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Grave Sitting: (Car is driving down street w/ music blaring2 ppl (D+C) in front, 1(M) in back) M: Would you

turn it down?! I told you, I hate this song.(shuts it off) D: Whatd you do that for? M: Its a stupid song. D: Youre just pissed cuz Glenn stood you up again. M: He didnt stand me up! Hes got the flu. I just wish hed quit getting sick on Friday nights. (D mutters something hard to make out) M: I hate this town, its so boring! Theres never anything to do. C: *shouts as they drive by cemetery* Cemetery!!!! (she and D hold breath) M: I cant believe you guys. Youre so superstitious. D: Hey, you guys know whos buried in that cemetery, dont you? M: Yeah. Dead people. Lots of em. D: Well, one of those dead people just happens to be Wilbur Lister. C: Whos he? D: He was a serial killer. He murdered 22 teenage girls and buried them under his house. He was caught, executed, and buried in that cemetery right there. Row 8, grave number 14. So the story goes M: I know, I know the story! D: Oh, what, and you dont believe it? M: No, I dont believe it. Its just some stupid scary story made up a stupid scary-looking person like you. D: Okay. Ill give you a hundred bucks if you go sit out there on Listers grave for two hours. Huh? How bout it, Melissa? You got the guys, or are you chicken? C: I wouldnt do it for a thousand. M: Youre on. But you better have the hundred bucks! D: All right! We shall see. (he pulls up and parks in front of cemetery.) Okay, heres what you gotta do. After the two hours are up, you take the knife and you stab it into Listers grave. Thats how well know you were there. C: And take your phone and keep in touch, okay? M: Stop worrying, Crystal. Theres nothing in there but bones. (She climbs out of the car) D: Ooooooowhoooooo! Im Wilbur Lister, and Im hungry for blood! M: Shut up, Dustin. (She enters cemetery) D: (laughs) Byyye! M: (walking towards grave) Okay, Wilbur. They say your grave is towards the big oak tree. Should be easy to find since those kids carved that skull on your headstone. Im not afraid of your curse, Wilbur. Im gonna leave here tonight one hundred dollars richer. (still walking, on phone) Tell Dustin that Im still alive and theyre still dead. D: (in car, grabbing at phone) Wait. Im Lister, and I want you! C: (laugh) SO lame! (back on phone) She hung up. You made her hang up! I hate you. (shoves him) D: Oh, cmon, cmon... (turns music back up and gets out video games for them to play) M: (coming upon Listers grave) Oh, thats cute. A serial killer they put to death on Valentines Day. (knocks on it) You in there, Wilbur? Cause Im gonna be spending a couple hours here with ya, whether you like it or not. (time passes, M is still sitting on grave) M: Well, Wilbur, looks like our dates almost over. Another 15 minutes, and Ill be a hundred dollars richer. W (voice): Youre never going to leave here.

M: Real cute, Dustin. All right, where are you? (looks around) W: Nobody leaves here unless I let them. M: Its not gonna work ,youre not gonna scare me out of that hundred bucks, so you may as well come out now! (getting scared; mouse runs out from under coat; she stabs knife into ground and tries to get up, but cant; struggling) (in car, music is loud and D+C are playing games) C: Did you hear the phone ring? D: No, no. Pay attention! (taps on her game) C: Mustve been the radio D: Cmon! M: (Why wont they answer?! (still unable to get away) W: No more calls, Melissano more anything. (M screaming and struggling; finally screams loudly at the sky) (later, D+C are standing by Ms dead body crying; police officers are at the scene) P1: No marks on her. Looks like she died of fright. Why didnt she run away? P2: She couldnt. That knife was stuck right through her coat. She pinned herself to the grave.

(psychologist drives up to house, gets out of car, and goes inside) P: As a child psychologist, I had worked with hundreds of cases, but never before had I entered a situation not knowing the nature of the problem. The mother urged me to meet her daughter with her in their own home. I guess she felt if I didnt see it with my own eyes, Id never believe it. (in kitchen, looking at dog food and treats; mother speaks) M: Oh, she actually takes better care of the dog than she does herself. You know, we moved about six months ago. Wendy was upset about leaving her old school and her friends, so we thought wed get her Precious. I tried to explain to her that we had to relocate for this job my husband was taking, butwell, you know kids. And Wendy really loved that dog. I mean, Precious slept on her bed every night, on a special pillow, and umfollowed Wendy around like a shadow. It wasreally sweet. P: Where is the cat? M: Ahh, wellabout two months ago, she ran out into the street P: And Wendy hasnt gotten over the loss. M: No. We figured, give her a little time, but, its been monthsits a litter bizarre. Maybe we shouldve decided to seek out help sooner, but kids, teenagerstheyre supposed to act eccentric. You know, at first we thought it was some sort of, uh, I dunno, hallucination, and then we thought she was doing it on purpose just to make us angry, and now we dont know what to think except that she is taking this way too far, and we really need some help. P: What do you mean by eccentric? (Wendy enters) M: Oh. W: Hi. M: Hey, pumpkin. Um, Wendy, this is, uh, the doctor we talked about. P: Hi, Wendy. Im Dana. Dana White. (extends hand) W: (gets a box of dog food) Hello M: We asked Dr. White to, um, talk to you. W: Oh. AboutPrecious? M: Mm hmm.

W: (fills bowl and calls to dog) Come baby! Youre hungry today, huh? Did you miss me? I missed you too. (is watching an invisible dog eat and petting it; then turns to mom) Oh, you know, Ive got that Algebra test tomorrow. Im going to study. (she exits kitchen; mom sighs) P: She pretends Precious is still alive. M: The foodactually disappears. In the morning, its half eaten. Um, my husband thinks maybe Wendy is actually. P: Have you, tried to make her stop? M: Well, for a while we went along with the charade, we thought maybe itd be better for her. But then last week we finally confronted her; we told her how we felt, andbegged her to stop. And, the next morningwe found this. (leads doctor to something in house that has been chewed by a dog) She told us Precious was upset. P: I have an idea. (picks up camera from table) Id like to tell Wendy that I want to photograph Precious. Maybe shell warm up to me more quickly that way. Would you mind if I used your camera? M: Oh, whaand play right into her fantasy? P: This is a strange case, Mrs. Baker. Im willing to do anything that might help Wendy. I cant say I have a lot of experience in situations like this, but something in my gut just tells me that this is the right move. Is there film in that camera? (hands it to mother) M: Oh, looks like its loaded, only 11 shots used. We havent used it in a while. Sookay, lets give it a try (doctor knocks on Wendys door) W: Cmin. P: (enters bedroom where Wendy is reading at desk) Hi, Wendy. I know you want to study, but I was hoping we could talk for a few minutes. Just to get to know one another. W: They just dont get it. I dont need a shrink; they need glasses. P (looks around): This is a nice room. W: Yeah, its all right. The old house was nicer. P: Your parents say you spend a lot of time in here. W: (turns to face him/her angrily) Yeah, well they dont leave me alone out there. Theyre always mad. P: About Precious? (no response) Hey, how would you feel if I took some pictures of Precious? W: (turns around again) Are you trying to make me like you? P: A little W: Sure. Go aheadtake her picture. She always loves taking her afternoon naps on this pillow. (goes over and strokes dog) P: Oh, kay! (snaps a photo) W: (laughs) You scaredy dog! Did that sound frighten you? (follows invisible dog to another spot and strokes again) Its okay, Precious; its just a camera. P: Hey, how about if I take a picture of you holding Precious? W: Sure. Okay. (hugs dog and smiles) P: Great! (takes picture) Thats beautiful. (driving up to the house again) I was surprised to receive a call the next day. Mrs. Baker asked if I could come right over, so I did. (rushes up to front door, where mother is already waiting to escort him/her inside) M: Hi! Um, I called my husband, but hes not here yet. Please come in. (they are in kitchen; mom gets out an envelope of photos) I just got back from the photo lab. (doctor flips through pile of photos) D: Now I knew why Mrs. Baker was so upset. (photo shows dog being hugged by Wendy)

PROBLEMS 2 WORK OUT/ADAPT: Date on graveu aint gonna find a valentines day one or probably even anything special:/ thats the biggest thing, ud need another funny line to replace that. And the skull on the headstone line?! Hunh. Will need to change some lines and stuff.

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