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High Quality Intellectual Products for Governments and Businesses

A reliable partner in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia An independent management and policy consulting company

Who We Are

Primary goal provide a policy advice to government, international, private and nongovernmental organizations through rigorous research, analysis, intensive consultation and communication. assist private sector, foreign and local investors, to improve effectiveness and efficiency of their activities.

Delivering high quality intellectual products for public and private sectors is the main objective of our company Mr. Aleksi Aleksishvili, CEO

A unique experience of introducing widely acknowledged successful economic and structural reforms carried out in Georgia at different international forums and to countries under transition

What We Do
The company operates in 2 major fields: Public sector consulting Business sector consulting Public Sector PFM Related Services Capacity Building and Institutional Development HR Management Policy Elaboration Project Management Local Support Public-Private Dialogue Monitoring and Evaluation Private Sector Investment and Capital Raising Marketing and Sales Management Export promotion Strategic Management Human Resource Management Financial Management Procurement and Stock Management Food Safety Standards (HACCP, IFS, ISO) Quality Management Standards (ISO) Representation
I have no hesitation to say that PMCG is one of the best local consulting companies/think tanks not only in Georgia but also in the Caucasus. They understand the situation of the country/region and economic development, and have a special gift of making it accessible to those with whom they work. Masaaki Nagata, JICA Economist.

PMCG Today...
Leaders in Management Consulting in Georgia Leaders in Policy advise and elaboration in Georgia More than 50 successfully implemented projects More than 100 high qualified consultants Consultants with more than 10 years experience Partnership with world leading organizations Partnership with leading foreign investors Successful implementation of regional projects
We appreciate the experience of working with such a competent local contractor and would commend PMCGs services to international organizations working in Georgia or the region Jacob Benus, IMPAQ International (USA)

Due to success BEI has experienced working with Mr. Aleksishvili, I would underline that his detailed knowledge of international tax policies, inspections processes, regulations and administrative practices, especially of the Western Countries and successful experience of the tax reformers in Georgia were timely demanded and helped Kyrgyz Republic Government not only to run tax reforms in Kyrgyzstan but also achieve certain results in a short time. Nursulu Ahmetova Country DirectorKyrgys Republic USAID Business Environment Improvement Project

20 Shevchenko str, II Floor Tbilisi, 0108, Georgia Tel./Fax: +995 32 292 11 71; 292 11 81;;

High Quality Intellectual Products for Governments and Businesses

Management Team
Former high-ranked Georgian government official Minister of Finance (2005-2007) Minister of Economic Development of Georgia (2004-2005) First Vice Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce of Georgia (2011) Chairman of UN Commission for Sustainable Development (2005-2006) Board member of Kala Capital, an investment holding (2007-2008) MA in Public Finance and Management, Duke University (USA) Masters degree in International Economic Relations, Tbilisi State University (Georgia).
Mr. Aleksishvilis diverse background serves him well in both private and public sector. The countrys economic and fiscal policy management has been improved significantly under his strong leadership. Due to economic and structural reforms that were carried out by his ministry, Georgia jumped in the World Banks rankings and has been nominated as the worlds number one reformer in 2006 and 2007.

Mr. Aleksi Aleksishvili CEO

Mr. Tabuashvili, a Senior Executive holding high managerial positions in the private and public sectors, successfully implemented the PFM reforms in the Treasury Service of Georgia.. He has initiated PSFMRSP with successful launching, financed by international partners.

Deputy Minister of Finance (2003-2004) Head of Treasury Service of Georgia (2004-2007) Chief Financial Officer at various private companies Chief Financial Officer of Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, LLC MS in Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) Masters degree in Macroeconomics, Tbilisi State University (Georgia)
Mr. Giorgi Tabuashvili General Director Mr. Broladze, a certified project manager, has a strong record of experience in managing various public and international projects, of various size and complexity. Under his leadership the department of statistics has successfully implemented reforms.

Chairman of the Department of Statistics of Georgia (2005 2006) Monetary Economist at the International Monetary Fund. Senior positions at various governmental institutions PMP, The George Washington University/ESI International/Free University MS in Policy Economics, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA Masters degree in Economics from Tbilisi State University (Georgia)
Mr. Zaza Broladze, PMP Managing Director Public Sector Consulting

Business Consultant at Business Consulting Network Georgia BCNG (2007-2009) Project Coordinator at local NGOs Ms. Zedelashvili, an operating manager at PMCG has Certified trainer in the field of Business Administration extensive experience in project management and coordina Master of science in Agricultural Economics, Tbilisi State University tion with records of more than 20 projects. Significant Degree of Food expert in international trade, Tbilisi State University
Experience in NGO sector, Civil Society and Networking.

Our Team

Ms. Oliko Zedelashvili Operating Manager

The basis of our strength is the team, members of which come from very diverse backgrounds and possesses deep knowledge of Georgias public, private and non-governmental sectors, political-economic processes that take place in post-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe. Most of the PMCGs staff members are industry leaders with a mixture of excellent practical and academic experiences in business. Our team also includes former high-ranking officials, whose handson experience in designing and implementing macroeconomic, fiscal and institutional reforms is an important ingredient of the companys success. Project team, holding high managerial positions at key government institutions conducted a series of reforms in: Public Finance World Bank Doing Business survey as the worlds #1 reformer country in 2005-10,


Tax and Customs Policy and Administration Economic Deregulation and Liberalization domains introduced one of the simplest tax systems in the region

Georgia improved from 132nd place to 18th in the ranking of Ease of Doing Business Tax compliance rate from 13% to 25% (to GDP) FDI has been increased from 250 m USD in 2004 to 2,100 m USD in 2007 GDP growth rate was more than 9% in each consecutive year.

Our Partners and Clients

20 Shevchenko str, II Floor Tbilisi, 0108, Georgia Tel./Fax: +995 32 292 11 71; 292 11 81;;