Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method

by Master Cheng Jincai
Master Jin-Cai Cheng developed Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method in 1999. He has 30 years of experience in the practice and teaching of Chen Style Taichi. Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method is now widely practiced across the world and has been continuously refined to the benefit of individuals desiring to improve and maintain their personal health.

Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method promotes proper body posture, control of breathing, mental concentration and rhythmic body movement so that the internal and external elements affecting the body are harmonized. Practicing Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method calms your mind, coordinates your body movements, and results in greater physical energy. Regular practice will strengthen the immune system and increase personal wellness. The human body and the natural environment should be considered as a whole. There is a close relationship between the human body and the whole universe. As there is a close relationship between the human body and the natural environment, there are also relationships between the body’s internal organs as they react and respond to each other. The focus of Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method is to teach the mental coordination required raise consciousness to a level where breathing and body movement are coordinated as one. Breathing exercises are performed by breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. The fresh air is drawn into the “life gate” and as the fresh air descends to the “Dan Tien”, it brings the essence in the air to nutrify the center of the body. Through exhaling from the center of the body through the mouth, the turbidity and byproducts are removed from the body and the result is improved health and wellness. Regular practice is the core of this exercise. Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method has eleven training methods. Each exercise can be practiced individually or they may be


2 . smooth. Calming the mind is necessary to alleviate pressure. and blood. Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method acts on the body in four ways: 1. and exercise the Qi that are derived from Chen Style Taichi through combining the elements of mental concentration. stress and related mental disorders. Balancing Yin and Yang Chinese Medicine teaches that the body relies on the dynamic balance of “Yin” and “Yang”. the quality of the blood is controlled by Qi. solidify. These two opposing forces drive the functioning of the tissues and organs. Yin is best described as static and at rest while Yang can be described dynamic and active. Internal Energy Cultivating Method teaches methods to relax the mind and diminish pressure and stress. It utilizes specific methods to collect. physical movement and deep breathing. A deficiency of either blood or Qi will result in disorders. One of the most important ways to maintain the balance of Yin and Yang is to take charge of mental activities and learn to relax the mind. Harmonizing Qi and Blood Qi and blood are closely related. Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method is one of the best ways to balance our nervous system. Combining training methods can be directed toward achieving both action and tranquility as well as focusing on internal and external aspects. the body will be resistant to disease and will stay healthy.practiced in combinations. Focusing on the internal aspects of the exercises will boost your energy while the external aspects will improve your physical strength. Blood provides the nutrients for Qi. When the opposing forces of Yin and Yang are balanced in the tissues. 2. Qi is carried throughout the body by the blood and at the same time. accumulate. organs.

3 . because of stagnation or obstructions. vision. Where there is poor circulation of the Qi. all three kinds of Qi will be strengthened and they will improve the functioning of all parts of the body. and transforming. warming. Qi is one of the important substances in maintaining the body’s vital functions. or zhenqi. Yuanqi is stored in the kidney and its main function is to promote normal growth and development. Qi can be generated at will and refined by practicing regularly. There are three classifications of Qi. the first step is to learn to cultivate Qi. Zongqi is inhaled by the lung from nature and is stored in the chest in a place the Chinese call Tan-Zhong. Zhongqi also fills the heart channel to promote and adjust the circulation of Qi and the blood. Once Qi has been acquired. The first and most important of all is the Yuanqi. checking. this is the primary Qi. When all three types of Qi are developed. Zongqi promotes the lung’s function of controlling respiration. 3. defensive. the body will have reached it’s optimal functional condition and remain healthy for a long life. The second Qi is Yinqi also known as nutrient Qi. Promoting Circulation in the Meridians and Collaterals The meridians and collaterals are the pathways of Qi and blood. 4.Qi has five functions: promoting. The third type of Qi is Zongqi or clear Qi. By practicing Cultivating Internal Energy Method. Yinqi is derived from food essence and the main function of Yinqi is to provide nourishment to the whole body. When practicing Internal Energy Cultivating Method you will be aware of an increase in blood circulation and in the vital activities of the body as evidenced by an increase in vigor. They form a complete system to circulate Qi and blood to the whole body. The result of poor circulation will be physical disorders. the vital activities of tissues and organs will be adversely effected. and the strength of the pulse. Formation of Essential Qi Qi is the fundamental and essential element in maintaining vital activities of the human body. Qi promotes the circulation of blood in the meridians and collaterals. In Qi-Kong and Taichi. Zhongqi is closely related to body warmth.

The length of the breath depends on the speed of the movement. People with health concerns should consult their doctor and adjust the time and intensity based on their health. Clear the mind and concentrate so that the maximum benefit can be obtained. deep inhale and exhale. Do not eat too much or drink alcohol before practicing. the first step is to learn the details of each movement. 2.chenstyletaichi. it is recommended that each method should be practiced for 5-10 minutes as a goal but shorter time periods will also yield good for Practicing “Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method“ 1. Relax the mind and the muscles. 3. light.htm 4 . Concentrate and Relax The first step is to relax. Both the interior and exterior of the body need to be relaxed. http://www. Coordinate Movement and Breathing When practicing Internal Energy Cultivating Method. Do not breath too quickly or too strong and do not hold the breath. long. Time and Clothing Wear loose clothing. There are different kinds of breathing techniques such as continuous. If time allows. Precise movement and proper breathing are the objectives of the exercise. Breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth.

You should feel balanced over your feet. leading with your wrists. When you breathe in. Your weight should be evenly distributed across your feet. and your knees slightly flexed. Relax your arms and shoulders. your head centered over your spine. Clear your mind and relax your body. The Methods Method 1: Wuji Stance Chi Guiding Method The first method is the Wuji Stance Chi Guiding Method. not too much on your heels. Now exhale slowly through your mouth.Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method by Master Cheng Jincai The Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method comprises eleven practices or breathing exercises. Inhale gently through your nose and raise both hands slightly higher than your shoulders. It is also the first movement of Tai Chi Chuan. keeping your face relaxed. stand up straight. raise the left foot and move it sideways to the width of the shoulder. and 5 . your shoulders relaxed and centered over your hips. To begin. not too much on your toes. Throughout all these exercises. use your diaphragm so your stomach moves. not your chest and shoulders. Slightly bend your knees and distribute your body weight evenly.

Push both hands. With hands at your sides. When practicing this method. liver diseases and arthritis. increase flexibility and prevent osteoporosis. Leading with your hands. out in front of you while inhaling through your nose. high blood pressure or other cardiac diseases. As both hands are fully extended to the sides. Adjust the time and intensity for your own comfort. Press all the way down. palms leading. Now exhale through your mouth and relax the fingers. the first movement is now complete. Practicing this method frequently may help prevent frozen shoulder. hold your breath while grasping with both hands and pulling downward toward the sides of your hips. Or. Method 2: Sun Moon Chi Collecting Method Keep your feet shoulder width apart as in the first method. It will strengthen the body. until you relax your fingers at the side of your hips. or breath. Method 3: Rejuvenating Chi Grabbing Method Relax the whole body while standing with feet shoulder width apart. Feel the Qi. The Wuji Stance Chi Guiding Method expels carbon dioxide from the body and replenishes energy that the brain and muscles consume. descend to the Dan-Tian. you may find it beneficial to practice one method for 20-30 minutes. It improves circulation and benefits those who suffer from insomnia. located approximately behind your navel. The movement is now complete and may be repeated. Continue to inhale as your spread your arms to each side with your fingers spreading out. pay attention to inhalation to ensure that it is slow and smooth. which is your center. It is recommended to practice each method at least 5 minutes before going on to the next method. slowly inhale through your nose and flex your 6 .press down slowly with the heel of your palms.

lower back pain. It is very effective in preventing kidney problems. weariness. The deep breathing will calm and soothe the mind. Then. stretch both hands forward all the way until you are bending forward at the hips. and increase cardiopulmonary function. cardiopulmonary disease and allergies. As the hands touch the abdomen. Be cautious about the pace of the motion during this exercise. It will help prevent insomnia. press down and exhale slowly and deeply through your mouth. Follow the breathing instructions exactly as correct breathing helps to prevent back strain. tinnitus. Keep the force in the heel of your palm. then exhale slowly as you press your palms straight out in front of you until your elbows are straight. and cold feet or hands. Make sure all the movements are slow. Practicing this method will promote Qi movement in meridians. inhale though your nose. bring the elbows close in to the sides of the body and exhale slowly and deeply through your mouth. Hold your breath while you bring your palms down to the side of your cheeks. Method 5: Developing Wisdom Chi Receiving Method With your feet shoulder-width apart. Pretend you are picking up an object from the floor.trunk forward as you reach toward the floor. relax your elbows and shoulders and keep your upper body 7 . holding your breath. asthma. This method can increase blood circulation and cardiopulmonary function. Method 4: Circulating Cosmic Orbit Chi Gathering Method First. When the body is upright. inhale slowly as your raise your arms to the sides and up above your head until your palms touch. Slow movement is preferred. fingers extended. Only bend forward as far as you feel comfortable. The palms should be facing each other. Bend forward only as far as your flexibility allows. bring your hands in toward your abdomen. hold your breath as you return slowly to an upright position.

and improve circulation in the brain. then. turning at the waist back toward the front. turning at the waist back toward the front. clear the mind. exhale slowly and push your palms vertically toward the sky until your elbows are nearly straight. The coordination and function of the central nervous system improves and stress is reduced. Inhale as you raise your arms up on the sides of your body with palms up. in toward your waist. Begin the second part of the movement by rotating to the right. Next. the aging process starts in the brain. reaching as far as you can. Lean your head back 8 . inhale through your nose and raise your arms on the sides of your body with the palms up. Method 6: Yin Yang Balancing Chi Mobilizing Method Using the lumbar as the pivot point. inhale as you grasp downward with fingers spread out and forceful. the brain enters into a recharging process by better utilizing oxygen in the brain. According to recent research. then hold your breath while you drop your right elbow and bring your palm in next to your chest. until you reach your hips. Now exhale slowly and relax your fingers. Practicing the Developing Wisdom Chi Receiving Method can help relieve mental stress. start with the left side. Exhale through your mouth as you push forward with your left hand and pull the right hand.straight. It will replenish consumed energy and help to maintain good health. palm up. The movement is now complete. hold your breath while you drop your left elbow and bring your palm in next to your chest. When a person is in meditation. As you rotate your body to the left. Slowly exhale as you push forward with your right hand and pull the left hand in toward your abdomen. Stretch them out. Method 7: Tendon Lengthening Marrow Washing Chi Soothing Method Interlock your fingers. Stretch them out. Balancing exercises will help the body adjust to a balanced state.

Repeat until you’ve completed 36 circles. Repeat until you’ve completed 24 circles. Practicing this method can strengthen the musculoskeletal system. reverse the circle with the right hand on your stomach and your left hand on top. It helps to prevent illness. inhale and slowly roll up one vertebra at a time until you return to the beginning position. After you’ve stretched both arms completely. Exhale as you continue to move your hands down on the right side and across your lower abdomen. foot soreness or kidney problems. Method 8: Rotating Dan Tian Chi Condensing Method Place your left hand on your stomach and your right hand on top of your left. Using your navel as the center. Then. especially for stomach ulcers. exhale deeply through your mouth. Inhale while you move your hands up on the left side and across under your chest. For people who suffer back pain. This method increases Qi circulation by physical movement and promotes internal rotation of the Dan-Tien. As the motion continues. After complete exhalation. Repeat the movement slowly and coordinate with the breathing. which slows the aging process and prevents illness. The fingers remain interlocked throughout this exercise. move your hands in a circular motion. diarrhea. standing straight with the hands level with the abdomen. When your limit is reached. Turn your body to the right. hold your breath and move your hands down until the elbows are fully extended.and look toward the sky. and promote hormone secretion. constipation or impotence. Method 9: Storing Energy Standing Method 9 . slightly turn the body to the left. balance yin and yang. Inhale and start bending forward beginning with your neck and rolling down one vertebra at a time until the hands are as close to the floor as your flexibility allows. The kidney’s Qi is replenished. this method is the best choice.

Both palms and the navel combine as one and will generate enormous energy and Qi. Slightly bend both knees with you body weight evenly distributed. Men should place their left hands on their navels. This method can be practiced individually. Practicing the standing method frequently will be very effective in promoting kung fu and health.Standing methods have been one of the most important basic trainings in martial arts since ancient times. with your facial muscles relaxed. Exhale deeply through your mouth. elbows bent and wrists flexed. right hand on top of left. will stimulate bodily functions and nourish all organs and meridians. Method 10: Three Hearts Together Method This method should be practiced after the standing method and with the same stance and posture. Inhale lightly through your nose using your diaphragm. Slightly close your eyes and mouth and relax the muscles in your face. Relax your shoulders. It also can balance hormones. No movement is required. high blood pressure. Settle your hips slightly so that your lower spine is straight. Women should place their right hands on their navels. breathing and posture. or your abdomen. anemia. Relax the chest and tighten the abdomen. There are specific requirements for the mind. especially cardiac disease. This method can relieve illness caused by stress. Through practicing this method. allergies. Relax the whole body. Hold your hands in front of you. as well as with the other methods demonstrated earlier. lower cholesterol and prevent osteoporosis. left hand on top of right. the Qi will be distributed to the whole body. Separate the feet to about shoulder width. It will help to strengthen kidney and liver 10 . Holding longer will generate better results. arthritis and insomnia. your center. Clear the mind and concentrate on the Dan-Tian. Hold this stance for at least 5 minutes while you breathe in and out slowly.

This step can also be practiced individually. impotence and prostate problems. 11 . extend both arms out and up while inhaling. Repeat with slow movements and coordinated breathing. constipation.functions and is helpful for stomach disease. With feet together. diarrhea. Method 11: Back to the Source of Universal Life Method This method is the ending movement. Repeat three times with the whole body relaxed. Then press down while exhaling.

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