Article Product Group Round Stones Article No. 1201 Amount 1 pc. Size 35 mm Color Jet Hematite F Color Code 280 HEM


Supplies & Tools
Leather, 6x6cm Nylon thread, transparent, 0.35mm, 1 m 2 Spools stretchy sewing silk

Crystal Pearls


22 pcs.

3 mm

Crystal Petrol Pearl

001 600

Crocheting needle Double sided tape Scissors Sewing needle Tape

STEP 1: Draw a 5cm diameter circle.

Stick double sided tape on the back.

5 cm

STEP 2: Place the pattern on top of a piece
of leather and cut out the circle.

STEP 3: Cut 1m of 0.35mm nylon thread. Stitch from the back of the leather circle to the front about 3mm in from the edge.
Begin adding 3mm SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Petrol Pearls, article 5810 as shown as you continue to stitch around the leather circle.


0.35 mm



STEP 4: Pull the nylon threads to get the shape as shown in the illustration.

Remove the tape and add the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Round Stone article 1201, 35mm Jet Hematite to the center of the beaded leather circle. Tie a double knot with both thread ends. Stitch one of the thread ends out to the back side from the center of the leather as depicted below.


STEP 5: Use two spools of machine stretchy sewing silk, make a slip knot and place it on a crochet hook.

Place yarn over hook and slide through the loop on the hook. Repeat until you have made six stitches.


STEP 6: Crochet back along these first six stitches and repeat until the length of the crocheted yarn is the length of your
“ring size”.


STEP 7: Sew the ends together to form a tube-like structure. Attach to the center of the leather circle with the nylon thread
that was stitched out the back side in step 4 as shown in the illustrations.

Shown complete