Keep the door closed. Every time you open it the temperature drop about 20 degrees (c)
Cook several dishes at the one time. II you are cooking small items use the Iry pan.
When cooking small quantities use one sauce pan with dividers.
4 Keep Iood warm at 70-80 deg(c) Higher temperatures waste electricity and over cook Iood.
5 Use oven heat Ior plate warming.
6 Use utensils with Ilat bottoms and well Iitting lids. Make sure they cover hotplates.
7 To cook vegetables the water doesn't need to be boiling Iuriously - a gentle simmer is
Use bright clean hotplate reIlectors to send the heat upwards where it is wanted.
Pressure cookers can save up to 25° oI power.
Use small appliances eg . griller, crock pot, wok ,etc Ior appropriate Ioods.
Thaw Irozen Ioods beIore cooking - this saves about 15 minutes cooking per 450 grams
(one pound).
5 Don't boil water on a hotplate - use an electric kettle.
7 Have the ceiling insulated with at least 50mm oI Iibrous or Ioam insulation.
In timber Iramed or brick homes the walls should also be insulated. Block oII any
chimneys not being used - A lot oI heat is lost there.
Unless you have Iull home conditioning close the doors oI the room/s being heated or
cooled. Doors and windows should Iit well because draughts can waste a lot oI energy. Close
curtains to stop heat escaping.
See that air- conditioner Iilters and condenser coils are kept clean.
Reverse cycle air-conditioners provide 2 to 2.5 times as much heat as an element type
heater Ior the same electricity consumption.

oning oI a house conditioned by a ducted system can cut energy consumption to a halI or
even third.
Shade windows during summer to keep sun oI the glass.
4 Don't leave heating or cooling appliances on when rooms are unoccupied.
5 Use personal Ians and ceiling Ians Ior relieI Irom hot weather. Fans cost much less to run
than air conditioners.
6 Many air- conditioning systems operate at 22 deg (c). You will still be comIortable iI you
set the control Ior 24-25 deg (c) in summer. and 18-19 deg (c) in winter and you will use a lot
less electricity.
7 Leave room conditioner "Iresh air " and "exhaust air " controls in the closed positions
unless you want to Ireshen the room air.
Set Ian at high speed Ior a room conditioner to work most eIIiciently.
Evaporative coolers are very eIIective when installed correctly. The operating cost oI an
evaporative cooler is only a Iraction oI that oI a reIrigerated unit.
A student can be kept warm with a 150 watt inIra red lamp Iitted under the desk.
Localised under carpet heating gives economical armchair comIort.
People heating is more economical than space heating.-use radiators multi-heat radiant
heaters, wall strip heaters ,Ian heaters.
Electric blankets are the cheapest Iorm oI bedroom heating.
4 Select a Iridge that uses waste heat Ior deIrosting etc. These Iridges are usually cheaper to
5 Buy the size you need extra capacity uses extra power.
6 II you already have a chest or upright Ireezer buy an "all though " reIrigerator instead oI a
Iridge Ireezer combination.
7 DeIrost beIore the ice build up is 1 cm thick.
Open the door only when necessary.
Make sure the door seals well. II a piece oI paper will slide easily between the cabinet and
the door seal is not good enough.
4 Keep dust and IluII brushed oII the coils on the back or bottom oI the Iridge.

4 Put the Iridge in a well ventilated position.
4 Place your Iridge away Irom direct sunlight or any source oI heat. Don't put hot Iood into
a Iridge or Ireezer.
4 Don't buy a large machine iI you don't need it. For the occasional big wash an extra cycle
or two is cheaper than under using a large washer.
44 Adjust the water level to economically wash a partial load. Otherwise it is better to wait
until you have a Iull load. But don't overload your machine.
45 Your washer may have Ieatures that can save your money. Soak cycles remove stubborn
stains in wash cycle. Suds savers allow you to re use hot water.
46 Use correct type oI detergent and cold or tepid water will wash clothes eIIectively.
47 Good lighting means avoiding glare and gloom by using the right amount oI light in the
right way.
4 Use light translucent shades- opaque or dark shades require bigger lamps.
4 Use a good local light near the task. It is more eIIective and more eIIicient than a large
central light.
5 Use Iluorescent tubes . they use about a quarter oI electricity used by ordinary globes and
they last
about eight times as long. They CAN be switched on and oII as oIten as you need without
aIIecting operating cost.
5 Use solar energy to dry your clothes -it costs nothing.
5 Operate your dryer using the Ian alone. Only switch the heater on iI it is really necessary.
Vent the dryer outside the house and don't let lint block the vent.
5 never overload or under load the dryer - you get most economical operation with the
correct load.
54 Switch oII when the clothes are dry enough - over drying makes them Ieel harsh and waste
55 Tumble dryers are more eIIective than cabinet dryers.

W%# %¡NG
56 OII peak low pressure storage heaters are generally the cheapest overall.
57 Don't allow dripping taps .Sixty drips a minutes means about 1200 litres a month down the
And you have paid Ior it to be heated.
5 Water restrictors and low Ilow shower nozzles will help to save water.
5 Insulate hot water pipes Irom storage heaters Ior at least a metre Irom the heater as heat
can be conducted along these pipes and lost to the atmosphere.
6 Install a storage heater oI 125 litres or more to run oII peak tariII - which is about halI the
normal rate.
6 Normally you will use less water Ior shower than bath.
6 Fill your electric kettle or jug Irom the cold tap. Running oII a lot oI cold water Irom the
hot pipes is wasteIul and expensive.
6 Don't have your hot water set too 70 deg (c) is usually hot enough . Otherwise it costs
more to heat the water and it loses more heat while being stored.
64 Dimmers save power and enable you to obtain pleasant changes oI mood in your lighting.
65 Use plug-in timers to control such things as Irying pans, crock pots, riadiators. Lights
and air conditioners.

Locate & fix air Ieaks÷The potential energy savings from reducing air leaks may
range from 5% to 30% per year. Check for gaps along the baseboard or edge of the
flooring, and at junctures of the walls and ceiling. Check to see if air can flow through
electrical outlets, switch plates, window frames, and baseboards. Ìnspect your doors
and window frames. Ìf you detect air flow or can see daylight around any of these,
seal these air leaks with caulking or weather stripping.
Make sure insuIation is adequate÷Heat loss through the ceiling and walls in your
home could be very large if the insulation levels are less than the recommended
minimum. Determine whether openings for items such as pipes, ductwork, and
chimneys are sealed. Any gaps should be sealed with an expanding foam caulk or
some other permanent sealant.

nspect heating equipment annuaIIy÷Ìnspect your heating equipment annually or
as recommended by the manufacturer. Ìf the unit is more than 15 years old, you
should consider replacing it with one of the newer, energy-efficient units. This would
go far to reduce your energy consumption, especially if the existing equipment is in
poor condition.
&se efficient Iighting÷Energy for lighting accounts for about 10% of your electric
bill. Examine the wattage size of the light bulbs in your house. You may have 100
watt (or larger) bulbs where 60 or 75 watts would do.
RepIace incandescent Iight buIbs with compact fIuorescents (CFs). Now you
can buy a CF bulb for about $2. Not only do they last many times longer than regular
bulbs, but they also use only 20% of the electricity. Ìf you replace 10 65W bulbs with
13W CFs, you'll get the same amount of light and, if each one is on an average of
only 6 hours a day, you will save 94 kWh a month! At 50 cents a kWh, that's $47
every month!
&pgrade AppIiances: Ìf you have a refrigerator or freezer that's more than 10 years
old, it might be using twice as much electricity as it should! A new appliance could
pay for itself in one or two years. Look for appliances with the government's Energy
Star® label. Note: Be sure to throw the appliance away in the landfill; salvaging it
because it still works is not a good idea ÷ these are just energy hogs that could be
costing an extra $40+ a month to run!
&se CoId Water CycIe: Ìf you have a clothes washer at home, wash everything in
cold water and save on your water-heating energy. Water temperature makes no
difference to how clean your clothes get÷that's up to the type of laundry soap you
Put Lights on a Timer: Christmas lights, and even the little white lights can drain your
electricity. The medium C7 bulbs usually come 25 to a string and if left on for 12
hours a day will use 63 kWh a month. Ten strings will use 630 kWh a month÷that's
more than $300 a month! A single 100-light string of little white lights will use 18 kWh
- $9 a month÷if left on all day. So either go easy on the lights or put them on a timer
so they're not on so long.
Do not switch on the TV when you are doing something else .
Turn oII unneeded lights and appliances.
Keep electric heat at a minimum temperature, 68 degrees is good.
Keep air conditioning around 72 degrees.
Open doors and windows and don't use the AC.
Open outside doors less oIten - keep in warm or cool air.
Block draIts at bottom oI doors with a rug, towel, or sheet.
Hang laundry on a line outside and use the electric dryer less oIten.
Place plastic over windows Ior insulation.
Weather stripping around outside doors.
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