SWTOR - The Sentinel and Guardian Jedi

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), is BioWares most recent mmorpg. Everything from the classes, species, and characters comes straight from the Star Wars Films. With that being said, let me pay my respect to the Jedi, who are very respected In this game. Those potential gamers will be able to play as the respected Jedi Knight and with valued experience become, a Jedi Sentinel or Jedi Guardian when the game is released this December 20, 2011. There shall be no surprise in the Jedi Knights alignment with the Galactic Republic, and in their preferred weapon being the famous light-saber. Other than the light-saber, the Jedi Knight also possess the ability to use “the force”. This class is well known and respected for their brave battles against the Sith empire. Action is what course through the blood of the Jedi Knight. I know of three available species and they are, Human, Miraluka and Zabrak. The Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Guardian are the known advanced class or the specialized classes. This game enables gamers to customize their characters in terms of skills, builds and capabilities. Only the SWTOR Jedi Guardian specialization allows the famous Jedi to improve his protective and tanking attributes. The Sith Empire has an advanced line of warriors called the Sith Juggernaut. When in tank mode, the Jedi Guardian can taunt enemies to distract them from the under-protected Republic classes and inspires allies when in group combat. This and many more reasons is why the advanced class is a much desired member in group combat as well as full fledge combat. When your a Jedi Knight, the damage dealer (DPS) rest with the Guardian, no matter what. Which basically means, improved tanking and protective abilities with the damage dealer. There are three available skill trees to the class and they are Vigilance, Defense and Focus. Focus, being available to the Jedi Sentinel also, allows the class to get further specialize with improved Force skills, such as taking on the Shii-Cho light-saber form. For gamers who looks forward to protecting allies the Defense skill tree is satisfactory, and there's single-blade offense, which is emphasized in Vigilance for the guardian. It almost goes without saying, that the only pure and truly enhanced damage dealing class is the SWTOR Jedi Sentinel. With that picture, Jedi Sentinels wielding dual blades is not something strange. It is all about focus and control for this class. Being so focused and controlling allows Sentinels to create adept webs of damage using two light-sabers at the same time. They are very quick to expose and take advantage of any weakness or loophole within the enemies attack. There are three skill trees in which the specialization offers. Focus, which happens to be a shared one, Watchman and Combat. While at Jedi Sentinel Take on the Juyo Light-saber

form with the Watchman skill tree while wielding the Ataru Light-saber in combat. The Jedi more dangerous in fights with Juyo Light-saber form while focusing on dispersing enemies with attacks with the Ataru Light-saber Gamers are sure to have a memorable gaming experience, provided with the right dedication to the game, the gamer shall find the Star Wars Galaxy on e for the taking. For more info about SWTOR, including pre-order, classes-races, the system and more, check out www.swtorgamesite.com

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