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Thus Saith Jesus Christ to the Leaders in Governing Powers, Also to All Peoples of the Nation of United States of America, My Own Word of Full Power Soon to Take 'Full Way of Cleansing Power Upon All in This Nation if You Repent Not. I Shall Send the Promised Judgments if You Do Not Let My Servant and People Go Free. I Speak Thus to All:

Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ Given to President Warren S. Jeffs
Palestine, Texas Tuesday, November 1, 2011
1. Thus saith the Lord Jesus Christ, to the nation of my coming, the United States of America: 2. I have now enlightened all thy rulers by my Proclamation History and revelation writing, of pure unobstructed truth, not to be of a light way of receiving; to be my holy truth, that no governing power of man on earth hath any jurisdiction to judge my authority of Celestial authority and eternal keys of power I cause to be my Keyholder on earth. 3. He shall be thy judge of me. I am Judge, Ruler, Deliverer, God and Holy Eternal Power over all, and none can stay my hand. 4. Though I have allowed my servant to be in bondage to prove the people of the land of my coming, I shall send power of pure cleansing, to leave neither root nor branch of thine own household of present nation. 5. There shall be complete besom of destructive power come forth, 0 ye people of the land of New Jerusalem rising unto full governmg power. 6. Let this be an awakening -- I have commanded my servant to no longer be of an answering to court of persecuting power; to now silently witness thy God send forth the greater humbling of nation of persecution against my Church and my Priesthood; to be of full way of knowing you are fighting me, your Lord; who shall be of full power to overthrow thy minuscule might, to cause the sea to heave beyond its bounds, to bury and wash away cities of corruption on borders of land; to shake the earth unto cities becoming of no existing; mountains found where cities were. 7. 0 ye people, repent ye, for my time is soon to do the full cleansing labor of my Zion land of North and South America. 8. Let all be of full repenting, lest judgments come in full power. Amen.

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Warning of Son Ahman to the United States of America

We, the undersigned witnesses, bear testimony these words are verily the words of our Lord and Savior, who speaks from heaven through His authorized representative on earth, warning of His will of judgments soon to come, bearing witness that as He, our Lord, testified of the destruction of Jerusalem in the meridian of time, and the scattering of the Jews to all nations, which has been fulfilled, so shall all His warnings of judgments be literally fulfilled in this time of the rise of Zion. Amen.



Vaughan E. Taylor Patriarch in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints



John M. Barlow Counselor in the Bishopric of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Warning of Son Ahman to the United States of America

Thus Saith God Over All, Even Jesus Christ, My Holy Will Revealing My Soon Coming Events Upon My Land of Zion; Also Upon All Peoples of Every Nation; A New Revealing, to Know I Have Warned All, and Will Be of Full Power of Cleansing:

Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ Given to President Warren S. Jeffs
Palestine, Texas Monday, October 31,2011
1. I who is over all things, by whom all things were created, and by whom all continue in organizing power of existing in present personal sphere of action; even Jesus Christ, Son Ahman, the Beginning and the End, speak to all peoples on the earth, now to learn of a judgment of full power of my sending; a storm of great destructive power upon the nation of United States in America, even my nation of my coming to build New Jerusalem. 2. This shall paralyze many parts of thy nation for a time, causing great distress, to show thee I have spoken warnings of recent sending; and that as I speak, so shall I fulfill. 3. Such shall be the result of this devastating storm. 4. You shall know it is of my power sent to humble my nation of soon removal if they continue in murder of unborn children, and Sodom and immoral ways not of the pure way of my coming; for I must cleanse all nations of these sins to allow them knowledge of my presence on earth as Ruler and Eternal Power. Amen. 5. Thus is the Lord's will, to be of full knowing of my coming soon at hand. 6. Let all in this nation of my New Jerusalem to rise, be ready. 7. Only they who are of purity- of living can survive my full measure of purifying cleansing; leaving only my Order Eternal of Zion on the land of the Zion of our God, even North and South America; a land that will be of righteousness after all wicked inhabitants are swept offby my eternal power, they who no longer care for pure holy way
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of your Lord, who commanded to not kill, neither commit adultery, nor anything immoral like unto that sin of personal defiling. 8. Let all be full of pure noble desire. 9. Leave alone my people. 10. Let my servant go. 11. Let all men of my Priesthood in prison go free. Amen. 12. Thus is the revealing of the God of Creation over all; to know my time is soon to be on earth with cleansing powers; to govern all peoples in a Millennium of pure holy peace. 13. Let all know they shall be judged, who is of purity of living, to be worthy of preservation by my grace and power. 14. Let all nations be warned again. 15. Let only thy will be to do as I have said, to purge the gross contagious crimes of murder of unborn children and of Sodom and adulterous ways from among thy nation, each one; lest great and full power of cleansing cometh. 16. Know when North America is of full judging that my time is soon; also when Israel is a people gathering unto my land. 17. Let all be my Israel who would be of pure way of holy walk before Him who is your Lord, Savior, Judge. and Holy Advocate unto redeeming power eternal. 18. Let this, my word, be as warning and call to final preparing; the full way of my Holy Priesthood do my will on earth, to build up my another full and to cause to be free to Zion.


Warning of Son Ahman to the Nations of the Earth

19. Let Zion now be the way of governing power over all peoples. 20. I am with them, my Church and people of the way of salvation.
21. Let them, even my Church, be of full freedom to serve their Lord in full Celestial Plural Marriage Law unobstructed.

the greater sins I have named that are among you. Amen. 31. Jesus, your Lord, hath spoken, and shall fulfill unto full knowing my coming in power of my might in the clouds of heaven, which hideth many things from the seeing of mankind, until I cause my coming in full power to be known among you, to be of full way Celestial in governing authority over all surviving nations. 32. Let Australia know population lands shall be of a tsunami tidal wave. on low

22. Let my United Order law no longer be under attack, as my consecrated lands and homes in the court's ruling have been taken from my holy Order. 23. Let all now be of a full way of pure holy way of giving to all pure, true, noble ruling of delivering my people. 24. Let now there be only my people to dwell on my consecrated lands where they have been removed out of the hands of my Priesthood, now of tribute to ungodly ruling board by court appointment; unjust court interfering in my true religion; thus breaking the law of constitution religion freedom guaranteed. 25. Let also my Priesthood in prison go free, as they only have done my will in abiding Celestial Plural Marriage by my own will revealing my law to be lived by them. 26. No governing power on earth of authority, especially where religious freedom is of constitutional guarantee, can be of an interfering power in religion of my guiding. 27. Let the nation humble themselves who are thus of a persecuting zeal against my holy Celestial Law of Celestial Marriage of Plural revealing, only to be of my Church, not for the world. Amen. 28. Now be of hastening to prepare for my great power to soon be of judgment upon the land. Amen. 29. This holy will of God is to now be of a full warning to the people over all the earth, wherever they reside; that when they see United States in America humbled by great power of my causing many to be of a life-taking, then they shall be aware I, your Lord, fulfill all my wilL 30. Now be of full way of full cleansing on part of leaders and peoples of nations to remove
Warning of Son Ahman to the Nations of the Earth

33. Many shall perish who will not move to higher lands of elevation. 34. Let China also be warned to only cleanse my land of wickedness, not my people. 35. Let also all nations leave alone my Zion, lest great whirlwind judgments speak the justice of an offended God. Amen. 36. Thus is the will of Jesus, your Lord, to the sure knowing of all peoples; so that when they see my will fulfilled, they know I have spoken beforehand; and are thus fully aware I shall fulfill all my will as I have revealed through my servants, the Prophets; and mine own word found in New Testament record. Amen. 37. The Lord also revealeth to Russia to not remain on my land of Zion, lest full powers of whirlwind judgment come upon thee. 38. Though you believe me not, my judgments shall convince all they must not come against my people IsraeL 39. Let the nation of Iran cease all aggressive power against neighboring lands and peoples, lest you become a nation 110 more; only to. be of subjugation to a foreign power, to no longer 'be of aggression; for 1 shall reward thee with full cleansing judgments as, YOu promote violence against my Israel or other neighboring nations. Amen. 40. Let Turkey aid Israel in day of great attack against my Israel, lest you also fall and become a subject nation. Amen. 41. Let also my holy land of New Jerusalem only be for my Church and Priesthood people of Zion's preparation in their lives, my Celestial Law of holy Eternal Union lived. Amen.
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42. Thus have I been warning all peoples to prepare, I already in the midst of my people, notwithstanding full persecuting powers coming against my Church. 43. Read fully my new publishing of Proclamation offull giving my history by my own word sent to teach all about my Priesthood and my Celestial Plural Marriage Law continuing among men on earth since I revealed my Priesthood and my Celestial laws in the day of my holy Prophet Joseph Smith; continuing these gifts through a faithful order of full Celestial authority from heaven, my Keyholders well honored by me in my own word given; now printed and sent forth to all nations. 44. Let my Keyholder offull authority go free, my now Prophet, Mouthpiece, and pure sealing authority unto sealing blessings unto eternal life. 45. Let all know how they treat my Priesthood on earth, so shall I be to them a Savior, if faithful, or a Judge of whirlwind almighty power if they reject me by hindering the progress of my Church on earth. 46. Let all murderous secret combinations in every nation be punished and overthrown. 47. Let secret agencies of violent ways of managing your people's behavior be no longer in your governmg powers. 48. Let truth, justice, purity of living, equity of opportunity of freedom of living and of worship be of a full upholding by all governing powers on earth; for I shall cause the waters to boil, volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, the desolating sickness of an overflowing scourge, also pestilences of disease, and other destructive powers shall soon be felt by all peoples, nations, tongues, kindreds, and governing powers. 49. Let my people be my people, not to be cast out nor driven.

50. Let my people also hasten to prepare to be worthy of greater Celestial powers; to assist in governing the earth in full power and Priesthood authority. 51. Now come full measure to be among my full law of Zion. Amen. 52. Let the people of Central America, also pure bloodline of Lamanite and Nephite people in Americas, be ready to be as a full power of helping thy God cleanse all wickedness off my lands of Zion; a battle-ax in mine hands to the fear of all the nations and their peoples on my holy lands of Zion; to have my heavenly powers assist you of pure line of Israel to be an army of cleansing power against the wicked on my land of Zion. Amen. 53. Let also Bolivia with Equador hear my word, to cleanse their own nation, each one, of the gross evils among the gentile nations of murder of unborn children, also Sodom and immoral ways, to then be of a cleansing authority of other peoples. 54. I shall cause my holy power to be on thee. Amen. 55. Let also Nicaragua be of a humbling, as her leaders have tried to be of oppressive way on her own peoples. 56. Let all peoples be at peace when I appear; for my full power shall soon be felt by neighboring nations of more pure way, humbling wicked nations; also to receive my full gifts of blessings of life, of food, clothing, shelter, to remain intact and with you, each nation or peoples who thus receive this, my word, and heed my will, saith Jesus Christ, your Lord. Amen. 57. I am soon to use whom and what I will, saith God over all, to cleanse all nations. 58. Be ye ready. Amen.

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Warning of Son Ahman to the Nations ofthe Earth

We, witnesses of God's own word to all nations, give our names as testifying and witnessing power untoall, to know we verily know' these are the words _ofour Lord Jesus Christ, who cometh soon in glory, power, and full authority of Eternal Godhood, to. rule, 011 earth over all nations to have ail be convinced of Hi's eternal plan of salvation. Amen.

:3 ( {!Jef 2 o f/_


Vaugban E, Taylor Patriarch in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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10 hn, M. Barlow Counselor in tbe Bishepric of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ ofLalter~day Saints

Wal"ning orSon Ahman to the Nations ofthe Earth

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Thus Saith Jesus Christ, God Over All Creation, to All Nations, Peoples, Kindreds, Tongues, and Governing Powers on Earth; My Own Holy and Eternal Power Authority of Truth and Holy Power of My Bringing Full Power to Earth, to Rule Over All Peoples Who Survive Judging Powers Soon to Come in Full Power; Thus Calling on All to Heed My Word, Saying Thus: Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ Given to President Warren S. Jeffs
Palestine, Texas Saturday, November 12, 2011
1. Thus saith your Lord of Power over all nations, to all people on the earth: I have heralded my own word to all nations. 2. I am God. 3. I have spoken. 4. I shall fulfill. Amen. 5. Now repent. 6. You are now soon to be purified by fire and my whirlwind judgments of eternal power. 7. 0 ye fallen and perverse generation, how long I have called thee to repentance, and you heed me not. 8. I shall be as a full purifier of all nations, peoples, tongues, kindreds, over all powers of every land. 9. Now herald my will to all thy people in thy land; that the God of glory cometh, to be Ruler over all people, to have all accountable for deeds done in the flesh; to know I am, and to have all thy works known that are hidden; yea, all secrets revealed to all people. 10. Now heed my word: 11. I have sent my Proclamation to all people on earth, of my holy authority on my land of my coming. 12. My Proclamation is of your awaking to eternal truth, that I have commenced years and also ages ago to send forth my message of my coming. 13. I am the Creator over all. 14. I shall fulfill all my purposes of eternal and Celestial authority of the Father. 15. I am to soon be your Judge.
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16. I shall be only the way of pure cleansing soon to all peoples. 17. My word is power of truth. 18. My way is holy. 19. My purposes are eternal. 20. No one can stay my hand. 21. Heed my word, lest full judgment come upon thee, each one, in the full giving of my power of the cleansing of thy land. Amen. 22. Thus shall all feel my wrath, for your murder of unborn children, for your Sodom and licentious corrupt way of destroying innocence, virtue, life of the most innocent of all peoples, the very spring of life in unborn children; an evil practice in most nations. 23. Now let it be known murder is the unforgivable sin. 24. Let this cause all to be of a ceasing of this most heinous crime, upheld by most nations by legal consent. 25. I shall cause rulers to be judged for allowing this most horrible evil to continue; innocent blood on thy skirts. 26. Let all be awake to thy plight in eternity of judgment of a just God, who favors purity to be of pure way. 27. Let children be of most favored protecting, innocent of sin; only learning ways of parents, of peoples they are among. 28. Now know thy sin is so great, I must cleanse all nations by judgments to prepare for my coming; a glory eternal from heaven; a power of pure fire of all-consuming power, to consume every corruptible thing.
Warning of Son Ahman to the Nations and Peoples of the Earth

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29. My holy word has been among you for many generations. 30. Now be ready for my coming. 31. Let all be my holy people, a people ready to receive Zion in full way. 32. I am soon to be their Deliverer. 33. Nothing can stay my hand in gathering mine elect from all nations, unto New Jerusalem, a holy city of my making. 34. All shall be my full way of pure holy power who dwell therein. Amen. 35. Now let my message go forth to all thy peoples, ye rulers of nations. 36. I shall be the Holy Power Celestial that comes among all peoples to your knowing. 37. Thus I, God, am justified to purge all nations. 38. I am the God of Power. 39. I am thy Advocate with the Father unto you earning eternal salvation if you repent. 40. I shall judge all in the day of resurrecting power. 41. I have conquered death. 42. I am over all.

43. Nothing is hidden. 44. I know your whole and personal lives in the secrets of thought, of desire, of intent; of true way of full truth known without lies of thy making hindering truth to be revealed by me in day of judging thee, 45. I shall reward thee for deeds done in this life. 46. I am the God of Creation. 47. I shall fulfill all my will concerning thy creation as a son or daughter of my creating. 48:. Thus shall all things be put right; and evil shall be overthrown in total. Amen, 49. Let this holy word now go forth, saith Jesus Christ, God over all, to thy peoples. 50. Let all be of ready power of purity in their lives, lest sudden destruction come. 51. Let all have this published. 52. Let all heed my will. 53. I am the only way of salvation. 54. I shall come to declare my way eternal. 55. Now be ready, is the call of thy God. Amen.

We, the undersigning witnesses, bear testimony to all peoples on earth these are verily the words of our Lord Jesus Christ; to be as a sounding warning extant, to know He soon cometh, to know He shall be a Rewarder of all according as their works are, giving our names to all peoples. Let all take heed, lest thy lamp not be full of oil, and darkness be thy way of the falling of nations in full power of God coming forth. Amen.

Vaughan E. Taylor Patriarch in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

John M. Barlow Counselor in the Bishopric of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Warning of Son Ahman to the Nations and Peoples of the Earth Page 2

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