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Spice Rally
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oxanne  did  not  look  like  she  was  joking.  She  had  her  game-­face  on,  

which  was  practically  a  poker  face  she  used  when  she  did  huge  business  deals.       Roxanne  got  her…Piper  liked  being  invisible.  It  was  her  nature  to  be   invisible  and  now  Roxanne  wants  her  to  be  one  of  the  most  popular  people  in   whatever  place  she  was  going  to.       “You  want  to  turn  me  into  one  of  your  little  starlet  probes  don’t  you?”       Roxanne  shook  her  head.  “No  I  want  you  to  stop  hiding  from  the  world”       “I’m  not  hiding!”       “Then  why  won’t  you  make  any  friends!?  Why  don’t  you  party  or  even   raise  your  hand  in  class!?  It’s  pathetic!”       Piper  glared  at  Roxanne.  She  hated  it  when  people  say  she’s  pathetic.   “Bring  it  on…”  she  growled.  “I’ll  stand  through  everything  you  throw  at  me,  I’ve   been  surviving  everyday  at  school”       “The  problem  with  you  is  that  you  never  throw  it  back”  Roxanne  said.   “Then  it’s  a  deal…I’ll  give  you  an  entire  school  year  to  get  to  the  Top  10  famous   people  in  your  school”     The  Next  Day         Piper  stared  up  at  the  entrance  of  the  Botanical  Gardens.  No  one  went   here  since  it  was  only  a  greenhouse.  Why  did  Lars  drop  her  off  here?  Was  he   lying  that  this  was  the  place?       Piper  looked  down  at  the  identical  envelope  that  Caitlin  received   yesterday.  The  pink  wax  seal  had  the  letters  D.A.  on  it.  And  she  tore  it  open.  


Dear Ms. Foress, We have received a recommendation from our close friend Ms. Roxanne from the famous POP Agency. We want to inform you that you have been accepted to DREAM Academy of Performing Arts. In our school we allow people to excel in their talents to the fullest and bring out the inner shine in them. We have a special system in our school we do not use your real names to address you for safety precautions. You will be asked for your alias soon. Enjoy your school year… P.S. The Botanical Garden. Follow the butterflies. Sincerely, Ms. Haven
  Piper  closed  the  letter  and  frowned.  Butterflies…?  She  saw  a  blue  monarch   fly  in  front  of  her  and  then  soar  deeper  in  the  greenhouse.  Piper  passed  pots  of   green  plants  and  flowers  but  then  she  saw  the  butterfly  fly  through  a  crack  in  a   door  and  she  pulled  the  door  open.     The  smell  of  roses  and  other  flowers  poured  in,  blowing  Piper’s  bangs   from  over  her  eyes.  She  opened  her  eyes  seeing  a  fancy  gate  and  a  guard  there.   “Do  you  have  an  invitation?”  he  asked  her  and  she  nodded  handing  him  the   letter.  He  studied  it  for  a  moment  before  handing  it  back  to  her  and  opening  the   gate.     She  had  to  admit  the  place  looked  great.  There  were  fountains  and   gardens  everywhere.  The  school  buildings  looked  like  palaces  in  size.     So  this  is  Dream  Academy…Home  of  the  Rising  Stars…  Piper  thought   looking  around.  A  bell  rang  softly  and  people  flooded  out  of  building  in  the   campus.  Piper’s  jaw  dropped.  They  were  gorgeous.  

  She  wasn’t  used  to  seeing  so  many  gorgeous  people  at  once  and  at  the   same  time.  Some  people  walked  by  her  in  a  floating  manner  as  if  they  were  too   beautiful  to  see  her  presence.  Others  looked  surprised  to  see  someone  as  plain  as   her  in  their  campus  of  beauty  and  perfection.     “Wow!”  a  voice  cried  and  she  turned  seeing  a  boy  her  age.  She  was   surprised  he  wasn’t…well,  hot.  “You’re  normal!”  he  said,  wide-­‐eyed.  He  had  large   rectangular  glasses,  freckles  on  his  cheeks  and  ruffled  red  hair.     “Wow  you’re  not  attractive  in  any  aspect!”  she  blurted  out  in  surprise.     He  cocked  a  brow.  “Well  you’re  one  to  talk…How  do  you  even  see   anything  through  those  thick  bangs  of  yours?”  he  shot  back  at  her.     Piper  chewed  on  her  bottom  lip.  “Piper”  she  said  holding  out  her  hand.  It   was  the  first  day  of  school  and  she  was  already  picking  fights.  Not  really  the  best   thing  to  do  when  you  wanted  to  make  it  to  the  most  popular  list.     He  shook  her  hand,  looking  at  her  suspiciously.  “Lenny,  so  tell  me  Piper   what  brings  you  here?”     “Business”     “What?  It’s  not  you’re  dream  or  anything?”     Piper’s  eyes  widened.  She  never  thought  about  what  she  wanted…Aunt   Rhodie  always  tried  to  pull  her  into  showbiz  but  Piper  always  rejected  it…  Piper   froze  with  realization.  Aunt  Rhodie  USED  her…  She  used  Piper’s  anger  to  get  her   to  do  exactly  what  she  wanted  her  to  do…     “No…”  Piper  answered  with  a  dark  expression  on  her  face.  “It’s  for   revenge  on  someone  I  really  despise”     Lenny  forced  a  smile.  “You’re  a  strange  one  aren’t  you?”  he  huckled   patting  her  on  the  back.  “Come  on,  I’ll  take  you  to  Ms.  Haven’s  office”     -­‐-­‐-­‐     Ms.  Haven’s  office  had  a  dark  mahogany  door  with  frosted  glass.  The   golden  letters  ‘Headmistress’  glimmered.  Lenny  hesitated  before  knocking.  “Try   being  polite”  he  warned  Piper  before  opening  the  door  and  entering.     “Ah  Lenny,  I’ll  speak  to  Ms.  Foress  first  alone”  she  said  firmly  and  Lenny   left  Piper  alone  in  the  room.  “Have  a  seat  Ms.  Foress”  Ms.  Haven  said  reviewing  a   letter  she  received.  Ms.  Haven  was  beautiful  just  like  the  rest,  she  had  dark  grey   feline  eyes  and  full  red  lips.  Her  nose  was  pointed  with  authority  and  her  dirty   blonde  hair  was  tied  into  a  tight  bun.      

Interesting  case  you  have…Roxanne  has  recommended  you  but  I  don’t  see   why…”  She  said  with  a  smirk  as  she  tapped  her  chin.  Her  outfit  composed  of  a   simple  loose  white  blouse  and  black  pencil  skirt  with  black  peeptoe  heels.  Simple   but  sophisticated.  Roxanne  always  reminded  Piper  that  the  way  people  dress  can   say  a  few  things  about  the  person’s  personality.     Piper  brushed  off  the  insult  as  Ms.  Haven  looked  her  up  and  down.  “About   the  letter…”  Piper  said  getting  straight  to  the  point.  “What  did  it  mean  by  I  have   to  change  my  name?”     “Well,  in  the  chase  for  fame  people  tend  to  get  competitive  and  they  will   use  all  methods  to  burn  your  career.  For  safety  measures  I  will  give  you  an  alias   so  they  can’t  find  your  life  outside  this  school.  It  is  forbidden  to  reveal  your  real   name”  Ms.  Haven  emphasized.  “But  it’s  a  shame…I  think  you’ve  already  revealed   yourself  to  Lenny”     Piper  frowned.  “Lenny’s  a  good  guy,  I  don’t  think  he’ll  backstab  me”     Ms.  Haven  showed  an  amused  look.  “Very  well…”  she  said  opening  a  large   leather  bound  book.  “Hmm…what  alias  to  give  you…”  she  glanced  up  from  the   book,  analyzing  her  one  more  time.  “Paige”  she  said  finally.  “You  can  leave  now,   go  left  down  the  hall  and  a  stylist  will  come  to  you”     Piper  got  up  without  another  word  and  walked  towards  the  door.  “And   Paige…a  little  friendly  advice”  Ms.  Haven  began.  “Don’t  be  too  naïve,  okay?”     Piper  left  the  room  and  slammed  the  door  behind  her.  She  let  out  a   breath.  She  heard  Lenny  go  in  the  room  and  she  continued  walking  down  the   hall.  Her  gaze  fell  down  to  her  feet.  Okay  step  1’s  done…now  all  that’s  left  is  to  find   the-­     “Excuse  me.  Are  you  Paige?”     Piper  raised  her  gaze  seeing  a  familiar  face.  “C-­‐Caitlin…?”     Caitlin’s  icy  blue  eyes  lit  up.  “PIPER!”  she  squealed  and  hugged  her  tightly.     Great  another  person  who  knows  my  secret  identity…     “Shh!  It’s  Paige”  she  whispered  and  Caitlin  let  go.  “Are  you  the  stylist…?”     Caitlin  nodded  joyfully  before  taking  Piper’s  wrist  and  dragging  her  into  a   salon  room.  There  were  others  being  pampered  into  more  beautiful  beings.  Piper   just  hoped  Caitlin  could  do  the  same.     Piper  sat  in  a  bright  pink  seat  and  felt  sick  looking  in  the  mirror.  She  felt   like  she  was  a  Barbie  doll  in  those  little  dollhouses  since  everything  looked   so…girly…    

“So  what  do  you  want  to  change  about  yourself?”  she  asked  Piper  happily.   “You  need  to  look  good  for  the  Spice  Rally!”     “Change  anything”  Piper  sighed.  “W-­‐Wait…Spice  Rally…?”     “WELL  YEAH…You  need  a  hyped  clique  if  you  wanna  make  it  somewhere”   she  said  in  a  matter-­‐of-­‐fact-­‐way.  She  combed  Piper’s  unruly  hair  and  sprayed   some  water  on  it,  dampening  some  areas.  “I’m  in  the  Kappas”  she  told  her  as  she   began  snipping  away  some  of  Piper’s  bangs  so  that  she  could  see  her  eyes.     Piper  reached   into  the  pocket  of  her   jeans  to  get  her  phone   but  felt  something   cold.  She  pulled  it  out   and  saw  it  was  a  silver   locket.  She  frowned   and  opened  it  seeing   something  in  Greek   written  inside…         There  was  no   photo…just  a  small   round  mirror  on  the   other  side  and  the   greek  script  on  the   other.  She  closed  the   locket,  shrugging  the   thought  off.  She  doubted  anyone  could  read  Greek  here.     -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐       Hours  later,  they  were  in  Caitlin’s  room.         “You  love  Paris  don’t  you…?”  Piper  said  forcing  a  smile.       Caitlin  gasped  innocently.  “H-­‐How  did  you  know!?”       It  didn’t  even  take  a  fool  to  guess  Caitlin  loved  Paris.  Her  walls  were   covered  with  the  silhouettes  of  the  Eiffel  Tower.  Her  closet  even  had  phrases  in   French  pasted  on  them.  Everything  was  in  shades  of  pink,  black,  grey  and  white.       “Lucky  guess”  Piper  lied  and  sat  on  Caitlin’s  fluffy  bed.  Valentino  Manor   was  Kappa  territory.  It  had  so  many  rooms  that  it  was  a  total  blur  walking  down   the  hallway.  Piper  almost  wished  that  she  could  live  here  with  Caitlin.       “Now  let’s  try  finding  an  outfit  for  you!”  Caitlin  opened  her  closet  and  pink  

γνῶθι σεαυτόν

trunks,  taking  out  random  outfits.  Some  were  too  HAIRY,  others  were  ITCHY,   some  were  plain  TACKY,  and  the  rest  were  just  too  annoying  to  put  on.       Piper  knew  it.  SHE  herself  was  the  problem.  Not  the  clothes.  Piper  wasn’t   used  to  wearing  girly  frilly  clothes  like  the  ones  from  Paris.       “AHA!”  Caitlin   panted  from  the  raid   of  taking  off  clothes   and  putting  them  on   Piper.  “Here!  THIS  IS   THE  ONE”       Piper   examined  it  and   pulled  the  lacy  piece   of  work  on.  It  wasn’t   itchy  at  all  despite  all   the  lace.  The  inside   was  smooth  cooling   silk  that  clung  to  the   curves  of  her  body.   “H-­‐How  do  I  look?”  he   asked  Caitlin.       “Perfect”  she  said   firmly  with  a  grin.  “Your   curves  look  awesome  in  that   dress.  “It’s  nice  and  simple”       “Thanks,  Caitlin”   Piper  said  finally  with  a  soft   smile.  Her  hair  felt  light  and   bouncy  since  Caitlin  curled   it.  And  this  dress  beat   everything  that  was  rotting   in  Piper’s  luggage.       “No  biggie”  she   smiled  sheepishly.  Then   they  went  into  another  fashion  jam  looking  for  something  to  wear  for  Caitlin.   There  were  so  many  dresses  that  suited  Caitlin  but  she  insisted  she  wanted   something  simple  to  go  with  her  new  hot  pink  shorts.       They  found  awesome  pink  shades,  sneakers  and  headphones  that  Caitlin   admitted  she  never  had  before.  And  Caitlin  couldn’t  help  but  top  it  all  off  with  a   plain  white  tee  that  said  ‘PARIS’.       “Okay  let’s  go”  she  grinned  confidently  putting  on  her  hot  pink  shades.  

  -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐     The  Spice  Rally  was  held  in  Dream  Academy’s  Gymnasium  on  the  left   wing  of  the  campus.  The  gymnasium  was  huge;  Piper  wondered  just  how  many   gorgeous  students  went  to  this  school.  Hundreds?  Thousands?     Caitlin  pushed  the  double  doors  of  the  gym  open  and  the  sounds  of  the   marching  band  poured  in.  The  gym  was  crowded;  the  longer  sides  of  the  gym   were  lined  with  rising  bleachers.  Part  of  the  bleachers  was  here  the  band  was   playing  their  songs.     She  noticed  that  there  were  tables  lined  up  with  names  on  them.  “Those   are  the  different  cliques  you’ll  find  here  in  the  Academy,  join  a  popular  clique   and  everything  else  will  fall  right  into  place”  Caitlin  explained  patting  Piper  on   the  back.  “So  first  impressions  always  count”     Caitlin  told  Piper  she’d  be  back  after  she  talked  to  her  fellow  clique   members.  Piper  saw  that  her  fellow  clique  members  looking  her  up  and  down  as   if  they  weren’t  sure  about  something.  They  were  all  pretty,  most  of  them  blonde.   Piper  began  to  doubt  again  that  she  would  fit  in  with  them.     Piper  shook  her  head.  She  had  to  do  her  best;  she  might  finally  be  able  to   be  something  more  than  just  some  ugly  duckling.  She  yelped  when  she  bumped   someone  bumped  into  her.  “Oh  sorr-­‐”  she  stopped  when  she  turned  facing  a  tall   girl,  her  strawberry  blonde  curls  were  tied  I  a  single  tight  ponytail.  She  had   bright  blue  eyes,  thick  mascara  on  her  long  curled  eyelashes.  Her  lips  were   painted  baby  pink  and  she  wore  the  school’s  sapphire  blue  cheerleader  outfits.   Her  pink  lips  dropped  into  what  looked  like  a  snarl  for  a  moment  but  then  she   turned  back  to  her  innocent  smile.     “Ah…Another  duckling”  she  scoffed  placing  a  delicate  hand  on  her  hip  and   the  other  two  cheerleaders  at  her  sides  laughed.  “Sometimes  I  wonder  why  they   bother  keeping  this  place  a  secret  if  they  allow  normal  people  to  enroll”     Piper  glared  at  her.  “And  what  makes  you  so  beautiful  to  make  you  think   you’re  better  than  everyone?”  she  snapped  at  her.     The  cheerleaders  at  her  side  gasped  and  exchanged  glances.  The  middle   cheerleader  returned  to  her  snarl.  “You  better  learn  your  place”  she  said  staring   straight  in  Piper’s  eyes.  “Since  you’re  new,  we’ll  give  you  a  chance  right  girls?”   she  said  glancing  over  her  shoulders  at  them.  She  waited  for  them  but  they  just   stared  at  hr  wondering  what  she  wanted.  “RIGHT  GIRLS?”  she  repeated.     “Oh!”  they  exclaimed  in  unison.  “Yeah,  of  course  Jennifer!”  they  began   rambling  about  how  awesome  she  was  since  she  was  always  right  but  it  seemed   a  little  forced.    

Caitlin  turned  after  her  fellow  clique  members  left  and  was  surprised  to   see  that  Piper  was  gone.  She  looked  around  the  crowd  and  froze  when  she  saw   Piper  with  the  cheerleaders.  OH  GOD.  OUT  OF  ALL  THE  PEOPLE  WHY  DID  YOU   HAVE  TO  MEET  JENNIFER!     Caitlin  shoved  people  aside  trying  to  get  to  Piper  before  she  said  anything   stupid.  “Oh  there  you  are  Paige!”  Caitlin  interrupted.     Jennifer  cocked  a  brow.  “Caitlin,  you  know  this  girl…?”  she  said  crossing   her  arms  and  the  other  cheerleaders  looked  at  her  with  disbelief.     “Yeah!  It’s  actually  a  funny  story  actually,  Paige  helped  me  escape  form  a   paparazzi”     Jennifer  looked  back  at  Piper.  “Really?  Then  on  behalf  as  president  of  the   Kappas  I’d  like  to  thank  you  for  helping  Caitlin”  she  said  but  she  didn’t  look  like   she  did  it  out  of  gratitude.  “So  you’re  Paige,  right…?”     Caitlin  nodded  before  Piper  could  answer.  “Yup,  she’s  pretty  cool  right?   You  think  she  could  be  a  Kappa?”  she  answered  quickly.     Jennifer  looked  Piper  up  and  down.  “Well…me  and  the  girls  have  to  think   about  it  first,  but  we  won’t  make  any  promises”  she  laughed  and  gestured  for  her   other  cheerleaders  to  follow  her  as  she  left.     Caitlin  let  out  a  sigh  of  relief.  “DIDN’T  I  TELL  YOU  TO  STAY  PUT!?”  she   growled  at  her.     Piper  smiled  sheepishly.  “Sorry…”     Caitlin  sighed  slapping  herself  in  the  forehead.  “Paige…You  can’t  just  talk   to  everyone  without  knowing  who  they  are,  you  might  be  casted  out”  she  scolded   her.  “That  is  the  last  thing  anyone  wants  here”     Piper  nodded.  “Sorry…I  didn’t  know  she  was  the  president  of  the  Kappas,   I  screwed  it  up  didn’t  I?”     Cailtin  shrugged.  “Jennifer  has  a  fickle  personality,  no  one’s  truly  sure   what  she’s  planning”  she  admitted.   Soon  the  Spice  Rally  finally  started.  Piper  sat  next  to  Caitlin  on  the   bleachers  and  the  court  was  finally  cleared  for  the  performances.  There  was  a   drum  roll  from  the  band  sitting  on  the  bleachers  beside  them  and  then  the  beat   was  pumped  up  once  the  cheerleaders  began  somersaulting  in  continuously  into   their  formation.     For  some  reason  Piper  wasn’t  surprised  to  see  Jennifer  in  the  center.  Head   cheerleader…How  typical…    

Piper  felt  a  shudder  travelled  down  her  spine  when  it  looked  like  Jennifer   locked  her  eyes  on  her.  A  playful  grin  spread  across  her  face  before  she  kicked   her  leg  in  the  air  making  it  vertical  and  continued  into  a  fast,  highly  organized   routine.  Piper  never  liked  cheerleaders  but  she  had  to  admit  she  had  never  seen   a  routine  so  in  sync.     They  ended  the  routine  with  Jennifer  on  top  of  a  human  pyramid  and   everyone  cheered.  Piper  couldn’t  help  but  scowl  Jennifer  was  practically  Ms.   Fuckin’  Perfect,  out  here.  When  the  cheerleaders  dispersed  to  the  bleachers,  a   boy  walked  to  the  center  with  a  microphone  in  one  hand.  “Good  Morning   everyone  I’m  Nathaniel,  the  president  of  the  Student  Council”  He  said  before  a   flawless  smile  rose  on  his  face  and  the  crowd  cheered  and  howled  for  him.     Caitlin  elbowed  Piper  in  the  side  and  began  to  tell  her  about  him.   Nathaniel.  Prefers  to  be  called  Niel,  and  has  been  in  the  academy  for  years.  He’s   won  the  student  council  elections  twice  in  a  row  so  far  and  it’s  obvious  he   wouldn’t  mind  taking  on  another  year.     He  had  white  blonde  hair  and  fair  white  skin;  he  wasn’t  too  bulky  and  not   too  scrawny  either.  He  wore  wide  tinted  rectangular  shades,  which  made  Piper   look  around  wondering  what  could  be  so  bright  in  the  gym  that  he  had  to  wear   shades  in  doors.     “I’d  like  to  announce  that  we  have  received  a  large  amount  of  newcomers   this  year!  I’d  like  to  ask  everyone  to  help  the  newcomers  and  teach  them  how  we   do  things  around  here,  thank  you!”  he  said  and  everyone  roared  again.  Piper   rolled  her  eyes.     This  guy  didn’t  really  mean  anything  about  that  did  he?     Piper  stood  up  from  the  bleachers  lacing  her  way  through  the  rally  of   juniors  and  leaving  Caitlin  puzzled.  She  didn’t  like  useless  speeches.  Piper   walked  towards  the  double  doors  at  the  edge  of  the  gym  but  it  was  pushed  open   abruptly  and  she  stepped  away  quickly  in  shock.  She  froze  when  she  saw  four   men  dressed  in  black  clothes  and  ski  masks  over  their  heads  walk  in  the  room.     What  the-­?...     Piper  gasped  when  her  eyes  travelled  down  seeing  guns  in  their  hands.     That  CAN’T  be  real.    

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