Triangle Quilt
Your mission today is to create an interesting pattern on a square piece of paper. The pattern will be made primarily of triangles (bonus points if the entire square is filled with triangles) and will include at least one example of each of the types of triangles below. Think about symmetry and color, be sure to sketch the quilt in pencil before starting the final version, and always use a ruler to get clean edges. It will be graded on visual appeal in addition to the inclusion of each aspect required. Use a ruler and protractor to be sure the triangle is exactly the type you say (almost equilateral doesn’t count- ask for help if you need it, there’s a trick with two rulers to make it easier). Next to each triangle describe one example in your square. Example: Acute: blue triangle in the corner Equilateral: Isosceles: Scalene: Acute: Right: Obtuse: Equiangular: Pair of Congruent Triangles: