PREPARE ME Interventions and the Quality of Life Advance Progressive Cancer Patients.

Basic Assumptions and Concepts PREPARE ME (Holistic Nursing Interventions) are the nursing interventions provided to address the multi-dimensional problems of cancer patients that can b e given in any setting where patients choose to be confined. This program emphas izes a holistic approach to nursing care. PREPARE ME has the following components: Presence being with another person during the times of need. This includes thera peutic communication, active listening, and touch. Reminisce Therapy recall of past experiences, feelings and thoughts to facilitat e adaptation to present circumstances. Prayer Relaxation-Breathing techniques to encourage and elicit relaxation for the purpo se of decreasing undesirable signs and symptoms such as pain, muscle tension, an d anxiety. Meditation encourages an elicit form of relaxation for the purpose of altering p atient s level of awareness by focusing on an image or thought to facilitate inner sight which helps establish connection and relationship with God. It may be don e through the use of music and other relaxation techniques. Values Clarification assisting another individual to clarify his own values abou t health and illness in order to facilitate effective decision making skills. Th rough this, the patient develops an open mind that will facilitate acceptance of disease state or may help deepen or enhance values. The process of values clari fication helps one become internally consistent by achieving closer between what we do and what we feel. To learn more about Carmencita Abaquin s theory, conceptual model and other Filipi no nursing theorists, get a copy of the book entitled Theoretical Foundations of Nursing The Philippine Perspective by Dr. Eufemia Octaviano and Dr. Carl Balita.

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