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1 28, September, 2011 Kid Cudi: A Unique Sound Upon hearing that Kid Cudi was releasing an album I prepared myself for something along the lines of A Kid Named Cudi, which was his first mix tape. This was


the mix tape that made Kid Cudi one of the artists that I listen to regularly. I was not sure what his first album would be like but I had listened to the pre-released tracks and decided I would buy it. When I first looked at the CD I noticed the album art was interesting. It made me want to pop in the CD even more just to hear what Cudi had come up with. Based on what Cudi had been producing for Kanye West, I had an idea of the types of things that would be included on the album. When you begin as a producer it is always a challenge to have originality, but Cudi was able to keep his flow and remain original. There are many things I look for in an album and Man On The Moon: End of the Day contained them all, and then some. Kid Cudi did something on this album that was very interesting and unique. He took the listeners on an adventure as he told us his story. The album is broken down into five acts. Common, the rapper/actor, narrates in between songs adding to the theatrics. The first of these acts is called The End of Day and it is Cudi welcoming you to his world. He explains his situation through songs like "Soundtrack To My Life" and "In My Dreams." Act II: Rise of the Night Terrors contains songs like "Solo Dolo" and "My World." This act is about his use of marijuana. It has a very dark mood and slow tempo.

Drug use is the subject that most of his music revolves around and this album is no different. He has developed his own genre of music that combines rap and hip hop with electro/pop style beats.Tomaino Although the first two acts are crucial to the success of this album. Jon Caramonica.000 digital downloads in the United States.000. "the album is more 808s and Heartbreaks than College Dropout. These samples added to the intensity of the album. but his rapping style is as well. of The New York Times said. "puzzling through some third way: a sort of loose. the mood can be 2 boring at times. hazily melodic talking. "Day 'n' Night" was one of the pre-released songs which was very popular and received over 2." This is one of the reasons that there is no other rap artist similar to Kid Cudi. He incorporated some dark and sinister sounding samples from groups like Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Menahan Street Band. The point at which he was able to overcome the fear and doubts that he had about himself. instead of rapping or singing Cudi goes. This style is somewhat comparable to Kanye West's later albums as Josh Cabrido said. Not only is Cudi's sound unique. This song revolves around Cudi's life as a "lonely stoner" and how he uses drugs as a way to free his mind." It is about him using drugs as ." Act IV: Stuck and Act V: A New Beginning are about the major turning points in his career. Once you get to the third act the album begins to gain tempo and become more upbeat." The songs on this album all share one main idea which is common in all Kid Cudi songs. Act III: Taking A Trip is in reference to Kid Cudi's use of psychedelics with songs like "Enter Galactic. "Up Up And Away" is known as the "wake and bake song. a genre-bending release. Kid Cudi used many unique sounds and beats in this album which gave it a "trippy" feel. Having the album set up in this way gave listeners a chance to not only listen to Kid Cudi but to experience his life through music.

The third album is said to be released in the fall of 2012. Overall. Unique would be the word to describe Man On The Moon: End of the Day. Cudi brought a whole new category to music and how it can be relayed to listeners. Instead of bringing you inside his dreams. .Tomaino a way for him to escape his harsh reality and get away. this is looking to be the greatest music CD series of our time. Based on this album I look forward to future works by Kid Cudi. There is little bad that can be said about any of the albums that have been released thus far. The songs on this album all have meaning and a purpose. The CD's are meant to compliment one another and all be of the same style. Rager. Kid Cudi's freshmen album was a success. At times the album seemed slow and dark. Cudi was able to get his message across to his audience and develop a new style of music along the way. Although all three albums are not available yet. Cudi takes you on a journey through his reality in the second album. This album is part one of a three part series. Kid cudi released the second CD in 2010 which 3 was titled Man On The Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. This could have had a negative effect on the album but it fit in with the storyline that was established. He used his artistic style to create a masterpiece that captivated the minds of many. The second album also contained five acts. They are all used to get a message across to listeners.

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