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Lesson Title and Grade Level Lesson Title: Addition Method Grade Level: 8-9 Lesson Objectives The

e student will be able to use the substitution method to solve for two variables using two equations Ohio Standards, Benchmarks, and Grade Level Indicators Benchmarks: Patterns, Functions and Algebra Standards, 8-10 H. Solve systems of linear equations involving two variables graphically and symbolically Grade Level Indicators (Grade 8): Patterns, Functions 5. 3. Solve linear equations and inequalities graphically, symbolically and Algebra Standards and using technology. (Use Algebraic

Representations )

NCTM Content Standards: Algebra (9-12) Understand and perform transformations such as arithmetically combining, composing, and inverting commonly used functions, using technology to perform such operations on morecomplicated symbolic expressions Understand the meaning of equivalent forms of expressions, equations, inequalities, and relations Use a variety of symbolic representations, including recursive and parametric equations, for functions and relations NCTM Process Standards: Problem Solving Solve problems that arise in mathematics and other contexts Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems students will discover techniques to solve the equations (i.e. addition method, subtraction method, etc.) Communication Analyze and evaluate the mathematical thinking and strategies of others Materials, Technology, and Resources Smart Board and Smart Board software Attached Smart Board Slides Students need pencil, paper, and their binder to take notes on the new material

Lesson Procedures (Launch, Explore, Share/Summarize) A. Launch (10 minutes) 1. At the beginning of class, review yesterdays class. 2. Have the students pair up and talk about last nights reading of Chapter 7 Section 1. 3. After the students have talked about the reading and the key terms, begin the addition method. B. Explore (35 minutes)

4. Have the students get their notes out and a writing utensil. Open up the addition method power point slides 5. To begin, you will review the standard form. The standard form is Ax + By = C 6. You are teaching the addition method by steps. The steps are a. Put the equations in standard form b. Add equations together creating new equations c. One variable must zero out d. Solve for the remaining variable e. Substitute the answer into either equation for the second answer 7. The steps about will take a long to complete. Be patient 8. After the steps are explained, provide the students with some examples to complete 9. For the first example, do it for the class 10. For the next two examples, have the class walk you through how to do it. Facilitate the problem, asking open questions to get the students thinking 11. Finally, have the students do some of the remaining examples by themselves and go around the class to check them C. Share/Summarize (10 minutes) 12. With about 10 minutes left, finish the example the class is working on 13. Pass out the homework sheet (attached below) to the students. Tell them it is due tomorrow at the beginning of the class. Also, there will be a short quiz tomorrow at the beginning of class. 14. Finally, end class with letting students ask any questions about the material. Student Summative Assessment The following day they will be given a short quiz at the beginning of class. There are three problems on it to test their knowledge of the addition method. The three problems are:
1. 2. 3. x 2y = 14 x + 3y = 9 4x + 3y = -1 5x + 4y = 1 4x y = 10 2x = 12 3y

The answers are 1. x = 12 and y = -1 2. x = -7 and y = 9 3. x = 3 and y = 2 Differentiation/Accommodation For students with IEP, I will work with the counselor to create a lesson plan suitable for their needs. For students with trouble, there are many options for them. They can either come to me before school for tutoring or after. On Tuesday and Thursday they can come into the classroom during their tutorial period for extra help. For ELL learners, I will make sure when doing examples to say the instructions again to them so they can understand the material. For ELL learners to succeed, they need to understand the instructions of the problems and the methods Homework Options and Home Connections The homework is attached below. The worksheet is titled Addition Method Worksheet. It consists of 5 problems and it is due the following class period.

References This lesson comes with the help of Talawanda High School math department. Attachments -Addition Method Smart Board Presentation: 14 Slides -Addition Method Homework Worksheet

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Addition Method Worksheet

Complete the problems below. Make sure to show all work

Use the Addition Method to Solve the Following equations:

1. -2x + 9y = -9; 9x 2y = 2

2. x + 2y = -3; -2x + 4y = 10

3. x + y = 3; x + y = 1

4. x + 5y = 8; 2x 3y = -10

5. 7x y = 10; 9x + 2y = 3