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More green life
More green liIe
Let`s get out into nature: because trees and meadows are good Ior
body, mind and soul. More green in liIe! A daily piece oI green on
the plate, in the oIIice or in your own home works wonders, keeps
you healthy and prolongs liIe.
Three green trees on a lawn

The color green helps with stress reduction
Older people who live near green spaces or parks, live longer than
those who have their homes in a concrete jungle could present
Japanese researchers recently as a result oI a study oI more than
3,000 Tokyo residents over 80 years.
A green area in the vicinity oI the apartment turned out Ior the
Japanese elderly revealed as the elixir oI liIe: trees and shrubs are
suitable Ior oxygen tanks, a park or a park near motivate them to
The movement in turn enables the reduction oI stress hormones,
among other things arise, even iI many people to live together to a
small area. Relaxing to the eye, mind and spirit but also the natural
environment itselI acts, green spaces in cities are also social meeting
places and thus reduce the loneliness oI old people.
Green motivated
But even in their own homes or who is doing the work everyday, it`s
good to see green. Ivy & Co provide a relaxed atmosphere and
contribute to the health oI Iamily members or employees at the
'Plants in the workplace, indoors or out, have a signiIicant impact
on the wellbeing oI workers, said Edgar Weitmann, proIessional
speaker group oI gardeners and Ilorists. 'Research shows that green
at the workplace leads to a decrease in health complaints. Even the
prospect oI a lush green lawn or a house plant has a positive impact
on work Iriends, concentration and creativity.
Potted plants also sell well BromieI and Iatigue. 'Plants increase
humidity and improve air quality, said wide man. He reIers to the
result oI a study that decreased to a green workplace complaints as
typical oIIice Ermdungserscheiningen and headaches by 35
percent, rhinitis symptoms decreased by 33 percent, blood pressure
dropped to the employee and the reaction time was signiIicantly
Green heals
The positive eIIects oI green on the body and the Vienna beschrt
motivation researcher and psychologist Dr. Susan Hackl color-
Grumm. Even healing powers are attributed to the color. Delicately
drawn green painted ceiling in hospital rooms will mean that patients
will recover Iaster. The color impression is so strong that the body oI
a man in a green painted room believed to be outdoors.
This means that not only the vivid green oI the vegetation changes
liIe, but already the visual impression oI the vegetation, such as
photos, movies, or the view out the window as well as the green
room or clothing color. The general eIIect is measurable stress
indicators such as pulse, blood pressure, skin conductance and
muscle tension are positively inIluenced.
Green tastes
Complete you can be healthy green experience, not only by the color
oI the outside, but also 'internally apply, say, Green is on the plate!
Broccoli, kale, spinach & Co are Iull not only oI vitamins or
minerals, the green plant pigment chlorophyll, which is super-
Iormula Ior the brain. Optimal chlorophyll suppliers are dark green
leaIy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, peppers, dandelion, garlic,
watercress, sour struggle, nettle, herbs, seaweed, broccoli, Brussels
sprouts, kale and olives.
Chlorophyll has the wonderIul quality oI being able to contribute in
addition to iron and vitamin C Ior oxygen storage in the brain. A
suIIicient and constant supply oI oxygen is essential Ior brain
Iunction, because in the brain is virtually no reserves oI oxygen.
ThereIore support all green plants, the brain power, sharpen
concentration and mentally Iit to make.
The bottom line: Put more green into your liIe!