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Students slow to make email switch
Melissa Rodriguez Contributing Writer
Late in the Spring 2011 semester, the Florida Southern College announced that in the Fall semester students would receive new email addresses. The change to the new email system was made over the summer, but many students still haven’t made the switch. There is no specific time frame to shut off the old email accounts according to Chief Information Officer John Thomas. “The changeover of students has not happened as quickly as expected and we want to give students ample time to make the switch,” Thomas said. Junior Carlene Fogle-Miller said she has already established other emails and would rather use those than try working with the new school email addresses. Senior April Pearson agreed with Fogle-Miller. “I’m probably not even going to look at it,” Pearson said. “I typically don’t use my email address.” The new email has many additional features, the most highly anticipated being the increased storage space. The old accounts had about 10 MB of space before the switch. With 10 GB of storage space, the new emails have nearly 1,000 times more space. Other features include a calendar you

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Slutwalk Tampa challenges rape stigma

Photo by Kelsey Tressler

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Men and women with signs, pins and t-shirts bearing names like “Slut” and “Survivor” flooded Tampa to participate in the Slutwalk Tampa on Sept. 17. The event protests victim-blaming and shamed silence in situations of rape and sexual abuse. FSC students also participated in the walk, marching alongside supporters and survivors.

Repeal of DADT brings drastic change
Kelsey Tressler Editor-in-Chief
On Sept. 20, gay and lesbian soldiers could officially turn to their friends, family, fellow comrades and even Facebook to openly admit their sexual preference. The formal repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy came 18 years after its original installation, and ends the forced silence of homosexual soldiers. This repeal occurred two years after President Obama gave a speech in front of the Human Rights Campaign promising to end the nearly two decades-long policy. With so drastic a change, eyes are on the military to see how soldiers and leaders will react to the shift. According to Maj. Brent Reynolds, executive officer of Florida Southern College ROTC battalion, soldiers should react just fine. “It’s a culture shock to the military, but in the last 15 years we’ve been dealing with other cultures so closely that I think it’s going to be received as just another cultural awareness within ourselves,” Reynolds said. According to Reynolds, the exposure soldiers have received to vastly different cultures has humanized the military. “Not to say that we weren’t human before, but it’s really opened the eyes of a lot of soldiers that we’re more than just ‘storm a country and take over,’” Reynolds said. “We’re there to help.” Preparation for the repeal of the DADT policy already began at FSC with an informational training Photo by Melissa Rodriguez session last year, Reynolds said. The ROTC has been Salons and other cancer patients who no longer taught what to expect when the change occurs. Cadet Reed McKean, a junior in the ROTC pro- need their wigs donate them to the Giving Boutique. gram, said the training session clarified that soldiers are now allowed to specify their sexual preference if they choose to, and that doing so is no longer a breach of contract. The informational session also explained Michael Rose had a very spehow to react if a soldier chooses to disclose his or Melissa Rodriguez cific reason for starting Hair for Contributing Writer her sexuality. Hope. Cancer hit the Rose fam“No matter what your opinion about it is, you’re Michael Rose hair Designs ily through both his sister and supposed to remain professional and remember that sexual orientation aside, they’re still a soldier and you will host their third annual his mother. Helping women charity cut-a-thon Hair for who are undergoing chemotreat them like a soldier,” McKean said. Hope in honor of breast cancer therapy and radiation feel more confident about themselves is Continued on page 3 awareness month. Participants who choose to his personal challenge. “I work with beauty queens cut off eight or more inches of and beautiful women all the their hair will be able to donate their ponytails, and they will be time and for me to work with sent to the Pantene Beautiful someone who is ravished with Lengths campaign to be made cancer is a challenge,” Rose said. into wigs. The wigs are dis- “I work with them to make a tributed through American difference. I can make them Cancer Society wig banks look good.” to women who are going Continued on page 7 through chemotherapy.

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