Mr. Ivan Isailović Civil Engineer - MASTER Address: Vojina Sofronića bb. , Valjevo Phone number: 00381 65 33 49 761 E-mail: isailov@gmail.com November 17th 2011.

To whom it may concern, My name is Ivan Isailović and summer practice program offered by You is one of the most interesting I have seen. Two months ago I finished my Master studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Belgrade Univercity, the department for roads, railways and airport engineering, as the best student of my generation. With this letter I enclose my CV and the assurances that I finished my academic and master studies with lists of my marks. I also enclose the “Recommendation letter”, which is written by Assistant Professor Goran Mladenović from Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade. At the moment I would like to continue my education in professional construction company, but that is very difficult in Serbia. Our road companies do not use the new ways of contracting, new building technologies and methods of project management in order to optimize construction costs, which are highly important, especially for my country. Practical experience gained in German company would be very useful in my further work in Serbia. It would expand my knowledge and improve my professional and language skills. Companies from Germany are one of the best in the world in organization and professional management and therefore I would like to have the first hand experience. I find myself as a very creative and communicative person. I can meet deadlines and I like meeting new people and new countries. My teachers believe that I am well organized student, highly motivated to study, with great enthusiasm and dedication. I like to believe that they are right. I think that is shown by my good marks. Last and this year, before graduating, I was on the position of students’ Vice Dean at my Faculty. This position is very important because I represent all students and their interests. But on the other hand I found it very interesting and I enjoyed doing it. This summer I was supported by DAAD and spent two months in Germany (Leipzig) on intensive language course where I finished A2 level. It was great and successful experience and I have found German as a very interesting language. With this program I would improve my German which is very important in my proffession. I am thinking how exciting it would be to visit Germany again, learn new things related to my studies and profession and German culture. After this program I would like to come back to my country to use gained experiences and to give some contribution to the development of Serbia.

Isailović Ivan

[2] MOTIVATION LETTER I hope that You will consider my application and enable me to continue my further professional progress and upsurge. Ivan Isailović Isailović Ivan . Yours sincerely.

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