FY10-11 Standalone Net Profit Up at Rs 941.49 Crores FY10-11 Consolidated Net Profit Up by Rs. 92.76 Crores (5%) at Rs. 2059.60 Crores Dividend up by Rs. 0.50 per share at Rs 12.5 per share
STANDALONE AND CONSOLIDATED FY 2010-2011: • Standalone Revenues stood at Rs. 6599.36 Crores • Standalone Net Profit after Statutory Appropriations up by Rs. 22.36 Crores (2%) at Rs. 970.01 Crores • Sales grew by 3% to 16060 MUs for the year • Consolidated Revenues stood at Rs.19348.21 Crores • Consolidated Net Profit after Statutory Appropriations up by Rs. 112 Crores (6%) at Rs. 2088.12 Crores BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS: • Commissions 120 MW Unit 5 at Jojobera Thermal Power Station • Commissions 3 MW, PV based, grid connected solar power plant at Mulshi, Maharashtra • Signs PPA with Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam for the 25 MW solar PV project at Mithapur in Gujarat • Wins the bid for the 236 MW Dugar Hydro Electric Project in Himanchal Pradesh • Becomes the leading private wind generator with an installed capacity of 273 MW • SED bags prestigious Order to modernise Airfield Infrastructure for the IAF • Raised USD 450 Million through Hybrid Capital offering • Board recommends sub-division of one Equity share of Rs.10 each into ten equity shares of Re 1 each • Greentech Safety Award ‘Gold’ for the Trombay Thermal Power Station • Received the prestigious BML Munjal Award for Excellence in Learning and Development Mumbai, May 19, 2011: Tata Power, India’s largest integrated private power utility today announced the consolidated and standalone financial results for the quarter and year ended 31st March 2011. Key Highlights- FY 2010-2011: Standalone For the Financial Year ended 31st March 2011, Tata Power reported Profit After Tax (PAT) of Rs. 941.49 Crores as against Rs 938.76 Crores for the previous year. Net Profit after Statutory Appropriations increased by Rs. 22.36 Crores (2%) to Rs.970.01 Crores as against Rs. 947.65 Crores in the previous year. The Company’s revenues were at Rs. 6599.86 Crores as compared to Rs. 6893.47 Crores in the previous year. This decrease is mainly due to a change in the fuel mix leading to reduction in fuel cost compared to the corresponding period last year. Last year’s Revenues included Rs. 252 Crores from an ATE order as one time item. Dividend recommended up by Rs. 0.50 per share at Rs.12.50 per share as compared to Rs 12 per share last year. During the year, Company’s Operations showed a steady performance. The Company generated 15325 MUs of power from all its power plants. Trombay Thermal Power Station and Hydro Power Stations generated 9530 MUs and 1310 MUs of power respectively. Belgaum generated 300 MUs, Jojobera Thermal Power Station recorded a generation of 3078 MUs and Haldia reported generation of 760 MUs. Power House 6 reported a generation of 738 MUs highest so far, and Wind Farms generated 347 MUs. Key Highlights FY2010-2011: Consolidated On the consolidated basis, Tata Power’s Revenues stood at Rs.19348.21 Crores as compared to Rs. 18854.76 Crores in the last year. The Company’s Net Profit after Tax (PAT) before Statutory Appropriations was up by Rs.92.76 Crores (5%) at Rs.2059.60 Crores as compared to Rs.1966.84 Crores for the last year. Net Profit after Statutory Appropriations increased by Rs. 112.39 Crores (6%) to Rs.2088.12 Crores as against Rs.1975.73 Crores reported in FY10. Profit before Tax (PBT) stood at Rs.3157.47 Crores as against Rs. 2767.30 Crores in the last year. This year recorded lower Forex gains of Rs. 123 Crores from CGPL as


Key Highlights Q4 FY 2010-2011: Consolidated On the consolidated basis.95 Crores in the last year.02 Crores as compared to Rs. Last year’s coal segment results also included a onetime write-off of Rs. Profit before Interest and Tax (PBIT) from Power Business was up at Rs. 3988.    compared to Rs. Tata Power’s Revenues stood at Rs. NDPL posted revenues of Rs. Managing Director.e.67 Crores as against Rs. This decrease is mainly due to lower forex gains of Rs.1630. The recent commissioning of the Solar plant in Mulshi and the additions in Wind energy further reiterates our commitment towards reducing carbon foot print and strengthening our renewable portfolio.999. On a consolidated Segment-wise performance.860 changeover customers). Revenues Stood at Rs.54 Crores in the previous year.78 Crores reported in the corresponding period last year. As on 31st March.47 Crores as compared to Rs. Sales volume for the quarter increased by 1% to 3777 MUs as against 3745 MUs in the corresponding quarter last year. Net Revenue from Power business was Rs. Mr.05 Crores and from Coal Business Rs. Net Revenue from Power business was up by 3% at Rs.62 Crores as compared Rs. as compared to Rs.625.11 Crores and from Coal Business up by 14% at Rs.2076. North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL): The Company’s distribution subsidiary and Joint-Venture with Delhi Govt. The Profit after Tax decreased   . 4789. PBIT from Coal Business was at Rs. 358 Crores last year and a reversal of deferred tax provision of Rs.1942.36 Crores.84 Crore as compared to Rs.13 Crores as compared to Rs. said: “We are happy to post a steady performance.394. 4985. 3196. The decrease was mainly due to low merchant rate realization.” OPERATIONAL AND BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS: Mumbai Retail Business: Retail Customer base in Mumbai crossed the 1. year on year with all our business divisions performing well.3099. as it is a recoverable from future tariff.83 Crores in NDPL last year. Net Profit after Tax (PAT) before Statutory Appropriations stood at Rs. 5620.942. The company’s net profit after Statutory Appropriations stood at Rs. PBIT from Coal Business was up by 67% at Rs.22 Crores as compared to Rs.Tata Power became the first power company to launch a multi-lingual customer portal in three languages i.60 Crores in the corresponding period last year.267.1508.80 Crores. Profit after Tax (PAT) increased by 16% to Rs.1714.537.1103.60 registered in the corresponding quarter last year. Tata Power. 661. Anil Sardana. 3297.82 Crores reported in the corresponding period last year.. 230.61 crores from CGPL as compared to Rs.56 Crores as against Rs. 2011.1717.11 Crores for the year ended March 2011.86 Crores as compared to Rs.12305. The Company now moves into the most interesting phase of its business with new capacity additions through our large projects-Maithon and Mundra UMPP that are nearing commissioning.5 lakh mark in March 2011. Hindi and Marathi for its customers in Mumbai. The company also instituted a “Master Customer Care Centre” at Saki-Vihar Road.61. as it is a recoverable from future tariff. 6400. The operations continue to be stable and the new projects under implementation are progressing well.1673. English. 252 Crores from an ATE order as one time item. customer base was 1. 454.92 Crores in the corresponding period last year. Whereas.323 direct customers and 1.358 Crores last year and a reversal of deferred tax provision of Rs.12550. Mobile collection van was launched for facilitating cash payments by customers.78 Crores for the corresponding period last year.39 Crores registered in the corresponding period of the previous year. there are 10 customer care and bill collection centres located across suburban Mumbai.552. 318 crores deferred stripping cost relating to prior years.71Crores as against Rs.94 Crores as against Rs. 843.20 Crores reported in the corresponding period last year due to higher realization. On a consolidated Segment-wise performance.29 Crores as compared to Rs. Further. Commenting on the Company’s performance.83 Crores in NDPL last year.183 (34.18 Crores as compared to Rs. Key Highlights Q4 FY 2010-2011: Standalone During the quarter. Profit before Tax (PBT) stood at Rs.26.54 Crores as against Rs. A Bill Calculator for residential customers was also launched with web portal. Company’s standalone results reflected a stable financial and operational performance. last year’s Revenues included Rs. Overall. 946. Opposite Saki Vihar Telephone Exchange in Andheri (East) Mumbai. Profit before Interest and Tax (PBIT) from Power Business was Rs.77 Crores in the corresponding periods last year.

2011. the first public-private Joint-Venture in power transmission in India has earned revenues of Rs.98 Crores in the previous year. procurement and construction activities in full swing.15 Crores as against Rs. The Program. and steam blowing of steam lines also commenced in March. 114 MW Dagachhu Project: in partnership with The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) is progressing well. 1933. Civil works are in progress. Hybrid Capital offering issue of USD 450 Million: Tata Power raised USD 450 Million 60 year (Noncallable for 5 years) hybrid capital securities offering through its wholly owned subsidiary. The ship will be delivered on 20th May and has the latest environmentally friendly technologies. The Profit after Tax stood at Rs. Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP): The Mundra UMPP is progressing as per schedule with engineering.41 Crores in FY11 as against Rs.    to Rs. Diversion of Dagachhu river for weir construction has been completed and weir foundation is ready for concreting. water and environment clearances have been received and PPA for the entire quantum of power has been signed for the project. Major ordering for the project has been completed.09 Crores.Bhira Investments Limited priced in April 2011. the Board of Directors of the Company considered it desirable to recommend sub-division of one Equity share of Rs 10 each into ten equity shares of Re 1 each subject to approval of the Members and such other authorities as may be necessary. 2011.18 Crores as against Rs. 2275. Jojobera 120 MW (1 x 120 MW): Commercial Operation Date (COD) for the unit was declared in March. ‘TRUST AGILITY’ a modern 181.Turbine generator (TG) was put on barring gear in February.73 Crores in the previous period last year due to deferred tax reversal done last year. is of strategic importance and aims to improve capability of the Airfields to handle the modern combat air fleet being inducted by IAF. The revenues stood at Rs. 1050 MW Maithon Project: Unit 1 boiler light up has been completed and Unit 1 was synchronized with oil was achieved and coal synchronization is in progress. Tata Power Trading Company Limited (TPTCL): TPTCL traded a total of 4354 MUs as compared to 4075 MUs in the same period of previous year. 2011 and balance equipment erection and testing is going on. 258. payable semi-annually. Unit 5 TG deck has been cast in March. The Profit after Tax was at Rs. land.. known as Modernisation of Airfield Infrastructure – Phase I (MAFI-I). GROWTH PLANS: The progress on Company’s upcoming projects is as follows: 4000 MW. Deutsche Bank. Boiler light-up was done in March. 108. up by 11%. 8. All statutory clearances. Unit 1 . Trust Energy Resources: Tata Power through its wholly owned subsidiary Trust Energy Resources Pte Ltd (Trust Energy) in Singapore christened its first Cape Vessel.000 DWT in Jinhae.5% p. Unit 4 and 5 TG buildings major structural erection has been completed and sheeting work is in progress.Equipment and piping erection is in progress. Sub-division of shares: In order to improve the liquidity of the Company’s shares in the stock market and to make it affordable to the small investors.46 MUs during fourth quarter. Unit 1 is scheduled for commissioning by end of Q1FY12. It generated 9.a. 288. Korea at world famous STX Shipyard. 105. Erection of boiler pressure parts for Units 4 and 5 is progressing well. 9. Unit 3 – Boiler hydro test was completed in March. 350. at 8.68 Crores from Rs. Concreting of the desilter is in progress.24 Crores in the previous year. 300. The first unit will be ready for commissioning by September 2011. Strategic Electronics Division(SED): was awarded the prestigious Order to modernise the Airfield Infrastructure of Indian Air Force (IAF) by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Powerlinks Transmission Limited (Powerlinks): Powerlinks. 2011.78 Crores in the previous year. Unit 2 . Unit 5. The proceeds of the issue of the securities will be applied to fund future acquisition activities and to repay an outstanding loan.12 Crores in FY 11 as against Rs. Work for   . Goldman Sachs and UBS are the appointed Joint Bookrunners for the issue.

Indonesia. 1600 MW Coastal Maharashtra Project: All statutory clearances required to start the project implementation are in place. The first unit is targeted to be commissioned by March 2013. along with Monnet Ispat and Energy Limited. Solar Power: The Commercial Operation (COD) of the 3 MW. Ranked #2. out of the 22 entries for the earth care category of Siemens Ecovative Award 2010 and was bestowed with the ‘Most Innovative Campaign’ award by USA’s The Energy Daily’s 2010 Leadership Awards. Land acquisition is currently in progress. sensitized 1178061 citizens across India and saved 2417952 million units. is in progress and cumulatively. SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES: Tata Power Energy Club(TPEC): In FY11. subject to clearance from National Board of Wild Life (NBWL) for which the process is on. This initiative helps to make Mumbai customers energy efficient by giving them an opportunity to exchange their inefficient electrical appliances for energy efficient appliances. Green Mumbai! DSM Initiative: To drive energy efficiency. Partnership with SN Power: The Company has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with SN Power. The MERC approved initiative has five programmes that offer large discounts   . 3.    head race tunnel. Origin Energy Limited (47. The Club won several accolades such as “Gold” from ABCI in Environmental communication category. Maharashtra was achieved in March 2011. the leading states in promoting wind power generation in India. of tunneling has been completed. RENEWABLE PROJECTS: Wind Power: Tata Power is the leading private wind generation companies with an installed capacity of 273 MW and plants spread across four states Maharashtra. Orissa: The Environment Clearance has been recommended by MoEF. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Satpura CBM Block: Tata Power along with its consortium partner Arrow Energy has been awarded the Satpura CBM block in Madhya Pradesh during the CBM IV bidding round. This is the first and largest solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in the State of Maharashtra and one of the largest in the country. India. In principle clearance has been received from Railways for transportation of coal from Tubed Coal Block. Gujarat. and Jindal Photo Limited. Tiruldih Power Project. Norway to set up Joint Ventures for developing hydropower projects in India and Nepal. the Club reached out to 285 schools nationwide. The Tata Power-Arrow Energy consortium has been awarded the Satpura CBM block in Madhya Pradesh. Jharkhand (3 X 660 MW): The process of land acquisition for the project is in progress. The Sorik Marapi project is estimated to support the development of approximately 240 MW of geothermal generation capacity. the Company has introduced a unique consumer initiative called “My Mumbai Green Mumbai”.50%). All the balance clearances for the project have been obtained.12 kms. The Tata Power and SN Power consortium bagged the “Dugar Hydro Electric Project” in Chenab Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The Company has been allotted the Mandakini coal block located in the Angul district of Orissa. The capacity for Dugar Hydro Electric Project” is estimated to be approximately 236 MW and will be developed through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) being formed and owned by the consortium. power house access tunnel. During the year. Activities pertaining to site enabling works have been identified and are being addressed. The Company had placed an order for 150 MW additional wind capacity to be set up in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu of which 45 MW was commissioned in April 2011 and the balance is expected to be commissioned till December 2011. Tubed Coal Block has been jointly allotted to Tata Power and Hindalco in Jharkhand. etc. the Company has signed a PPA with Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam to develop a 25 MW solar photovoltaic project at Mithapur in Gujarat. Photo Voltaic (PV) based grid connected solar power plant at Mulshi.50%) and PT Supraco Indonesia (5%) successful won the bid for the Sorik Marapi geothermal project in Northern Sumatra. Disbursement of compensation to land owners is in progress by Raigad District Authorities and 54% of private land (536 acres of 993 acres) has been covered till date. Geothermal Power: Tata Power led consortium comprising of Tata Power (47. 660 MW Naraj Marthapur. My Mumbai. which will feed coal to the plant.

Tata Power is poised for a five-fold growth and committed to ‘lighting up lives’ for generations to come. uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those projected by these forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements include references to growth projections.com   . The Company has partnered with leading consumer appliance manufacturers for energy efficient equipments such as Havell’s India Limited for ceiling fans.com / abjapai@vccpl.com   tasneem. Transmission. plans.“North Delhi Power Limited” with Delhi Vidyut Board for distribution in North Delhi.’ with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.pedhiwala@vccpl. The acclaimed Munjal Awards honours the industry’s finest organizations which have made significant contribution in the area of Human Capital Development. solar and wind). With its track record of technology leadership.’ With Damodar Valley Corporation for a 1050 MW Mega Power Project at Jharkhand. customer care and redefining contours of the Indian power sector. Transmission and Distribution . For further information please contact: Shalini Singh Rakesh Reddy / Asha Bajpai / Tasneem Pedhiwala Chief. AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS: Greentech Foundation awarded Tata Power with most admired top honour ‘Gold’ for its Trombay Thermal Power Station in the thermal power category at the 10th Annual Greentech Safety Award 2011.    on energy efficient products. Corporate Communications Vaishnavi Corporate Communications The Tata Power Company Limited Tel 022-6656 8787 Phone: 022-6665 8748 Cell: 9821735515 Email: shalinis@tatapower. There are risks. except for the historical information. Tata Power was conferred with the prestigious BML Munjal Award for Excellence in Learning & Development for the year 2011. About Tata Power: Tata Power is India's largest integrated private sector power utility with an installed generation capacity of about 3127 MW and a presence in all the segments of the power sector viz Generation (thermal. ‘Powerlinks Transmission Ltd. are forward-looking statements.com Email: rakesh@vccpl. a Siemens Company for T5 tube lights and Carrier India Limited for Air Conditioners (ACs) etc. intentions and beliefs concerning our business and operating environment. Disclaimer Statement: Some of the statements in this document. OSRAM. for evacuation of Power from Tala hydro plant in Bhutan to Delhi and ‘Maithon Power Ltd. The Company has successful public-private partnerships in Generation. Distribution and Trading. hydro. It has acquired 30% stake in Coal Companies at Indonesia and is developing the first 4000 MW Ultra Mega Power Project at Mundra (Gujarat) based on super-critical technology. strategies.

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