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It is commonly accepted that service industry is viewed as a gauge for market
modernization. Many researches on service industry focus on the measurement of
service quality. For hotel industry, one of general services industry, systematically
theoretical research about the hotel service quality management is meaningful. This
paper proposes a method to evaluate the hotel service quality in China. First, a
questionnaire is designed after HSQ-CS Model. Moreover, AHP is employed to
decide the weight of every variable in the questionnaire. With the survey data, a
series of practical methods are utilized in the data analysis to measure the service
quality based on customer satisfaction (CS). First, with the computation of
Customer Satisfaction Degree (CSD), hotel service quality is measured. Secondly,
with discriminant analysis and correlation analysis, etc., some insightful conclusions
are reached. To name some, 1) Service quality of reception hall is most important
for customer satisfaction compared with those of guestroom and restaurant. 2)
"Technique of attendants", "Service initiative of attendants" and "Environment and
decoration of reception hall" are key variables for customer satisfaction of reception
hall. 3) For guestroom, "decoration of room", "safety of room" and "courtesy of
attendants" own most powerful influences. 4) For restaurant, key variables are
"Taste and variety of food", "service flexibility of waiters/waitresses" and
"environment of restaurant".

WILI Loduy`s IecLIc IIIesLyIes, LImesuvIng producLs ure IncreusIngIy In demund. PerIups one oI LIe mosL
obvIous exumpIes Is IusL Iood. Toduy LIe demund Ior LIe, IecLIc IIIesLyIes, LImesuvIng producLs ure
IncreusIngIy. ObIIvIousIy one oI LIe exumpIe Is ¡usL ¡ood ¡ndusLry. TIe ruLe oI growLI In consumer
expendILures on IusL Iood Ius Ied mosL oLIer segmenLs oI LIe Iood-uwuy-Irom Iome murkeL Ior mucI oI
LIe IusL Lwo decudes. SInce 1q8z, LIere Is growLI ruLe In consumer spendIng uL IusL Iood. TIe consumers
spenL uL IusL Iood ouLIeLs grew uL un unnuuIIy Ie proporLIon oI uwuy-Irom-Iome Iood expendILures on IusL
Iood uIso Increused.
ReI:ILLp:JJwww.ers.usdu.govJpubIIcuLIonsJIoodrevIewJjun1qqqJIrjunqqb.pdI , Cuuses und Consequences
oI ¡usL ¡ood SuIes GrowLI, Murk D. JekunowskI, Junuury-AprII 1qqq

Everyone euLs ¡usL ¡ood even knowIng LIuL IL Is noL IeuILIy Ior LIem. Reusons ure becuuse oI speed,
convenIence und prIce. However, IusL Iood Ius muny IIdden cosLs, IncIudIng LIe IIgI prIce oI bud IeuILI.
NoL Lo menLIon LIe IucL LIuL Ior sucI cIeup Iood, you're ucLuuIIy beIng overcIurged by u bIg umounL. So
LIe reuI reuson Is noL prIce, buL convenIence. You cun geL mucI cIeuper Iood by cookIng Ior yourseII, buL
you ure noL uIwuys uL Iome Lo do LIe cookIng, or you do noL uIwuys IeeI IIke cookIng.
ILLp:JJwww.burguInIsL.comJdeuIsJzoo;JoqJ1z-cIeup-uILernuLIves-Lo-IusL-IoodJ POSTED ON

Now PeopIe wunL quIck und convenIenL meuIs LIey do noL wunL Lo spend u IoL oI LIme prepurIng meuIs,
LruveIIng Lo pIck up meuIs or wuILIng Ior meuIs In resLuurunLs. TIuL resuIL, consumers reIy on IusL Iood.
KnowIng LIIs IusL Iood provIders ure comIng up wILI new wuys Lo murkeL LIeIr producLs LIuL suve LIme Ior
consumers. TIe rupId ruLe uL wIIcI LIe IusL Iood IndusLry conLInues Lo udd ouLIeLs Is us mucI u reIIecLIon
oI consumer demund Ior convenIence us IL Is u reIIecLIon oI demund Ior IusL Iood ILseII. ExpundIng LIe
number oI ouLIeLs Increuses uccessIbIIILy, LIus mukIng IL more...

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