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advantage oI online banking and perceived risk, and perceived behavioral control Iactors predict the intention to

adopt Internet banking services.
OnIine banking is the practice of handling all the bank transactions through internet. We are blessed with
such unique technologies where all our works gets completed within seconds. Ìnternet Banking is one of
such technologies. With the help of internet banking, we can deposit and withdraw amount our self
directly to our account , make all kinds of bill payments, tax payments etc. We can pay our bills like
telephone, mobile, credit cards etc. through internet just by once registering with our bank. After making
registration, we can pay our bills as and when required. Ìnternet banking allow us to access our account,
so that we can know instantly which amount is credited or debited in our bank account which in turn will
help to solve our issues if any. Ìt is an easier way to transfer amount to another account to which we have
to make payment to the party. When we apply for internet banking, bank provides us with login id and
password. The password provided by the bank should be changed immediately and should not be given
to anybody else. The password should be alpha-numeric and should be changed on frequent basis. This
information must be kept at utmost secret, as the password can be hacked by any person.
We can also get the bank balance status and bank statement
as and when required. The highest percentage of user includes business group. Now days, businesses
are moving fast therefore, it requires a quick payments and receipts with its related business parties.
Now, it has been made obligatory to all the companies to make the taxes payments such as service tax,
TDS, income tax, VAT, etc. by net banking only. We will receive detailed acknowledgement for payment
of any kind of taxes which includes challan number, section code, head under which the payment is
made. There is no need of registration for making government payments. For making payment to
business parties, NEFT and RTGS are the most important and immediate source to transfer the amount
to respective account. Ìt also helps to make online investments in shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc. in the
name of the company. The shares transactions can be carried out by opening demat account with our
bank and the bank act as a broker.
Another important advantage of onIine banking is alert message. Many people think that internet
banking is not safe because they think that their account secrecy is not maintained. Therefore, most of
the banks now provide payment alert service to their customers. Whenever the certain amount is debited
from our account, an account holder gets alert about the transaction through sms or through e-mail,
which helps the customers to avoid any fraudulent activity immediately. The banks are not opened for
their customer anytime apart from their regular office timings, but because of online banking, the
customer can easily execute their transactions by themselves, hence the time bindings for conducting
bank transactions is not an issue here. The order for cheque books can also be given through net
banking and similarly the stop payment request can also be send. Online banking helps to reduce the
usage of paper as lot of paper work like account opening form, cheque book request and stop payment
form and many other things, can be avoided. Another feature of onIine banking is the online shopping.
We can procure any kind of goods and services through internet itself, we just have to register an order
for the product required and make the online payment through our account. Hence, these are all
advantages provided by latest technology which helps us in our daily busy life. Banking is now no more a
hectic job.

Advanced security
More advanced steps can be taken to prevent online bankers from becoming victims of fraud such as using the most
up-to-date versions of Ìnternet browsers. These updates come equipped with the most advanced security systems
and can be available to registered users free of charge, such as updates of Netscape Navigator
and Microsoft Ìnternet Explorer.
Most data sent over the Ìnternet can be intercepted and read by anyone because it is unencrypted. Fortunately this
can be prevented by encrypting it using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which is the industry standard
method for protecting web communications. This technology enables any data sent or received to be encoded in a
way that makes it impossible to read by anyone for whom it is not intended.
Finally, when banking online there are a number of common-sense rules that should be applied to ensure the safety
of the users' finances. For example, do not use online banking anywhere people might be able to see any details and
make sure no one else has unauthorised access to personal Web accounts.
Other basic safety tips incIude:
Never write down user ÌDs, passwords, PÌN numbers and any other personal/bank details.
Never inform anyone else of these details.
When making an online transaction, try and ask for a receipt to be sent via email.
Never send personal bank details via e-mail as e-mails can be easily intercepted.
Don't choose an obvious password ÷ for example, users' name, date of birth or anything else that could easily be
Beware of 'phishing' emails
Always close the Ìnternet browser once online banking transactions have been completed so that user account
details cannot be accessed by someone using the same PC.

OnIine Security
Online safety continues to be an issue for internet users and businesses alike, despite the internet industry spending
billions each year in an effort to increase systems security and prevent hackers from obtaining people's personal
Although banks guarantee to refund any money lost as a result of online fraud, the experience can often be traumatic
and lead to a great deal of inconvenience as it may take a bank weeks or even months to be able to refund
the money.
Another problem is the constant barrage of 'phishing' emails (a slang term for hackers' fishing for bank details).
Official-looking e-mails may be received supposedly from the users' bank with a link to a bogus website. By clicking
on this link and logging in to the site, the users may be unintentionally giving away their username and password.
Therefore it is vital not to respond to these emails and ensure they are deleted at once.

Are cusLomers beIng Iorced Lowurds use oI InLerneL bunkIng Ior LIe convenIence oI LIe
bunks und bIg busIness? Or do cusLomers reuIIy beneIIL Irom bunkIng on-IIne?

¡nLerneL bunkIng does oIIer muny beneIILs Ior boLI bunks und LIeIr cusLomers. So LIe bunks
ure doIng wIuL LIey cun Lo encouruge cusLomers Lo Lry IL.

1. An InLerneL bunkIng uccounL Is sImpIe Lo open und use.

You jusL enLer u Iew unswers Lo quesLIons In u Iorm wIIIe sILLIng comIorLubIy In your own
Iome or oIIIce. To uccess your uccounL, you esLubIIsI securILy meusures sucI us usernumes
und pusswords. To compIeLe LIe seL up oI your uccounL, you jusL prInL, sIgn und send In u

z. ¡nLerneL bunkIng cosLs Iess.

Becuuse LIere ure Iewer buIIdIngs Lo muInLuIn, und Iess InvoIvemenL by suIurIed empIoyees,
LIere Is u mucI Iower overIeud wILI onIIne bunks. TIese suvIngs uIIow LIem Lo oIIer
IIgIer InLeresL ruLes on suvIngs uccounLs und Iower IendIng ruLes und servIce cIurges.

Even LrudILIonuI brIck und morLur bunks oIIer beLLer deuIs sucI us Iree bIII puyIng servIces Lo
encouruge LIeIr cusLomers Lo do LIeIr bunkIng onIIne.

¸. CompurIng InLerneL bunks Lo geL LIe besL deuI Is eusy.

¡n u sIorL LIme, you cun vIsIL severuI onIIne bunks Lo compure wIuL LIey oIIer re suvIngs und
cIeckIng uccounL deuIs us weII us LIeIr InLeresL ruLes.

OLIer LIIngs you cun eusIIy reseurcI ure wIuL credIL curds ure uvuIIubIe, credIL curd InLeresL
ruLes, Ioun Lerms und LIe bunks own ruLIng wILI LIe ¡D¡C.

q. BouncIng u cIeck (uccIdenLuIIy) sIouId be u LIIng oI LIe pusL becuuse you cun monILor
your uccounL onIIne uny LIme, duy or nIgIL.

You cun Lruck your buIunce duIIy, see wIuL cIecks Iuve cIeured und wIen und know wIen
uuLomuLIc deposILs und puymenLs ure mude. TIIs Is uII possIbIe by sImpIy goIng onIIne Lo LIe
bunks websILe und IoggIng InLo your uccounL.

¸. You cun keep your uccounL buIunced usIng your compuLer und your monLIIy sLuLemenL.

Your bunk uccounL InIormuLIon cun be downIouded InLo soILwure progrums sucI us
MIcrosoIL Money or QuIcken, mukIng Is eusy Lo reconcIIe your uccounL wILI jusL u Iew mouse
cIIcks. TIe convenIence oI LIe duLu cupLure onIIne mukes IL mucI eusIer Lo budgeL und Lruck
wIere your money goes. Your InLerneL bunk uccounL even uIIows you Lo vIew copIes oI LIe
cIecks you Iuve wrILLen eucI monLI.

6. WILI LIe ubIIILy Lo vIew your uccounL uL unyLIme, IL Is eusIer Lo cuLcI IruuduIenL ucLIvILy In
your uccounL beIore mucI dumuge Is done.

As soon us you Iog InLo your uccounL, you wIII quIckIy see wIeLIer LIere Is unyLIIng umIss
wIen you cIeck on your deposILs und debILs. ¡I unyone wrILes u cIeck or wILIdruws Iunds
Irom your uccounL und you know IL wusn'L you, you wIII see IL rIgIL uwuy. TIIs IeLs you geL
sLurLed on correcLIng LIe probIem ImmedIuLeIy ruLIer LIun IuvIng Lo wuIL u monLI Lo even
Iuve u cIue IL Is IuppenIng us wouId be LIe cuse wILI u LrudILIonuI bunk.

;. ¡nLerneL bunkIng oIIers u greuL deuI more convenIence LIun you couId geL Irom u
convenLIonuI bunk.

You uren'L bound by 'bunker's Iours' und you don'L Iuve Lo go LIere pIysIcuIIy In your cur.
TIme Is noL wusLed wIen you Iuve work Lo do becuuse you cun do your oIIIce's bunkIng
wILIouL IeuvIng LIe oIIIce. No muLLer wIere you ure or wIuL LIme IL Is, you cun eusIIy munuge
your money.

TIere ure sound reusons wIy InLerneL bunkIng Is growIng. TIe economIc udvunLuges Iuve
encouruged bunks Lo provIde un IncreusIng runge oI eusy Lo use servIces vIu LIe InLerneL.

CusLomers Iuve Iound doIng busIness onIIne sImpIe und speedy und Iuve become very
comIorLubIe wILI LIe urrungemenL. ¡nLerneL bunkIng gIves peopIe more conLroI over LIeIr
money In u very convenIenL wuy LIuL LIey IInd enjoyubIe und reussurIng.

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