14. ii.

Engineering/Technology Faculty belonging to the Department offering programme Department: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Name of the HOD Name of the B.E. / B.Tech. programme C. : : Dr. K. Balagurunathan


Details of faculty available for the B.E./B.Tech. Programme in the department:

Qualificatio Designation n with class (Lecturer/ Regular/ obtained Corresponding Asst. Visiting starting from specialization Professor/ the highest Professor) degree PhD I.C.Engines Date of Present Total Signature of Date of joining the Scale of basic emolument the faculty birth present pay pay s member post

Sl. No

Name (s) of the Teaching Faculty

stamp-size photo


Dr.K.Balagurunatha n




Thermal Engineering

15.11.43 24.05.04

16400 – 450 20900 – 17300 500 22400




Alex George R Professor B. Mr.65 25.E R&AC 16400 – 450 20900 – 17300 18300 B.46 32002 M.E Mech 15.07 500 22400 4.06.09.M. K.11.E Mech M. A.E Mech 04. E 6. Prof B.Purushothaman R Asst. A.96 1200012000 420Rs 24.E. Mr.2006 .06.777 18300 8.65 8. Prof Thermal Science 01. Thermal Engineering 1200012425 420Rs 24.Sengole Rayan R Asst.

P. 23.6.197 1 3.Nageswara Rao R Lecturer 02.Kaliappan R M.E Lecturer Thermal 02. 10.Karthikeyan R Sr. Mr. 12.06 800027513500 8275 16509 .76 01.05 1000027514500 10000 19900 B.E.07. Mr.E. Mech 800027513500 8275 15598 Mr.C.S.05 14.B.07.C.Lecturer Mech 30.

09. Mr.M.E Mech 30.78 24.73 04.07 275- 8000 16000 13500 .06.9.N.80 28. Mr.E Production 8000- 20.E Thermal 17.5.Nithyanathan R Lecturer B.E Mech 23.Paul Linga Prakash R Lecturer B.E Energy 15.E Mech M.06 800027513500 8275 15729 B.7. Mr.8.E Mech 07.06 800027513500 8275 15729 M.Ashok R Lecturer B.R.S.K.

Mr.1.E Mech 8.E IC Engines 800027513500 26.Jaya Kumar R Lecturer B.4.76 4. Mr P.Balaji R Lecturer B.R.72 4. Mr.Vishwa Prabhu R Lecturer B.M.12.E Thermal Power 22.1.07 800027513500 8000 16000 M.E CAD 24.77 4.E Mech 06.E Mech 25.V.07 800027513500 8000 16000 M.1.07 8000 16000 .5.

1.E Thermal 28.02 800027513500 8000 15220 .V.Kumar R Lecturer B.5.M. Mr.E Mech 28.64 2.

Engineer Tirunelveli India Cements Limited . Sankar Nagar.9.Sengole Rayan Dr.5.5 Years 4.3.K. & HOD Coimbatore Hindustan Engineering College. Professor 10 Years Lecturer Lecturer -- 4 Years 4 Years -- 3 Years 5 6. Ltd. College.G.2002-11. Vellore Adhiparasakthi Engg College -- 5.Karthikeyan Mr. A. Lecturer Industry Years Name of the Faculty Sl. Ercection Engineer 3 Years ---Organisation Position Mammalan College of Engineering Principal Chennai Dean Professor Sr.Purushothaman Bharath Institute of Science & Technology Krishna Design & Agro Fabrication Industries Enginneer Ennore Senior Foundries Executive Ltd.P. Experience Previous experience Teaching Institution Position Years 14. A. K.2003-31. No member 1. of Tamilnadu Park Engineering Asst.Alex George Maharaja Professor Engineering College.11.Nageswara Rao -- . Educational & Research Institute.2002 (33 Years) 29 Years 1 Year 6 Months 2 Years 3 Months Arasan Maintenance Automobiles.b. Chennai. Planning Ranipet Engineer --- 1 year 7. Dr. Professor Coimbatore HIET Lecturer Lecturer 2 Years 1 Year 3 Months 2 Years 1 Year 5.C.. Cafoma Production Auto Parts.11.C.1969-29.R.5 Years Asst.Balagurunath Hindustan College of an Engineering Chennai Anna University Chennai Govt.5. Mr.2003 (7 Months) 29. Ganadhipathi Thulsi Engg College.2004 (1 Year) 30. M.. Polytechnic College Govt. Mr. Coimbatore Professor 4. Sakthi Fabrication Hitech Engineer Cons.

Ashok Mr R.N. Engineer Dharam Quality Fabricators Control Pvt. Mr. 11. Mr.Kaliappan Thagavelu Engineering College Deena Dhayalan Engineering College Dr M. Chennai Sri Ram Engineering College Sri Krishna Polytechnic..R. Maintenance Ltd..M.Kumar -- -- -- 4 Years . Arakkonam.Paul Linga Prakash -Raja Rajeswari Engineering College 9. S. Mr. Mayiladudurai Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering Sri Ramanujar Engineering College 12.Jeya Kumar Vel Tech AVC College og Engoineering. Engineering College Sels Production Industries Engineer 1 Year 10.S. Mr.Educational &Research Institute.R. Mr.K.Nithiyanathan Dr.P.. Ltd.V.G.R.Balaji Lecturer 4 Years R Screws Pvt. Mr. Mr.D -Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer 1 Year 1 Year 7 Months 6Years -4 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 3 Years 6 Months 2 Years ---------- 8.O. Supervisor Coimbatore 4 Years 14.7. Lecturer Lecturer H. V.G.Vishwa Prabhu Lecturer 1 Year Ennore Foundries Limited Graduate Trainee I Year 13.

73 05.Tech Engineering Design 5.5.73 Production 9. Details of the faculty exclusively available for each M. Prof 09. Sl.6.D.0 5 800027513500 9375 Rs.Sasikumar Asst.06 800027513500 8550 17017 .E. Mech M.E Engg Design 1200042018300 R 1 Mr.00 12000 Rs.E. Qualification stamp-size photo Regular/ Visiting Designation (Lecturer/ Asst. / M.Harikrishna R Lecturer AMIE 18.01.No.E – ENGINEERING DESIGN E. programme: a.12.C. Name of the M.75 B. Professor/ Professor) Name (s) of the Teaching Faculty Qualification Corresponding Date of birth Date of Scale of Present Total Signature of with class specialization and age joining pay basic emoluments the faculty obtained the pay member starting from present the highest post degree M.01.Subramanian R Lecturer B.Tech Design & Production Engineering Mech 01. programme: M.E 3 Mr.L.E. 18743 M. K.24000 2 Mr.M.Tech.07.

Peter’s Engg. Raja Rajeswari Lecturer Engineering College MIT Anna University Teaching Research Associate 4 Years 3 Mr. AP Sl.No. St.Harikrishna St. Industry Years 6years Organisation Position Years 1.College. Chennai Mr.Sasikumar Velammal Engg College Lecturer Lecturer 2 years 1 Year. M.L. Valliammai Polytechnic Lecturer Lecturer 7 Months 1. Avadi.4 Months 5 Years 2 K. Peter’s Engineering College.Subramanian Bharath Institute of Science and Tech.b. Experience Previous experience Name of the Faculty member Teaching Institution Position .C. Science & Humanities and General Engineering Faculty (For supporting engineering and technology programmes) .5 Years iii.

Professor/ Professor) Name (s) of the Teaching Faculty Qualification Corresponding Date of birth Date of Scale of Present Total Signature of with class specialization and age joining the pay basic pay emoluments the faculty obtained present member starting from post the highest degree 3.Details of the faculty including General Engineering faculty a.76 01.07.P. Qualification stamp-size photo Regular/ Visiting Designation (Lecturer/ Asst. Sl.Tech Mr.No.Karthikeyan R Lectuerer 2 R Lecturer M.01. Thermal Mechanical 30.C.1971 800027513500 8275 15598 1 Mr.Nageswara Rao Mechanical .03.05 800027513500 8275 15598 B.C.E.05 ME B.07.E Machine Design 02.

Peter’s Engineering College Lecturer Rao . Experience Position and years of experience Name of the Faculty member Teaching Institution Position 1. Vellore Adhiparasakthi Engg College Lecturer Lecturer 4 Years 4 Years 2 Year 2.5year Industry Years Organization Position Years 3 1. Mr. Mr.C.Nageswara St. Lecturer Cafoma Production Auto Parts.No.Karthikeyan St. Sl.b.C.P. Planning Ranipet Engineer Ganadhipathi Thulsi Engg College. Peter’s Engineering College.

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