Institution: Hourglass Productions A psychological Horror By Josh Anglim

Plot Outline: Over 300 years ago in 1612, at Pendle hill in Lancashire, 12 women were taken into custody after accusations of witchcraft, demonology studies and the murder of 10 innocents. After a long and painful trial, 10 of the women were sentenced to death and were to be burned at the stake. These events would later become known as the Pendle witch trials. Every single woman died on that hot night in august 1612. All but one stayed dead. Kate and her dad have lived in a homely cottage on Pendle hill for over 5 years. The film starts with Kate’s dad returning home from work and Kate preparing the dinner. During the process, ghoulish apparitions and shadows start to appear around her but Kate is oblivious, engaged in her current task, until the lights begin to flicker and Kate is murderously dragged from and disappears. The rest of the film will go on to state that Kate’s father also disappeared that night upon entering their home.

The remainder of the film will follow a family of four immediately after moving into the cottage. Strange things begin to happen to them such as pentagon’s and the words ‘Chattox’ written on the walls in blood and dead black cats being found regularly. The family are terrorised for weeks until eventually dissapearing, never to be found again. The closure of the film shows a home video of Kate’s dad digging to plant water feature in the back garden, days before the start of the film, and in doing so, he stumbles across a pentagonal pendant and decides to keep it. This is the point where the remains of Anne Whittle (Aka Chattox) were disturbed and what triggered the witch to rise from the dead. It also becomes apparent that the house lived in by Kate, her father and the other family, was the house used by chattox and her associates to conduct séances and summonings. Character outlines: Kate – An average 17 year old girl, typically down to earth. She respects her father highly from raising her as a single parent. Although she is mostly good mannered and happy, she has recently been feeling strange, depressed and out of place. This is due to the summoning and presence of chattox, although this is never revealed. She is a very loving character and we clearly see this during the short period of time she is in the film

Kate’s Father (Frank) – Frank, 45 is a hard working man, determined to keep his family stable to lead a happy life, his wife, kate’s mum, died 15 years ago from cancer, At first he was heartbroken but he has to stay strong for Kate. He has a general caring nature although his moods often change due to the stress of work and bills. He is very protective over Kate due to her being his only pride in his life and wants nothing but the best for her. Props: Tablets – yes Towel – yes Chopping board – yes Knife – yes Mobile phone – yes Chattox’ outfit – yet to purchase

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