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SnapVideo Product Requirements Author: Simon Shin February 24, 2011 Core Functionality: Allow users to record and

share videos with people using a mobile device 1. User registration (required) a. Username b. Real Name c. Email d. Password e. Phone Number f. Connect to fb/twitter User profile a. User display i. Photo ii. Real Name (Username) iii. Current Location iv. Following v. Followers b. Activity stream i. Videos Posted ii. Videos Shared (fb/twitter) users or someone elses iii. Comments on videos iv. Like/dislike for videos v. Tags on video vi. Videos commented vii. Locations favorite-ed c. Videos posted i. Search My Videos ii. Recent iii. Popular iv. History d. My Notifications i. Viral Feature User gets notification every time a friend from contacts, fb, or twitter join SnapVideo Following/Followers a. Display i. User Avatar ii. Real Name (Username) b. Actions i. Find friends to follow 1. Via Facebook 2. Via Twitter 3. Via Address Book ii. Invite friends to join 1. Directly send invite a. Send fb invite b. Send email invite 2. Indirectly through tagging and sharing a. Post to users fb wall b. Post link to users twitter page c. Send link to email c. Search users i. By Real Name







ii. By Username iii. By Email d. [Mutually following] e. [Recommended users] Video recording and posting a. Record Video [Technical Question: What is the time limit?] i. Back Camera ii. Front Camera b. Customize i. Add Video Effect [See notes on video effects] ii. Create Video e-Card iii. Add Music c. Video Metadata i. Caption ii. User tagging iii. Location tagging iv. [Keyword tagging] v. [Do it later option] d. Sharing [should automatically happen when user posts video] i. Set Privacy Controls [provide option that says ask me every time or dont ask me again] 1. Anyone (Public) a. Followers will see it in their stream 2. Only Specific People (Private) a. Choose Specific People i. From email/phone/fb contacts ii. From list of followers and people following iii. Input new email (not from existing list) b. Other people cant share and people cant see on your profile c. [What if that person is not on SnapVideo? See Paths Strategy, they send an email] 3. Only Me (Secret) a. Doesnt post to any network b. People cant see on your profile ii. Networks 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Email Activity stream (for people user is following): a. Post video b. View video c. Like/dislike d. Share across fb/twitter e. Comment on video f. Tag video g. Favorite a location h. Favorite a video Video search and browsing a. Browse i. Recent ii. Popular iii. Friends iv. Locations b. Search Account settings

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Edit Profile Who can follow me settings? i. Anyone ii. No one iii. Requests permission iv. Only people I follow Video Privacy i. See notes above Notification settings notify me when: i. Someone tags me in their video ii. Someone comments on my video iii. Someone likes/dislikes my video iv. Someone shares video with me directly v. Someone favorites my video vi. Someone comments on a video I shared vii. Someone likes/dislikes a video I shared viii. [Someone likes/dislikes/comments/favorites a video I liked/disliked/commented on/favorite] ix. Someone favorites a video I shared x. Someone Im following also favorites my favorite locations xi. Someone follows me xii. Someone Im following follows me back xiii. Someone requests to follow xiv. Someone accepts a request to follow xv. Contacts (phone number/email) join SnapVideo xvi. Facebook/Twitter friends join SnapVideo

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