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PNR Teli a te TS ——— (00 LN TA 3 °1177 02035 1754 __BOOK(S) A FI f =COIS) (PLE GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING MUSIC FROM NOVICE TO TO EXPERT! ess B LL YOU NEED TO KNOW! | Halse by Mark Harrison es ae eS ENTRODUCTION c000s2¢¢cncnesens canis About this Book, About the CD eon Legend, SECTION 1 + BASIC THEORY 101 0.000000 ‘Chapter I: Pitches and the Staff... ‘Chapter 2: Time Signatures and Rhythms. ‘Chaprer 3: Major Seales, Keys, and Key Si ‘Chapter +: Intervals and Melodies. . ‘Chapter §: Basic Chords and Progressions . SECTION 2 » BEYOND THE BASICS ......4 006066 ‘Chaprer 6: Modal, Pentatonic, and Blues Scales . ‘Chapter 7: Four-Part Chords and Progressions . ‘Chapter 8 More Notation and Rhythmie Concepts ‘Chapter 9: Minor Seales and Keys 3 ‘Chapter 10: Melody Harmonization and Counterpoint. SECTION 3 » INTERMEDIATE STUFF .. ‘Chapter 11: Five-Part Chords ‘Chapter 12: The Il-V-l Progression, ‘Chapter 13: Chord Substitutions , ‘Chapter 14: Song Form and Structure, ‘Chapter 15: Charts and Following the Road: SECTION 4» ADVANCED STUFF .. ‘Chapter 16: More Chord Extensions and Alterations. ‘Chapcer 17: More Seales........ ‘Chapter 18: Beyond Diatonie Chords .. ‘Chapter 19: Upper-Seructure Voicings and Sha SECTION 5 « SONGS. .. a Solfeggieto, CPE. Bach (piano). “This Love,” Maroon (piano) “Satin Doll,” Duke Ellingon (guitar) “Money,” Pink Floyd (bass). ‘Message in a Boule,” The Police (drums) . iv Chapter 2: Time Signarures and yh. ‘Chapter 3: Major Seales, Keys, and Key Signarures. Chapter 4: Intervals and Melodies. ‘ALL ABOUT MUSIC THEORY Page troductio: oI About this Book. . 7 About the CD . 2 Icon Legend... a5 SECTION 1 - Basic Theory 101 . 4 Chapter 1: Pitches and the Staff 4 Finding Noces on the Piano 4 Finding Notes on the G 6 ‘The Stuff . 8 The Treble Clef. 9 The Bass Clef... 210 The Grand Seat... 10 Middle C and Ledger Lines 10 Learning the Note Names . i Dividing Music into Measures Introducing Note Lengths: : > Counting Rhythms with Quarter, Half, and Whole Notes. Introducing Rests; Quarter, Half, and Whole Rests Eighth Notes and Rests, Dorted and ‘Tied Notes. - Sixteenth Notes and Rests The Building Blocks of Scales. Building Major Scales... ‘Can Can Polka from Orpheus in the Underworld (Offenbach) . Finding Major Scales on the Piano and Guitar Labeling the Major Scale Degrees . ‘Major Key Signatures Accidentals....-...4++ ‘The Circle of Sthoths (or Ciecle of Keys) Introduction to Intervals... Intervals in the Major Scale Altered Intervals... Intervals in Melodie “All the Things You Are” (standard). “Unchained Melody” (The Righteous Tress) Melody Characteristics . - ‘The Surprise Symphony (Hayday “Abide with Me" (Traditional) . CD Track 1 4 1s 16