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business process outsourcing (BPO).000 employees and an optimum mix of revenue and profit streams. Powered by an intellectual capital of over 50. the company is in a strong position to invest in high growth businesses to maximise long-term shareholder gains. branded garments. . Over the past few years. Aditya Birla Nuvo has a portfolio of manufacturing as well as service sector businesses under its umbrella ranging from textiles to financial services. including viscose filament yarn. Aditya Birla Nuvo.Aditya Birla Nuvo (company overview ) Aditya Birla Nuvo US$ 3. the Aditya Birla Group. agri business. carbon black. telecom. through its subsidiaries and joint ventures. IT services.5 billion Ltd is a diversified conglomerate and the platform that has launched many new businesses for India¶s premier business house. has made successful forays into life insurance. The razor sharp focus on each business has made it a leading player in most segments. asset management and financial services. textiles and insulators.

ties and T-shirts that makes an exclusive fashion statement recognised by its distinctive icon The Upper Crest. Van Heusen. Allen Solly and Peter England. style and success which personifies today¶s youth. trousers. LP² the youth brand from Louis Philippe.Louis Philippe. has introduced new fashion formals range for today¶s young and successful urbanites. a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo is India's leading apparel retail company. With clean cuts and inspiring designs season after season. Recognised as a Superbrand. The company has also entered into a distribution agreement with the international brand Esprit and has opened exclusive brand outlets. It enjoys market leadership in the branded garments business through its power and popular lifestyle brands ² Louis Philippe. Louis Philippe:Louis Philippe was the first genuinely international garment label introduced in the Indian market in 1989. blazers. confident. Van Heusen and Allen Solly . Madura Garments is defined by its brands . . the company lives its business philosophy to the fullest "To be the undisputed leader in the lifestyle industry delivering continued value growth for all stakeholders". The brand brings superbly crafted range of silks. has revolutionised India's readymade apparel and retail market´. The brand creates an image of stylish. attitude and comfort. slimmer cuts. A name that is synonymous with panache and modernity.that personify style. contemporary Indian men. the lifestyle garments business of Aditya Birla Nuvo. Louis Philippe epitomises elegance. class and status. The company is the winner of several prestigious awards. Madura Garments. addressing the needs of the style conscious. cool ensemble with hidden details. The range exudes élan. spirited. the most recent among them the Lycra® Images Fashion Awards 2008 for its brands Allen Solly and Van Heusen Woman.Madura Garments Lifestyle Brands Division ³Madura Garments.

winter wear. Informals. Allen Solly has made a successful foray into the growing women's work and casual wear market. Allen Solly:Allen Solly has established itself as the leading western wear brand redefining the wardrobe of the modern Indian. innerwear and accessories. Worldwear. has given corporate attire altogether a new look and meaning through continuous product innovation and exclusive collections such as Autumn Winter. knits. spontaneous people who live for the moment and express this lifestyle with an individual look. India's premium work-wear brand. to keep satisfying the needs of its growing customers. 2005. Esprit:Esprit provides a fresh look and a new style to its existing variety every month. most admired brand trousers IFA 2005.Womenswear IFA 2004. or the Oxyrich shirts with oxygen ions to neutralise high stress levels in the intelligent clothing (IQ) range. designed using breakthrough technology adopted by NASA. It has popularised the Friday dressing concept in India. With the launch of its women's wear range in December 2001. brought to India in 1990. are a few examples of the tradition of innovation that began with the invention of the collar in 1919. most admired brand . The brand has won the most admired brand . Worldwear is Van Heusen's extension of the best-selling range of corporate wear for the global Indian. IQ Clothing. It has also won the IFA Images 2001 best brand award in the readymade menswear category. . 2007. Cool casuals IFA 2006. The brand offers a variety of choices with the availability of its various collections in all the stores. EDC by Esprit addresses young. Ken & Tony.Van Heusen:Van Heusen.

accessories. but also Levi's denim. Jocky innerwear in selected stores. Australia. Company Details Aditya Birla Group Company Name : Contact Person: Address: City: State: Pin: Nature of usiness: Products: Products details: Other details: MADURA GARMENTS LIFE STYLE DIVISION Mr. . Van Heusen. winterwear and lately. Canada. Pranav Barua (C. Monte Carlo knitwear and most recently. New Zealand and Far East.USA.a one-stop destination for all his apparel needs.E. Middle East. t-shirts.Cotton Made-ups Apparel and fabric in various retail outlets We export to countries including USA. Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. denims and innerwear.O) ITPL Bangalore bangaore KARNATAKA 500006 Manufacturer Cotton Fabrics . Allen Solly and Peter England.Planet Fashion:Planet Fashion is the apparel retailing arm of Madura Garments. It houses not only our leading (inhouse) menswear brands like Louis Philippe. It aims to be the complete wardrobe solution for a man . Its product portfolio ranges from corporate formal wear to casual leisure wear. European Countries.

facilitate effective coordination and control and develop an efficient sales force structure to ensure effective selling strategy. One must consider the influence of external and internal factors while designing a sales organization. a company can have a product-based.SALES ORGANIZATION & SALES CULTURE The organizational structure should fulfill the purpose for which it has been designed. Designing the sales organization plays a crucial role in a company's overall success. centralized and decentralized structure. The role of a sales organization is to achieve company objectives. customer-based or a combinationbased sales force structure. etc. hierarchical levels and departmentalization. the size of the sales force. Based on the span of control. reporting relationships. International presence in Dubai (2). To efficiently serve the ever-changing needs of customers in the best possible manner. The type of customers. core competence of the company. 5 international Cities: Across 50 cities in India. authority. Sharjah. ranging from high streets like Connaught Place and South Ex to smaller towns like Bareilly. Internal factors influencing the design of a sales organization include the company objectives. Qatar and Kathmandu. size of the sales force and the width and depth of the product mix are some factors that influence the decision on the type of sales force structure to be adopted. vertical and horizontal structure and line and staff organization structure. streamline reporting relationships. the market size and its potential. External factors include the markets targeted and the technology prevailing in the target market. level of sales desired. Karnal and Dehradun. the type of industry in which the company is operating. . Current number of stores: 82 in India. four basic organization structures are possible. compensation system. geographic-based. These are formal and informal structure.

 Role of sales culture in developing a sound sales organization .Sales culture  Components of sales culture.

The personal selling process consists of the following steps:- prospecting preapproach approach closing handling objective presentation and demonstration follow up 1.Personal presentation by the firm¶s sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships.PERSONNEL SELLING PROCESS Personal selling :. And there different ways to identify prospects:- . The prospects are those who have a need or will to buy and the power to pay. Prospecting: Prospecting is the process of identifying prospective buyers of the product. Personal selling is paid personal communication that attempts to inform customers and persuade them to purchase products or services.

it saves time & also the customer trends to make a quick buying decision. In all over the presentation. The Close: This is the last stage of the presentation and demonstration. Salesman give the description about the product to the prospect through this as follow:  Salesman comes within the store or the shop of the prospect can promptly present it to the prospect. . 3. Through this way sales may be promoted  Retailers: Through retailers also sales force get the valuable leads since they are direct contact with the customer and are familiar with the taste. attitude . Presentation and Demonstration: 5.  Salesman shows the kind of quality that customer is looking for and show some new trend garments. perception of the prospect. the salesman faces every objection with a smile and his face and confidently answering to any queries of the prospect. economic and social status. Approach: In this stage prospect and the salesman come in contact with each other face-to-face.  Cashing in on brand name or the company reputation: As Madura Garment brand and its product are well reputed to all. preference. preference.  Salesman demonstrates the product to increase the interest of the customer. 4. The branded product also generated the curiosity among the prospects. dislike. behavior. needs. 2. Company¶s records: Salesman refers to the company¶s records and get in touch with several old and new contact. in this salesman do the analysis after the presentation as  Salesman judge the mood. The second step of salesman to know about the prospect likes. Pre approach: After identifying the prospect in the prospecting stage. nature.

the sales professional can intervene and become a customer advocate to ensure 100% satisfaction. Follow up: This is a critical step in creating customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships with customers.  If the customer experienced any problems whatsoever.6. .

The department head will then shortlist the same and they ask the HR department . After the resumes of candidates are chosen then the same is sent to the department head where the vacancy arises. age. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Sourcing the candidate by ordering for forms Screening the candidate Selection test Personal interview To ensure that all candidates are assessed objectively and fairly. etc. The recruitment process starts with the arising of a vacancy in the organization. Several points like Revenue generation. Selection and Training of Sales Personnel Madura aims in keeping its Employment policy non-discriminative. this process is taken up every year. STEP 2 :SOURCING ACTIVITY :There are three types of sourcing done at Bombay dyeing. A vacancy can arise in the following ways: Madura Garment follows following sources planning:STEP 1 :MANPOWER PLANNING :-AOP (Annual Operating Plan). It is taken up at Personal Level and Entity Level. religion. The policy is framed in a way that it ensures consistency and equal opportunity. Merit based Selection of candidates. sex. To appoint the Right candidate for the Right job. Utmost care is taken to check any kind of discrimination based on caste. colour.Recruitment. Acquisition number. national origin etc.

Monster. This thus becomes a kind of motivation factor for the employees.  Not frequent job changes  Tenure of last job should at least be 1. INTERNAL SOURCING :This system provides the existing employees an opportunity to apply for higher posts as well as for vacancies in other departments thus allow them a take up more challenging job profile / responsibilities in other/same department. NAUKRI.  Employee Reference  Re-employment of former employee EXTERNAL SOURCING : Placement Consultant  Job Portals ± timesjobs.  Campus Recruitment STEP 3 :APPROVAL AVERAGE TIME PERIOD : The process of recruitment takes about 10 ± 15 days ELIGIILITY CRITERIA : Education Qualification ± Graduate with any specialization and shold be well versed in English.5 ± 2 yrs . firstly the Functional interview and then the Functional Head and HR Head takes the interview. There are two type of interview which is taken up at Bombay fix an interview with the selected candidates .

The significance and value of training has been recognised by the corporate world to a great extent. Acquiring the requisite knowledge.In Madura Garment group selection of sales force is done by using the following selection tools:      Applications Resumes Interviews Psychological testing Reference check Physical examination Training and Development :Training and development is perhaps one of the fastest growing fields in any company. Need for Training and Development in an Organization:      Contributes towards organizational objectives.Selection :. Training is an act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee which they need to perform their jobs. Thus the . skill and attitude To achieve individual growth Need for cross functional managers Prepare employees for higher level jobs Training Need Identification :The need for training is identified in the following manner:  Probation Appraisal Forms :The appraiser appraises the performance of the employee and gives the recommendations as to the kind of training required by the individual.

 Departmental and Divisional Needs :If a new system is started in a particular department.  Transfer :If an individual is transferred from one dept. training may be required. Also a gap arises in his current position and to fill this gap. the individuals are supposed to identify training areas for themselves along with their superiors doing the same. to other. he needs to be trained.  Promotion :If an employee is need identified. he may require training in the skills to handle the new position. the employees of that dept. .  Through Performance managing strategy :In the system. are required to be trained for using the same. This is utilized by the HR.

as you are chatting with your customers. This should be a pleasant. or whether you are building your customer base from scratch. you can ask: "Would you mind sharing with me how you think my company's relationship with you has been going so far? What have we been doing well? Where could we improve?" The Benefits of Sales Territory management for company :       Optimal quota and territory assignments for best use of selling resources Immediate integration of planning outputs into a production commissions system for accuracy and low cost operation Easy adjustments to attribution and change crediting Optimized pay plan effectiveness Maximized seller motivation Increased sales supervisor efficiency and effectiveness Alignment of individual goals with strategic objectives ." Then. your first priority should be to introduce yourself to every single one of your customers.TERRITORY AND QUOTA MANAGEMENT Sales Territory Management by Madura Garments it¶s Activities to Produce Maximum Results :How you prioritize your sales territory management activities depends upon whether you are managing a territory that has existing customers. lowkey introduction along the lines of: "I just wanted to introduce myself and see if there is anything I can do to help you. If you manage a territory that has existing customers.

ensuring quotas reflect up-to-date market dynamics and territory potential. discount.Quota Management :Analysts estimate organizations may lose as much as 10% of total annual sales in "lost opportunity" revenue based on misaligned territories and quotas. With Callidus Quota Management. and prorate quota targets as needed  Supports modeling of multiple goal scenarios based on how best to achieve corporate or sales region revenue goals  Effectively automates the workflow processes around quota distribution. businesses regain this lost revenue.  Helps identify opportunities to better align quotas to maximize revenue based on historical performance  Provides easy-to-use tools to uplift. adjustments. and approvals  Provides up-to-date visibility into sales quotas and attainment to date .

etc. and which insure against major current expenses.  Protectives :Programs which insure employees against loss of life or earning ability.  Incentives :Additional variable pay based on performance against objectives and payable in cash. holidays. jury duty. .      life insurance medical insurance survivor's income dental insurance disability income  Paid Time Off :vacations. stock or tax-deferrable arrangements (1% on there sales target).Compensation and Motivation Compensation :Madura Garments group compensate there salesman by providing them the following benefit: Base Salary :The fixed amount to be paid according to a system of job classification or market based criteria (round about 2-3 lakhs ). family leave.

 Keep improvement in working standards .Motivation :In Madura Garments group motivation to salesperson by : Performance Appraisal is the process of Evaluating the Achievements of the Sales Force in Terms of Requirements of the Job  The Appraisal System is Essentially a Comparison of Sales Force Goals and Objectives With Actual Achievements in the Field  Giving the sales achiever award to the best sales man of the year.  Doing fair practice means no BIASNESS in the origination.

Sales personnel Cycle .EVALUATION OF SALES PERSONNEL For any industry it is very essential to have a cost effective & efficient distribution channel that adds value in to whole value chain. therefore it has fragmented sales and distribution network. India has large and diversified textile industry with different segments and sectors. Effective distribution channel and integrated supply chain management help in growth of industry and make it more competitive.

Newspaper.Sales Channel Madura Garments group do there product promotion by giving advertisement in T. Factory 2. Factory 3.V. Factory THREE-LEVEL-CHANNEL :- Owned Stores / Exclusive Brand Outlet Discount Stores Exports 4. sales channels are used as given below :ZERO-LEVEL-CHANNELS :- 1. Magazine.  Esprit  Planet Fashion In MADURA GARMENTS GROUP. there are so many popular lifestyle brands and international brand. Factory Wholesalers Distributors Multi-Brand Outlets . road side banners etc«. These brands are given below and Madura Garments Group also opened exclusive brand outlets: Louis Philippe  Peter England  Allen Solly  Van Heusen. In Madura Garments group. Radio.

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