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Dan Padden Exploratory Draft Prof.

Dietel-McLaughlin WR 13300 In this paper, I plan to use evidence from studies and consultations from professionals to shed light upon the issue of shooter type video games and their resulting effects on Generation Zs perception on violence and war. Basically, I will attempt to show that shooter-type video games have had a profound effect in shaping how the current generation views these types of events. This topic is personally interesting because I am a member of Generation Z, and I have played a good deal of shooter video games in my life, and I am interested on how my perception of violence differs from that of previous generations unexposed to this new variable. This topic is important to others because it is an important step into understanding they psyche of the current generation on these prevalent issues. If we are ever to predict how people of my generation will react in certain situations, such as exposure to war or violence, and how they will recuperate from the effects, we must first understand the general perceptions held by members of this group and what influences these perceptions. My audience will be all people interested in the perceptions of my generations perceptions on war and violence, and how they have been shaped by shooter type games. They want to know this to better understand my generation as a whole, as well as how shooter games relay messages about war and violence to people. I plan to convince my audience to agree with me by providing solid sources, and in-depth analysis of the topic. So far, I have found a few news articles from credible sources such as the New York Times and Time magazine. These both contain valuable information on how shooter video games take pride in realism and in letting the player become the soldier, or in other words putting him into the war. My audience will expect very credible sources if they are to believe me, so I will also use scholarly journals to further my investigation. I am integrating material from the course through my use of video games (digital media) and the idea of the digital natives, a synonym for my generation. I have not had much trouble yet in finding information, but I know that I will at some point run into a roadblock or two. As far as my concerns for this project go, I would say my biggest one would still be on fine-tuning my topic and points of analysis. I didnt talk to you earlier about my topic and research question, so hopefully its all right or can be easily fixed if incorrect. Also, as far as my points of analysis go, I am considering adding a point on how previous generations were acclimated to war and violence. I dont know if this is a good idea, but it was just one of my obvious thoughts. Other than that, I feel fairly confident on my topic and I have a fairly good idea on how to obtain the sources I need, but dont worry, Im sure Ill still have a ton of questions to ask you.