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American International University Bangladesh Course name: Training & Development

Topic: Developing a Training of Trainer Program for Shell & Kernel

Prepared For: Abdul k.Nazmul Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration.

Prepared By: Md. Tanjil ID# 08-11429-2

Submission Date: 7th December 2011

Company overview:
Shall & Carnal is a private limited company under the private limited company act. Its an IT based company. Its started its journey from December, 2007. Shall & Carnal is not only an IT based company but also an ultimate solution of modern ERP system from A to Z. They are ready to serve their customer just a single knock on them. To rivalry with global environment and globalization every think tanker want to keep updated with IT solutions. So they are committed to provide dynamic solution on all 21st century demand: personal to corporate level. Their strength is their highly dedicated skilled human resources. S &k believe in effectiveness but efficiently. They are also committed to beyond costumers imagination. Quality and efficiency is their strength. Vision is to touch customers pleasing expectation. Meets your ICT (Information and Communication Technology) needs .

Problem of the company:

From the beginning S&K was focused on the ERP, MRP, and POS system and they are doing very well in selling this kind of software. To make this software they generate ideas from other companies software and modify that in their own way & style. In our view its better develop idea not only depending on competitors software to hire or train their programmers to be more creative so that they will able to develop new software ideas to create revolution in Bangladesh.

The solution:
Our creativity & thinking training program works by asking people to deliberately break the normal rules of planning, behavior, decision-making, just to mess up current patterns. By overturning the predictable, new possibilities will emerge, including the absurd, the inappropriate, even the dangerous. By focusing on creativity and thinking for individuals or teams (a great way to get people to bond and work better together), productivity increases, solutions to problems are found more easily, people's energy and enthusiasm are multiplied and people feel they have a greater participation in the company's success. This fascinating course that makes you will be able to draw on for the rest of your career. Company will benefit from your developing skills for improved creative thinking, problem solving and decision making. Company will gain an understanding of how to develop and action more ideas, both individually and in teams. Our goal is to give people a very clear road-map so that they can think and work creatively as a matter of development.

Training Design Process

Training design process refers to a systematic approach for developing training programs. The design of the training program can be undertaken only when a clear training objective has been produced. The training objective clears what goal has to be achieved by the end of training program i.e. what the trainees are expected to be able to do at the end of their training. Training objectives assist trainers to design the training program. For Shall & Carnal we developed a training program, to create their own employee as a trainer so after the training they can provide training for their own companies employees & programmers and also reduce the consultancy fees. Because Shall & Carnal will invest lots of money in consultancy and sometimes facing time maintain problem which is affected by productivity. There are seven training design process which we try to relate the Shall & Carnal training program design process.

1. Conducting Needs Assessments:

Conducting needs assessments is to conduct a need assessment, which is necessary to identify if training is needed. So nothing different for the Shall & Carnal, the first step in designing a training system for the company is to determine what kinds of training are needed. And for this issue the company needs to conduct an organizational analysis, a task analysis, and a person analysis.

Organizational Analysis:
Organizational analysis means find which department are facing the problem, from where its come solve it. An organizational analysis is used to identify company factors that can negatively or positively impact the effectiveness of a training program. In Shall & Carnal the management faces the problem then they analyze the organization for solving problem through training. For this issue in which department have facing problem we find out. We develop a training program for develop creativity and thinking power their programmer or employees.

Task Analysis:
Task analysis means what type of training need to develop the organization. A task analysis is a process of identifying what skills and activities need to be taught. In this organization to generate a list of skills that employees need to learn so that you can conduct a job analysis. To identify what tasks need training. If an employee already has an identified skill it is a waste of money to train them in that skill. If the organization identifies a skill that does require additional training then you will need to formally identify it as a training objective. Our objective should identify (1) what the skill is, (2) how the trainee is to learn the skill, and (3) how proficient they need to be in the skill after the training process is completed.

Person Analysis:
Person analysis means what kind of training need to a person. The final step in determining what training is needed is to conduct a person analysis. A person analysis is the identification of people in the company that need training. In Shall & Carnal there are many ways that this identification process can be handled. First an examination of past and current performance appraisals can be made to identify employees that have areas that need improvements. Interviewing employees can also be used to identify skills that are needed or desired by employees, as can skill and knowledge tests. In Shall & Carnal having many employees those have experience and work knowledge but they dont know how to create new software which does not exist in present market. Find those employees and train them.

Ensuring Employee Readiness for Training:

Ensuring employee readiness for training is to ensure that employees have the motivation and basic skills necessary to master training content. We must ensure that programmers readiness for training. And ensuring those employees who are taking the training are they really ready for it.

Attitudes and Motivation:

In the professional sight employee need some positive attitudes, good mentalities which are motivational factors. Are the employees motivated to take this type of training? These types things must ensure when the company arrange any types of training program for employees.

Basic Skills:
Basic skills means employee need to have basic skill or requirements before the in training program. Employees have minimum skills to attend the training program ensure this is very important. We have to finds the department based expert people who can be affected after the training for organization through a good trainer.

Creating a Learning Environment:

Create a learning environment that has the necessary for learning to occur. If the learning environment is not centralized then the training program can be not affected and also trainee can be unmotivated. And creating a learning environment some issues are important to relate.

Learning Objective:
Learning objective is most important things. For what issue, training is developed that should be focused. Training objectives need to identify (1) the skill, (2) how training is to be conducted, and (3) what proficiency the employee needs to attain by the end of the training process. They will need to know what the training objectives are, how their progress will be monitored, what training methodologies are available and which ones are required, and what paper work is required.

Meaningful Material:
In this step meaningful materials include our lecture, slide, multimedia etc. which will use in training program. All of these materials should be meaningful for trainees for training period.

Trainees need to practice what are they learn. What ever knowledge trainees gain from training program they can implement their job. Through on the job training the trainees can practice their learning things as a team or individual. These kinds of opportunities we provide for their employees who are supposed to go for training program.

In training design process feedback shows the trainees knowledge which the employee gains by training program. And this process we will give some practical exam, presentation, report, game etc. Measure all of these trainer can get easily feedback of the training.

Community of Learning:
Communities of learning giving opportunities to understand the training program where people are feel comfortable to share knowledge and experience. This is help trainees to get quickly learn. We will provide brain game, funny creative video so that trainee can feel comfortable.

In this step we invite a model who is experience and established in Corporate Sector. He or she will be come and share his or her own experience to solve any types of organization related problem so the trainees can learn.

Program Administration:
Program administration is related administrated work which is trainer responsibilities to arrange whole the training program in very professional manner. And provided training for Shall & Carnal employees those had proper training program administrate.

Ensuring Transfer of Training:

Ensuring transfer of training is that trainees apply the training content to their jobs. This step involves having the trainees understand how to manage skills improvement as well as getting co-workers and managers support for training program. To develop the increase thinking & creativity training program for Shall & Carnal, of course is manage to hard without support self-management and managers support.

We set an environment for trainees then trainees evaluate their performance. Selfmanagement is necessary for transfer the training in training design process. We will found out self-management of trainee by Identifying stressors Identifying which stressors you can control Using managing techniques when a stressor is beyond your control Reframing situations trainee can't control Practicing relaxation techniques

Peer and Manager Support:

Peer and manager supports are like colleague or boss or manager will support or help to continue the training program. If the support will not come then its difficult to run training program. In this organization employee who takes training, their boss and seniors will support them. If they had facing any problem then their colleagues helps them.

Developing an Evaluation Plan:

Developing an evaluation plan includes identifying what types of outcomes; training is expected to influence for example: learning behavior, skills, Choosing and an evaluation design that allows determining the influence of training on these outcomes and paining. Shall & Carnal tries to identify how to demonist the rate of outcomes and how training affects the production line. For evaluating the outcomes should include a description of how S&K intend to analyze the data that has been collected. The analyses are intended to answer the questions about whether change occurred and whether changes that occurred can be attributed to their program.

Identify learning outcomes:

Trainer gives training or knowledge to trainees to build up their career in the organization. After the training we will try to identify learning outcomes. For that reasons we organize an environment where trainees are take part and prove that their training is complete successfully by giving their decisions.

Choose evaluation design:

Here we set an evaluation design for trainees of Shall & Carnal. For effective training and learning evaluation, the principal questions should be: To what extent were the identified training needs objectives achieved by the program? To what extent were the learners' objectives achieved? What specifically did the learners learn or be usefully reminded of? What commitment have the learners made about the learning they are going to implement on their return to work? And back at work, How successful were the trainees in implementing their action plans? This is for Trainer where Trainer needs to feedback their performance with financially from their trainees. Here Shall & Carnal has to paid large amount of money to us for their training. This is a big cost of Shall & Carnal but they get also benefits from them.

Selecting Training Method:

This step is to choose the training method based on the learning objective and learning environment. Training methods are techniques of communicating instructional material to trainees. They include lecture, demonstration/practice, discussion/ facilitation, oral questioning, role playing, walk-through, and self-pacing. So in this case SPEED Organizations provide training in both traditional and e-learning method using.

Face to face interaction with trainees. Like, Lecture, video generally is considered more appropriate for the classroom.

E-learning means using web based training. Like, provide training used technology, using multimedia projector. We will use both methods in different time to provide training

2. Monitoring and Evaluating the Program:

This step is to evaluate the program and make change in it or revisit any of the earlier steps in the process to improve the program. So that learning behavior changed and other learning objectives are obtained. This is the last step so it is very important. If the monitoring and evaluating the program is not properly checked by Organization or we then may be the training program had some mistakes. If we/they found any problems or mistakes then we correct and redesign the training program.

Conduct Evaluation:
Need to fill out an evaluation form on the employees progress and proficiency in the skill or skills that were focused on during the training program.

Make changes to improve the program:

We can make changes to improve the program if it is needed. We are always careful to improve our training design process. In this part if we get any mistake from previous steps they solve it or redesign it.

Training Evaluation Form

I am a: Manager Programmer Data entry personnel

Please indicate your impressions of the items listed below. Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Agree 1. The training met my expectations. 2. I will be able to apply the knowledge learned. 3. The training objectives for each topic were identified and followed. 4. The content was organized and easy to follow. 5. The materials distributed were pertinent and useful. 6. The trainer was knowledgeable. 7. The quality of instruction was good. 8. The trainer met the training objectives. 9. Class participation and interaction were encouraged. 10. Adequate time was provided for questions and discussion. 11. How do you rate the training overall? Excellent Good

Strongly Disagree



Very poor

What aspects of the training could be improved?

Other comments?


The training program:

Duration- 2 days This training is for: Programmers, Managers who are in a role where there are problems to be solved, opportunities to be exploited, challenges to be addressed and solutions that isnt obvious. Anyone who wants to work with & generate new ideas quickly and who wants to develop their creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurialism. Training Objectives: The strategic importance of spotting new opportunities through creative thinking, as well as seeing challenges from a new perspective. Problem analysis identifies the real root cause of a problem, avoid analysis paralysis. Making decisions and taking action appropriate solutions, arranging, reaching consensus and commitment. Learn to identify hidden creative strengths Understand and utilize the 'process' of creativity Find unexpected solutions to your challenges Blend Right and Left Brain Thinking Break a few Rules Learn to Think Laterally Move from Competent to Brilliant Move from Brilliant to Amazing Improve 'team thinking'

Course content Creativity and thinking within the marketing and business environment. The nature and science of thinking and creativity. The creative process, techniques and the principals behind their effectiveness. Logical left brain thinking techniques. Creative right brain thinking techniques. Team creativity. Becoming a more creative individual.

Learning approach This workshop is highly interactive. All learning is activity-led, and is underpinned by tried and tested models and theory. Exercises and concepts are based on real commercial situations. Trainee can try out smart new original and strategic thinking tools in a safe, experimental environment and can begin to address their real-life business issues within a knowledgeable peer group.

Equipment cost: Fixed 10 network-ready laptops with supporting software 5000 each BDT per day 1 unit. 1 printer 2000 BDT Cabling & Installation 5000 BDT Support Software 15,000 BDT Multimedia projector 5000 BDT per day Training Material cost 7000 BDT Trainer cost: 50000 BDT per day Dinner cost: 800 BDT per person Other costs:3000 taka per day Total cost: 245000 BDT

Increase of new product Ideas Productivity increase by 20-50% More ability to control stress Improved efficiency Improved customer service Improved accuracy of work More ability to manage sales

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