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MD KHAJA MUZAFFARUDDIN H no: 9-4-87/22,Tolichowki, Hyderabad, AP-08.

Contact No: +91-9030824692 Email:

CAREER OBJECTIVE Seeking the entry level position of a mechanical engineer where my ability to work in a team and analytical skills could be used for the benefit of the organization. EDUCATION PROFILE






Engineering (B.E) Intermediate (10+2) 10th Standard

Muffakham Jah College Mechanical of Engineering and engineering with Technology. specialization in production. M.S. Junior College. Intermediate Public Examination, Board of Secondary Education

Aggregate of 58%

June 2011


March 2007

Vani Vidya Vihar High School,Godavarikhani.


March 2005

ACADEMIC PROJECTS DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF MECHANICAL CAN CRUSHER: Crushing a metal, especially an aluminium can has become a necessity in order to facilitate easy collection, storage and transport of these cans to a recycling facility. Since the cost of manufacturing aluminium can is high, recycling of empty can is now an established element of commerce. We purpose to build a machine that crushes aluminum and other metal cans. The cans after crushing go into a storage bin, from where these cans can be taken to a recycling facility. The use of infrared sensors that detect the entry and exit of cans in and out of the machine makes the process automatic, thereby requiring little human effort; the operator simply is required to insert the can into the entry slot provided in the machine. The project aims to develop a method that can crush these cans efficiently and rapidly given the large number that are used and thrown away by consumers. My contribution: I studied the mechanism of slider crank, gear box and I got good knowledge in welding and manufacturing.

SKILLS Programming Languages: C & C++. Operating system Environment: Windows 98, 2000, XP. Softwares: AUTOCAD, CAD/CAM,CATIA,PRO-E. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

Participated in the event DEATH RACE during ROBOLYMPIA.

Participated in STAC 07 Student Technical Awareness Conference and submitted a paper on PLAMIS WAVE ENERGY CONVERTER. Event organizer during SPAC and STAC 2010 Student Technical Awareness Conference.

VALUE ADDITION: I WILL BE A VALUABLE RESOURCE TO THE ORGANIZATION. I HAVE DEVELOPED TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES COMBINED WITH INQUISITIVE TO LEARN AND APPLY. PARTICIPATING ACTIVELY IN THE EXTRA CURRICULARS, MY LEADERSHIP QUALITIES HAVE ENHANCED IN ADDITION TO HANDLE RISKS AND PRESSURE. PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth Sex Marital Status Father's Name Domicile Nationality Languages known PASSPORT DETAILS Passport no. Date of issue Date of expiry Place of issue : J5077246 : 10-05-2011 : 09-05-2021 : Hyderabad : 07-10-1989 : Male : Single : Khaja Mohiuddin : Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh : Indian : English, Hindi, Urdu and Telugu.

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Hyderabad

(Md Khaja Muzaffaruddin)