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September 2011Ŧ A|| the r|ghts be|ong to the wr|ter and the pub||sherŦ I do
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W|k||eaksť 1he f|na| moments of Cab|egate

1he mood ln Llllngham Pallţ Lhe Ceorglan manor where !ullan Assange ls ln domlclllary
arresL ln Lhe counLryslde of Lnglandţ was descrlbed as ´soJ´ ln Lhe lasL daysŦ uue Lo a chaln of
unexpecLed evenLsţ Lhe organlzaLlon declded Lo publlsh Lhls 1hursday Lhe 231 287 documenLs
from Lhe Amerlcan embassles around Lhe worldŦ
lL was a rush end Lo Lhe blggesL pro[ecL done by Lhe organlzaLlon and one of Lhe
blggesL leaks ln hlsLory of [ournallsmŦ
unllke whaL happen ln oLher leaksţ where Lhe documenLs were check and publlshed ln
a conLrolled way by Lhe organlzaLlonţ half of Lelegrams have Lhe names of all Lhe people who
are menLloned ln Lhe documenLsţ even Lhe ones Wlklleaks wanLed Lo proLecL from posslble
1he cables sLarLed Lo be publlshed lasL year ln a parLnershlp wlLh dozens of
lnLernaLlonal newspapersţ who helped Lo erase Lhe name of Lhe ones who could have Lhelr
securlLy ln dangerŦ 1he parLners compromlsed Lhemselves Lo read all Lhe documenLs before
publlshed by Wlklleaks and Lhe newspapersţ whaL happen aL Lhe same LlmeŦ
lL was Lhe parLners who alerL Wlklleaks lf Lhere was names whlch should be erased or
lf Lhe documenLs could be publlshed enLlrelyŦ
1he compllcaLed sysLem of cooperaLlve publlshlngţ whlch afLer slx monLhs lnvolved
more Lhan 30 newspapersţ was a new Lhlng ln lnLernaLlonal [ournallsm and new for Wlklleaks
LooŦ Wlklleaks ls sure LhaL anyone was damaged by havlng hls name publlshed ln Lhe
documenLsţ alLhough WL was accused Lo puL llves of Lhe Amerlcan lnformanLs aL lraq aL rlskŦ
l was LaughL how Lo deal wlLh Lhe documenLs and how Lo explaln carefully Lo Lhe
8razlllan parLners Ŷ and Lhe oLher ln LaLln Amerlca Ŷ Lhe lmporLance of erase Lhe names of Lhe
human rlghLs flghLersŦ 1he Amerlcan embassles usually llsLen pollLlclansţ buslnessmenţ
[ournallsLs and human rlghLs flghLersŦ WL pollcles always were Lo erase [usL Lhe name of Lhe
lasL ones (human rlghLs flghLers)Ŧ

´we woot to ptotect tbose people wbo qo to tbe Ametlcoo embossy to expose oboses
ooJ vlolotloos of tlqbtsţ especlolly lo Jlctototsblp cooottlesŦ 1bose ote people wltboot woys to
JefeoJ tbemselves ooJ people wbo coolJ soffet tbteots ot oofolt leqol ptosecotloo by bovloq
tbelt oomes exposeJŦ we woot to ptotect tbose wbo coo´t ptotect tbemselvesŦ´ explaln !ullan
when l recelved Lhe 8razlllan cablesŦ

lo 8tosll
1haL was Lhe guldellnes l gave Lo lolha de São Þaulo and Clobo (8razlllan newspapers)ţ
lasL uecemberŦ Cbvlously Lhe guldellnes have more lmporLance ln dlcLaLorlal reglmesţ where
Lhe Amerlcan embassy works as lnLerlocuLors for acLlvlsLsŦ As whaL concerns Lhe 8razlllan
cablesţ we agreed Lo erase [usL one name Ŷ Lhe name of a member of a respecLable human
rlghLs organlzaLlonŦ All Lhe oLher names Ŷ as well Lhe name of many lnformanLs around Lhe
world Ŷ were publlshedŦ
lL was Lhls way LhaL Lhe 8razlllan people learned abouLţ for exampleţ LhaL exŴsenaLor
PerácllLo lorLes was a usual lnformanL of Amerlcan embassy ln a news publlsh by Cloboţ lolha
de São Þaulo e by myself ln !anuaryŤ LhaL Serglo 8aLhţ a former asslsLanL of exŴmlnlsLer Þaloccl
Lalked many Llmes wlLh Lhe embassy durlng Lhe crlses of 2006 and LhaL former uefense
mlnlsLerţ nelson !oblm was LreaLed as a source whlch should be ºsLrlcLly proLecLed"Ŧ
All Lhls names were already publlshed slnce Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe yearŦ ln !ulyţ all
documenLs relaLed Lo 8razll were publlshedŦ

1be flool sbot
Wlklleaks declded Lo publlsh all Lhe documenLs nowţ because Cerman newspaper
lrelLag publlshed an arLlcle lasL week Lelllng LhaL Lhey access all Lhe cablegaLe documenLs from
an encrypLed flle avallable on Lhe webŦ Accordlng Lo uer Splegelţ Lhe former assoclaLe of !ullan
Assangeţ uanlel uomchelLŴ8erg would have helped lrelLag Lo flnd Lhe flle Lo prove LhaL
Wlklleaks lsn'L as safe and rellable as Assange saysŦ
Slnce he lefL Wlklleaksţ uanlel ls belng Lhe blggesL crlLlc and ma[or enemy of !ullan
AssangeŦ Pe even publlshed a book wlLh personal accusaLlons agalnsL Lhe former frlend and
creaLed a new organlzaLlon Ŷ CpenleaksŦ
1he Lhlng ls LhaL Lhe flle becomes known due Lo a chaln of mlsLakes from dlfferenL
peopleţ a sorL of collaboraLlve flawŦ
Assange creaLed a password Lo Lhe documenLs he uploaded Lo a serverţ explalned uer
SplegelŦ 1he password was dellvered Lo Lhe 3 newspapers who orlglnally worked wlLh
Wlklleaksť new ?ork 1lmesţ Ll Þalsţ Cuardlanţ Le Monde and Splegel lLselfŦ
AL some polnLţ ln an early sLage of CablegaLeţ LhaL flle was uploaded Lo Lhe LorrenL
neLwork Lo proLecL daLa and Lo be lmposslble Lo deleLe Lhe flles from Lhe webŦ lsn'L sure who
upload Lhe flle Lo Lhe webţ buL lL was hldlng ln an encrypLed and hldden subdlrecLory Ŵ only Lhe
ones wlLh Lhe password could access lLŦ

ln !anuaryţ uavld Lelgh and Luke Pardlng publlshed Lhe password used by Wlklleaks ln
Lhelr bookť ºWlklleaksť lnslde !ullan Assange's war on secrecy"Ŧ Somehowţ Lhe secreL managed
Lo keep secreL for more 6 monLhsţ 'Llll a publlcaLlon of a Cerman newspaper
Wlklleaks called Cuardlan ºlrresponslble" and publlshed an lronlcal LwlLL abouL Lhe
bookť º1he only Lhlng Lhey have Lo wrlLe well as Lhe password" (l wasn'L able Lo make lL sound
lronlcal ln Lngllsh)Ŧ Cuardlan and Lhe oLhers slgned a Lerm of responslblllLy whlch forblds
reveallng Lhe securlLy deLalls of Lhe operaLlonŦ Llke Lhe passwordŦ
Cuardlan alleged LhaL llke Lhey dldn'L publlsh any lnformaLlon abouL how Lo flnd Lhe
flles and Lhe password ºwas [usL a plece of lnformaLlon wlLhouL any meanlngţ unless for Lhe
one who creaLed Lhe flles"Ŧ
8uL lasL weekţ lL showed up ln lnLerneL how Lo connecL boLh LhlngsŦ

Packer Lransparency groups whlch accused Wlklleaks of conservaLlsm for eraslng Lhe
names of acLlvlsLsţ declded Lo posL all Lhe documenLsŦ "Soonţ we wlll publlsh all Lhe cables
enLlrely Ŷ we can'L defend freedom of lnformaLlon only when lL's convenlenL" wroLe Lhe
hacker communlLy Anapnea lasL WednesdayŦ
1he cables sLarL Lo clrculaLe on Lhe web and 1hursday Wlklleaks declded Lo publlsh all
Lhe cables on Lhelr slLe Ŷ 13632 secreLţ 101 748 confldenLlal and 133 887 unclasslfled Ŷ from
247 Amerlcan embassles around Lhe worldŦ A remarkable maLerlal for lnvesLlgaLe [ournallsLsţ
researchersţ hlsLorlans and acLlvlsLsŦ
Cn lrldayţ ln a common announcemenLţ Lhe flrsL parLners of Wlklleaks Ŷ Cuardlanţ Ll
Þalsţ uer Splegel and Le Monde (Lhe n?1lmes lsn'L menLloned) Ŷ ºcondemned" Lhe publlcaLlon of
Lhe documenLsţ saylng LhaL ºllves coolJ be ot tlsk"Ŧ ´we coo´t JefeoJ tbe oooecessoty
pobllcotloo of oll coblesŦ Oot Jeols wltb wlklleoks wete lo o woy to pobllsb jost oftet o vety
cotefol ptocess of eJltlooŦ we stlll JefeoJ tbls posltloo´Ŧ

8efore leaklng Lhe documenLsţ Wlklleaks made a pool on LwlLLer lf Lhey should erase or
noL Lhe namesŦ 1he yes won ln a proporLlon of 100 Lo 1Ŧ (1hey should publlsh lL lnLegrally)Ŧ
1hls could be an lndlcaLor of a more radlcal poslLlon could be adopLed from here Ŷ sorL
of a reLurn Lo orlglnsŦ Cr [usL Lhe recognlLlon of Lhe melanchollc end of one of Lhe mosL
lnnovaLlve lnlLlaLlves of allylng Lechnology and [ournallsm comes slmply from faulLs and human

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