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Analytical Associations

11-11 Highest Manor Estates Calgary, Alberta T3H 5C2 October 29, 2011 Student Services of Mt. Royal 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW Calgary, AB T3E 6K6 To the Mount Royal Student Association: Providing you with the best affordable healthy food choices is essential to us at Analytical Associations. We are honored to submit the following proposal outlining our plan to help you more effectively provide for students needs by analyzing their view regarding the current retail food outlets. We value the opinion of the Mt. Royal Student Services and provide you with the best solutions. Background and Goals Analytical Associations has provided favorable solutions for many companies throughout Canada and the United States. We understand that Student Services has the intention of providing students with the best affordable choices available. Our goal is to promote healthy choices by providing a large selection of healthy food alternatives which other companies fail to recognize. We know you value the necessity sustaining personal health, reducing the risk of health related problems, and ensuring a balanced diet; all at an affordable cost. We believe it is essential to conduct a student survey to provide you with the following: Evoke suggestions for improvement Contrast your preferred outlets with our standard providers Learn more about what qualities are most favorable to students Predict an outcome based on the services we provide

Proposed Plan To help you achieve your goals Analytical Associations proposes the following plan: Survey. A quick questionnaire will be able to provide all the data you desire. The questionnaire will evaluate students opinions on the current market and determine students reactions to elements such as cost, nutrition, customer service, and available food choices. After you approve it, the questionnaire will be sent to a sample of 150 new students and 200 students who have been enrolled over 2 years.

Analysis. The survey will be analyzed by demographic segments, such as food preference, preference for retail outlets, to rate the services provided, and to rate the retail providers from Analytical Analysis. Our experienced team of specialists will interpret implement advanced statistical measures, will study the (1) preference for food product, (2) evaluate the current market, (3) the average budget of a student, (4) customer service between existing clients, and (5) preference of provided market by Analytical Associations. Moreover, our team will provide you with specific suggestions for making student visits to the Mount Royal market more rewarding. Report. You will receive a completed report with all the key findings. The report will include tables and charts which summarize the student preferences of provided services by our team. Our staff will also draw conclusions based on the gathered data. Schedule. With your approval the following schedule has been arranged for your student preference survey. Questionnaire development and mailing Deadline for returning questionnaire Data interpretation and processing Completion of final report Closing out of Food Outlets Renovations required for new outlets Opening for New Outlets Our Team Analytical Associations is world-wide recognized, experienced contracting firm specializing in providing the healthiest, affordable, and customer friendly services available. We are fortunate to have two world renowned nutritionists on our team, Dr. Funkenstein and Dr. Hasselbach. Both gentlemen have earned a PhD in nutrition at Princeton University. I have assigned the survey to Dr. Funkenstein, the lead director of research. Before joining Analytical Associations, Dr. Hasselbach devoted his time as a personal trainer with Hollywood Bodies for 4 years; he trained Hollywood actors which earned him much experience in public relations while he studied to earn his PhD. Assisting Dr. Hasselbach and Dr. Funkenstein will be a team on market analysts led by Nina Summers, our vice president for operations. Ms. Summers has earned two bachelors degrees in computer science and public relations and a masters degree in marketing from the University of Alberta. Within our organization she supervises our exclusive real-time data interpretation software and manages every sub-contractor relation with Analytical Associations. November 7-21 November 30 December 1-2 December 7 December 30 January 2- 20 January 30

Our Cost Estimated Hours Professional and administrative time Questionnaire development Data Processing Analysis of findings Preparation of final report Renovations (estimated) Mailing costs GST Total 2 15 15 5 varies Rate Total

$100/hr. $ 200.00 50/hr. 750.00 120/hr. 1800.00 150/hr. 750.00 90/hr 18 000.00 390.00 1094.50 22 984.50

Authorization Student health and affordability is vital to the success of business in your University. Our professional designed and administered client survey will allow you to determine the needs of your students. This will create a respectful connection between you and the students by conveying your value in student opinions. Specific results from your survey will be available to you on December 7. Please sign the enclosed duplicate copy of this letter and return it to use with a retainer of $4084.50 so that we may begin developing your survey immediately. The rates offered are only available until November 5. We appreciate you for giving us the opportunity to help you better serve your university students. Sincerely, Joshua Malinoski, C.E.O.,,20411588_1,00.html Students at Mt. Royal are not happy with the choices of franchised food outlets available in Wyckham House. Student Services has asked your company to determine what changes should be made. Survey the types of food currently available. Decide on what other choices/companies should be approached to provide food. Make a time line that includes a student survey, closing out some food outlets, renovations, and opening dates for new providers. Your research will include looking at what menu choices are offered by various companies.