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An UrbAn PArtnershiP GroUP enterPrise

annual report


, Chair s report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 , Chief exeCutive s report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 urban partnership Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 , Masbro Children s Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 parentinG support serviCe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Masbro Youth Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 , older people s serviCe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Careers adviCe & GuidanCe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Masbro suMMer partY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 aCCounts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 personnel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 list of volunteers & aCknowledGeMents . . . 20

,s report Chair
Positive developments over the year have been the confirmation of the Masbro Children’s Centre as a hub with three satellite centres Broadway, Barons Court Library and edward Woods estate. The Centre works with vulnerable families to deliver a programme of valuable services on parenting, school readiness for children and work readiness for parents. The development of an outreach programme to compensate for the loss of the Opportunities Centre and First Base last year has ensured that we have a key role to play in the north of the Borough. Our role as the lead for Big Local “Getting People Involved” programme in the Wormholt and White City area gives local residents a real opportunity to act on their own needs and make their areas better places to live in now and in the future. uPG has played an important role in the establishment of the newly formed White City Neighbourhood Forum and will continue to support this residents group through secretarial support and the children and families network. We are indebted to a range of funders including Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Clothworkers Foundation, John Lyons Charity, Big Lottery, Skills Funding Agency and Sure Start. We aim to continue a package of funding options from trusts and businesses to develop and deliver more services. uPG provides holistic solutions to complex problems within mixed communities and cultural diversity. We aim to remain in the forefront of change and innovation to meet the emerging needs of the recession and the displacement of marginalised communities in a more market driven economy.

Chief exeCutive report


has been a year of reorganisation, implementation and change as the urban Partnership Group has successfully coped with the changing funding environment not only in the Borough but across the country.


n a year which has demonstrated how fiercely competitive the funding environment has become, we have been successful in securing a number of contracts for careers advice, adult learning, youth, children centres and parenting. Key to our success has been our work to enable and inspire local communities to build futures around wealth, health and wellbeing. The Masbro Centre is a unique resource. With a footfall of 2000 people a week this is a “one stop shop” for services to the local community. Other initiatives include a refurbished gym and plans to refurbish the sports pitch roof. We have given 5 apprentices the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience and NVQ3 qualifications in childcare and business administration thanks to the support of the Renaissance Skills Centre. Volunteering is a key element of our service delivery and we have been ably supported by an army of volunteers for our hugely successful Masbro summer party, delivering befriending and outings for isolated older people, and office and administrative support. Another feature has been the support of local businesses who have taken on challenges such as painting the classrooms and gym as well as helping to organise the Christmas Party for older people. On a sad note I have to report the loss of one of our distinguished Board members, Ken Martindale, who died on 5th January 2011. A tireless civil rights campaigner, his organisation the Black British Heritage Group, was instrumental in bringing black history to life in Hammersmith and Fulham with the naming of Marcus Garvey Park and historical black history tours in the Borough. He is missed but not forgotten. Ken leaves a legacy of black history that not only finds resonance today but also for future generations. Along with Harry, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the Board, staff, volunteers and funders for their support over the year.

2011 has been a year of reorganisation, implementation and change

With a footfall of 2000 people a week Masbro is a ‘one stop shop’ for services to the local community

Harry Audley


CHAIR November, 2011



ndy Sharpe
CHIeF exeCuTIVe November, 2011

urban partnership Group
He uRBAN PAeRTNeRSHIP GROuP (uPG) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It is core funded by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham with additional support from central government agencies, grant making trusts, foundations and local businesses. uPG is run by a board of directors that meets every two to three months to agree upon the strategic direction of the organisation.
The overall mission of the Urban Partnership Group is to build community involvement in economic, social and environmental regeneration in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and the west London surrounding areas.


, upG s aiMs

promote the health, leisure, social welfare and •Enhance andenvironment of people in the Borough of Hammersmith & community and remove discrimination •Reduce inequalitiesin disadvantaged groups andand other causes of social exclusion communities in Fulham and surrounding areas.

is a microcosm of  The Masbro Centreopportunities forthe world under one roof, with all 

Rebuild and improve opportunities • people tocommunitiesin work and other aspects offor disadvantaged participate community life. Continually improve the delivery of services and • innovative solutions to meet changing local needsimplement and community aspirations.

order to ensure that the Borough is a place where everyone has the opportunity to live healthy and prosperous lives in tolerant, caring communities.



Masbro Childeren s Centre
the provision of high quality care is improving outcomes for young children and their families with a particular focus on the most disadvantaged


We believe that the provision of high quality care contributes to the present and future economic and social wellbeing of the families that we work with. The remit of Masbro Children’s Centre Hub and Spoke model is to provide high quality services and activities that contribute to the ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes. The synergies with the Parenting Co-ordinator Service programme provides added value to the core offer of our programme with an integrated approach and

planned targeted evidence based interventions. This addresses the governments remit in ‘Improving outcomes for young children and their families, with a particular focus on the most disadvantaged families, in order to reduce inequalities in:

• Child development & school readiness
Supported by improved:

HAS BeeN a very exciting year for Masbro Children’s Centre. With the councils’ reconfiguration of the Children’s Centres, Masbro Children’s Centre has become one of the leading Hub and Spoke models in Hammersmith and Fulham. Our spoke centres consist of Masbro Brook Green Centre and Barons Court Library in addition to these centres we also deliver services at edward Woods Community Centre.


• parenting aspiration, self esteem & parenting skills • Child and family health and life chances.

soMe of our aChieveMents
Child & faMilY health & life ChanCes

45 24 50 D

parents registered on the Healthy Lifestyles cooking sessions parents registered on Vital Energy fitness classes

parentinG aspirations, self esteeM & parentinG skills

Child developMent & sChool readiness’

Masbro Children’s Centre has been a welcoming host to all our coffee morning sessions for parents of disabled children.

plus parents signposted to the Careers Advice & Guidance (see page 13) elivery of Change for Families project incorporating the Wishes (5 staff trained as mentors) and Take One Day programmes Our Outreach Workers work in close partnerships with other services around the family. We believe that small steps for families can transform lives, whether it is through sign posting for intensive specialist support, parenting classes or 1:1 support to access services.

15 32 1 35

parents supported in 1 : 1 Triple P sessions

Parents registered on Group Triple P sessions parent trained in delivery of Triple P and supported Arabic speaking sessions



children referred to the 2 year/3 year offer (supporting children to access a nursery place)

42 60

families with complex needs received support

260 6 12 22 34

plus families a week accessing universal and creche sessions families attending Sparkle Time group

families referred to the Music Therapy sessions children referred to the Speech & Language Team

families accessed the Learning Journey sessions and Rising Threes / Transitions to school

parents registered on ESOL classes

Lone parents families registered and attending

parentinG support serviCe
I have taken everything you have taught me and have noticed a huge improvement in my son’s behaviour

training and enquiries, and further funding acquired from London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has ensured it will be able to continue to offer this expertise to the borough’s residents for the foreseeable future.

He PAReNTING CO-ORdINATOR SeRVICe, running now for three years, continues to go from strength to strength. 2011 has been another busy year for the service, with hundreds of families across the borough benefitting from attending parenting groups such as ‘Triple P’ and ‘Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities’.


fundinG for a new “parentinG partnership” projeCt
UPG are proud to announce their success in fundraising for a further 3 year parenting project: ‘The Parenting Partnership’. This project, funded by the Big Lottery, is an innovative project that will support over 300 parents to access parenting groups run across the borough between January 2012 and December 2014. These evidence based parenting groups, known to have significant positive impacts on families and run by skilled parenting practitioners, will support parents to gain self confidence and empowerment through increasing their ability to manage their child’s behaviour and support their development. The project will go on to train and support empowered parents to run their own parent groups themselves, in their own neighbourhoods, creating a network of sustainable support for families.

The course encouraged parents to look at their child’s behaviour, but also to look at their own behaviour I found the course very helpful – I learnt how to stick to my word

 

Triple P saved my life

 

This year sadly saw the end of the Father’s Development Service at Masbro. While this project was funded for just one year, a range of good work was undertaken in this time. This includes training in Engaging Fathers and Hit the Ground Crawling to over 100 practitioner’s from across the borough, and the production of the Dad’s Play book.

a biG thank You!
Thank you to the John Lyon’s Charity which provided 3 years of funding to Urban Partnership Group for the Parenting Co-ordinator Service. This funding has supported hundreds of parents, including young and teenage parents, to build their confidence, and gain key strategies to support their child’s development and behaviour.


The termly parenting programme produced by the service is sent out to schools, community centres, and all child and family services, ensuring that across the borough parents are made aware of the range of parenting support that is available to them. This year

has seen exciting new ventures in parenting such as groups run in Arabic and Somali, and groups specifically supporting parents of children with special educational needs. This service continues to operate as the hub for all Hammersmith and Fulham parenting support,

Masbro Youth Club

This year has seen a change in staff at the youth club, and we sadly said goodbye to Yomi Gbadamosi and Simon Miller after many years of work at the club. Young people in the area have grown up with Simon and Yomi, and we thank them for their hard work.

help a Capital Child
Masbro Youth Club members had the opportunity of attending motorbike mechanics and safety sessions this summer thanks to Help a Capital Child. Some of our older members learnt motorbike maintenance skills, as well as being given the opportunity to ride the motorbikes in a safe environment. The project’s aim was to ensure that young people were made aware of the dangers of mis-using motorbikes on local roads, as well as giving them the opportunity to try their hand at being a mechanic for the day!

I grew up in the Masbro, Masbro is my heritage!


ASBRO yOuTH CLuB continues to attract up to 40 local 13-19 year olds every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. young people at Masbro have had the opportunity this year of taking part in an exciting range of activities from cookery, dJ workshops, archery and wall climbing to educational sessions such as sexual education workshops and first aid training.
This summer the youth club was awarded additional funding from the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham to run a range of day time activities over the holidays. This saw the youth club members trying their hand at new healthy, educational activities such as ‘street running’, trainer design and photography.

There’s nothing else to do around here – I like coming here so I can chill with my friends
• 144 evening youth club sessions held throughout the year



I find the youth club very sociable!

• 1385 separate attendances in past 6 months •

• 130 young people regularly attending the club

30% increase in average footfall over last 6 months


older people s serviCe
He MASBRO OLdeR PeOPLe’S SeRVICe Being a member of provides befrienders, wheelchair the Elder’s Forum makes me pushers, walking escorts, readers, gardeners feel listened to



Thank you for making one with all the tripsthis summer a happy and activities 

much needed social event for local elderly residents, with up to 25 people attending to take part in the Afternoon Tea Clubs. During the summer we held a very well attended summer barbecue in our ‘secret garden’ and we organised several trips for our members including Richmond Park, the Wetlands Centre at Barnes, Chiswick Park and a seaside outing to Brighton. Our faithful team of volunteers assisted on each trip and their support was very much appreciated.

and odd jobbers to elderly residents of the borough. The service aims to improve the lives and prolong the independence of vulnerable people through the work of a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers.
This year we have welcomed both new users and new volunteers to the service resulting in 791support visits.

The outings are really a bonus, especially since I am disabled

every week we have 25 volunteers visiting older people in

As well as the one to one support, this year we started our Afternoon Tea Club. Every Tuesday older members of the community have the chance to go out and meet others in a friendly and welcoming environment at the Masbro Centre. We offer a broad range of activities including music workshops, flower arranging and light exercise. These have proved to be a

a big thank You to our team of over 60 volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to the service
The Masbro Older People’s Service is here to help. If you know of an older person who requires some support or if you can volunteer some of your time to help others please contact Martha on the main Masbro number.


Your befrienders are marvellous. I would be very lonely without them


Careers adviCe & GuidanCe

Dave has worked hard with me over the last two years and I have now find a job as a warehouseman in Brentford

e HAVe HAd another successful year offering careers advice and guidance sessions to the local community. Our advisors Clint, dave and Gosia have delivered 1302 individual sessions in the past year, helping people to progress their career and find employment.


As well as this in-house service, our advisors offer tailor made career workshops which are delivered in community settings. In the past year these outreach services have included workshops at Canberra School, one to one sessions at Tendis, workshops at the Upper Room, attendance at Imperial Wharf Job Fair as well as visits to several Children Centres in the borough. These workshops have allowed us to reach out to more people across the borough.

The Masbro through an LBHF ALSS contract has also been able to deliver Adult Numeracy and Literacy Classes again this year. These classes help the unemployed to achieve new skills and improve their Literacy and Numeracy skills, which are vital skills needed for almost any job. Last term 35 people gained a Literacy or Numeracy qualification and for the forthcoming year LBHF have awarded the Masbro further funding for 50 more qualifications.

After working with Dave and Clint at Canberra School I am now working with the NHS as a Sexual Health Champion

work Club
During 2011 and in conjunction with the Job Centre UPG have started a Work Club at the Masbro Centre. The Work Club is aimed at unemployed people who are referred from the Job Centre and from our other partners. The advisors and volunteers in the Work Club give support to the members and help them towards their goal of finding work. Members of the Work Club engage in a variety of activities such as internet job search, brushing up their CV or completing application forms. We have had some notable successes with people going into employment in this difficult economic climate. Of these sessions 80% of users progressed into further training and education or into a job. The career guidance sessions are one to one and include CV guidance, Job Search, Course Search and career advice tailored to an individuals’ needs. Other providers are not able to offer this kind of support and hence our high success rate. Volunteers are integral to the service and in the past year Lina and Joanna have helped to complete all the necessary administrative tasks which are needed to deliver the service.

finally found my ideal job as office manager with help from the Masbro Career Guidance Service



Masbro suMMer partY

 Masbro has got the wow factor 


He MASBRO CeNTRe’S family summer party smashed all records as over a 1000 people attended an afternoon of memorable children’s entertainment on Friday 19th August.

Highlights of an unforgettable afternoon included the Masbro’s Got Talent and hula hoops competitions. The demand for face painting and balloons had the volunteers and the children’s entertainer working non stop throughout the afternoon. The party food, cake stall and Caribbean food sold out plus cold drinks and smoothies sales went through the roof. Over 40 volunteers and staff helped run the event. By 3pm it was standing room only as the crowds flocked to the Masbro Centre on a glorious sunny day. We are already planning next year’s summer party which will be held on Friday 17th August 2012.



balanCe sheet at 31st MarCh 2011 stateMent of finanCial aCtivities for the Year ended 31st MarCh 2011
inCome resourCes
Voluntary Income Activities for generating funds Investment Income Income Resources from Charitable Activities service contracts other charitable activities totAL inCominG resourCes resourCes exPended Fundraising Costs Costs of core grants Costs of providing services Direct charitable costs Governance costs net resourCes exPended net inCominG resourCes beFore trAnsFers (2010 surPLus) ToTAl FuNDs B/F totAL revenue Funds C/F 61086 261282 £322368 (77737) 139181 £61444 (16651) 400463 £383812 18882 381581 £400463 59232 7921 53593 – 26157 £146903 – 171120 – 709925 – £881045 59232 179041 53593 709925 26157 £1027948 91395 181358 75887 623287 41127 £1013054
statement on behalf of the trustees These figures are a summary extracted from the financial statements which were agreed by the Trustees on the 4th November 2011.They may not contain sufficient information to allow a full understanding of the financial affairs of the charity. For further information, please consult the full annual accounts together with the auditors’ report. The auditors report for these accounts was unqualified. Auditors’ report to the trustees of urban Partnership Group on the summarised accounts. We have examined the summarised accounts set out on these pages.

Fixed Assets Tangible assets – 29960 526789 556,749 Current LiAbiLities Creditors: amount falling due within one year 175906 – 61444 – 322368


2969 – – – – 380843 – £383812 – – –

– 196912 361191 558103 164669 – – – 139181– – 261282


7029 – – – – 393434 – £400463 – –

unrestriCted Funds
– 74218 668 – 133103 £207989

restriCted Funds
171120 – – 587313 44875 £803308

2011 totAL
171120 74218 668 587313 177978 £1011297

2010 totAL
171360 57229 1363 580704 221280 £1031936

Current Assets Debtors Cash at Bank in Hand

Net Current Assets Provision for liabilities and charges net Assets FuNDs emPloyeD Restricted Funds unrestricted Funds



respective responsibilities of the trustees and urban Partnership Group and Auditors. You are responsible as Trustees for the preparation of the summarised accounts. We have agreed to report to you our opinion on the summarised accounts’ consistency with the full accounts on which we reported to you on 4th November 2011. Basis of Opinion. We have carried out the procedures we consider necessary to ascertain whether the summarised accounts are consistent with the full financial statements from which they have been prepared. Opinion. In our opinion the summarised accounts are consistent with the full annual accounts of the Urban Partnership Group for the year ended March 31st, 2011. edmund Wright & Co



Masbro Centre personnel
upG board of direCtors
Harry Audley Chair Cristina tragni Secretary niniola Adetuberu appointed from 28.10.10 manny Ahdan bo Ai maria Camacho Franco Chen rosemary Farrar Hope Hanlan robert iggulden Ken martindale died 05.0111 Harry Phibbs resigned 31.05.10 Grace Poku maria rooney eunice sutherland

volunteers & aCknowledGeMents
rawl Jackson Gary Johnson tyrone Johnson Katy Kadoche baba Kanote Catherine Keeley shafina Khatun malik Khokhar Joseph Kiss Kim Gek Koh Alistair Laird Joanna Lola nobby madden roberta martinaugeli marienne mcrobert samny menya mustafa mrimou Gemma murphy Amel nasser deka noor dairo oludare doris omari Josephine Pasgar negine Pasger Joshua Passingham Lina Pelosi sugey Peralta Grace Poku mervyn Price iris Adriana Prieto Angela roberts izabela rybczyk sackinah sackey sammah saleh Jacek samplawski Alecia sharpe elaine sharpe rebecca simpson Jennifer smith ellen sullivan Patricia sunley berhane tefera tania towns Arta vala sue Watson Helen Williams tsehay Yohammes valbona Zace As a registered charity uPG is dependent upon grants and charitable donations to maintain its level and quality of service to local people. Thank you to the following organisations that gave their financial support. shaista Ahmed soher Amer Charlotte Anoom John baker nelizanda balde Gosia banach david John bedford Philippa berridge Clare berna Genet beyene donna brown-Walsh maria Camacho Laura Campbell Franco Chen Jenny Chung dorothy davies Lee Yanine demillo sophia desir radovanka draganic Hagar eshun Aidee Lucia Garcia neil Gosrani Haimanot Hargos Kadija Hussein

Core staff
Andy sharpe Jude Wood ellie suggate max Wallace Hiwot Gebreselassie martha romero Zambrano Yomi Gbadamosi Clint Heine martyn Lee terrence sommers roza Kobel Al Patel Chief Executive Children’s Centre Manager Parents Projects and Performance Manager Facilities Manager Finance & Administration Older People Services and Volunteers Project Co-ordinator

sessional staff
simon miller Corinna Calori Jordan Cyrus sza sza morrison irma Cirrone Caroline diggle mirjeta Palaj belainesh berhe
daisy brown

Youth Club Youth Club Youth Club Youth Club Adult Learning Adult Learning Early Years Early Years
Early Years

• london Borough of

Hammersmith & Fulham

• sure start Childrens

• Big lottery Awards for All • Big lottery Big local
Getting People Involved

Youth Services Project Co-ordinator till 31.04.11 Administrator and Employment Advisor Fathers Development Worker till 31.05.11 Youth Leader in Charge from 02.05.11 Childrens Centre Outreach Worker Childrens Centre Outreach Worker till 02.09.11 Senior Early Years Educator Early Years Educator Early Years Educator Early Years Educator Early Years Educator from 01.09.11

• Hammersmith & Fulham Adult learning & skills service • Hammersmith & Fulham
early years & Childcare service Teenage Pregnancy Partnership

• Future Jobs Fund • skills Funding Agency • The Clothworkers’

Consultants and professional support
Chris buss Fundraising, Organisational Management & Marketing Employment Adviser Project Management

• Help a Capital Child • John lyons Charity • New Deal for Communities • Bernard sunley Charitable

• Hammersmith & Fulham

and CAVsA earn and learn scheme

dave Harding rosemarie Hayden Julie roberts

apprentiCes froM 01.09.11
dafina bashra badri bakhitar beata Kruswick vicky Wilson Early Years Early Years Early Years Administration

Aline Castellani shaista Ahmed Chafia belateche Ammani Zaki Faika Guerdoud

Childminding Network Officer till 08.2011 Qualified Teacher Support (QTS)

Thanks go to everyone who has contributed to the success of urban Partnership Group during the past year, especially Hammersmith & Fulham Children’s Services, Community Investment Team, third sector colleagues, friends of Masbro and of course all the volunteers.
Design: Tessa Barwick Photographs: Franco Chen, Clint Heine & Jon mikol Auditors: edmund Wright & Co Bank: HsBC, shepherds Bush Green solicitors Russell Cooke & Co

noushin Pasgar Administration

myrtle nixon

Many thanks to all the cooks and helpers for the community lunches



Masbro Centre
87 Masbro Road • London • W14 0LR Tel: 020 7605 0800 • Email: website:

putting residents first

Published by Urban Partnership Group Registered Charity Number 1092258 & Registered Company Number 3446256

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