Pollen volume 4 January 14, 2010 Lars Leafblad KeyStone Search

Pollenites, What a week watching the world come together for our global neighbors in Haiti. The Chronicle of Philanthropy lists the variety of online/mobile philanthropy networks sending support to Haiti as you read this email. See the list here: http://ow.ly/Wylb It’s old news but needs repeating; text "haiti" to 90999 on your mobile device of choice and $10 will be added to your next phone bill in support of the Red Cross international relief effort in Haiti. If you have other ideas/suggestions/links on how to support Haiti that you personally endorse, please send them along to share with Pollen community next time. Special thanks since last edition to Greg Tehven, Morgan Kinross-Wright, Robert Freeman, Julie Brekke, Peg Birk, Rachel Schwalbach, Teresa Morrow, Mary Beth Schubert, Meg Nodzon, Chris Malecek, Gary Perkins, Dan Cramer, Virginia Brown, Jason Van de Loo, Jen Swanson, Lisa Radzak, Regina Barr, Ali Lozoff, Charlie Flinn, Delinda Rood, Lisa Pope, Blois Olson, Nicole Harrison, Drew Schmitz, Angela Eifert, Angela Garrett, Brad Pepin, Karen Kodzik, Diane Walters, Katie Lichty, Cardessa Luckett, Cody Nelson, Michelle Zirbes, Jan Gerstenberger, Jane Goodnight, (and anyone else I'm inadvertently forgetting) for your emails and/or referring this to others in your network; thank you! Special welcome to new members Lauren Moore, Mary Heer-Forsberg, Deanna Gulliford, Tarcy Thompson, John Miller, Jessica Pierce, and Darolyn Gray (my sincere apologies to anyone I've missed if I have, let me know so you can be welcomed next edition). Please forward to your network; truly, the more the merrier! Please join fellow members in sending along job leads, internship leads, board openings, volunteer opportunities, and news about professional promotions/recognition (yours or others in your networks) so that we can share with fellow 1100+ Pollen members. And finally, Pollen has a new home on LinkedIn. You can join us here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=2618300

Jobs (forwarded by you - not searches being conducted by KeyStone Search): 1) TreeHouse seeks a Grant Writer/Researcher (via Jason Van de Loo) http://www.treehouseyouth.org/employment/currentopenings.asp 2) MN Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society seeks new President (via Teresa Morrow) http://bit.ly/MNCNCEO

Pollen member, Mike Paton (http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikepaton) seeks part-time Administrative Coordinator: “Working primarily from home 10-20 hours per week - will handle all things administrative: bookkeeping, scheduling, logistics and basic client communication and support. The ideal candidate will be highly organized, technically proficient, and accustomed to supporting an occasionally frenetic entrepreneur. He or she must be capable of staying focused, working independently and communicating professionally with busy, talented leaders. The right candidate lives somewhere in the Twin Cities - proximity to the Uptown/City Lakes area is a bonus. If you know someone who matches these criteria, please forward this message and invite him or her to contact me directly via mpaton-at-eosprocess.com” 4) Bolder Options seeks a new development director (via Emma Wilhelm and Greg Tehven) http://www.mncn.org/jobs/user_detail.asp?jobID=32746 5) MN Cup seeks a 75% time Program Director at the U of MN (via Scott Litman) http://employment.umn.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=85015 6) Comcast seeks a Public Relations Specialist (via Mary Beth Schubert) – email me if you’d like more info Land O’ Lakes seeks Senior Communications Editorial Manager (via Teresa Morrow) – email me if you’d like more info



Props to the following Pollen members (please consider sharing good news about a friend/colleague/volunteer for next issue): Scott Burns and the GovDelivery team on their $19M acquisition by Internet Capital Group http://twincities.bizjournals.com/twincities/stories/2010/01/04/daily10.html Marcia Ballinger, PhD (board chair of Capella University colleague at KeyStone Search) on Capella’s national recognition for focus on student outcomes: http://bit.ly/STOCapellaU James Kahl on his role as Product Manager with AmericanTeleCare Jennifer Niemela on her new role as Managing Editor of FenderBender Magazine -

Amanda Brinkman on her appointment to the board of The Salvation Army – Twin Cities http://www.thesalarmy.org/ab/tcadvisoryboard.htm Jason Van de Loo on his appointment to the board of TreeHouse http://www.treehouseyouth.org/aboutus/Board.asp Steve Sanders has a song featured in a City Pages song-writing contest. Check it out here: http://polls.citypages.com/polls/min/rockoutromeo/ Mike Dominowski on the launching of his law firm – www.mnfamilies.com

- Sara Perlman Barrow on her new role as lead consultant with Fox Consulting http://www.kfoxllc.com/page/featured/announce-barrow/#more-1 Jen Alstad on her appointment to the board of the Bush Foundation http://www.bushfoundation.org/News/pdf_files/01042010_Board.pdf

- Lisa Piskor on her new role with the MN Department of Health in office of legislative relations Ideas: Great blog post by social media guru Chris Brogan (www.chrisbrogan.com) on the power of deepening your relationship networks

http://www.chrisbrogan.com/deepen-your-networks/ Pollenite (and Ole) Mike Shoemaker blog post on what corporate US can teach social service sector about org culture


Engaging 1) The 2010 World Affairs Challenge is being held March 6th at Macalester College and seeks volunteer judges (via Charlemagne Campbell-Patton)

Volunteer information here: http://worldsavvy.org/minneapolis/2010-WAC-Volunteer.php 2) The MN Council of Nonprofits has announced the 2010 Philanthropy Leaders Series breakfast dates:

http://www.mncn.org/event_fundraising.htm#pls 3) Pollenite Greg Tehven and colleagues from STLF seek your help with their efforts to partner with Best Buy’s @15 project:

http://www.stlf.net/get-involved/at15 4) Social Capital invites you to attend winter party January 30 (via Raj and Rajni Shah)


Seeking: 1) Allison Vos (daughter of Pollen member, Jim Vos) is seeking a summer internship (paid or unpaid) in the Health Care Administration field. You can access her bio via her LinkedIn profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/allisonvos

Freebies: 1) Common Grounds (www.commongroundsmn.org) is seeking a pro-bono non-profit consulting client for the spring 2010 semester.

Information for interested parties be found here: http://www.commongroundsmn.org/client

Thanks so much for your time and content suggestions. If you’d like to be removed, hit reply with "remove" in the subject header. On the other end, please forward this to others in your network and invite them to join us. Thanks SO much for your time and as always, please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you or yours. Have a great start to ’10! Onwards and upwards, Lars

Lars Leafblad Principal KeyStone Search "Because Culture Matters" 612-375-8989 - Direct http://www.keystonesearch.com/team_leafblad.php http://www.linkedin.com/in/larsleafblad http://www.twitter.com/larsleafblad

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