A Tale of Two Cities Review By Jennie Woodward “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity… we had everything before us, we had nothing before us..”-Charles Dickens. This was the perfect way to set the theme of this book. A Tale of Two Cities is a love story that takes place amidst a terrible time in Europe’s history. It focuses on the lives of a few people who lived during this time period. Not only does it focus on their lives, but also it indirectly talks about the culture of that time. The book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens was a very interesting book. It focused on the violence and tragedy going on in the late 1700s. From a political standpoint, England and France weren’t doing so well. In England, people were worried about things religion foretold while France was facing extreme violence in all natures. This isn’t to say the England wasn’t violent either. They People were committing murders, stealing, and fighting amongst each other. Brutal, public deaths were a normal thing to go and watch along with funerals. It even mentions a time where a man runs over child with a carriage and doesn’t think much of it. All he does to console the parent is to just throw out a few coins. It was harsh time in their history. The few coins were helpful in such a poverty filled place, but it doesn’t make up for the death of their child. A Tale of Two Cities focuses on the lives a few people who faced and were involved in similar

The harsh cruelty of that world affected both of their lives in terrible ways. Darnay was born a French aristocrat. they took him home to become a normal citizen. he tells her and her father. . about his true identity. I could feel the darkness that was portrayed. but left for England because he couldn’t stand the cruel justice system in France. Both of these main characters suffered through the cruel reality that was that time period. Doctor Manetee. I think Dickens showed how cruel and unjust the society was through the lives of these characters very well. He was a part of an infamous family over in France. After discovering that her father had been imprisoned but saved. Lorry showed up to her and said her father was actually alive. The book gave a very true feeling to everything. When he marries Lucie.tragedies. Lucie was raised thinking she had no family and when she found out she did. but indirectly as well. Not only did it affect them directly. A man named Mr. she rushed to his side. Darnay had been put up for trial for being a spy when the couple met and later faced arrest and conviction. Dickens did a very good job displaying the hard life these characters faced. The hard times felt very realistic and felt very easy to grasp. Lucie was a ward of the Tellson’s bank because she had believed that her father and mother were dead. I could sense the pain and hardship all must have went through. The book focused of the lives of many people. but it mainly focused on the life of Charles Darnay and Lucie Manetee. He was sentenced to death but nearly escaped. He had been in prison for a lot of her life.

but they didn’t. The couple could have just given into the fact that things wouldn’t work out because of the horrible things going on. but through the actions of random characters. Dickens truly grasped the feeling of this time period and portrayed it in the best way possible. He was able to show that people did make it in the hard times. I would have enjoyed the book much . it showed a lot about how the economy was and how terrible of a situation people were truly in. Once I understood what was happening.The poverty and violence is what set the whole mood in this book. not just through the mouth of others. the story became more enjoyable. Dickens also grasped the concept of how important love is even when times are tough. I mean the plot was very good but the time period it was set in wasn’t very enjoyable. If the characters had been spread out more then the beginning of the story would have been easier to follow. Overall I liked the story. When Dickens talked about the spilt barrel of wine and how everyone came to get a few drops. I had a lot of trouble keeping characters straight because many were introduced in a very short period of time. I also didn’t like how there wasn’t much of lead up before all the characters were introduced. I couldn’t stand the thought of a man running over a baby with a carriage and not even caring. It was written in such a way that I had trouble understanding what was happening or how people felt. I know that the world is truly a cruel place and that not everyone is nice. just not the way it was written. but everything back in that time period was even harsher. Dickens explained the way things were.

but the part about being put on trial multiple times. It may have been written in a difficult format. Dickens wrote a terrific story to go with the horrible time period. It showed the cruel times in a real light instead of just masking them. He captured the essence of how the culture and people were back then. It also showed that people made it though it all alive and in tact.more if it had been written in an easier way and if the characters had been introduced more sporadically throughout the story. not the secret infamous family part. then the story was very good and felt very real. but once you overcame that part. I feel like many people faced similar troubles. . In the end.

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