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Film is an experience to share: it appeals to our feelings, opens our eyes, takes us into different realities... Dive into this animation and experience its sounds. Feel the beat. Relish on the dancing shapes and enjoy this piece of kinetic art that introduces the celebration of another form of art: the Sarasota Film Festival. Where you wont only see, but feel the movies.

by Javier Aparicio Lorente

This concept for the Sarasota Film Festival parts from the word feelm which is a combination of the words feel and film. The goal is to make a very experimental and artistic animation that reflects the nature of the movies screened in the festival, each of which is a unique work of art. Everything starts from the sound, that has been carefully mixed into a more unexpected piece, and that drives absolutely every movement in the animation: some elements move to the beat of the piano, others follow the rhythm created with the breath of the interviewee and others reflect or respond to the specific words that she pronounces. Geometric and organic forms are both used to generate contrast and to make every frame an interesting composition. And typography is used as a visual break to help digest the unfamiliar imagery and support key phrases that the interviewee said that will contribute to the desired feel of the animation.

AUDIO - ok now, can you hear me? VIDEO - a fluid mask reveals the shape of a square: this is a visual allegory to can you hear me representing can you see me

AUDIO - ...yeah? ok now, can you hear me?

AUDIO - constantly trying to figure out...

VIDEO - the square grows with every beat of the piano, setting the visual rhythm of the animation. in the background, the fluid texture of paint and ink keeps flowing to the rhythms of her voice and her breath

VIDEO - the background keeps being filled by the paint mask and the square keeps growing to the beat of the piano. the square starts elongating horizontally to transform into an arrow


by Javier Aparicio Lorente

AUDIO - ...what was happening next

AUDIO - express... express yourself

AUDIO - [backwards laughter and normal laughter]

VIDEO - the square transforms into an arrow, that reaches the right side of the frame at the word next and wipes in the text of the next frame

VIDEO - behind the arrow the words EXPRESS YOURSELF are revealed. all this time the background has remained very organic and fluid, resembling paint and ink but masking different textures

VIDEO - the letters disintegrate and disappear with the fluid which also wipes them out as it leaks to the bottom of the frame

AUDIO - the bir...

AUDIO - ...birds

AUDIO - visu... visual impact

VIDEO - from the remains of liquid on the bottom of the frame, dozens of birds fly away covering the screen and getting lost in the distance

VIDEO - as the birds fly away a wave comes and wipes the birds off screen. at the same time a drop of ink falls in the frame and the camera focuses on the drops

VIDEO - the drop of ink becomes bigger and an eye opens and closes inside of it. this represents the visual impact. the background is activated again by fluids and painterly textures


by Javier Aparicio Lorente

AUDIO - its definitely an art form


AUDIO - it terrifies me to this day...


AUDIO - ...ive seen it 25 times, it still terrifies me


VIDEO - as the eyelid of the eye closes, the ink drips into a vertical rectangle filling the shape in

VIDEO - the background is more and more filled by painterly textures and the rectangle starts trembling as she says the word terrifies

VIDEO - the rectangle multiplies when she says 25 and then they melt into the ground. the background keeps changing color and texture

AUDIO - love that


AUDIO - watching films makes me more tolerant and more open


AUDIO - i absolutely wanna go


VIDEO - the words love that pop out from the ground with an elastic feel. this elasticity pulls all the letters back into the ground except from the O, that detaches from the ground and begins to float

VIDEO - the remaining letters merge back into the ground and the O keeps floating approaching the center of the frame

VIDEO -the O morphs into the Sarasota Film Festival logo and then all the background fades to black leaving the logo on screen alone, ready for the credits to roll

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