Born in Kabul (1982), male, single.

House #4, 5th St., Karte Mamoreen, Kabul Afghanistan My Cell Phone Number: 0708-861-338 E-mail: sayed_inamuddin@hotmail.com


To be a good helper and active working member of my society, community, office, family and finally a good servant of Almighty Allah. To work hard enough to fulfill the given tasks and goals to eventually achieve the overall vision and strategy of the organization I work with. To get introduced with new good colleagues/employees for the purpose of establishing good relationship and sharing experiences for more improvements and learning of new professional skills. To understand more about different cultures, languages and customs. To experience new environments. To get promotions and step into higher posts to actually fulfill my long term vision. That is: To become a good and outstanding Legal Advisor or Program Manager or Administrator. Insha-Allah.

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Presently I am a 2nd year evening student of Law Faculty (Hoqoq) in Kateb University.

1989 to 2001: Period of studying High School in Kabul and then continued in Pakistan.  1995 to 1998: learning English Language –in Kabul and Pakistan.  1998 (24hrs): Attended Seminar for Language Teachers

Negar. text books. Charahi Shahid. Windows. Excel. Windows.  Experience: Translator/Interpreter (10th Feb 2007 – 30th Oct 2008) Children in Crisis (CiC) (H#41. PowerPoint and Excel. Providing accurate interpretation (verbal translation) in any kind of meetings or live events. Capable to interpret simultaneously (in the meetings. Edit and Proofread translated texts/documents. documents. Readiness to undertake any urgent translation/interpretation or other duties as and when          . St ‫ . Word. which was not completed due our return back to Kabul after the collapse of Taliban regime. E-mail and Typing). PowerPoint. editing and formatting documents using programs like Ms. trainings and other translation needed events/programs). Share Naw. questionnaires and guidelines relating to any aspect and field from English into Dari/Farsi and vice versa.(SLT). Computerizing and formatting translated materials and organizing a functioning data system for translated documents. Acting as a trainer in some Child Rights Training Programs conducted by CiC. Participation in team works/group works. Ms. Typing.Pakistan. 1997 to 1999: learning common computer programs (such as Dos. Word and sometimes Ms. Kabul Afghanistan) Responsibilities:  Translation of books.چ‬Jaami Watt. Internet Browser.  2000 to 2001: Studying DIT (Diploma in Information Technology).  2002 to 2003: the course of sticking in Turkey to get to Europe and continue the education there which didn’t happen as well. Supporting the staff in their tasks when required or called for help. reports.

required/asked.  Registration of new clients on the network  Teaching private internet and e-mail courses (as tutor)  Teaching private English Language classes . Unfortunately it couldn’t survive as a result of hidden destructive interference of some bad people not willing the improvement of our Network for their own benefits (unsound/illegal competition). Responsibilities:  Control and maintenance of the wireless network and net café affairs. Translator/Interpreter + Word Processor 2006) (Oct to Dec Afghanistan National Television and Radio (ATR) Responsibilities:  Looking for daily sports news on the internet and translating its important and beneficial sections to Dari/Farsi language which was then broadcasted by RTA sports news group.(Makrorayan-e-4.com. Private Business (2004 – 0ct 2006) Kabul Wireless Internet Network (KWIN) & Internet Club (Connect To the World).  Sending and receiving E-mails to and from relevant sections. Note: It was the first Wireless Internet Network we established in Kabul and perhaps Afghanistan.kabulinternet.  Proofread and edit Dari news text with the team in the absence of the Editor.www. Market).20m.

English to Dari/Farsi Interpreter (2002 – 2003) Presidential Palace. St1. Ability of Installing and uninstalling Windows Operating System.  Translation of purchase orders and material lists. Typing (Standard Windows English and Persian keyboards). Languages.Computer Operator (2003 – Oct 2004) Servants Organization of Wait Humanity (SOWH)(H#1.   . excellent). Skills and Strengths:  Dari/Farsi is my mother tongue/native language (all. Charahi Ansari. Sharenaw. I can speak and write Urdu and Pashto some 65 percents as well. Microsoft Office and other computer software/programs. Kabul Afghanistan) Note: The activities of this NGO and many other non-governmental organizations were terminated by the ministry of planning in 2004 due to lack of projects and their bad management. As I think and friends say my English is very good and thus I have been working as an interpreter and translator of this language to my mother tongue for more than 3 years. Responsibilities:  Checking and controlling the computer and its printer  Writing and saving documents in computer  Keeping the hard copies and documents ordered (filling)  Any other urgent task. I also know some basic Turkish daily conversations as I have lived in Turkey for almost 11 months. Kabul Afghanistan Responsibilities:  Interpreting English to Dari/Farsi and vice versa in meetings and trainings.

. Sayed Ihsanuddin Taheri. Areas of interest:  I am more interested and eager to work in programs and projects relating to Afghanistan's Law or Legal Systems. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. CiC (Children in Crisis). E-mail: sdaqiqi@ndi. Cell Phone: 0799390815.com He is my Brother and working as Events Management and Liaison Officer Government Media and Information Center.  Tolerance to work long hours and under pressure. Email:sitaheri@hotmail. Cell Phone: 0700036814.  proficiency to prioritize tasks.org Program Officer. NDI (National Democratic Institute).( as I am studying Law in Kateb university)  Afghan religious programs/projects (Advocacy)  Cultural programs/projects  Administrative or management sections. Sayed Rameen Fakhri.  As presenter/employee of above programs in any Radio or TV stations. References: Muhammad Sabir Daqiqi. E-mail: District Manager. Some basic knowledge of networking. Cell Phone: 0700203739. Ruhullah Farhad. Cell Phone: 0799283468. E-mail: omcic@ceretechs.com Office Manager. Brac Bangladesh Bank.

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