Cause Economic Collapse, then Impose Martial Law

Evil banksters
national and global economies

loot, pillage & plunder

Banksters secretly fund
OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protesters via global-elitist ghoul George Soros’ money, funneling it thru the USA-hating Tides Foundation
bankster/Soros money fed to useful idiot groups

Banksters command
politicians they bought & own to champion and pass their (the banksters’)

Bill of Rights-killing

S-1867 unjust ‘law’.
It empowers banksters to order USSSSSA military to attack, beat, torture & kill citizens, and make them disappear with: NO proof of wrongdoing NO reasonable cause NO witnesses NO lawyer NO jury of your peers NO court trial NO judge NO Due Process of the Law

Banksters hire
agent provocateur mercenaries to mix in with OWS protestors: attack/kill local cops jumpstart blood bath

Banksters make
their lackeys command their “hired gun” mercenaries (i.e.; agent provocateurs hiding among OWS or other useful idiot protestors) to attack or kill police, but to make it look like the real protestors did it. In plain English,

false-flag attacks = push back

NO Justice

USSSSSA = un-free soviet socialist satanic slave states of amerikka


banksters want
mercenaries to ‘frame’ the protestors for crimes mercenaries did. Then, maybe the sheeple won’t detect the awful Truth.

Do victimized US citizens push back?

Traitorous congressthings
pass unjust law S-1867 to use US military to attack, capture, torture and kill protestors


S-1867 ‘law’.
illegal sections 1031 & 1032

NOTE: This jumpstarts: police brutality, blood baths, backlash riots, witch hunts and fishing expeditions by police and *US military* for “domestic terrorists” (i.e.; true-American patriots) who are legally murdered per S-1867 resisting arrest or disappeared into FEMA death camps with guillotines and 4 5-body plastic coffins *US military* often includes foreign troops who speak NO English.


with impunity


all remaining wealth —
personal accounts and Public Trusts

Political hacks owned by banksters
impose Martial Law. Forced curfews: city, regional or national

Bankster-owned traitors in criminal godvernment sick US
military personnel on victimized US citizens. They do what they did in Iraq: go crazy and beat, capture, imprison, torture, kill and make protestors/political prisoners vanish.
godvernment = when government criminals think they are God Almighty


Do people obey



Flocks of mindless amerikkan bleating <baa, baa> sheeple are herded into FEMA death camps.

Most of them vanish forever.

True-American patriots
hunt down

banksters and their henchmen to bring them
to Justice.

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