Liquified Plasto Gas

Waste plastic to fuel conversion

Nandha.S 4/22/2011

The plastics became one of the unavoidable things to the human beings for their day to day life due to its easy and regular availability. THEME OF THE PROJECT Effective utilization of waste plastic Eliminates Pollution created by plastic wastes Alternate source of fuel 2 Project proposal – S. and as there are unstable conditions in the fuel supply.Nandhagopal . Some of the recycling techniques are reprocessing. the thin plastic wastes are not taken in interest. which causes a strange effects in the environment. This is because due to that these plastics do not have good market value as well as due to their thin nature. littered in open drains or in the garbage dumps. they are not preferred by the rag pickers to collect it. so there is increasing and emerging production of plastic through out the country. But there are problems which are generated by these plastics when they met out their utility.. Life without plastic is impossible is the current situation. Even though we are having enough techniques to recycle the plastics. we should seek for the alternate fuel to satisfy our fuel needs. where these techniques leads plastics wastes to re utilize them and they are not meant to be termination of the plastic wastes. they are simply thrown out to the streets especially thin plastic bags. we have the technology for the utilization of waste plastics and that’s why we can convert them in to fuel which can be the solution for the current fuel needs and hence we can terminate the waste plastics. So these plastic wastes remain uncollected and spread everywhere.INTRODUCTION As the industrial sectors and the usage of fuels are increasing day by day. i. road making.e. To avoid these problems.

poly propylene) waste plastics are initially grinded well in the granulator. and the conversion rate is 80% i.Nandhagopal .. The separated oil is stored in a storage tank.cel. The gas evolved from the plastics is condensed @ 30 deg.e. The condensed gas is termed as “Liquified plasto gas”. where the uncondensed gas are recycled to the condensing chamber. The granulated plastic wastes are pumped to the reactor (pyrolysis tank) which is maintained at 600 deg. we can manufacture one liter from 1. since the oil is a mixture of hydrocarbon liquid. 3 Project proposal – S.cel.ABOUT THE PROCESS The Olefin grade (poly ethylene. and they are passed to the separator . to which the fractional distillation has to be done.25kgs of plastic wastes.

Therefore 4000 liters can be manufactured from 5 tonnes of waste plastic.Nandhagopal . 5 tonnes of plastic wastes are found. through our technology. It is possible to convert 80% of plastic waste into fuel. 4 Project proposal – S.PRODUCT CONVERSON On an average in a landfill.

Nandhagopal .87 feet Storage tank At least 4 days produced oils has to be stored in the tank. (or) 8. (or) 7. 160 cms dia. (or) 4.2 feet 5 Project proposal – S.9 feet 250 cms dia. minimum 3800 liters of oils can be processed per 5 tons of materials at the conversion rate of 77%. (or) 5. that to from working hours of 6 hrs to process the 5 tons. So minimum. 150 cms dia. 15400 liters of oil has to be stored.25 feet 240 cms dia.MACHINE DESIGN Hopper design 5 metric tons of plastic wastes have to be process per day. So the hopper has to be at the capacity of storing 5 tons.

(or) 2 feets 100 cms dia.Nandhagopal . 60 cms dia.3 feet 60 cms dia. 625kgs can be process for every set of 40 mins. (or) 3.Reactor Design Continuous mode reactor for processing 5 tons of material per day (6 hrs/day). (or) 2 feet 6 Project proposal – S.

COST ESTIMATION CAPITAL COST – 278750 USD Building Site setup Reactor Storage tank Fractional distillation Miscellaneous equipments EPC 25000 USD 35000 USD 28000 USD 35000 USD 70000 USD 30000 USD 55750 USD OPERATING COST – 27700 USD /month Power Labour Equipment Replacement Management Procurement 4000 USD /month 1200 USD /month 3000 USD /month 18000 USD /month 1500 USD /month 3.75 LITRES OF LIQUIFIED PLASTO GAS (FRACTIONAL DISTILLATED) CAN BE PRODUCED FROM ONE USD. Sale price of Crude oil in India Project proposal – S.Nandhagopal 7 .

46 USD PER BARREL (42 GALLONS) 8 Project proposal – S.118.Nandhagopal .

46 USD PER BARREL (42 GALLONS) Project proposal – S.OPERATING COST – 27700 USD /month Power USD /month 4000 Labour 1200 USD /month Equipment Replacement 3000 USD /month Management /month 18000 USD Procurement /month 1500 USD 3.75 LITRES OF LIQUIFIED PLASTO GAS (FRACTIONAL DISTILLATED) CAN BE PRODUCED FROM ONE USD. Sale price of Crude oil in India 118.Nandhagopal .

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