UNIVERSITY OF ARTS, BELGRADE MA Studies of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy in the Balkans



Student: Nevena Karanovic BELGRADE, January 2011. 1|Page

Introduction “Projects1 are the means to bring about change, whether it is large or small. They are the means to get things done which is not part of current day-to-day activities. Hence, projects are key to the future of an organization2. It is imperative that you identify, select and deliver the right projects in the most efficient way.”3 Also, every project consists of number of processes4 that lead to the goal of the project. Therefore, every project should be: oriented towards the achievement of a certain goal, have a determined duration – a precise beginning and end, be special and unique, include the process and the result, exert equal significance of effective management and efficacy and assume the conducting of interrelated actions. We could say that the main purpose of a project is to change some situation becoming better, so, for example, our aim as managers in culture, is seeking for some problems in a society which we want to solve. Once a project reaches its objective, it finishes. How we can be sure that our objective is succeeded? Evaluation of a project shows us whether the project was or was not successful, but we have to have measurable objectives in time, costs or resources. The subject of project evaluation in this case is “Dance Feel Love” project 2010/11 Belgrade. I will give you more information about this event which was very good and also reasons for its further existence.


„a set of co-ordinated activities, with a specific start and finish, pursuing a specific goal with constraints on time, cost and resources., ISO 8402, S. Nokes, I. Major, A. Greenwood, D. Allen, M. Goodman: The definitive guide to project managment Prentice Hall Finantial Times, 2003, 13.” 2 a group of people who work together in a structured way for a shared purpose 3 S. Nokes, I. Major, A. Greenwood, D. Allen, M. Goodman: The definitive guide to project managment Prentice Hall Finantial Times, 2003, 9. 4 Processes are either activities that take place continuously or are a known sequence of operations that are repeated whenever circumstances require, Dragićević Šešić, Milena, Dragojević, Sanjin: Interkulturna medijacija na Balkanu
(Intercultural Mediation in the Balkans), Sarajevo, Oko, 2004., 30.


active in more than 200 3|Page . visits to museums. tradition and couisine and of course rich history and heritage. as well as represent it as a modern country on the road to European integrations. but a bit shorter in duration.000 members. politically independent and non-profit organization AEGEE is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines – today it counts 13. etc.Feel. city tours.The basic information of the project *Project name: “Dance. Feel.Love” It is a different name for a bit changed concept of existing traditional so called Winter University “Crazy Winter Tour”(popularly called CWT) which had 3 volumes and had much success in justifying AEGEE-Beograd's wellknown hospitality. AEGEE Belgrade AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe / European Students’ Forum) is a student organization that promotes cooperation. communication and integration amongst young people in Europe. national dances. Love” was designed to be a cultural exchange which would cast a different light on Serbia's cultural and historic heritage. this project was designed as a cultural exchange gathering 50 students from all around Europe who were joined in the programme of getting to know Serbian culture. *Who organized the project? The name of the organization submitting the project: AEGEE . Similarly to the Summer Universities. excursions and guided tours to Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci. Although involving New Year’s celebration.European Students’ Forum. As a non-governmental. concerning workshops of Serbian language and national dances. “Dance Feel Love ” Project 2010/11 “Dance. the program was designed to offer variety of experiences to the participants.

high-quality and low-cost summer courses (ranging from language courses to seminars about political. and its longest running project. seminars. gathering each summer thousands of volunteers who contribute to open a new perspective to the participants over the multicultural dimension of the European continent. The association’s main aims are: o o o Promoting a unified Europe without prejudices. Active Citizenship. Summer Universities. environmental issues). which lead it to develop to its current state of development and recognition. By encouraging traveling and mobility. making it the biggest interdisciplinary student association in Europe. exchanges. Among AEGEE’s most well-known achievements there are the effective lobbying for the Erasmus Programme. stimulating discussion and organizing common projects AEGEE attempts to overcome national. The structure is based on an European level (a European Board of Directors working in Brussels and 4 Commissions. Peace & Stability) and 3 Focus Areas (European Citizenship. forming the Network). Higher Education. cultural and ethnic divisions and to create a vision of young people’s Europe. which was founded in 1985 in Paris. operational status at UNESCO and 4|Page . cultural. the Summer University. Case Study trips and Working Group meetings. puts the idea of a unified Europe into practice. training courses. tolerance. cross border cooperation. providing high-content. consultative status at the United Nations. Striving for creating an open and tolerant society of today and tomorrow. human rights. A widely spread student network provides the ideal platform where youth workers and young volunteers from 40 European countries can work together on cross border activities such as conferences. Global Challenges and Intercultural Dialogue). All the numerous events and projects run by the organization are to be focused on our 4 Fields of Action (Cultural Exchange. AEGEE has participatory status in the activities of the Council of Europe. 11 Working Groups and 9 multinational Project Teams) and on a local level (the over 200 Antennae or local groups. cities in 40 European countries. mobility and European dimension in education. Fostering democracy.

former President of the European University Association. former President of the Bundestag and Romano Prodi. The organization has also a number of illustrious personalities amongst its general partners: Mikhael Gorbatchev. and the 5|Page . Eric Froment. former Prime Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission. 29. Wolfgang Thierse. *When: The starting date of Realization of the project was finishing date was at the same time a member of the European Youth Forum. 01. *Target group: AEGEE members from as many different locals as possible. Feel. *General project aim: General project aim: “Dance. Love” was designed to be a cultural exchange which would cast a different light on Serbia's cultural and historic heritage. They wanted to offer a different insight to fellow students from other European countries into our culture. age from 18 to 30. the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. 2011. and the best (most original) motivational letter author was rewarded a full fee refund (free participation). religion. 2010. break the prejudices but also to open up to them the vibe of the city that Belgrade is today. heritage. (gender distribution as well as the distribution according to nationality and region was taken into consideration in order to have around 50% male/female distribution and not more than 3 to 4 people from the same country. as well as represent it as a modern country on the road to European integrations. Vaclav Havel. the modern view from the eyes of the students who live in it here and now. former President of the Czech Republic. order to create a multinational and multicultural community of open-minded young people with the moto “at the beginning strangers in the end friends”) Participants were chosen based on their motivation letter.

you`ll need it :) The whole world already knows about our night life… Our type of life in December during the holidays..12. Accommodation is the gym in Zemun.? Been in the house of one of the most important persons of Balkan history . Become part of the world and DANCE… FEEL… LOVE… Because this is FROM FRIENDS TO FRIENDS For any questions send an email to dance. European night. house. While all around you are tons of flakes. Most of the activities were held outside the gym. share the bathrooms. About our hospitality.. angels.. lot more! 6|Page ..*Where – Location? Belgrade as the main point and visit to Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci as one day trip.1. and are less likely to exclude one *Description and invitation for the participants looked like this: We know that AEGEE members are used to have the best time ever during winter events in Belgrade. but that won’t be possible. we are sorry. Have you ever been in KAFANA. customs and people who are in a mood to give and receive.feel.. skating. but very common in AEGEE events. in the air… on the ground.. In Belgrade + one-day trip to Novi Sad you will have all of that through the tradition.. rock. have their meals together and since most of them do not know each other they are prompted to form relationships and talk to all the participants.2011. dance workshop was held in the dance studio in the centre of the city (Dorcol) and Serbian language workshop was held in the gym with handouts and other equipment. This was organized in the separate room in the complex of the gym.the night when project team organize a party where they represent each and every country's national food and drinks and usually accompany it with some short tradition or custom connected to it..Tito? Danced on the red carpet all suit up with rnb.? You`ll have it all and even more! It’s 95 euro for seven days with 35 participants and a participant with the BEST motivation LETTER is NOT paying FEE at all! DEADLINE for applications 30th November And don`t forget to bring your best outfit .. This year the best is becoming even better!!! This year AEGEE members will DANCE… FEEL… LOVE… between 29. an atypical accommodation for Fee includes: Two meals per day Daytrip to Karlovci and Novi Sad Parties every night and special all inclusive New Year’s party And a lot. So come.. since it allows greater socialization of the participants who sleep under the same roof in the sleeping bags. This year. tried RAKIJA (there are hundred kinds of it) and danced KOLO (our traditional dance) and after that made snowman..

12:30 Visiting Ethnographic museum 13:30 Lunch 15:00 . one of the most famous Balkan’s DeeJay DJ Prema with his buddy DJ Ike in one of the most famous club in Belgrade.18:00 DANCE workshop 19:30 Dinner / Going back to the gym 22:00 PARTY! KAFANA! 31.1. 30. Club Plastic. 7|Page .12.) *The Festival actions Programme starting on 29.12 09:00 Waking up and breakfast 11:00 Workshop Serbian language 13:30 City Tour Vol. commercial) All inclusive 1.APPLICATION FORM: Name and Surname: Date of Birth: Anntena: Passport No: Address: Cell Phone: E-mail: Visa required or not: Motivation Letter: See ya in Beograd for New Year .2010. Sava temple 17:00 Going back to the gym 22:00 Dinner + New Year`s Eve Celebration! Club Scala and DJ Anchy (RnB.12. 07:30 Waking up and breakfast 10:30 Visiting Military museum + City tour vol. pop. house. rock. 19:30 Opening Ceremony 21:30 Dinner (directly after dinner we are going to party) 23:30 Party.1. 2 14:30 Lunch 15:30 Visiting St. R’n’B night.

3. 8:00 Waking up and breakfast / Departure Involments – partners 8|Page .1. 08:00 Waking up and breakfast 09:30 Departure to Sremski Karlovci 11:00-12:30 Sremski Karlovci Sightseeing 12:30 Departure to Novi Sad 13:30 Sightseeing in Novi Sad 16:00 Lunch 17:00-18:00 Free time 18:00 Departure to Belgrade 22:00 Red Carpet PARTY and dinner! Fancy raft/boat/club. 09:00 Waking up and breakfast 11:00 Visiting museum of History of Yugoslavia 14:00 Lunch 15:30 Ice skating 19:00 Dinner 22:00 Goodbye party 4. live music.1.1.11:00 Waking up and breakfast 13:00 Bowling 15:00 Lunch 16:00 Zemun sightseeing 18:30 Dinner 20:00 EUROPEAN NIGHT 22:00 PARTY – Raft/boat – Club „Povetarac“ 2.

but they still managed to get some needed sponsorships and aid. organization focused on goods and product sponsorship. 9|Page . planned visits and transport. The help they got was vital in organizing the activities and providing the meals and beverage. of January etc.Fundraising Strategy Aware that they are highly unlikely to get funds in the form of financial support. Their budget was based on the participation fee all participants paid which was 90 euro’s and it covered accommodation. Unfortunately many of their biddings were overlooked and many letters unanswered. two meals per day (one of them hot) and all entrances and planned activities (excursions.). the New Years celebration and party on 1.

“Trandafilovic” 10 | P a g e . − University of Belgrade − GSP (Public transport) − UN . Juhor (meat factory) − Granice (milk factory) − Dance studio “Ritmos del Mundo” − Restaurants: “Kao kod mame”. Military Museum. the “Dance Feel Love” project has established direct partnerships with the following local actors: .Ministry of Culture and Sport. The House of Flowers and Tito's museum − The Court of the Patriarch in Sremski Karlovci. Touristic Organization of Belgrade − Ethnographic aid − Touristic Organization of Serbia. “Park”.* Implementing Partners: Securing quality in both preparation and implementation. Grammar School in Sremski Karlovci − Delta Agrar − Zlatiborac.

− Coca Cola Hellenic. The organization of work did not follow the typical hierarchical line and since they are a volunteering organization they faced difficulties in assembling a team of people who will follow the project through from beginning till the end. Ultra Energy *Supporters: Support for this year’s festival has been confirmed by Belgrade City. even it is planned that this year project subject will be engaged with Environmental Working Group of AEGEE while an intensive fundraising campaign is presently being enforced. PR and Media Strategy PR strategy: Project organizers tried informing all the newspaper. TV and radio stations from their existing base (made from previous cooperation and contacts) but because of the time of New Year’s celebrations and holidays in general they came to the poor response. But all in all. as well as some new members. Local Activities and Logistic teams as well as the incoming responsible person. we can say that their internal PR (within AEGEE) functioned pretty well. based on the number of applications (which exceeded 150) for 50 free places and a long waiting list. a text in Tanjug and a short appearance on the Radio Beograd. They had both experienced staff and members of organization's board actively participating in the event. They had only RTS (National TV Network) short coverage. PR. who have never done a major event before. 11 | P a g e . However. managed to live up to the expectations of both their perceived goals and their participants. Human Recourses *Implementing Team: Human Resources: On this project was engaged a team of 18 people all together working but divided in FR (Fundraising). Culture Working Group or Dance Working Group.

00 0.00 345.200. 1.1.*Economy of project Budget Project budget 1 Number 2 Expences 3 Unit 4 No of units 5 Bruto price per unit (in dinars) 6 Total expences 1 1. Staff the implementation of project activities-sum 1 2 2. Troškovi javnih događaja Troškovi javnih događaja-zbir 2. 1.00 91.) The costs of project activities Food and beverage Breakfast Dinner Total food and beverage dan dan 6 6 working on Osoblje angažovano na realizaciji projektnih aktivnosti 0.00 57.1. 2.2. 2.1. Other expences 0.610.1.1.00 0. 2.00 345. 1.700.2. + 1.00 Total available resources 9.00 Human resources total (1.00 0. 1.165.00 0.00 12 | P a g e .610. Ljudski resursi Available resources Participation of participants osoba 34 10.2. 1. 1.1.1.

13 | P a g e .00 233. transport and office supplies).000.00 3 Tekući troškovi-zbir SUBTOTAL TOTAL COST (1+2+3) 0. tickets. so thare is 25. beverage.00 Rest of the money (the difference between available resources and costs) 88.+ 35. 2.00 23.00 0.2.00 We can notice that most of the budget expences were in the costs od project activities (food.00 15.00 0.00 Gifted 87.3.+2.00 1.1.370.000. 2. Troskovi ekskurzije Bus Excursion expences Total dan 1 15.5.00 15.00 0. Office Expenses Booklets and acreditations Other expences total komad komad dan komad 35 35 10 35 2.3.540.00 5.3.00 2. Troskovi smestaja Smestaj Troskovi smestaja-zbir dan 6 (2.5. But how ever there were no financial losses.) 233.00 500.500. 2.00 4 Unforeseen costs (10% of total costs) TOTAL PROJECT COSTS (međuzbir + 4) 257. Tickets for New Year celebration Tickets for 2.+2.6% of the total resources left for the future planning of the project.1.+2. 2. 2011.2.700.000.500.00 2 COST OF PROJECT ACTIVITIES .1.

I recommend a proactive financial policy by which this project will become more market oriented and by which this organization will be able to attract and increase different financial resources (by level of alternative financial resources as well as by number of financiers). Did the event meet your expectations? Would you recommend this event to your friends? Did you enjoy the event? If no. Evaluation Evaluation was conducted on a meeting of the organizers two weeks after the actual event was over. and evaluation paper was given to the participants after the event to fill in. cultural guide and news papers and also be even more present online on social networks and make a good campaign abroad also. I also recommend better engagement in media with the local TV and radio stations.Feel. then please state the reason? Yes Yes Yes No No No _____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ What do you like the most in the event? _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ What do you like the least in the event? _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 14 | P a g e . Event Evaluation We would be very grateful to hear your comments about the Dance. Please would you spend a few minutes completing this short evaluation form.Love.

What are the problems you faced during the event? _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ What could have been done to make this event better? _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Please indicate the level of agreement: (1 = don’t agree … 10 = agree) How do you rate: Workshops? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Accommodation? 1 2 3 4 5 Meals? 1 2 3 City tours? 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Organisers? 1 2 3 4 Nightlife? 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Street Action? 1 2 3 4 15 | P a g e 5 6 7 8 9 10 .

That authomaticaly ment more logistic problems about transport. Evaluation of this project has shown the average grade 8. The evaluation showed quite satisfactory results. A few companies how ever made it easier for organizors giving the sponsorship in supplies such as food. Poland.7. Austria. Italy. The other problem was in fundraising becouse most of the companies are closing their budgets for the next year by the end of the current year. Russia. one boy from Malaysia and one from Tunisia who lives in UK. 16 | P a g e . Croatia. So sponsorships were very hard to find. Portugal. On the half-year parliament votes from all local assemblies are showing the best local assemble which is obtained by the direct feedback from supervisors (in case of an extension to the Network Commisioner who is responsible for all establishments i the entire region). Ukraine. The critics were usually about time spent in the open becouse it was -10 C degrees almost every day and many participants were from the wormer areas. Slovakia. *Any problems encountered and how they were solved: In the begining the number of participants in the project was planned to be 35 (which is like an usual number in AEGEE projects and other exchanges) but becouse of the many applications that arrived the number increased to 50. Germany. tickets etc. etc. France. Turkey. Spain. Nederland.The event overall? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Thank you for taking the time to complete this feedback form. Participants were from Greece. beverage. except that it is part of a much larger evaluation of programs implemented at the European level of AEGEE-and that includes all local assemblies.

satisfacting accommodation and food and drink (as it usually happens in Serbia) to be very tasty. That also connected those young people from all around the Europe so they learned a lot about each others and had a good time. informed. I found that this project was very successful. the project didn’t have a good media support but even though the exchange itself was poorly covered in the public we can still say that within AEGEE had very good response and especially the whole story of humanitarian action which people from AEGEE organization are trying to turn to the project of cooperation with NGOs and to work together to educate young people. volunteering). interactive program as interesting. encouraging social awareness and volunteering (especially as 2011. and open to receiving other nations.*Project results: This project followed the humanitarian action "Little things that mean life" which is also traditionally (for three years) in organizing AEGEE-Belgrade. that Serbia is represented good. all participants of our projects are asked to bring some of their old stuff or toys that we later give a donation to the oldest home for children without parental care in Banja Koviljaca. As I previously said. Project was successful because it has fulfilled its goal of introducing young people from all over Europe with the culture of Serbia of which they rarely have the opportunity to learn about through the media in their countries. Contacts 17 | P a g e . The evaluation showed that the organizers were deemed helpful. Specifically.

12. kabinet 309 11000 Beograd Tel: (+381) 61 63 62 393 E – mail: AEGEE Europe Rue Nestor de Tiere 15 1030 Schaarbeek/Brussels Belgium Tel: (+32) 2 215 40 68 E – mail: Fax: +32 2 246 0329 COMITÉ DIRECTEUR Website: http://www. Belgium Phone secretariat: +32 2 246 0320 E-mail: Office phone: +32 2 246 0327 GSM: +32 486 723 667 SECETARY GENERAL: Alla Resheten (AEGEE-Kyïv) E-mail: alla. per 1 September {see list of former Comité Directeurs} PRESIDENT: Manos Valasis (AEGEE-Peiraiás) E-mail: Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe AEGEE Europe's Head Office is situated in Brussels. AEGEE Beograd Đušina 7 Rugarsko-geološki fakultet. ADDRESS AEGEE-Europe Rue Nestor de Tiere 15 1030 Website: Office phone: +32 2 246 0320 GSM: +32 4 8764 1508 18 | P a g e .aegeebeograd.29. from where its seven full time elected board members manage and represent the association.resheten@aegee.valasis@aegee. Office phone: +32 2 246 0326 GSM: +32 4 8764 1465 COMMUNICATONS DIRECTOR: Michael Makowiecki (AEGEE-Hamburg) E-mail: Office phone: +32 2 246 0321 GSM: +32 4 8954 8628 VICE PRESIDENT AND EXTERNAL RELATIONS DIRECTOR: Mirosław Krzanik (AEGEE-Kraków) E-mail: miroslaw.FINANCIAL DIRECTOR: Anna Petrova (AEGEE-Sankt Peterburg) E-mail: Office phone: +32 2 246 0323 GSM: +32 4 8828 9654 PROJECTS DIRECTOR: Thomas Leszke (AEGEE-Köln) E-mail: Office phone: +32 2 246 0328 GSM: +32 4 8764 1272 19 | P a g e .org Office phone: +32 2 246 0324 GSM: +32 4 8828 9655 NETWORK DIRECTOR: Alfredo Sellitti (AEGEE-Salerno) E-mail: Office phone: +32 2 246 0325 GSM: +32 4 8734 2381 HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER: Miroslava Ganzarcikova (AEGEE-Bratislava) E-mail: miroslava.

Animation. 4. Clio. 2003. Oko. Dragićević Šešić Milena. Stojković Branimir: Kultura: Menadžment. Dragićević Šešić Milena. Allen. Marketing). A. 2. 3. Beograd. Dragićević Šešić Milena. Major. Goodman: The definitive guide to project managment. 2004. D.BIBLIOGRAPHY: 1. Sarajevo. Dragojević Sanjin: Interkulturna medijacija na Balkanu (Intercultural Mediation in the Balkans). I. S. marketing (Culture: Management. 20 | P a g e . Greenwood. 2005. 2003. M. Prentice Hall Finantial Times. animacija. Clio. Beograd. Nokes. Dragojević Sanjin: Menadžment umetnosti u turbulentnim okolnostima (Arts Management in Tubulent Circumestances).

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