Pen or a Gun.???

AIter thoughts

~Survival of the fittest¨
Darwin theory iI I`m not wrong. This is one thought that is constantly troubling me
Irom last night. I`m not a book bug; I do not read too many books. Neither do I know too
much about the theory nor its applicability in society. But now I wonder is that all that works
in our day to day liIe?
A political party in power can pass the bills that Iavour their leaders, an eighth grade
passed; ex-army truck driver can create the so called history and impose his Iundamentalist
ideas on an entire village, a talkative class rep. can kill the learning experience oI his/her
entire class and so on. II I keep giving examples the documents will surpass the charge sheet
Iiled on 2G scam in pages.
A renowned revolutionary Maoist poet deIines a revolution as the Iight against the
system oI the survival oI the Iittest`. In Iact most oI the revolutionary icons seemed to have
Iollowed the same thing. Last night aIter listening to an untold story that rolled out oI a
victim`s eye, a lot oI unanswered questions rose in my mind. A Iew weeks ago I have put up
a status on Facebook.
"1o choose between a pen and a Cun is what I'm confused up on"
But sometimes I Ieel both are powerless unless aimed point blank range at the
powerIul guy who s(h)its on the top oI the pyramid raised on the same principle The survival
oI the Iittest.`
This conIusion wasn`t new to me. When I was seven years old (iI my memories
haven`t Iaded yet), I would stare at the clear skies and think what am I here Ior, and what am
I supposed to achieve in this world iI only it is true that every human existence has a purpose.
Now aIter my encounter with cultural studies I might question whether human existence has
to have a purpose at all?? Still, I`m stuck up with my choices between Pen and a Gun. When
I Iirst put up the status on Facebook, I was lost in similar situation. But now almost aIter a
couple oI years I am witnessing the same. This time it`s not the politician or a bureaucrat but
some road side goondas and rowdies with political support. A decade ago one Iamily
migrated to twin cities in search oI a living, set up a small stall and survived. By the time they
reached a sustainable position those bustards came into the picture shattering their lives apart.
The Iamily is now Iorced back to the ten damn work years and now had to Ilee to some other
city in a hope to re build their shattered hopes.
Many such stories remain untold in the Iear oI the so called powerIul guys surviving
on nothing but strength. Neither police department nor the Iourth estate seems to have balls to
address these stories. They are not to be blamed any ways; they are busy with their own
similar shit.
Probably it`s time to act.
Yet still I'm confused whether to pick up the Cun or a Pen. - Rajesh Cheemalakonda

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