercises. (By the way, level of arousal may or may not correspond to the strength or hardness of your erection at any given moment. Some of our clients have cum while soft so a really hard dick doesnt necessarily mean youre at the end of the sex awareness scale.) Here's our version of the scale... 0 = rest state with no arousal 1 = twinge at base of penis 2 = occasional little tingles of pleasure 3 = starting to warm up and feel good 4 = steady hum, low level arousal 5 = pleasure surges feel really good 6 = metabolism increases, really into it & don't want to stop now 7 = continuous rush of pleasure, fast breathing 8 = buzzing inside, electrical current running 9 = intense pleasure, involuntary contractions 9.9 = point of no return, emission phase begins 10 = cumming at expulsion phase As you practice, you'll learn to measure your level of arousal as it climbs towards 9.9, the point of no return. You know the feeling of time stopping, like the movie clip that suddenly goes into slow motion as you watch the car careen over the cliff? You've been enjoying yourself immensely and maybe even feeling far from squirting when all of a sudden you feel those involuntary contractions around your prostate and you know you're going to cum. That's the often uninvited guest, 9.9, buddy. A major part of self-monitoring during your individual practices will be learning how close you can go to 9.9 without squirting. This is a tough thing to accept, guys, but you're going to have to play with yourself over and over again as you learn this system. Bummer! So prepare! If you don't already, you're going to have to learn to enjoy giving yourself pleasure. Sorry, doctor's orders.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


P = Pacing Yourself
OK, you've relaxed. You've become more sensitive. You've measured how good it feels. Will these change your stamina dramatically? Well, maybe. But, seriously, the RAM part of RAMPER is simply vital preparation for the P step, which stands for Pacing yourself. Nah, we take that back. P stands for Pleasure. If your focus is on pleasure and not orgasm, then you won't be rushing headlong towards a destination. You won't be in a race towards the finish line. You won't have a schedule to meet. You'll just slow down and enjoy. That's a big part of pacing. And if you learn how to make the pleasure you enjoy greater than any quick dribble you've ever experienced, you'll want to pace yourself for more, More, and MORE!

Later in this e-course, we'll talk about what to do with partners who get so excited that they don't let you pace yourself. Sure, that happens and in their rush to orgasm they'll drag you over the precipice. And if you both cum together, wonderful! But when push comes to shove, what most lovers really want is for you last all night long. So eventually, with the right kind of guidance, they'll listen to reason and let you make mad, sexually euphoric love to them all night long! Last All Night is all about learning to ride the edge, that fine line between absorbing all the pleasure you can take, and taking too much all at once and cumming. Like what we mentioned before, you'll rarely come across talk about control for this reason. Control makes you tight, tense, and rigid, the complete opposite of relaxation. Control requires you to set standards and watch yourself all the time, stopping the flow of your energy to pull yourself back from the brink. Riding the edge is relaxed, more like skipping from wave top to wave top than fighting the surf with strong steering motions and lots of big throttle adjustments. When you ride the wave, you relax, savor the sweet sensations, and gradually and gently add little bits of arousal as you can take it.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


The key to P = Pacing Yourself is two more P words, peaking and plateauing. Peaking is...


Adjusting the stimuli that give you sudden surges of arousal so you come back down without going over the top. If you graphed peaking it would look like a steep ascent and then a steep descent, which is how it got its name.

T u r n O n Time

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Plateauing is the advanced skill that you learn once you get good at peaking. Plateauing means...

Learning to maintain a high level of arousal without backing off.

Now you see what relaxing, awareness, and measuring will do for you? They're the essential tools you use to recognize when you're reaching a peak that's too close to the point of no return.

T u r n O n Time

This heightened sensitivity in that moment that lets you stop soon enough. When you master getting close to 9.9 and backing off, then you'll learn even subtler adjustments so you can enjoy plateaus for long periods of time. Some call these "valley orgasms" because their arousal curve flattens out instead of peaking up sharply. Oh yes, before we forget, there's an important section in this e-course called Interrupting Semen from Erupting, which assists you with learning to peak. It will show you more than half-a-dozen physical techniques you can apply to stop squirting when you stray too close to the 9.9 level of arousal. A word of advice; were not really fans of these particular techniques for two reasons. Firstly, stopping something from happening isn't really Tantric, which preaches going with the flow. Secondly, not many men can master this on-and-off technique. Still, in the interest of giving you the whole picture, weve included this section.

E = Energy Circulation
E stands for energy and circulating it away from your genitals. But it could also stand for Ecstasy. Due to the fact that most men are programmed to rush towards the Big O, we come into the arena of loveplay frequently tempted to release our sexual energy through explosive orgasms. It's what books, flicks, and locker room talk glorifies. That's the accepted concept of good sex in most people's minds. Who among us has been fortunate enough to be initiated reverently and openly into the higher dimensions of sacred sex? Few, if any.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


So here's a vital part of your initiation, you lucky stiff. Instead of shooting for the Big O, as your arousal builds, spread your energy up, around, and throughout your body, allowing it to carry you to higher and higher levels of pleasure. Some say it will fuel your brain with cosmic energy and give you psychedelic visions. Whatever. Not only will it feel ecstatic, but since you won't be depleting your energy, you'll be able to last and last and last all night. How do you do it? Simply explained, you channel your sexual energy up your inner flute from your first chakra (the sex center at the base of the spine) so your little head doesn't explode in a gush of semen. You redirect your orgasmic energy primarily by using the four cornerstones: presence, breath, sound, and movement. Admittedly, learning it may not be as simple as describing it. That's a big reason why there are so many exercises is this e-course! For some, channeling sexual energy throughout ones body comes naturally. For others, this may take months practice. But dont despair! Once you learn to circulate (move, run, channel) energy, you will experience amazingly powerful sexual sensations. Imagine what it feels like when the excitation that makes your penis pulse and throb infuses parts of your body! You will feel hot and tingly all over. Your feet will feel like your throbbing penis. Your head will feel like its on sexual fire. Pretty soon your body will undulate and shake wildly as if you were cumming but bless this ecourse you wont be! Your WHOLE body will just be racked by intense spasms of pleasure WITHOUT squirting any juice. And without cumming, imagine how long you can keep feeling like this! So, the E in RAMPER is about channeling your orgasmic energy elsewhere in your body. Where does it go and what does it do? Well, first off, it moves to your heart and energizes your love center. You know how women are always squawking about finding a sensitive guy? They'll love you when your heart is activated by sexual energy. And when one of your chakras is really turned on, you can flood your partner's equivalent chakra with your energy. Circulating energy then becomes a sharing exercise as well as an internal one. We've talked about the four orgasmic keys - presence, breath, sound, and movement - to amplify your energy and feel more passion. These are the primary tools of running energy - visualizing that juice spreading inside, breathing deep in the belly, moaning with pleasure, rocking your hips, and squeezing your sexual muscles - which pumps energy up your inner flute.

By the way, after lots of practice (personal) and lots of testimonials from clients (professional), weve found out that uttering love sounds releases energy that would otherwise just settle in your genitals. If you're the macho silent type, it may take some getting used to. But it's well worth it. Believe us, your partners will love to hear how turned on you are, too.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


As discussed previously, the net impact of running energy is learning to separate cumming from reaching an orgasm. When you're relaxed inside and super turned on, the contractions around your prostate that initiate the emission of semen don't have to be activated. When the energy becomes intense, you can still have those powerful pelvic muscle contractions that feel so wonderful. That's what causes a dry orgasm, a long series of slow pleasurable spasms without ejaculating and with a rush of energy. We call these "implosive orgasms" because the energy gets pumped back inside so it can circulate over and over again. The best news of all? When you experience a dry implosive orgasm, all of a sudden your arousal decreases dramatically. However, on the other side of that peak, youre suddenly less sensitive. So you can stroke faster and let your excitement build slowly again. By circulating sexual energy around your body while peaking, how close you get to 9.9 comes and goes. If you play it right, sexual stamina truly becomes unlimited.

R = Riding the Orgasmic Wave

When you retain your energy inside, sexual pleasure rises to higher and higher levels. That's why the acronym RAMPER is so apt, describing how your pleasure ramps up. Those of us who cum quickly never experience these escalating plateaus. We never develop our capacity to absorb more and more pleasure. When we finally do, it feels like ecstatic waves surging inside. What was a 9 on the arousal scale half-an-hour ago now becomes just a 6. And when you get back up to 9, it's so much more. That's what R is about. Here's what one of the authors, Jeffre TallTrees Ph.D, says about sex... "Straight pumping is boring and makes me numb. I really love to go slow, like pump, pump, pump, and relax. I just let the energy wash over me. Then a few more strokes and the orgasmic waves, little implosive orgasms, roll through me. By doing this over and over again and again, I eventually get to higher and higher plateaus." Do you see now how you reach prolonged sexual stamina through the Last All Night e-course? You relax and heighten your awareness of your senses to open yourself to subtle energy. By measuring your arousal, you learn to pace, peak, and plateau. This builds up intense energy, which you circulate around your body instead of exploding in one, quick semen flow. Then the wave takes you, and you just float, float, and float in a sea of sexual pleasure baby. When your energy rises to your spiritual centers, the higher chakras, you'll find a natural calming and blissful feeling engulf you. It's as if your orgasmic energy is fueling your soul's psychic nature. This is also why we call this particular erotic state sexual meditation. Some describe this as feeling like a hollow bamboo with a never-ending supply of energy running between the earth to the sky through your body. Tantric sex also uses the same body parts and erogenous zones you see in X-rated flicks. But the actions inside and out are vastly different. Tantric sex, being as much spiritual as it is physical, looks slow and conscious. It's not focused on orgasm, but on building pleasure and making it last forever. This takes harmony, openness, and lots of communication between partners.

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


As you play more and more with the same partner, you'll undoubtedly learn moves that please them and cues that tip you when to use them. When you meditate sexually together, you must each be totally centered and responsible for your own personal experience. Lovers want different things at different times. Even the most skilled lovers can't always predict the whims and changes erupting in spontaneous love play. So both partners must be tuned in to themselves as well as to each other. And this only works when you welcome guidance from your lover, whether verbal or subtle. If you're single and trying to attract a partner, or have one who's into a totally different experience, riding the kind of orgasmic wave we've just described may conjure up problems. For instance, you may be good at orgasmic mastery, but if youre with someone whos a more pump, pump, and pump partner, you will still probably cum quickly. There are different styles of lovers and we're not all compatible with each other. Later we'll show you how to motivate, encourage, guide, and coach potential or current sex partners so you can both appreciate and enjoy all night lovemaking!

2008 Gabrielle Moore, Somraj Pokras & Jeffrey TallTrees, Ph.D


Gabrielle Moores Intimate Sex Tools

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2. How to Maximize A Female Orgasm (And it works!)

Just like in establishing a happy and secure romantic relationship, achieving a smooth and pleasurefilledsexualrelationshiprequiresanexperimentalandgiveandtakeunderstandingfrom youandyourpartner.Sinceitisafactthatsexplaysabigpartinbuildingandfoundingafulfilling relationshipwithyourlover,havingconfidenceinyourselfaswellasinyoursexualityisimportant tohaveasmoothandgratifyingsexualbondwithsomeone. Yes,sexisapleasurableandveryintimateactthatissharedbytwopeople,butveryfewcouples truly enjoy it. According to scientific studies, women rarely achieve orgasm when they have sex with their partners. Not always achieving orgasm on the part of the women does not mean, though,thattheydonotenjoysex. Now,ifyourarelyachievethepeakofyourpleasureeverytimeyouhavesex,youprobablydonot knowhowtomaximizeyourorgasm.Yousee,thepinnaclepleasureofhavingsexisnotachieved atjustone clickofyourfinger.Youcanalsonotputtheburdenofexperiencingorgasmtoyour partner,foritstilldependsonyourbody'ssexualityandresponses.Thereare,however,anumber of ways on how to maximize and experience an overwhelming orgasm. You only need to cut yourselffromyourgoalofexperiencingittoactuallyhaveit. TheNeedforForeplay To maximize your orgasm, you need to relax and just enjoy your intimate moment with your partner. Do not focus too seriously on achieving orgasm. If your mind is too preoccupied with thoughtsandworries,thechancesofreachingyoursexualpeakcanoutrightdwindle.Youshould focus instead on your partner's body and how it connects and responds to yours. This way, you canconcentratemoreonthemovementsandsensationsofyourbodies.Thetrueessenceofsexis tofeel,react,andenjoy. Duringforeplay,especiallyifyouhaveanyproblemswithvaginaldryness,youmaywanttousea lubricant. Even better yet, try Vigorelle cream, a product specifically designed for a women's pleasure.Anallnaturalcream,Vigorellecanhelptakeyouovertheedgetowardsmindblowing, explosiveorgasms.Ontheheatofthemoment,youandyourpartnertendtoproceedtosexeven withoutforeplay.Sometimes,theexcitementofsexissopowerfulitthenleadstoaquicksex,thus reducingthetimeforforeplayortopassiteventually.Foreplayplaysanessentialpartinreaching orgasm,foritcanalwaysbringyoutoaheightoflastingpleasure.Itinvolvesteasingeachother's bodiesthroughfondling,kissing,andpetting.Inthismoment,you'llfeelanincreasedheartrate, sexual organ swelling, quicker breathing, and excessive lubrication. For you to experience a

fulfillingorgasm,foreplayshouldnotbeforgottenorskippedwhenyouarehavingsexwithyour partner. CommunicatingSexualFantasies Moreover,havingasexualfantasyisalsoaperfectwaytomaximizeyourorgasm.Itisa proven factthatitisnormalforanyindividualtohaveprivatethoughtsandfantasiesprocessingontheir minds every time they have sex with their partners. Aside from having intense sexual fantasies, you can also try roleplaying scenes with your beloved. This way, you will not only share and actually act out your fantasies with your special someone, but you will also enjoy and achieve extremepleasureoutofit. Communicating with your partner is another important aspect of maximizing your orgasm. By simplysharingyoursexualwantsanddesireswithyourpartner,itistheneasierforyouandyour partnertoachievesexualnirvana.Talkingaboutthethingsyoubothwanttodoinbedwillsurely makeyoursexualbondevenmorefruitfulandexciting.Womenaretheoneswhousuallyinitiate thetalking.Itisbesttotrydiscussingbedissueswithmalepartnersinagentleandindirectway. SelfinducedPleasure Masturbationisalsooneofthebestwaystolearnhowtoachieveapowerfulorgasm.Selfpractice is oftentimes effective in determining your body's pleasure spots as you tend to familiarize yourselfwithyourownsexuality.Rememberthatthemoreyougettoachievepleasureonyour ownthebetterchanceyou'llexperiencethesameorgasmicstatewithyourpartner.Rememberto usealittleVigorelletoaidlubricationandintensifyyourpleasure! Vibratorsworkbestonwomenastheseheightenpleasureanddesireinanopressuresituation. Theemphasisonusingthistypeofequipmentistoknowwhatfeelspleasurableandgoodforyou. Men,meanwhile,cantryotherwaysofmasturbatingtohaveamorefulfillingorgasm.Somemen masturbate just to satisfy sudden sexual urges, not knowing that it can help them determine stronger and lasting pleasure points by experimenting with their strokes. In practicing masturbationstrokes,menshouldlearntotaketheirtimeandjustsavorthesensation. GoodHealth,MaximumPleasure Beinginthemoodandhavingapositivesexualenergycanensureamorefulfillingandsatisfying sexual relationship with your partner. Since being healthy helps you in participating well in pleasurefilled sexual activities, it is important to keep your body always fit and strong. To maintainahealthyphysique,youcantrytakinghealthsupplementproductsthatareformulated toboostenergylevelsandstabilizemoodswings. Overall, achieving or maximizing orgasm is not that difficult as most people thought so. What's more important is to try the most natural and easiest ways to discover your sexuality for it will eventuallyhelpyouachieveasatisfyingandexcitingsexualrelationship.Justenjoy,havefun,and never be embarrassed to share with your partner what excites you. Remember that sex with a belovedortrustedpartnerissupposedtobefun.Justletgoofworriesandtakethetimetorelive thewonderfulbondandfeelingbetweenyouandyourpartner.

3. Lubricating your Way to Sexual Pleasure

Sincetimeimmemorial,manhascontinuouslysoughtwaystogivehimselfsexualpleasure.These include experimenting on a wide variety of devices such as condoms and lubricants. Condoms have traditionally been targeted for men while lubricants have been obviously for women, although in recent years, modern technology has come up with the female version of condoms andalubricantknownforbeingapplicableonthemalesexorgan. While condoms are strictly known as contraceptive devices and protection against sexually transmitted diseases, lubricants are largely intended to give sexual pleasure, thereby making sexualintercoursemoreenjoyable.Theycanablydothisbyprovidingtheneededfluidtomake theintimateareaofthehumanbodywet,andtherebyslippery,makingforatotallypleasurable sexualexperience. Ofcourse,inthecaseofawoman,herphysicalcompositionhasbeenspecificallybuilttolubricate itself, so that in most cases, the need for a sex lubricant is done away with. Still, in several instances,lubricantsbecomequiteessential,ifonlytomakesexevenmoreenjoyable,andatthe sametime,toprovideasenseofadventuretoanotherwisenormalact. Additionally, lubricants are known to reduce friction during intercourse, enhancing the sexual pleasures that both partners feel. Aside from that, using lubricants eliminates the chances of damage taking place in the genital tissues which are obviously quite sensitive. This is especially trueincaseswhenawomanexperiencesvaginaldryness,whichisactuallyanormaloccurrence. This is basically because estrogen production tends to fluctuate at times, resulting to vaginal dryness,andthisusuallyhappensduringspecifictimes,namely,duringawoman'smonthlyperiod, duringstressedoutmoments,andduringintercoursewhenacondomisusedwithoutalubricant. Some women, meanwhile, make use of lubricants in order to increase their cervical fluid count, andthisisgenerallyacceptable,althoughitmustbepointedoutthatlubricantsarenotsupposed toreplacethenaturalfluidthatawomanproduceswhensexuallyaroused.Atmost,theyshould merely be resorted to in order to stimulate the cervix to produce the said fluids in significantly largeramountssothatsexbecomestrulyenjoyable,especiallyforwomen. Sexuallubricantscomeinawidevarietyofforms,withvariationsoftencenteredintheareasof texture, taste, smell, and flavor. Typically, however, lubricants are commonly available in three distinctkindsnamelywaterbased,siliconebased,andoilbased. Ifoneispracticingsafesex,thegeneralrecommendationistouseeithersiliconebasedorwater based sexual lubricants since these are both considered condomfriendly. Oilbased types are known to destroy latex, the main component of most modernday condoms, and will not effectively work with them in preventing the further spread of sexually transmitted diseases, includingHIV.

Thechoiceofwhichlubricanttypetouseisreallyaquestionofpreferencebecauseeachonehas its own share of advantages and disadvantages. For example, lubricants based on water are far morepopularandcomparativelycheaper.They canalsobeeasilyremovedfromthebodyaside frombeingavailableinvarioustypessuchaswarmingandflavored. Siliconbased sexual lubricants, meanwhile, are known to be more expensive and can only be removedfromtheskinbymeansofwaterandsoap.However,theydohavetheadvantageofnot drying up or evaporating since they do not have water ingredients, aside from the fact that the skinwillnotgettoabsorbthem. For its part, oilbased sexual lubricants are often recommended for masturbation since they usuallystaylongerandarequiteslick.Thedownsideofitisthatthemaincomponent,petroleum, is known to destroy a wide variety of sexual contraceptives like condoms, diaphragms, sponges, cervicalcaps,andotherdevicesthatarelatexbased.Someoilbasedproductsarealsoknownfor producing a thick coating around the vaginal walls. Over time, this becomes difficult to remove, pavingthewayfortheformationofgenitalbacteriasandinfections. Manysexuallubricantshavebeenoutinthemarketforyears,withsomeofthemablycreatinga good and credible name among their patrons. Thus far, waterbased types are still the most popularoflubricants,primarilybecausetheyoffernosignificantsideeffectstousers,makingthem relatively safe to use. Recent studies, however, have centered around parabens, a known preservative utilized in a number of waterformed sexual lubricants, ostensibly to prevent the possiblegrowthofmicrobesandbacterias. Using preservatives in many lubricants is an accepted practice since the potential for bacterial growth is quite great given the kind of ingredients that most lubricants carry. However, studies showthatseveralbreasttumorcasescontaintheparabenselement,givingrisetothepossibility thatparabensactuallycontributestobreastcancer. Anotherstudyindicatesthepossiblelinkofparabenstoskinaging.Thepreservativeisknownto becapableofsensitizingtheskin,makingitvulnerabletoallergies.Eventually,theprocessissaid to adversely affect the skin, by inhibiting the creation of new cells and thereby accelerating the processofaging. The studies are still considered by many to be quite inconclusive as they only involved a fairly smallsegmentoftheaffectedpopulation.Thus,forthemostpart,waterbasedsexuallubricants are still userfriendly, even with the presence of parabens. Nevertheless, just to be on the safe side, it is always best to settle for lubricants that contain natural ingredients like herbal plant extracts.VigRXOilisonesuchproductandalsohappenstobewaterbased. SomepeoplemaynotfindVigRXOiltobestrictlyasexuallubricant.Yet,consideringthefactthat itisgenerallyusedpriortointercourseandisintendedtoenhancethepleasuresthataccompany the act, there is little doubt that VigRX Oil is indeed an excellent lubricant. Of course, the big differencebetweenVigRXOilandmostotherlubricantsisthattheformerisprincipallymarketed forthemalepopulation.Definitely,thisisoneinnovationthatwillgoalongwayinadvancingthe causeofsexualintimacy. ClickheretostartusingVigRXoil,to"lubricate"yourwaytosexualpleasure!!!