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Project Title: Project Sponsor: Project Manager:

Employment web portal for (FUUAST) Students

Sir, Muhammad Waseem Nauman Naveed Date Prepared: Project Customer: November 24, 2011 FUUAST

Project Purpose or Justification: Currently, the job-hunting process is slow and difficult. Students must search multiple sources to find job listings, submit their information, and then wait to be contacted by a third party. The steps in this process all take place across different media. FUUAST Placement Bureau is a networking website that allows employers to directly connect with potential employers. This consolidates all the steps in the job-hunting process and limits the information flow to one medium. It also allows groups of users to collaborate on specific projects. Project Description: The objective of this project is to create a fully-functional employment website for the students of FUUAST. The website will have three types of users: companies, administrators, and potential employees. Companies will be able to post messages regarding what positions are available. Companies will be able to search for potential employees based on specified attributes such as location, employment history, qualifications, etc. Administrative accounts will have the ability to post advertisements for their respective companies. Potential employees can post their resume to the site and approve which companies can request and download them. All users will have a friends-list that keeps them connected with other users. Users will be allowed to form groups for various projects. Users can also post on public or private forums . The website will be created with PHP, MYSQL, and HTML. Project and Product Requirements: Software to be Produced:

The software to be produced will be a social networking website for the purpose of finding employment. Those seeking employment will be able to create personal profiles with the ability to post occupational and skill information. Those seeking employees will be able to create company profiles to inform potential employees about their company and available positions. A search engine will be available for both employers and future employees to use to find profiles matching specified criteria. Refer to the reference documents for more information.

Functional Requirements:

The user logs in to the job finder website. (Username and Password inputs only accepts characters [A-Zaz0-9]) Users can update their profile, search for jobs, or create a job In the update profile section, users may upload a resume. (.doc or .pdf format)

Interface Requirements:

The website is the direct interface with the user, but the website also has to interface with the database.

o o o

Strings and numbers are inputted from the website, and SQL records are input from the database. MySQL queries are the output of the website to the database, and text is the output from the website to the user. Data sent and received must be exact, with no room for precision errors.

Physical Environment Requirements:

The software must run on a server. o The server must have PHP and MySQL enabled

Users and Human Factors Requirements:

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The server must support employees, employers, and administrators. Employees and employers should not require and special skills in order to interact with the software. Administrators on the other hand should require general knowledge of the system. Must the system detect and prevent misuse? If so, what types of potential misuse must the system detect and prevent?

Documentation Requirements: Documentation Required: o On-line instructions of use should be available for users o The assumed skill level of the readers should be that of an average computer user.

Data Requirements:

Calculation precision: o The only calculations done internally should be integer calculations where precision will not be an issue.

Resource Requirements:

System resources: o Administrator needed to maintain and moderate the website. o The system should be run able on any web server with appropriate software installed. o The website will need a domain name which will cost around 10 dollars a year to maintain.

Security Requirements:

Security Requirements: o Database must be salted to protect user information o SQL injection must be prevented to protect user information o Database backups should be made every 24 hours

Quality Assurance Requirements:

The website should only have a maximum downtime of 30 minutes a week.

Acceptance Criteria: Must Have:

Employers can post job positions Employers can search through Employee profiles Employers and Employees can form groups to work on projects Employees can upload resumes, which Employers can download Employers and Employees can add each other to a contact list A global forum, and also project-specific forums

Would Like to Have:

Administrator can post advertisements

Initial Risks: The Technology may be changed in due course. Students of FUUAST are unaware of the portal. Cyber Crimes, Hacking & Fraud etc. Interest of Employers Market Competition Limited Users access to internet.

Project Objectives
Create an Online Employment Web Portal for FUUAST Students with under given specification. Create Job Apply for Job Accept Application for Job Reject Application for Job Update Profile Post On Job Forum Delete Post On Job Forum Edit Post On Job Forum

Success Criteria

Person Approving

Completion and launching the Sir, Waseem Project Sponsor website within the assigned time frame with downtime of not more than 30 minutes a week.

Time: 6 Months

Completion of work according the Sir, Waseem Project Sponsor scope with the 6 months timeframe

Cost: $100,000.00

Completion of the Project within Sir, Waseem Project Sponsor specified cost.

Quality: The website should only have a maximum downtime of 30 minutes a week. Statement: The website should have a relatively high uptime. Source: The Website Dependency: None Conflicts: None Supporting Materials: None Evaluation Method: If the website is available and functional. Other: Nil

Coding Standard: PHP will Sir, Waseem Project Sponsor be used. Data Base: MySQL will be used for Data basing. User Interface: Html and Adobe suite will be used for creating User interface. Document Standard: All pages will use 10 point Times New Roman font. Artifact Size Metric Standard: The PHP source code and documents source code will be measured in bytes. Documents should be at least
25KB. PHP source code should be at least 50KB.



Summary Milestones Create Site Framework and Layout Develop User Account Functionalities Develop Company Account Functionalities Develop Forums Develop Resume Uploader

Due Date December 11, 2011 December 25, 2011 January 08, 2012 January 22, 2012 February 05, 2012

PROJECT CHARTER Develop Resume Notifier Develop Contacts Develop Ability for Companies to Search for Users Develop Groups Develop Administrative Account Functionalities Create Advertisement Display Final Testing and Delivering Project
February 19, 2012 March 04, 2012 March 18, 2012 April 01, 2012 April 15, 2012 April 29, 2012 May 13, 2012

Estimated Budget:

Project Manager Authority Level

Staffing Decisions: The Project Manager has the authority to Filling openings, Employee development, and has the authority to Fire the staff. Budget Management and Variance: The Project Manager has the authority to manage the technical deliverables ad take the minor decisions to adjust the path to attain the objectives within the budget. However he can put up the request to increase the budget subject to availability of funds and is the absolute authority of the Project Sponsor. Technical Decisions:
Data Base Architect Act as the project enterprise systems architect. Develop Project Plan, Conducts needs assessments, requirements analysis, develop specifications and evaluate products for applications. This position will also provide the architectural design for the web site and database. Research costs and ensure that the application supports disabled user needs. Project Programmer - Collaborate on web site design and development using PHP technology. Conduct quality assurance testing and documents. Write maintainable code, test and implement web pages and content with a focus on the needs of the target user population. Create documentation for systems and users.

Secretary Administrative (10%) - Provide intermittent administrative assistance by performing day to day clerical detail responsibilities. Maintain records, prepare basic reports and assist in record keeping and coordination efforts related to the project. Participate in functional testing.

Conflict Resolution: The Manager will follow the following steps for Conflict Resolution: Identify positions (what are they saying) of each side of the people in conflict. Learn more about the true needs and desires behind each side. Ask clarifying questions for more information. Brainstorm possible solutions. Discuss how each solution would affect each side and figure out possible compromises. Agree upon a solution. Implement solutions. Re-evaluate solutions, if necessary.

Escalation Path for Authority Limitations: The Project Manager will get the prior approval from the Project Sponsor if he has to escalate from the authority he has assigned. Moreover he cannot take the decisions about the matter which do not fall in his span of control.

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