During the interview with Pheobes mother Anna O'Brian

she wants to clear up some of the information about her daughter
and the stories surrounding her suicide.

Her mother is not very happy that the school sent out a letter
to parents of the students that attended the school describing
her daughter as "complicated" and that she was seeing an
adjustment counselor, even though she had only seem a counselor one time. Her mother felt
that this is intrusive and stirred
too many questions. She came here with her family from Ireland because her mother was
taking a break from her teaching career, and she wanted her daughters to
get a taste of America at the SOuth Hadley School in MAssachuessetts. She had no idea
that horrors that would unfold, her two daughters were very excited about coming to
America and starting a new life.
Pheobe seemed to fit right in, but her mother did let school officials know she was
suseptiable to school bullying. She had experienced bullying at her prior school in
Ireland, though it was no where near as intense as when she came to America. Her mother
worked with young adults in school so she knew how bullying works amoung the younger
In November her mother began to notice Pheobe was agigtated and recieved many nasty
texts from girls at school, you can see Anna's eyes fill with hurt as she retells this short
story. Her mother asked
her many times what was wrong, but Pheobe insisted that it would all blow over. Her
mother explains what he daughter went through with these girls from school. She recieved
a lot of verbal threats by a particular
girl always yelling and screaming at her between classes. Even one of the girls who Pheobe
considered a friend turned out to be against her.
The night before she hung herself her mother had called the school to speak with the
adjustments counselor,
Her mother had actually booked tickets to return home to Ireland to take a break and get
away from it all, she just had to hold on for 2 more weeks,
but it was too late.
The same day she killed herself after school someone had written swear words and racial
next to her name, and many of her school members chanted profanities at her, and then
threw a can of energy drink at her.
Her mother believes that this was planned by these evil students. One of the bullies the next
day posted nothing more than "done" on facebook.
Her mother has a hard time talking about this through the entire interview with Piers
Morgan. You can tell that between her deep breaths
she is holding back her tears. The school intendents did not do as much as they could. She
went to the vice principles office and reported a girl beating her up,
and the vice principle told her to go back to class and dismissed pheobes problems. Anna
blames the school for failing, they did not take the proper follow up
or authority to help Pheobe or punish, or even question the bullies. 6 of t he bullies were
arrested and treated as adults, and 5 were convicted. They did not go to prison and they
recieved probation and community services.
Pheobes mother never wanted the teens to go to prison she wanted them to be held
accountable and to take responsiblity for their actions and specifically wanted these teens
to go through community service and probation. She thinks that the community services
would give them
a chance to really refelect on their actions. He rmother had met with one of the Bullies by
the name of Ashley, and asked again to meet with her a few times to talk. Her mother feels
that some of the bullies were sincere in their apologies.
Elizabeth Scheibel was Annas attorney during the case against these teens for their
Her attorney states that the school had a duty to protect Pheobe because as much as the
school declines knowing about her situation they did know about it.
Since this court trial these is now something know as
Pheobes law in the state of massachusetts , which mandates the school to report bullying
incidences. This also requires school training in what bullying is. A scholarship was also set
up in pheobes names, and her mother would like to leave a legacy about
Pheobe about people respecting other people and knowing boundaries. To bring peace and
understanding, but her mother had doubts that this would ever be accomplished.
Her mother still knows in her heart that people have been deeply touched by the incient of
pheobe and perhaps more aware to what bullying is. She hopes that this type of situation
will never
happen to anyone again.