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Erin Dietel-McLaughlin Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric November 14, 2011 Face Time to FaceTime Apple has emerged as the most innovative company in the world over the past decade through their avant-garde approach to technology. What originally began as a business focused on MP3 players music sales has blossomed into a corporation that sells an attractive array of all types of electronic devices. Along its revolutionary path, Apple innovated the market for cellular devices through the creation and evolution of the iPhone. With the recent release of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 software, the companys true creativity was displayed and confirmed by widespread sales throughout the country. Due to Apples immense market power and widespread popularity, the revolutionary iOS 5 software as well as future iPhone products are rapidly transforming communication mediums and thus also transforming human relationships. With new programs that facilitate and improve communication means, Apple has increased its sales and now controls far more of the consumer population than it once did. This leaves the population vulnerable to the effects of such software, most of which involve the extinction of traditional means of communication. Apple has also managed to gain market control by mimicking programs and applications used by competitors, thus diminishing their competitors advantages and creating a miniature monopoly in the market for cellular devices. This control over consumers further threatens to alter current communication and business practices as well as causing numerous technological changes throughout the

Albano 2 world. Finally, Apples future is equally as bright as it past with numerous innovative products on the horizon. With this expansion and innovation, new communication means will be established as a result of looming software and software improvements and thus, further alter the world as a whole. Despite new leadership and the expansion of Android, Apples innovative approach to communication has and will continue to transform the way human beings behave and interact. The iOS 5 software incorporates new means of communication that attracts customers of all age, gender, and occupation. Firstly, the continuation and improvement of FaceTime as a medium of communication transforms mobile communication by allowing face to face encounters via cellular devices. In fact, the new FaceTiming software further extends users communication ability in that it is capable of video chatting with other non-cellular Apple products including the Ipad, MacBook, and other devices that operate off of Wi-Fi connection. According to Apple, the product allows one to be there in person even when youre not (Apple). Because of this, many businessmen will make the switch to the iPhone in order to facilitate deals and cut down on travel fares. Along these lines, iOS 5 users are able to communicate over Facebook with new and extended features exclusive to the software. With the addition of mobile Facebook chatting abilities, iPhone users are now able to contact Facebook friends as well without the use of a computer. In the opinion of Nick ONeill, a technology analyst for All Facebook, this is a big deal because you will have instant access to all of your friends who are on Facebook (ONeill). This improvement in Apple software is sure to attract social networking gurus of all ages and further boost Apples sale of the product. Finally, the addition of iMessaging to the lineup of communication options further

Albano 3 improves the new iPhone software. This application allows Apple users to communicate in a manner similar to SMS texting. However, the software does add numerous advantages to the traditional form of communication. According to Apple: With iMessage, as soon as your message appears on a friends iOS device, youll get a delivery receipt letting you know it went through. And see when someone is in the middle of typing out a reply (Apple). As if the above benefits were not enough, the service is free through Wi-Fi connection: another feature built into the iOS 5 software. In this way, Apple has offered a user friendly means of communication between fellow Apple users which not only enhances use of the product, but attracts customers as well. Through the innovation of the oIS 5 software and the iPhone 4S, Apple has slowly seized control of the market for cellular devices from competitors such as Android and Blackberry. Apples revolution of communication mediums has inevitably changed the way in which humans interact by furthering the process of extinction of face-to-face encounters and moving more towards the newest technology. Firstly, the enhancements made to the FaceTime software threaten to kill off face-to-face meetings that humans have been accustomed to since the dawn of man. The new software facilitates long distance communication between users by providing a visual image to go along with the audible portion. Because of this revolution in communication technology, business trips will soon be replaced by advanced FaceTime software, saving companies and individuals millions of dollars in the process. However, even more so of a pressing issue this revolutionary application carries is the threat of the end of placing calls. Due to the obvious advantages of video chatting over simple audible communication, particularly due to the mobile access of such programs, consumers will turn to the superior medium

Albano 4 and soon neglect phone calls. Similar to this problem, mobile Facebook chat threatens to replace SMS texting due to the advantages it offers and thus, altering the way in which humans communicate on a daily basis. Nick ONeill, an analyst for All Facebook, brings this issue into debate when he asks: Does this spell the death of SMS? (ONeill). This expansion of Facebook capabilities on the iPhone may indeed transform our system of mobile communication. Costly and mundane SMS messaging may indeed be replaced soon by this free alternative. Although a little extreme, computers may also become obsolete as a result of new mobile browsing capabilities. Thus, the new Facebook perks threaten to transform the manner in which humans interact. Due to Apples growing market power and widespread control over consumers as well as the enticing communication perks the iOS 5 software offers, mobile communication is transforming as old mediums become obsolete. The new iOS 5 software also borrows unique features and applications from competing companies, thus eliminating advantages of buying competing goods and further controlling consumers. Firstly, the new software incorporates a notification bar that places all notifications in one compact and simplified list. In this way, users are able to view Facebook, Twitter, SMS texts, MMS texts, e-mail, and even reminders in the same location (Apple). As appealing as this may be, it is far from original. In fact, Android created such a software with the release of the Droid in 2009 (Burnette). Apple also released an application called PC Free which is built into the iOS 5 software. This feature allows Apple products equipped with the new software to sync wirelessly through Wi-Fi connection to nearby computers. It also automatically backs up files from such devices at the beginning of every charge by wirelessly transferring files to nearby

Albano 5 computes (Apple). Coincidentally, similar to the notification bar, the PC Free software was also taken from Android, whose phones had such capabilities three years prior to release of iOS 5 (Burnette). By adding these two popular Android features in the iOS 5 software, Apple eliminated many advantages of Android goods, which will spur a strong movement from Googles Android to Apples iPhone. The new iPhone 4S also includes a superior operating system known as the A5. This chip includes two cores which according to Apples website deliver up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics[Also] because the A5 chip is so power-efficient, iPhone 4S has outstanding battery life (Apple). However, Apple buys this product from Samsung, the company that owns production rights to it and included it in its own Galaxy S model. The Galaxy was released October 2, 2011, ten days before the release of the iPhone 4S (Sartain). As if the above actions were not enough, Apple copied Blackberrys Blackberry Messaging application with the release of iMessaging. Both programs limit communication to products of the same brand, both show when messages have been received, both show when receiving phones are typing, and both are free and unlimited with data plans or Wi-Fi (Burnette). The only difference between the two applications is that Blackberry released BBM on February 15, 2008: about three and a half years before the release of iMessaging (Burnette). The incorporation of these popular features into the iOS 5 software did not go unnoticed by consumers either. In fact, as of November 8, 2011, 38% of non 4S iPhone models updated to the new iOS 5 software while over 4 million iPhone 4S models were sold in the first available day (Ong). With such a significant number of consumers choosing Apple due to its use of popular applications

Albano 6 from competing brands, the corporation has and will continue to expand its influence on the market for cellular devices. Apples integration of the aforementioned features from competing products has allowed the company to gain a wider consumer base and alter the business world as well. Although Android is currently the worlds most popular phone operating system, Apple has been able to catch up slowly. Apple has done so by now offering the iPhone 4S to Sprint and Nextel customers, thus increasing its availability and sales by 12% from October to November of 2011 (Gaylord). Because of its increase in popularity as a result of the incorporation of Android features, Apple will be able to control consumers as is expected in monopolies. Apple has also been able to control Blackberry users and has slowly taken consumers from the company as it has with Android. According to IDC, a highly regarded analysis web-firm, iPhone sales are expected to increase by 41% while Blackberry RIM sales are expected to increase by 5%. However, that 5% comes from the release of the new RIM tablet and in reality, RIM phones are losing sales (IDC). These statistics show a transfer in market power from RIM to Apple, thus giving Apple more power than it already possesses. Not only is Apple gaining consumers in search of the best smartphone, but the consumer base for smartphones is also rapidly expanding. In fact, the sales of smartphones expanded by 65.4% over the first two quarters of 2011 (IDC). With more individuals choosing to use the enhanced communication features of smartphones, specifically the iPhone 4S, new mediums of communication are altering many traditional business norms. In fact, with growing popularity globally, smartphones will soon kill off middlemen and international trade barriers. According to Passion Computing, a firm focused on technologys effect on global operations, E-commerce

Albano 7 will create efficiencies that effectively remove the need for a long supply chain but at the expense of social relationships (Passion Computing). Although the iPhone does make business more efficient, it will kill off many occupations and relationships and lead to a new business landscape. The technology of the iPhone also provides advantages to those who can afford them and thus leads to class division. This was the case during the Industrial Age and, with a similar rapid improvement in the field of mobile technology, it is likely that there will be a similar result now (Passion Computing). Therefore, Apples control on the market for smartphones has and will continue to transform business and social norms as it gains more consumers from competing firms. Finally, Apple has a very bright future with numerous anticipated releases that further threaten to gather more consumers and transform the world. Firstly, Apple has announced the creation of an iPhone 5 which, judging off of the current iOS 5 software and rumored features, should further propel Apple to the top of the market for cellular devices. According to rumors, the iPhone 5 is expected to debut around June of 2012 and contain many improvements to the iPhone line. Such features include a shatter-proof screen, face recognition security system, 3D photograph capabilities, 4G service, world phone capabilities, a faster processor, a Flash capable Safari, and a message indicating light (Clandestine). Such features are specifically designed to resolve many complaints from current customers regarding the current iPhone 4S and past iPhones as well. By resolving issues such as shatter-prone screens and poor video playing capabilities, the iPhone 5 appears to have a very bright future once it hits the market. That coupled with the anticipated price drop of the iPhone 4S to $99 following the release of the iPhone 5 is expected to increase Apples control of the market for smartphones from 23% to 31%

Albano 8 (IDC). Apple also plans on releasing the iPad 3 in the summer of 2012. This product is rumored to have a much improved resolution, improved brightness, improved battery life, a faster A6 processor, and a sleeker design (Bell). With such advanced technology, Apple will gain more business from competing tablet vendors and ultimately, transform communication means as well. Thus, Apples bright future will indeed allow the company to seize control of competing firms and continue to transform communication and business as we know it. Although it is apparent that Apple has transformed the cellular device industry, many will argue that Apple poses less of a threat than those stated above. Firstly, with the recent death of the iconic Steve Jobs, many argue that Apples future is grim and disappointing. This coupled with the fact that Apples stock fell 5% during after-hour trading merely moments after his death seems decently convincing that this will certainly be the case (Yahoo). To add to this, since rejoining Apple in 1997 as the CEO, Steve Jobs increased Apples stock by 9000% (Yahoo). However, according to an Apple Insider interviewed by financial analyst Anthony John Agnello, Jobss death has had little impact on recent iPhone sales. In fact, as of Novermber 7th, 2011, a month after the death of Steve Jobs, 85% of stores have reported being out of stock of the new iPhone 4S and have resorted to referring the mass crowd of consumers to shop online for the device (Agnello). As tragic as Jobss death was, his company has faired fine without him. Some also argue that recent programs added to the iPhone and iOS 5 software are not influential enough to change lifestyles and that such a claim is an exaggeration. In fact, some surveys including the General Social Survey in 2005 showed no significant change in friendship structures from 1979 to 2005 (Olsen). However, the effects of technological

Albano 9 improvements can be seen in current family structures as well as in the work place. According to Carolyn Lin, a psychologist whose recent work has focused on child behavior, As children spend more time with interactive media technologies, they also tend to spend less time with their family and become intertwined with their own social network (Lin, Atkins 286). This study suggests that technology and social networking sites do indeed affect families alike by separating them. Thus, with the immense amount of social networking avenues offered by the iOS 5 software, users will indeed be affected as will current relationship structures. Finally, many critics argue that the iPhone 5 shows little promise and will not be as popular of a product as past iPhones have been. However, technological analysts have raved about the product and the new features it is set to release. According to Joel Fernandez, a technology analyst for, rumor of the new iPhone 5 features, in terms of both hardware and software upgrades, will definitely entice any smartphone buyer (Fernandez). These features include an upgraded camera, larger screen, iCloud capabilities, and much more. (Fernandez). Thus, there are many reasons to anticipate the release of the iPhone 5 and eventually, purchase one. Although many critics of Apple do indeed disagree with the assertions made in this paper, there are facts to disprove their theories and highlight the effects of iPhones alike. Despite the death of the public icon Steve Jobs, Apple has continued to strive for excellence and innovate the technological world under the leadership of Tim Cook. With the attractive features of the new oIS 5 software as well as the anticipation and appeal of the iPhone 5, Apples future appears promising. As a result of the numerous advantages offered by Apple, customers are rapidly switched allegiances from former cell phone companies to the previously mentioned corporation. With such a large consumer base,

Albano 10 the changes enacted by Apple to the market of all things electronic have resonated throughout the world and have altered not only product preferences, but also the means by which humans interact. With progressive applications as well as unmatched operating speed and efficiency, the iPhone has indeed gained fans since the release of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 software. Yet, although this may appear beneficial to consumers, what is to stop Apple from further innovating its products? How much further can these changes sever relationships and hide one another behind the protection of the Internet? With Apple set to release more innovative communication technology in the summer of 2012, consumers ought to beware of the changes such technology can cause. In order to preserve tradition and genuine personable characteristics, consumers need to be cognizant of the lifestyle changes such technology is causing and opt to use traditional communication mediums.

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